Sunday, September 15, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is going on eight-thirty in the morning here in what seems to be a beautiful seventy-eight degrees here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee. I have been up for about an hour and just finished my cup of coffee and sitting here with my husband.
I will be going to church this morning and praising God for everything He has done for me and us. My husband has been up most of the night and will be sleeping for a couple more hours while I am gone. He was going to go to church with me, but e didn’t get to bed until five this morning because of some issues within himself. We have nights like that.
We will be burning some more brush today and cleaning up the yard. We have to get burn permits starting in October to burn anything, so we are going to get everything burned over the next couple of weeks. I told my husband that we don’t have to worry about the other side of the property just yet because that is where the livestock will be. That will possibly be another year before we start purchasing them because we still need to construct the enclosures for them.
I feel pretty good this morning and can’t wait to get to church to praise and worship the Most-High God. I always come home energized from church and my spirit is uplifted and positive and I think that is what is drawing my husband closer. He sees that nothing is really bothering me and I have tried to remain positive about everything and he sees it.
Well, I need to get ready to go and I wish a blessed Sunday for everyone and to those celebrating birthdays, “Happy Birthday!” May you all have many more to come. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers because they need them as winter draws closer. Take care.


Hello to all. It is one o’clock in the afternoon here in sunny Bethel Springs, Tennessee. I had a good night sleep last night on new medication and it worked for me which I was hesitant about. I had a slow start to my morning, but eventually got my energy together and got things done.
I went outside and got the clothes washed and hung up on the line, I got the dishes washed and out there drying, and even cleaned the car windows inside and out. Now I am inside while it is the hottest part of the day and making myself ready to get some writing done.
My husband is outside weed eating the front yard and is now coming inside to take his daily nap. He comes inside while it is its hottest during the day and takes a nap. Then, we usually both go back out and work on the property while the evening sun is setting.
Yesterday morning was traumatic for me mentally because I attacked my husband in my sleep and scratched up the side of his face. I have no memory of it, but guilt ate me up all day because I would not intentionally hurt my husband for anything. I love him too much to hurt him and he takes real good care of me and the dogs.
Today is a new day and full of writing creativeness, so I must get to work. I wish everyone an awesome happy Saturday and to those another year older today, “Happy Birthday” and may you all be blessed with many more years to come. Please remember those sleeping outside or in abandoned buildings in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.


Hello everyone. It is two o’clock in the afternoon here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and very humid and sweaty. It is ninety-eight degrees here inside the cabin and that is not factoring in the heat index outside.  I just woke from a nap due to a long trip yesterday to Dalton, Georgia for doctor’s appointments for my husband and me.
We left out of here at one-thirty in the morning yesterday to make his nine o’clock in the morning appointment. We arrived at our friend’s house around seven in the morning and my husband did the driving the whole way. I slept most of the way because I stayed awake to make sure he got up in time to leave. When I woke up we were just outside Dalton, Georgia.
My appointment wasn’t until three in the afternoon, so we stayed at our friend's house watching movies and soaking up the air conditioning. After my appointment, we stayed long enough to finish watching a movie that I had never seen before and then we headed out for home. I drove part of the way and then my husband brought us home the rest of the way.
I have been working on my book and it is a little over halfway done and I am excited about getting it out to the world. It is a crime thriller with a serial killer cannibal. I love playing out the story as I write it like it is truly happening and I think the world will enjoy it as well.
Anyway, I am happy to be back writing full time again because it makes me happy and has been a good coping mechanism for me with the depression and PTSD. I still have nightmares, but they are tolerable now. I go see the medical doctor at the mental health clinic tomorrow for a refill on my medications.
Oh, I have also been working on another book which is erotic short stories full of fetishes that I think those who are into that stuff will enjoy too. It will be full of about twenty-five erotic stories to read about. Also, I have been still working on my children’s religious book. A children’s book is only so many words, so it won’t take long either.
Well, it is time to get back to my writing and I hope everyone is having a blessed day. I want to wish those who are turning another year older like my uncle a very “Happy Birthday”, and may you have many more to come. Well, back to work and many blessings for each of you. Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts that they can become self-sufficient again. Take care.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Good morning to all. It is seventy-five degrees here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and it looks beautiful this morning. We are just getting up and having our first cup of coffee together. Actually, the dogs woke me up to let them outside and then my husband woke up and made the coffee. It will be another productive day here on the homestead.
My husband first has to screen our windows and make them escape proof because we have to leave our dogs inside while we take a five-hour drive to doctor appointments. They seem to love jumping through the screens to get outside while we are gone. So, he is going to dog proof the windows and then go out and clear some more underbrush from my soon-to-be orchard area.
Things might be moving slowly, but at least they are still moving forward. I am positive that we will be ready for planting season this next year and all the fruits and vegetables we will have. I know it will be a couple of years before my trees start producing fruit so I will be ready with my kitchen to can fruit. I will be selling veggies and fruit at the local farmers market to make our crops income producing to help out with the bills and get us back on track where we need to be.
I am halfway done with my latest book and proud of it. I love writing it because I see the story play out in my head and live in the moment. It will be my first crime thriller and I hope that everyone else will enjoy reading it as well. It has taken me a while to write it with the moving and everything so I will feel accomplished when I write “The End” to it.
Well, it is time for me to get moving and finish up my coffee. I hope everyone has a blessed day and “Happy Birthday” to those of you who are another year older today. May you all have many more to come. Take care.


Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday! I have been up for a little bit and it is nice and beautiful outside. My husband woke me with a fresh cup of coffee and the dogs woke me with kisses. I will be going to church this morning and then to McDonalds to post these journal entries and schedule my tweets for the next week.
I have been working on my book and it is nearly halfway done and it was scheduled to be done and ready for editing tomorrow, but things have gotten in the way again, but it is okay because life happens. I will get it done within the next week and it will only be late by a week. The next book is about addictions which it shouldn’t take me long to write it since I have had my notes for almost a year now and frequently looking them over.
I feel pretty good this morning but there are still issues that I have to work on and here lately I have been having flashbacks from my life both good and bad. I have no clue as to what brought them on or why I am having them, but I see things every day.
My husband and I are enjoying this whole homesteading journey we are on and find it rather satisfying on my part. I see what will be and my husband just sees a lot of work, lol. Things are moving slowly but that is okay because in my mind, I see the end result of our hard work. Knowing that come March I will be planting my gardens and filling my greenhouse with healthy veggies and fruits and tending to them every day.
We still have a long way to go but it is an experience that we get to share together. We have our moments of laughing and then there are our moments where we are frustrated or irritated and have to walk away for a moment. We have cleared enough space on this one side of the property for the gardens and greenhouse and the other side of the property will have our chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs. Eventually, we will be purchasing the next three properties and have cows.
Well, time to go now because I still have laundry to get out before leaving for church. I wish for everyone to have a blessed day and a “Happy Birthday” to those celebrating today. May you all be blessed with many more to come. Take care.


Hello to all. It is eleven o’clock in the morning here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and such a lovely day outside. The sun is shining and there is quite a nice breeze blowing. We are taking the day off from working the property today and have other things that need to get done. My husband is working on getting the old weed eater running and I am going to concentrate on writing today.
I have laundry to get done, and the cabin needs swept out and the bed sprayed down. So, there is enough there to give me a full day. I am working on several different writing projects like a couple children’s books, and adult religion book, plus my crime thriller which was due to be finished September 9th, but other things came into play and it will be a few days late in getting finished.
I went to Bible study last night and found out some pretty cool things about the spiritual gifts that God freely gives tot those willing to receive them. It was funny that they were teaching on spiritual gifts and one of my books is on the spiritual gifts, kind of a coincidence? I learned quite a bit last night.
Well, today is a new day and I thank God for each day he has given me. I want to wish everyone a blessed day and “Happy Birthday” to those who are another year older today. May you all be blessed with many more. Take care.


Good morning everyone. How are you this morning? It is eight thirty-nine in the morning here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and beautiful outside. I have been up for just under an hour and already wanting to start things to get done. Writing to you is the first on my list. I want to update everyone on what’s going on with me today before getting to any other writing.
First thing this morning, after my writing tasks, is to finish weed eating the path that leads down through the center of our property reaching the back property line. I started it yesterday and had to stop due to one of the small dogs getting hurt so I needed to doctor them up. She was a good patient all night and didn’t try chewing her bandage off.
My husband has been clearing the brush that has already been cut down and moving it to our burn pile. We have cleared over an acre of the property of the three acres we have. It is a lot of hard work but we manage. The area which will serve as the rest of the house is cleared and he almost has all of my garden and greenhouse area done as well.
This will be a short post because I have so many things to get done today. I wish everyone an awesome “hump” day and to those celebrating a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”. Remember to keep those sleeping out in the streets in your thoughts and prayers and be blessed.

Monday, September 2, 2019


Happy September everyone! It is a cool morning here this morning which is nice compared to waking up and sitting here sweating. The sun is just up over the horizon but hasn’t broken the tree line yet. How is everyone else doing this morning? I am almost finished with my cup of coffee and the dogs are running back and forth playing. My husband is trying to wake up.
I am going to church this morning and then I will be coming back and posting my tweets and journal postings for the past week. I keep them in a word document until Sunday when I go to town to use the free Wi-Fi until we can get power here and the internet.
After church and my postings, I will be back on the weed eater taking care of the property with my husband. I can’t wait until we have it all done and the animals providing for us. I will be setting up my large greenhouse around February for the March plantings. Then, there will be plenty of work around here for us to do because I will need to build three sheds, one for garden tools and stuff, one for animal feeds, and one regular tool shed with all other tools. We will be busy.
We have downsized the house for building, so I know it will be done by the goal of May and then I will begin canning fruit, making our own bread and butter. We are going to be real homesteaders except for the internet part. We will be building a platform for solar panels and one for our rainwater collection system. Everything is working out correctly.
I just have to get it in gear for our nonprofit and get things done for it. I will be building a building here for her to store up donations and food in. I have several different ideas to put into play to get her an income coming in and things back out in the streets serving the homeless. I have placed a GoFundMe account for here for the new project of “Pathways to Self-Sufficiency” which needs a pilot to show everyone it will work to help end homelessness. I was out there and know how it will all work because I wish someone would have had a program like this when I was out there.
Well, time to get ready for church, so I wish everyone a blessed Sunday and “Happy Birthday” to everyone having one today. Remember to keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.


 “Happy Saturday!” I do apologize for not writing a post yesterday, but we were out paying bills and gathering the items that we needed like gas and food. We both woke up early this morning with nothing on our minds but coffee and what work we were going to do today.
My husband began burning brush again while I took the weed eater to the tall grass that has been growing since we ran out of gas. It has been a good day so far. I got quite a bit of weed-eating done and he burned up a whole section of the brush in what will be our back yard.
It is now afternoon and time for us to be indoors and rest while the hottest part of the day passes us by and then we can go back to work around here. Yesterday was also a bad day for me with the pain in my hips that it kept me from doing a lot of walking. It is a good thing that I have a walker because I sure needed it yesterday.
WE are both inside right now resting while I write this post. I just got two more things done for two children’s religious books and now I have to write about a Bible story. It is also helpful with my Bible studying.
This will be a short post today because I need to lay down and stretch my back out before it begins to hurt again. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  I will be doing all my posting on Sundays from now on since I will be going to church and making an ice run. I wish glad tidings for everyone and even those special people who have birthdays today. Take care.


Good day to everyone! Are we doing the best we can today? You know living without power is not all that bad. It is like camping but instead of a tent we have a bare cabin that needs to be finished on the inside. We are what you would call homesteading. We have a generator, I wash our clothes by hand, and we are working our land ourselves.
We are doing things together which is fun and can be hard sometimes. It gives us time together until we go off and do different tasks which gives us time away from each other. I love my husband to death and appreciate everything he does for me or for our future.
Today we burned some brush and then he spent the time out by the fire cooking us a pot of pork and pinto beans over an open fire while I did two clothes lines worth of laundry. The dogs love it here too because they get to run around, meet new wildlife, and just be dogs.
I was it with other ideas for new book and couldn’t get them wrote down fast enough. The first one was a five-book series for children about the Bible. It is things that they should know in order to walk the way God wants them too. It is the parables, the miracles, Bible stories, as well as others. It weighed heavily on my heart to write these books so I will begin today with the first parable of Jesus Christ.
Then, as we were laying down, an idea that hit me a while back about opening a diner and ice cream shoppe pushed on me as well. We sat and talked about it and thought that it might be fun to start with some basics of setting up a stand where we could cook some good food at reasonable prices while I worked on the business plan before submitting it to the SBA for funding, but we will see.
Well, I have little battery left and so many things that must get typed up or written, so I will end this post now. I hope that everyone has a safe and blessed day. “Happy Birthday” to everyone who is another year older today and may you have many more to come. Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts because they need our support in one fashion or another. Take care.


Hello everyone. How is your day going? I woke up this morning with nothing but a new book series in my head and began writing down the notes. It will be a series of books for younger children around seven or eight years old. It will be more of a religious book of things like parables and stories that children should read about. I look forward to finishing them and seeing the end result.
Then, I took a ride across the street to our neighbors and spent a couple of hours over there with them and had a good visit. They have chickens and a large garden which they gave me some good information about. They are really good people and good neighbors to have.
I just got back and I am talking with my husband and having good company. I love him so much because of the way he loves and cares for me. He is a good man. We have worked a lot together on this property and we have compromised on certain things pertaining to the property and where the livestock will go.
I didn’t get any book writing done yesterday but plan to play some catch up on it today. I will also be working on these children books as well. I feel plenty of energy today to get some things done with my writing and it is so bad that I don’t know where to start.
I am enjoying writing on my crime thriller, but God has placed these children’s book severely on my heart. I have plenty of articles written already, so my book writing will take priority throughout the weekend. So, I need to get started.
Allow me to bestow upon you a blessed day and a “Happy Birthday” to those who are another year older today. May you all have many more to come. Let me wish a “Happy Birthday” to my grandma who passed away a few years ago and to let her know that I miss her, and she is always on my mind. “Happy Birthday, Momagee!” Take care everyone and please keep the homeless in your prayers because prayer can move mountains and we desperately need to end homelessness.


Good morning everyone. How are you? I am doing okay this morning. I just woke up with a gas pocket in the top of my stomach which hurts, but I am doing a lot of gas passing and burping. I have finished my cup of coffee and ready to get busy on my daily stuff from my list. Yesterday, I finished everything on my list except for the crafting part.
Today we are waiting to go to the food bank to gather some groceries which will help until we get our little forty-nine dollars in food stamps on the fifth. I forgot what hours they are open, and I am trying to call them but get no answer. Things are very different here and I am trying to get used to how things work here.
I managed to get some book writing done yesterday and I am having fun writing the part of the story where I am at. I should have this book done by the ninth of September and ready for editing. It is a serial killer cannibal crime story based on fiction only. I have added my own little quarks into it and made it a good story I think with lots of detail. One might think that it should be listed as horror, but I made it a crime story because he gets caught and goes to prison where he meets his own demise.
Well, it is cloudy outside and looks like rain, so I need to get some things done to keep on track. I wish everyone a blessed day and a “Happy Birthday” to those who are another year older today. Take care.


Hello everyone. How are you this fine rainy day here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee? Yesterday I tried a new church that I had been looking at and found that the Holy Spirit moved through the congregation like a mighty force. It felt so good to be where I feel like I belong. I came home with tingling sensations all over my body and plenty of energy.
I have been reading this book about the end times and it compares biblical scripture to things that are happening now and found it to be very interesting. My husband stated that I must like this book because he has never seen me sit down and read chapter after chapter. I ever read some of it to him.
This morning I woke up to a hot cup of coffee that my husband made and then went back to bed because I was hurting in my back. I laid there as long as I could before remembering that I had phone calls to make and decided to get up. It was a daunting task to make these phone calls to doctors, but I got them done.
After that, I got up and cleaned the house and washed the dishes which I am sitting here cooking while writing this post. I have missed a few days of book writing and will begin catching up as soon as I get this post done. I have an article to write, at least three thousand words to write on my book, and then I need to change all my tweets and get them ready for the month of September.
I go to town once a week to post these journals, submit my articles that have been written, and schedule my tweets for the week. We don’t have power set up yet so no internet here at home. We sat down and changed the way we were going to build the house and make it just big enough for our living room, master bedroom and bath, a large kitchen, and a good-sized pantry for food storage.
Then we will be working on getting a solar system in place for power, a rainwater collection system, and the internet. I am hoping to have it done before winter really sets in because we are going to get our wood-burning stove in place since we have begun collecting firewood for it. Things are moving a little slow right now because I am trying to catch some bills up as well.
Well, dinner is almost done, so let me get to the end of this post and wish everyone an awesome Monday and a “Happy Birthday” to everyone celebrating one today. May God bless you with many more. Remember the homeless individuals sleeping outside in your prayers. They need our support.


Good morning everyone. It has been a trying morning but a good one in the long run. I went to our new back doctor yesterday and found out they want me to stop taking a doctor prescribed medication and do a psych evaluation in order to get my pain medication for my back and neck. It was not a good day after all that. The prescribed medication is to help me sleep because I do things in my sleep that could hurt me, but they want me to stop taking it.
I stopped taking it last night and had a bad night of hurting and not so much sleep. I also cried half the night because I didn’t know what to do. Things have been so messed up around here lately that I lose my concentration and thought processing and it makes me crazy. Then, this morning upon searching out my back-doctor’s office in Chattanooga, we found out that my husbands back doctor also has an office in Chattanooga which lifted a heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel a new day has arrived and we just need to get our Medicaid straightened out for these offices.
I have to run into town today to Walmart to pick up a few dollars that our friend is sending to us because we are hurting right now financially and need money for gas and food since the state of Tennessee thinks that two people, one being diabetic, can live off of forty-nine dollars in food stamps. It almost makes us want to move back to Georgia because at least we got two-hundred dollars there to eat from.
Well, I need to get ready to go and wish everyone to have a blessed Friday and enjoy your evening. “Happy Birthday” to those another year older today and may God bless you with many more to come. Take care.