Kindergarten Kiss

Today was the first day of kindergarten for little Tommy Jenkins and he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to get there. He got up out of bed and hurried to grab some clothes and once his mother got him dressed he grabbed his little backpack and ran past his mother out the door to the car. His mother let him inside the car and he buckled up and was telling his mother to hurry up. He was very excited to go to school since his older brother and sister were in school.
Once his mother was inside the car, she started it up and they were on their way. All Tommy get saying was “are we there, mommy?””are we there?”.All his mother could do was tell him “not yet sweetie”. When she made the turn into the school driveway, she was afraid he was going to jump out of the car. She pulled up in front of the school and got out to go around the car to his side to let him out and gave him a big kiss before he shot off into the schoolhouse. It took her a minute to let him go and be a big boy.
Once he found his class, he walked inside and met his teacher. She was pleased to meet him and found him to be very polite. She asked the children to take a seat before class begins and they started their first day of kindergarten. Tommy went and sat down next to a young girl who had long brown pigtails and blue eyes. He introduced himself to her before paying attention to the teacher.
They had a full day of coloring, finger painting, and story time. Tommy was enjoying school very much and making a lot of friends.He did love recess and playing in the sandbox with others. It was a great day for school with the sun shining and the kids all playing. Tommy didn’t know about girls but played with everyone equally. One of the girls took a liking to Tommy and was always smiling at him. He only smiled back to be polite. He wasn’t interested in girls too much and always listened to his big brother when he says that girls have cooties.
So, after a day full of playing and having fun, it was time to go home for the day. When Tommy ran outside he saw his mother waiting for him. He ran right into her arms and she gave him a big kiss. When she asked how his day went, he was still excited and told his mother all the wonderful things he did and the friends he made. She was glad that Tommy had a great first day of school, and he very much looked forward to tomorrow.
That evening, Tommy sat at the dinner table eating and telling his dad about his first day of kindergarten. His dad was very pleased with how his day went and hoped he was excited for the next day. Tommy was so excited that after he finished his dinner, he ran upstairs to take his bath. He told his mother that he wanted to hurry up and go to bed so he could go to school again. His mother just smiled and gave him his bath. When she got him out of the bathtub and got him dressed for bed, he kissed her really fast and ran into his room jumping into his bed. She followed him into his room and tucked him in kissing his forehead and saying “good night, sweetie”.
That very next day, Tommy was up before anyone else brushing his teeth and making his cereal. His mother heard him in the kitchen and got up from her bed. She walked into the kitchen and saw Tommy sitting at the table eating his cereal and she walked over to brew some coffee. She asked him how he slept and he answered her with “I thought about school the whole night” and his mother just smiled at him. After he was done eating he ran upstairs to get himself dressed. Tommy’s mother was sitting at the table drinking her coffee when Tommy came running back downstairs dressed and with his backpack in tow.
His mother told him it wasn’t time to go yet so he sat at the table with his mother while she drank her coffee. He began asking her every few minutes “Is it time to go yet?” and she kept replying “No Tommy it isn’t time to go yet”. Tommy’s mother was amazed at how excited he was to go to school. He acted like he had ants in his pants and looked forward to seeing his teacher again. This made Tommy’s mother very happy. His brother and sister had already left for school when Tommy’s mother informed him it was time to go. Tommy grabbed his backpack and ran out the front door heading for the car. When his mother got outside she saw Tommy standing there waiting for her to let him inside. She arrived at the car and unlocked the doors and opened it up for Tommy to quickly jump inside. She reached in and buckled him up and he started telling his mother “let’s go, mommy, let’s go”. She got inside the car and they were off.
As they drove towards school, Tommy’s mother kept looking into the rearview mirror at her son who was looking around with this big smile on his face. She couldn’t help but giggle a little at his demeanor. As they pulled up in front of the school, Tommy was already unbuckling himself and grabbing his backpack. His mother opened the door and out jumped Tommy kissing his mother really fast and then running towards his class. She could barely make out her son yelling back at her telling her he would see her after school. She watched as her son disappeared into the crowd of children before getting back into the car and heading off.
While in class, Tommy paid close attention to his teacher and learning everything he could. He still found it difficult to sit still with excitement. When recess came, he quickly ran outside and jumped into the sandbox and started playing in the sand. A few of the other children joined him including a girl named Melissa. Tommy noticed her smiling at him during class but he paid her no attention. She walked up to him in the sandbox and asked if she could play with him? Tommy said it was okay, so they started building sand castles with motes around them and telling stories of how the knights would defend the castle against enemies.
Tommy found it to be very fun playing castles with a girl and they had a great time telling their stories. Every recess they came out to play in the very same sandbox and telling different stories each time. The next day, Tommy brought a couple of his cars to school and Melissa and Tommy would race them around little tracks they built in the sand. Tommy was having a good time with Melissa and they played every day together.
Until one day while they were playing, the teacher blew the whistle to come back inside and before Tommy could get fully on his feet from the sand, Melissa leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. Tommy just stood there for a moment with his mouth hung open and stared at her. He couldn’t believe what she just did and began wiping his mouth stating that girls had cooties. Tommy had to deal with that kiss the rest of the day until it was time to go home.
After school was over, Tommy met his mother running up to her and quickly telling her that Melissa kissed him. His mother smiled and asked him how he liked it? Tommy’s reply was “girls have cooties” and his mother just laughed. She told Tommy he just had his first kindergarten kiss. Tommy was not happy at all and couldn’t wait to get into the car and go home. All the way home, Tommy kept wiping his mouth and telling his mother he needed to go to the doctor because now he has cooties. His mother just laughed and told him he was going to live and they drove home with Tommy talking about his first kiss.

Maddy’s Imaginary Dragon Part 1

It was a very sunny day with a light breeze blowing through the trees and a young girl named Maddy was outside playing in the little village she lived in. The village she lived in had a population of only seventy-three people not counting the unborn children of those women who were pregnant. The village was surrounded by a gorgeous green forest that had many tales and stories of the mystical creatures that lived and roamed within. The village rules were simple and that no one was allowed to go into the forest alone and that no children were allowed at all in the forest. There had been stories of children disappearing and never being heard from again.
Maddy was this young girl with a petite body and the reddest of red hair who was the most curious child of all the other children in the village. She was always into mischief and her parents were always worried she would get into trouble. She loved playing outside but didn’t have any friends because all of the other children picked on her because she was a bit peculiar. It wasn’t that she was peculiar or strange she just had a few imaginary friends that’s all. Her parents seemed a bit taken by the fact she had so many imaginary friends and worried she would have no social life. They really couldn’t force any of the children to be her friend and so she always played alone.
Since Maddy was always so curious about things she used to play close to the edge of the forest despite what her parents kept telling her about staying away from it. Maddy just wouldn’t listen. Every day she seemed to get closer and closer to the forest edge to where she could hear strange noises coming from inside. She also played near the forest because of all the pretty smells that came from it. She could smell the wildflowers and the evergreen trees of pine. Sometimes she would even find and pick a few wildflowers that grew on the edge of the forest and give them to her mother who would put them in a vase made of brown clay.
One day while Maddy was outside playing near the forest, she heard a strange noise and because she was always so curious she had to find out what it was that made that noise. She looked back at the village to see if anyone was watching her before she stepped one foot into the forest. No one was looking so she ran about ten feet into the forest before stopping to look around. She knew her parents would be disappointed in her for breaking the rules, but that was Maddy.
It was Maddy’s first time in the forest and was full of fear as she took small steps on a path she found among all the tall trees. She listened as she heard all the strange noises of birds, squirrels, and the occasional frog. It was beautiful and so full of colors. She thought to herself why would they be afraid of this place, it’s magnificent. Her fear started to ease up as she noticed all the different things that surrounded her. She began walking normally along the dirt-covered path looking at all the amazing things she saw. It was so beautiful and colorful that Maddy got lost in its scenery to realize she had walked right off of the path.
When she realized she had gotten off of the path it really didn’t bother her so much. She was enthralled by its beauty and all the wonderful smells of different trees and berry bushes. She even noticed a couple of squirrels running around a tree as if playing tag with each other. It made Maddy smile to see that it wasn’t as scary as everyone made it out to be. She was enjoying the rays of sunshine that glistened between the trees and saw some of the most beautiful butterflies. Maddy found a place that she really liked and it made her feel good.
She walked further into the forest and feeling the blades of green grass as they tickled her ankles above the red sneakers she had on her feet. She reached down and picked a few flowers putting them to her nose to smell. She held onto them as she walked glancing over at a nearby log which had a raccoon sitting on it. She stopped and stared at it as it was licking its paws and wiping its face. She watched in awe as the raccoon cleaned itself and then stopped and stared back at her. She wasn’t afraid of the raccoon but tried to start a conversation with it like it would talk back to her. She tried calling it over and when she saw that it wouldn’t she attempted to take a couple of steps towards it, and it soon ran away.
Maddy kept walking until she came across a very big hole on the side of a large dirt mound. Her curiosity was getting the best of her because she approached the hole slowly as to investigate it. She looked down into the hole and saw that it was very dark and that it had steps leading down inside. She slowly stepped on the first step into this massive hole and asking if anyone was there. No one answered her back but she did hear strange noises coming from deep within. She knew she shouldn’t be in the forest but it was an adventure for her as she saw so many wonderful things.
As Maddy went further down into the hole she noticed a chill in the air. The deeper she went the colder it got. As she went down the steps she could look upon the walls and even in the darkness she could see things that glowed. There were glowing caterpillars, beetles, and even some worms. Her eyes were getting so big looking at all the wonderful things she was seeing. Maddy had to place her hand on the wall to keep herself steady but soon she had gone so far down that there was no more light and it was very dark. She had gone down so many steps she thought it would never end until she saw something up ahead.
She couldn’t really make it out because of the darkness but it seemed to be a pair of eyes. They were huge and white with green centers. She wasn’t sure what it was but it did notice her. She had finally reached the last step before noticing that it opened up into a large cave. At this point, Maddy was now scared and wishing she would have listened to her parents and not gone into the forest, but she was there and had to find out what belonged to those pair of eyes.
Now that Maddy was inside this big cave, those eyes had disappeared but it seemed like it was a little warmer where she was at than it was coming down the tunnel. She could barely see anything when all of a sudden her eyes refocused from the darkness and she was able to see that the cave walls were glowing. There were so many wonderful colors around everywhere even some of the plants and flowers were glowing pretty luminescent colors.
Maddy could see all these colors but she could also hear things like a small stream of water flowing but she just didn’t know where it was coming from or that she could see it. She carefully took one step at a time until she noticed that the path beneath her feet was becoming luminescent. With every step, she took her path lit up and she was able to move around exploring this humongous cave.
Maddy would brush her hand softly over each plant and lean down to smell each flower. They did not smell like the flowers up at the edge of the forest. There were heavenly smells and some even tickled her nose. She was taken by the sight of all the creatures that were moving about and even picked up a glowing pink caterpillar and held it in her hand. She stood there watching this little caterpillar as it walked all around her hand before setting it gently down on a nearby rock.
She walked and looked at everything around her and found that her new sights were giving her this fuzzy feeling inside. This extraordinary place made Maddy feel good and happy. All of a sudden she wasn’t afraid anymore and just stood overlooking everything she found. She wandered around the big luminescent cave until she came around a corner and found her running stream of water. It too glowed a pretty light blue as if it had a light at the bottom of the stream.
Maddy sat down by the stream and watched the water flowing and even saw a few green and orange glowing fish. She leaned down and stuck her hand into the water and it felt warm and not cold like most streams do. While she sat there, a glowing green turtle came swimming by and when it looked at Maddy it seemed to be smiling at her. She reached her hand out and petted the top of its shell as it went by.
Maddy thought to herself how magnificent this place really was. She was seeing things and creatures she had never set eyes on nor did she know they existed. She was about to get up when she heard a slight noise coming from behind her. When she turned around there were those big eyes again. All Maddy could do was say hello to the glowing eyes, and when she did they squinted as if the creature they belonged too was smiling back at her.
Maddy stood to her feet and the eyes moved higher to where they were about five feet taller than herself. She couldn’t see anything but those eyes and asked it if there was a creature attached to those eyes or were they all by themselves. Suddenly Maddy found herself standing right in front of a large purple glowing dragon that seemed to be friendly. She thanked it for showing itself to her and it stuck out his paw as if to shake hands with Maddy. She reached up and grabbed his paw with her two hands and shook it while saying “Nice to meet you, I’m Maddy”. It stood back up and shook its head and then looked back down at Maddy. This was a big dragon that glowed purple and had pink spots with glowing green eyes. It had scales and not fur like most animals but Maddy had a new friend.
Maddy was trying to think of what to call her new friend while he had this puzzling look upon his face. She finally came up with the name “Elmer”. Maddy looked at her new friend the dragon and told him she would call him Elmer and he smiled and shook his head yes as if he knew what she was saying. Maddy saw that he liked his new name that he leaned down and picked her up placing Maddy on his back.
Elmer began walking around the cave as if showing Maddy around. He took her to other rooms inside the cave where she saw with her own eyes more of the magical glowing creatures. She laughed and giggled as they took their tour and then Maddy noticed it might be time for her to head home as to not miss supper. She told Elmer to take her back up top so she could go home to eat. He gladly walked up the very same tunnel that Maddy had walked down from and let her down at the tunnel entrance.
Maddy turned around and asked if he would guide her back to the edge of the forest where her village was. Elmer had this frown on his face because he knows that if he leaves the cave he becomes invisible and no one could see him. Maddy grabbed his hand and pulled him outside of the tunnel and asked him to show her where to go to get home. Elmer thought it confusing how Maddy could still see him after leaving the cave, but he shook it off and walked her to the edge of the forest.
When they got there, Maddy released his paw and told him she would see him tomorrow while waving goodbye as she then turned around and ran back to her village. Elmer stood there looking around to see if anyone had seen him but went unnoticed. He stood there watching his new friend run across the meadow and into the arms of her mother which made Elmer smile before turning himself around and heading back to the cave.
The next day, Maddy headed for the forest again looking for Elmer. Once she ran into the wooded area she started calling for Elmer but hadn’t gotten a response. She made her way back to the tunnel entrance where she cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled down the tunnel for Elmer. He soon appeared smiling to his new friend and they went for a walk through the forest. They found a big tall oak tree to sit under and Maddy began playing with the neighboring flowers as she talked to Elmer.
They sat and talked and played throwing freshly picked flowers at each other while giggling the whole day. Maddy made it a point to come see her friend Elmer almost every day and they would play for hours and Elmer would even take Maddy on his back for a tour around the forest showing her more than she has ever seen. It was a great adventure for her and she liked spending time with her new friend.
Maddy wished and hoped that Elmer could come to her village and play with her but all he could do was shake his head no at her frowning. He was afraid that someone would see him and try to hurt him, but Maddy was persistent. One day she even told her parents about Elmer and asked if it would be alright for him to come play with her in the yard. Her parents just shrugged it off as an imaginary friend of hers so they agreed to it not knowing that Elmer was real. This Made Maddy very happy and she couldn’t wait to tell Elmer.
The next morning, Maddy found Elmer roaming around in the forest and told him the good news. He was still reluctant to go into the village and away from the hiding spots of the forest trees. Elmer shook his head yes and Maddy grabbed his hand and he followed her to the village. He was afraid of what people might do when they see him, but as they got closer to the village it seemed like no one paid him any attention. Everyone stopped what they were doing to say hello to Maddy and she would introduce Elmer and like all adults, they would play along with a child’s imagination. They would be polite and say hello to Elmer but he finally realized they did not see him. Maddy, in fact, had an imaginary friend who no one could see.
With the reassurance that he was truly invisible to everyone except Maddy, that made it better and easier for him to come visit her without being seen. This made Elmer very happy and Maddy too because she has a good friend to play with. Every time Elmer would come to the village to see Maddy, everyone just saw Maddy talking to an imaginary friend like there was someone truly there with her. The days went on and Maddy grew up with Elmer being her best friend and playmate.
The days went on and Maddy grew up with Elmer being her best friend and playmate. They had so many adventures together and were so happy. It finally came time for Elmer to leave Maddy and go on to somewhere new where he was needed. This made Maddy very upset but she knew deep inside it was time for him to go as well. She was getting older and it would be strange to see a teenager with an imaginary friend, so they said their goodbyes and gave each other a great big hug before Elmer spread his wings and flew off into the blue sunset sky. Once up in the sky, Elmer looked back at Maddy and waved his paw before disappearing into the sunset.

How to Help Mommy & Daddy

images (6)“Hi, my name is Walter Uriah Belvedere, but all my friends call me “Wubi” which is
pronounced Woo-Bee for short.” Can you imagine saying my name several times, it would make your tongue hurt not to mention tired. So everyone calls me Wubi. That is so much easier to say. I am five years old and I live with my mommy and daddy who are not home a lot because they work to take care of me and my sister, who you will meet later.
We’re here to show you how you can help your mommy and daddy like we do. See, my mommy and daddy work a lot to make sure my sister and I have everything we need from food to clothes and a roof over our heads. Oh yeah, they also buy food for our family puppy named “Scratches” who is named that because all he does is scratch due to dry skin. Why mommy and daddy can’t put some lotion on him to make him stop is beyond me. They put lotion on me when I have dry skin to make it stop itching.
My daddy is an architect, which means he helps to design and build all the tall buildings that people live and work in you see around the city. He leaves early every morning when my sister and I are at the table eating our cereal. We watch and snicker as he kisses mommy’s lips before he comes over to us and gives us kisses, tickles, and a big hug. My mommy taught me how to tell daddy “have a good day” when he gives me a big bear hug before leaving. Usually by the time he gets to the car and gets his stuff in we are in the living room window waving goodbye and my sister is such a ham blowing daddy kisses through the window. She is so corny.
We get out of the window when mommy comes in the room and tells us it’s time to get dressed now. We scamper into our bedrooms and start digging through drawers throwing clothes everywhere while Scratches sits on my big boy bed as mommy and daddy call it. When I turn around, he is covered with the sweater Aunt Molly made me. I fall on the ground laughing because he looks so funny.
Mommy is in her room getting dressed for work too. She is an a- a- c- cow- tent. Meaning she goes and plays with other peoples’ money. She makes sure they don’t spend it all and be broke with no money and no way to take care of their kids like us. I overheard her telling daddy that one man spent all his money on a stocking at a market and then he crashed. Anyway, they work a lot of hours and almost all day. When they come home they are really tired and sometimes they argue because the house is dirty and they have to clean it.
I don’t know much about cleaning the house and all but I have come up with some ideas to help mommy and daddy so they can come home and be happy. I think if you try hard enough you too can help your mommy and daddy be happy. I know some of you probably only have a mommy, like my friend Jimmy, or just a daddy like my friend Stephen so these ideas will make them just as happy too. Now turn the page and let’s get started.
images (4)     First off, let me introduce my corny, but sweet twin sister, Gertrude Ann Belvedere. That is too hard for me to say too many times also, so we call her “Gaby”. We celebrate our birthday together, but she seems to think she is entitled to more of the cake than I. Anyway, she is here to help me show you some of my ideas to helping your mommy and daddy around the house so they can come home and be happy. We love a happy family, don’t we? Okay, let’s get started now, please.
Pick up your toys and clean your room.
Mommy taught Gaby and me how to clean our rooms. We also pick up our toys when we’re done playing with them. That was a starting point. So, we go around picking up all our toys and putting them in our toy chests for safe keeping. We look under our beds and pull out toys, clothes, shoes, and sometimes a candy wrapper here or there. We put our shoes in the closet; put trash and candy wrappers in the trash can, and attempt to make our beds. We are too small to use the vacuum but when we have it all clean, mommy only has to run the vacuum in here. That makes it so much easier for her. Plus, it makes it easier for us to find our toys. My sister Gaby spends most of her time in my room so it can be hard to keep it clean with all her dollies. She leaves more things in my room than hers. She is so girly.
Put your dirty clothes in the clothes basket or hamper.
It can be fun sometimes going around the house and finding the one sock you have been missing for a long time. We think that when you take it off you should immediately put it in the basket or hamper. That way you never lose anything and mommy can just grab the basket and go to the laundry room with it. It also keeps it cleaner around the house. Most of the time Gaby puts her dolly clothes in the hamper so they stay fresh and clean too. I will never understand why a girl wants her dolly clothes clean when they never leave the house to go anywhere.
Help daddy take out the trash.
I know some of us are too little to carry those big bags of trash, but you can always help daddy carry them or even hold the door open for him to carry it out. He will appreciate the help believe me. He says I have big muscles when I grab the bottom of the bag and carry it. He laughs or smiles when he hears me grunting like I am really carrying it. It makes mommy smile too. Gaby is so girly that all she does is shrieks at the thought of touching the dirty trash bag. I think it is because of all those dirty diapers mommy used to put in it when she would babysit for her friends with the new babies. It can really stink, pee yew.
So, these are the first of a few things that you can do to help out your mommy and daddy and we will post some more soon so watch out for them.

How to Help Mommy & Daddy Pt 2.

Hi, this is Wuby, and I am back to add three more things that you can do to help mommy and daddy at home. They are…
Help mommy wash dishes.
Gaby and I love playing in the water and getting wet, so it becomes fun when we are helping mommy wash dishes after dinner. We get up on chairs or daddy puts us on the counter so we don’t fall and we help dry the dishes for her while daddy puts them away. We are not allowed to handle the glasses or anything breakable so we don’t get hurt or anyone else. Last night I heard mommy ask daddy for a dishwasher and I kind of got a little upset because I thought we were the dishwashers. What is she trying to replace us, were only four years old, how much trouble can we really be? “Hee Hee”. Let’s move on to our next idea, please.
Learn to tie our own shoes.
You can always make a game of it. Daddy taught us to tie our shoes and tried at first with bunny ears, but that didn’t go over so good. Gaby has issues with having to tie a bunny to her shoes. I thought it was funny myself. So after trying and trying we finally got it and now we can put our own shoes on. Mine is easy, but Gaby is still trying to buckle her sandals. Daddy and I sit back and chuckle watching her try to buckle them. I bet you can learn to tie your shoes, can’t you? That is the next step in becoming a big boy or girl. Try it and see if it works for you too.
Play quietly while company is visiting.
I like this one because it is called respect, which means you think highly enough of mommy and daddy not to disturb them when company is visiting. You play quietly if you’re in the same room or just move to another room so you don’t disturb them. The person or person’s visiting could be really important people who need to talk to mommy and daddy and they don’t need a lot of noise while they talk. Now if your Aunt Molly is visiting then I say “RUN!” Don’t look back, don’t pass go, and don’t collect any money when she is over. I try to like my Aunt Molly, but she always wants to squeeze my cheeks or flood me with kisses. Eeew, I hate her lipstick all over my face. But let’s move on.
Next time I will add another few things that you can do to help mommy and daddy which will help you learn and make them happy too, so see you later.