Sci fi, Action Adventure, Plus Fantasy

Jenka's Fairy Friend

After the apocalypse, the earth was barren and destroyed all because someone wanted power and to rule the world. The only survivors formed groups which became tribes and looked after one another in the tribe. The tribes were scattered across the earth and food was scarce. The men went out hunting any animals they could find for meat while the women found grasses and weeds to grind to make a bread.
There was one little girl who always found herself to be into mischief. Her name was Jenka and she was about seven years old. She had a thin looking body due to the little food they got to eat. Her hair was long and black and her eyes were greenish-blue. The hot sun had given her a tanned skin and plenty of freckles.
Jenka was always getting into trouble no matter what she did but sometimes had good intentions. She wanted to help her family and the tribe find food and even wanted to help cook. She was too young and that is what her family saw was a young girl who should be a child and not a grown-up who worries about finding food and cooking.
She always managed to wander away from the village hoping to find a rodent or a small creature for the tribe to eat, but none were never found. She even snuck off with the men to go hunting but it was hard on her father because once she was noticed, her father had to take her back to the village which made him miss out on hunting for food. He never scolded her for that because he knew his daughter and that she just wanted to help.
One day, Jenka wandered off further than she had ever been. She had walked miles away from the village and wanted so much to find food. She made her way up a hill and what she found on the other side was found only in her dreams. There before her was a small lush forest that had green trees and bushes. She even noticed there were flowers blooming on some of the plants.
She proceeded to walk closer but with caution because she did not know what was living in this lush green forest. As she got closer, she could smell the floral aroma and even heard birds chirping in the distance. A smile came across her face because this place was so beautiful and she thought she was dreaming at first until she walked up and grabbed one of the large greenish purple leaves of a nearby plant.
Jenka found something that was fantastic and would help her family and tribe very much. She wandered into the forest gazing at her surroundings. She saw birds perched in trees and the occasional monkey jumping from one branch to the next. This was all amazing to her being the first time she had seen anything like this. She was born after the apocalypse, so she never knew what animals were or green trees.
She finally came to a small waterfall and river that flowed to nowhere and knelt down beside it to drink some cool water. It tasted so good that she filled her belly with water. Then, she noticed fish swimming around in the water and stared at them for a bit watching them as she seen their big eyes as if they were looking at her.
Jenka began looking around at her environment until she spotted something on the other side of the river which sparkled. She wondered if it was a flying bug because it would fly around and then hover in one spot. She tried to figure out how to get across the river to see what it was, but before she could get across the river, it came over to her.
It was very tiny and had wings. It still sparkled like a gem of some sorts and as it came closer, Jenka became scared and backed away one step at a time. It was right in front of her and she could see that it wasn't a bug at all but a tiny person like the ones in her village. It had tiny wings and a cute little dress on it like what a babydoll would wear.
Jenka stuck out her hand flat with her palms up to see if it would land on her hand. The tiny person hovered in front of her for a minute before flying towards her hand and landing on it. They stared at each other for a minute before Jenka introduced herself to it and told it she would not harm her.
The tiny being tried speaking to her but all Jenka heard was a buzzing noise until the tiny being went and landed on her shoulder to speak into her ear where Jenka could make out what she was saying. The tiny being introduced herself by the name of Klara. Jenka asked her what she was and Klara stated to her that she was a fairy of the forest.
Jenka went and sat by the river while they talked getting to know each other. She told her how her tribe lived and that food was scarce and they did not have water that tasted as good as this river. Klara asked her where her village was and all Jenka could tell her was that she walked for miles before finding this forest.
They sat and talked for a while and then Klara showed her around the forest and even took her back to the tiny village in the trees where Klara lived. When they arrived, Jenka saw more tiny fairies than she could count and this to her was a beautiful thing. Klara took her around and introduced the fairies to Jenka. They knew she was just a child and no threat to their village.
The chief of the fairies came over and introduced himself to Jenka who was pleased to meet him. She asked how long had they been here and the chief told her for many years even before the world was destroyed by man. Jenka was astonished that they survived a horrible event and that this forest was untouched by the apocalypse.
She asked if they could spare some food for her tribe because everyone was going hungry and a lot of them were sick with starvation. The chief thought about it and showed concern for her and her tribe but had nothing to offer since everything belonged to the forest. She would have to ask the forest if it could spare some of its belongings?
Jenka asked how she could do that if the forest can't speak? The chief told Klara to show her where she could ask the forest and Klara agreed to take her there. It was on the other side of the forest and they would need to rest before making the journey. Jenka agreed and they found a soft place for her to nap with Klara resting on her shoulder.
They rested for a few hours and then got up and Klara began leading her towards the other side of the forest. As they walked, Jenka could not help but admire her surroundings as it seemed to go on forever. She saw more animals like pigs and even a few rabbits. Klara sat on her shoulder the whole way so she could tell Jenka in her ear where to go.
They walked for about an hour before coming to the other side of the forest and then walked directly into a clearing where there sat a huge rock and that's when Klara told her this is the place to ask the forest for her request. Jenka looked around and asked how it worked. The tiny fairy told her that she had to walk up to the rock and place something in exchange for her request.
All Jenka had was the necklace her mother gave her when she was little. She took it off and placed in on to of the rock before asking her request. She then stood back while out of nowhere a wind came upon the clearing and then the necklace disappeared and where it sat, food was in its place. It was berries and nuts, some vegetables, and even a pig that was still alive but tied up.
Klara helped her new friend, Jenka, carry the food back to the fairy village where they could pack it up for her to carry back to her village and feed everyone. Once it was packed up, Jenka wrapped it over her shoulder and told everyone thank you as she headed out of the forest and on her way back home.
Jenka carried the bag of food and walked the pig by a rope as she headed back to her village which was several miles away and it would take her several hours to get there. The sun began setting so it was cooling off while she walked. She thought of nothing except how happy her family and the tribe would be to have food.
As she reached the outskirts of her village, she noticed that her mother and father were searching for her. It was getting dark and they were worried about her since she is always into mischief. When they saw her in the distance and walking a pig, they ran up to her hugging her tightly before asking where the food came from.
When the hugging was over and they confessed their worry about her, she told them how she ran across a lush forest with big green trees and met a fairy there who helped her get the food. Her parents were concerned about her imagination of meeting a fairy but went along with it. Since her birth after the apocalypse, she has had many imaginary friends, but here she had proof right in front of them that she found food.
They walked her back into the village and showed off the food she had brought back. They slaughtered the pig and began cooking him while the women made other food with the fruits and vegetables. It was a glorious feast and they all thanked the little girl for bringing food to the table of the tribe.
Jenka was happy to have helped but wondered when she would be able to see Klara again? She made a new friend and since returning to her village, she has missed the tiny being. She ate her meal and got her belly full before laying down in her family's hut and falling fast asleep from her long journey. While she slept, Jenka began dreaming of Klara's tribe and what they do all day. She thought of how beautiful the forest was.
She knew that in order to get more food she would have to bring trinkets and other items to the forest for more food, plus some jugs to fill with the river water. She slept all night with visions of the forest in her mind and it made sleeping more relaxing and deep.
The next morning when Jenka woke from her sleep, she got herself cleaned up before going around the village searching for things to trade for food. She managed to get a few things and then she packed up some water and other stuff to take on her journey back to the forest. She knew it would be hours before she reached it and wanted to have at least water with her to drink.
The very next morning before her parents woke up, Jenka headed out with her nap sack to make her journey back to the forest. It seemed like the walk lasted forever before she reached the hill where the forest was on the other side. When she reached the top, there in the short distance was the green lush forest that she visited a few days ago.
She made her way to the edge of the forest when out of the trees came Klara. She was so happy to see her new friend that it brought a smile to her face. Klara was happy to see her as well. Klara asked how her tribe enjoyed the food that she took back and Jenka told her how everyone was happy and that they all went to bed with full bellies.
Klara was glad to hear it and then asked what the reason for this visit was and Jenka told her that they needed more food and that she brought more trinkets to trade with the forest. She also stated that she missed her new friend and wanted to see her again. With that being said, it made Klara begin to blush to know the Jenka missed her.
Jenka told Klara how her family didn't believe that she met fairies and Klara just laughed. She thought it was silly but in a way, it was good that they didn't believe because if anyone knew about this place they would come to destroy it by taking away all of its resources. Jenka didn't want that to happen.
Jenka did ask if it was okay to bring her parents on the next journey if they would keep this place a secret from the others? Klara told her that she would have to ask the chief for permission, so Klara took her back to her village of fairies to request permission.
They took the journey through the forest back to Klara's tribe to seek out permission to bring her parents. Once they were in front of the chief, Jenka asked his permission and to acknowledge that they will keep this forest a secret. The chief thought about it and informed Jenka that she could but they would have to promise not to tell anyone? Jenka agreed and stated that she needed more food from the forest and brought things to trade the forest.
The chief gave his permission to seek out the stone to trade for food, so Klara again took Jenka to the other side of the forest to request more food. Jenks forgot how far it was to the other side but kept going knowing that she was tired from her journey across the barren land.
They reached the stone of the forest and Jenka walked up to it and placed the trinkets on the stone and then began her request of the forest for food. It took a little longer than the last time, but eventually, the trinkets disappeared and a huge pile of food reappeared with also two chickens, and a large deer for meat.
Jenks was so very appreciative and thankful for the forest that she was smiling and asked Klara to escort her out of the forest and to the river so she could fill her bottle with water from the river. They walked through the forest to the edge and Jenka went down by the river and filled her two large jugs with water for her tribe.
Once the jugs were full, she tied them to her knapsack and grabbed the rope that held the chickens and deer and said her goodbyes to Klara and that she would be seeing her soon. She turned around after Klara said goodbye and headed back to her village and away from the forest.
Several hours later, Jenka reached her village before it got too dark to share her good tidings and spoils with her tribe. She walked right into the village walking the deer and chickens while carrying the knapsack of food. Her tribe was very pleased to see her mischief and all.
Her parents were now concerned as to where she keeps getting these things? They ran up to her hugging her while her fther took the rope and deer over to their leader and showed the good tidings that his daughter has brought for the village. The leader was very pleased but with the earth being so barren and food scarce, there was the thought as to where it all came from and from such a young little girl?
Jenks being released from her mother's hug was happy and excited to tell her parents about the beautiful forest she found and her new friends, but she had to tell them in secret and they had to promise not to tell anyone. She took her mother's hand and called for her father to follow them into their hut.
Once everyone was inside the hut, Jenka told her parents that she found a beautiful forest that she wanted to take them too and meet her new friends but they had to swear not to tell anyone else. Both of her parents looked puzzled as to what their daughter was talking about. Could this be her imagination or did this place truly exist? After a short debate, her parents agreed to keep it a secret in case it was imaginary and they didn't want to look like fools following a young girls imagination.
Jenka then told them to pack some things for the journey and they will leave at dawn. Her parents were puzzled but were glad she was back safely and with food and water. She then went outside and enjoyed watching the slaughter of the deer and chickens and having them cooked up for dinner. there was plenty to go around and everyone got enough to get full. This was a great day.
The next morning, Jenka woke her parents up to begin their journey. Their knapsacks were already packed and ready to go with some pieces of food from dinner and some water from the river. They headed out following their seven-year-old daughter like she was a trail guide and hoped that this was all true. They could not explain where she got the animals or other food so there was some consolation to her story. They were a little excited to see her new place and meet her new friends if there were any.
They traveled for miles hoping to see one shred of evidence to where their child was going to every day. When they reached the dirt hill, Jenka stopped and turned around to tell them it was on the other side of this hill and for them to prepare themselves to see beauty once again. Her parents looked at each other with excitement thinking their journey was over with once they get to the top of the hill.
They began walking up the hill and once the reached the top and looked up ahead, there truly was a beautiful forest full of green vegetation. Her parents were amazed by its beauty and were ecstatic to touch its green leaves and her mother wanted to smell the aroma of its flowers.
Her parents apologized for not believing in their daughter and were proud of her for searching out new things to help the tribe. They quickly followed behind their daughter down the hill and towards the lush green forest. Jenka's parents' eyes were wide as they got closer to a beauty that they haven't seen in a very long time since the apocalypse happened.
Once they reached the edge of the forest, they stopped for a few minutes to take in its beauty and aroma. They saw animals jumping and hopping around playing like nothing ever happened to the earth. It was awesome to them and they were appreciative to their daughter for bringing them somewhere as beautiful as this.
Jenka then led them inside the forest towards the river where she met her new friend and her parents took in the scenery as they walked. As they got closer to the river, her parents could hear the waterfall and felt nothing but joy. This was truly an amazing place full of beauty and wonder.
Reaching the edge of the river, Jenka and her parents knelt down beside it and drank some of its clean and refreshing water. That's when Klara showed up to greet them. Her parents did not see Klara at first until she landed on Jenka's shoulder. She introduced them to her and then her parents were feeling guilty because they didn't believe her story.
They were so pleased to meet Klara and had many questions but now was not the time to answer them. Klara and Jenka took them to the fairy village to meet their chief fairy. They walked through lush foliage and her mother had to touch everything to make sure she wasn't dreaming.
Once they reached the tiny village of fairies, Jenka's parents were in awe of how beautiful it really was. They saw fairies flying around, building things, and collecting food. It was such an amazing sight to them. Jenka and Klara walked them over to the chief fairy and introduced them to him. It was a very pleasurable meeting and he asked Jenka's parents about the promise they had to make in order to be here. They agreed not to tell anyone and that this place was a wonderful place.
The chief began answering their questions about how this place came about and then he told them how to receive food from the forest. He told them that Jenka has been bringing offerings and the forest gives her food to take back to their village. This now answered their question as to how she was getting food and they turned and hugged their daughter.
Jenka did bring some more trinkets to trade for food without her parents knowing so that she could show them. The chief said as long as they kept their forest secret, they could come as often as they pleased and were welcome to visit the village anytime. With that being said, Jenka's parents were very happy and pleased to meet them.
Jenka and Klara then took them to the forest rock where they could exchange trinkets for food. Once the reached it, Jenka showed her parents by placing the trinkets on top of the rock and stepping back. After a few minutes, the trinkets disappeared right in front of Jenka's parents and then a few minutes later fruits and vegetables appeared on top of the rock and then a bear on a rope which was docile.
Jenka's parents were in shock as to the trade of trinkets for food and were very appreciative to the forest and thanked it for the blessing. Her father grabbed the rope and took the bear while Jenka and her mother grabbed up the fruits and vegetables and placed them in their knapsacks. They then walked back to the edge of the forest and turned to thank Klara for everything.
They said their goodbyes and then Jenka told Klara that she would be back just to visit with her and not for food. She told Klara that she would be her fairy friend forever. Klara also agreed that they were friends until the end of time, and then they departed the forest with thanks and made their way back to the village with the bear and food to share with the tribe.

The Tiny Robot

     One day there was a young boy named Daniel who was very smart for his age of ten. He was a child that was interested in science and loved to watch science fiction especially when it came to space movies and alien technology. His parents were very proud of him for obtaining all A’s on his school report cards. He excelled in science and was always doing science projects in his spare time.
It seemed like every week he was handing his parents a shopping list of items and supplies that he needed for his projects and they never let him down by providing whatever he needed to encourage him in his endeavors. He made things from model spaceships to foam aliens to stack around his room.
Daniel was pretty much a loner and did not make friends easily. He was looked at as a nerd and geek because he was always creating science things. He was lonely but found solace in his experiments and projects. He spent most of his time out in the garage working at a table that his dad built for him.
One particular day when he was sitting at home working on another project, Daniel had an idea to create a virtual robot. It would be remote controlled and have moving parts. He thought that it would be so cool. He pushed his other project to the side and pulled out some blank paper and began sketching it out.
After several different drawings, he finally decided to make something that looked friendly. In his drawing, it had a round shaped head with big round eyes that would light up blue. Its body would be cylinder shaped with both arms and legs. It would be made of metal and would have circuitry inside its body that would work with the remote control.
Daniel made his list from his drawing of items and supplies that he would need and handed it to his parents who would go out the next day to purchase the items. While he waited for his supplies, he sat down and figured out his circuitry that would bring his robot to life and make it move. He configured a diagram showing where all the wires would run and what function they would perform.      Before long his mother was calling him because it was time for his bath and bed. He responded to her with a shout of, “okay mom” and began putting his stuff away neatly until tomorrow. He brushed off his table and headed to the garage door before turning out the lights. He closed the door locking it and then proceeded to walk towards the house.
He came inside the house where his mother and father were sitting in the living room watching a news report on an upcoming meteor shower that would happen in three days. This excited Daniel very much and quickly asked for his list from his parents. He sat down on his knees at the coffee table in front of his parents and added a telescope to his list so that he could watch the meteor shower.
Once he wrote it on his list, he handed it back to his parents and then finished watching the news with his parents before running off to the bathroom to get his bath done. Daniel started his bath water and while the tub was filling, he ran into his room to grab his favorite pajamas and underwear. He went back to the bathroom and turned off the water which filled the tub half way. He sat his pajamas and underwear down on the bathroom counter and began taking his clothes off.
While in the middle of taking his clothes off, his mother opened the bathroom door and saw her naked son who quickly grabbed his towel to cover up his body. Since the age of six, Daniel has become aware of his body and doesn’t want anyone to see him naked, even his mom and dad. She asked him if he needed any help and he quickly replied, “no mom”, and she turned to leave the bathroom.
As soon as she closed the door, he removed the towel from his body and quickly got inside the tub. He grabbed his soap and washcloth and lathered it up to begin washing his face. He washed his total body while thinking about his robot. Daniel became consumed with this robot that he began talking out loud about his plans and what it will look like and what it could do.
Soon, he had his body completely washed and grabbed the shampoo to wash his hair. He put so much shampoo in his hair that it lathered up too much. He had so much lather on his head that he started shaping an alien head on top of his head. His mother soon called him to check on him and he began to quickly rinse the dripping lather from his head.
Once he was done bathing, he dressed in his pajamas and walked out of the bathroom and went straight to his bedroom. He climbed in bed and both his parents came in to say goodnight and his mother kissed him on the forehead before both of them walked out of his bedroom turning off the light and closing the door leaving in cracked open.
Daniel lay in his bed thinking about his robot and how much fun it will be to operate it and see what it can do. He saw pictures of it in his mind before falling asleep. Before his parents went to bed they stop to check in on Daniel who was bundled up and sleeping. After checking in on him, both of his parents went to bed knowing their son was safe and sound.
The next morning when Daniel woke up he was excited about working on his robot but school came first. He ran into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and hair and then back to the bedroom to put on some clothes. After dressing himself, he left his room heading for the kitchen where both his parents were sitting drinking their coffee. He grabbed a bowl and a box of cereal and some milk and made his way over to the table to eat his breakfast.
While eating his cereal, he reminded his parents about his supply list and looked forward to building his robot when he got home from school. His parents stated that they hadn’t forgotten and his dad pulled it from his back pocket showing him he had it.
He had just finished his cereal and noticed the time and that the school bus should be arriving soon, so he grabbed his backpack, kissing his mother goodbye and running out the front door. He made it to the bus stop just in time for the school bus to show up. He got on and took a seat in the back of the bus where he could sit alone. They made it to school and he went to his class hoping the day would go quickly because all that was on his mind was building his remote-controlled robot.
The day seemed like it went on forever and finally came to an end when the final bell rang. Daniel was one of the first students to be packed up and ready to go. He left the classroom and made his way to the school bus to go home. He climbed on board and then the anxiety kicked in about getting home and taking his supplies to the garage and getting to work building.
It took about thirty minutes to get home and then Daniel ran into the house finding his bag of supplies on the kitchen table. He took his backpack to his room and then ran into the kitchen grabbing the bag off the table. He took it to the garage and dumped everything out on his table and began going through each piece and organizing things.
He began constructing the body of the tiny robot leaving a hatch in back to fit its circuit board inside. Once the body was made, he began putting its legs, arms, and head on. Daniel took a couple steps back to get a good look at his tiny robot before inserting all the wiring and mechanisms to make it remote-controlled. It took him several hours to complete everything before it got dark and his father called him inside for dinner.
Daniel covered up his robot and cleaned up his mess before leaving the garage and turning off the light. He went up to the house and washed his hands for dinner. He sat at the table with his parents overlooking a spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad which was his favorite dinner. While they were eating, his father asked him how his project was coming and he quickly with a mouth full of food said that it was going great.
When dinner was over, he helped his mother clear the table and wash dishes before heading to the bathroom to take his nightly bath. He turned on the water and began filling up the tub while he went into his room to get his pajamas. He went back into the bathroom and took his clothes off and hopped into the tub. While he sat in the tub, he talked to himself about what he had to do tomorrow with his robot. It was all about experimenting to see if it will work and that he would have a remote-controlled robot to play with.
After his bath, he got out, dried himself off, and put his pajamas on. Next, he brushed his teeth and then went into his bedroom climbing into his bed. He laid there with pictures in his mind about what he would have his robot do and what voice he would give it. Then, his parents came into tuck Daniel into bed and gave everyone a hug and kiss before watching his parents walk out the room turning off his light. It wasn’t long before he fell fast asleep.
The next morning when he woke up, he got dressed for school and made his way to the kitchen to have his breakfast. His parents told him good morning as he sat with his bowl and cereal. His father asked him again how his project was going and he told them he would be experimenting with it today to see if it will work. His parents told him how proud they were of him and that they were glad he was interested in something.
Daniel ate his cereal rather quickly before looking up at the wall clock in the kitchen and noticed he would miss the bus if he did not hurry and get outside. He got up and took his bowl to the sink and then grabbed his backpack kissing his mother and hugging his father before he ran out the door and down to the bus stop. He made it by about three minutes when the bus pulled up.
He was so excited about his robot but would not share it with anyone until he knew it would work correctly. The bus arrived at school and everyone got off making their way to their classrooms. Daniel being the loner and introvert that he was always sat in the back of the classroom. He was also in good range to keep an eye on the clock and was ready to go right before the bell sounded.
It was a boring day in class and a long day. Daniel could not keep from watching the clock as it ticked one minute at a time. He was becoming frustrated at the time going by so slowly but it finally came and the last bell sounded. He grabbed his backpack and shoved his homework inside as he made his way to the classroom door. Kids were crowding the door and shoving to get out and when Daniel finally made it out of the room he had to run to catch the bus before he missed it.
The bus ride home even became a long journey, Daniel wished that every stop would be his so that he could get to his robot. Once he finally got home, he ran into the house dropping his backpack in his room and grabbing a quick snack to take with him to the garage. On his way out, he stopped by his mother who was in the kitchen cooking dinner and gave her a kiss before leaving out the back door and heading for the garage.
Daniel unlocked the garage door and went inside turning on the light and walking over to his table. He uncovered his robot and stood back admiring it once again and was very proud of himself. He ate a couple of bites from his snack which was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich his mother already had made for him and in the refrigerator. It tasted so good he finished it quickly and then wiped his hands off to not get jelly all over his robot.
He got to work right away and began connecting wires inside his tiny robot. It was a lot of wiring and they had to be placed just right for it to work. After everything was connected, he grabbed his handmade remote controller and hooked up the wires to it and programmed in the signal he would use to control his robot. It was now time for a trial run and placed the robot on the floor. He placed some batteries inside the controller and turned it on. The eyes of the robot lit up but there was no movement. Daniel fidgeted with the controller and could not get it to work. He tried and tried but no luck. Before he got aggravated, his father came in and told him dinner was ready and for him to wash up.
Daniel put his tools and robot back on the table and headed for the door. He reached up turning off the light and locking the door back before heading for the house. Once inside the house, he ran into the bathroom to wash up for dinner. It was meatloaf night and that was one of his favorite dinners. When he finished in the bathroom, he headed into the kitchen where he met his parents already sitting at the dinner table. He sat down and took a good whiff of the large meatloaf sitting in front of him.
Daniel’s mother cut him a piece and placed it on his plate while he was scooping some creamy mashed potatoes and putting it on his plate. Everyone was enjoying their dinner and Daniel always looked forward to the next few days after meatloaf night because his mother would make him a meatloaf sandwich for his school lunch. While sitting there eating, his father reminded them that the meteor shower was to happen tonight and that’s when Daniel got excited.
Before he could say anything, his father informed him that his new telescope was sitting in his room on his bed. Daniel could never have been happier. Het sat with his parents filling up on the tasty meatloaf and mashed potatoes and thinking of all the things he will see with his new telescope. He anticipated seeing the meteor shower for days now and it was finally here. It would happen past his bedtime but his parents agreed to let him stay up to watch some of it.
After dinner, they all went into the living room to sit and watch the news on television until it was dark enough to see the meteor shower. Daniel wasn’t that interested in the news so he went into his room to check out his new telescope. He took it out of the package and started putting the loose pieces together and getting it ready. His father came into the room and asked if he needed some help putting it together and went and sat on the bed next to him. Daniel and his father got it put together and took it outside to set up for the meteor shower.
It was finally getting dark enough to see the meteors, so his father went inside to get Daniel’s mother to come outside. They all stood there watching as meteors streaked through the sky and every now and then Daniel would look at them through his telescope. One particular meteor caught his attention because it didn’t look like the rest of them. It was brighter and seemed to be headed for earth. He kept watching it until it broke the atmosphere and struck the earth about a few miles away.
Everyone noticed it and Daniel was quick to ask his father if they could go see it? His father answered him by telling him it was past his bedtime and that he should just watch the rest of the shower before going to bed. Daniel was not happy but did as his father told him and watched the rest of the shower before going in to get ready for bed.
Daniel was still excited about the meteor shower and thought about what he saw while climbing into the tub to wash up. He took his bath, got toweled off, put on his pajamas, and walked into his bedroom. He climbed into bed before his parents came in to tuck him in. His father brought his telescope in and placed it over by his window before going over to the bed and kissing his son goodnight. His mother kissed his forehead and told him good night and sweet dreams before getting up to leave his bedroom.
After they left his room, Daniel laid there and thought about the meteor he saw hit the ground and then his imagination went crazy about aliens and green ooze seeping from the meteor like in a science fiction movie. Once his mind calmed down and he was now ready to sleep, he cozied up under his blankets and settled into sleep. It didn’t take long before he was deep into sleep.
Several hours into sleep, Daniel was awakened by strange noises coming from outside. He laid in his bed listening and it sounded like it was coming from the garage. He sat up in his bed and looked out his window towards the garage. He noticed the garage door which he knew he locked was wide open and there were funny lights coming from inside. He then got up and put on his robe heading for his bedroom door. He opened up his door and peeked out into the hall to see if his parents were up before leaving his room and walking towards the kitchen.
He walked into the kitchen and over to the back door peeking through the blinds at the garage. He still saw the funny lights going on inside the garage and knew he had to investigate. He opened the door very quietly and began walking outside. As he made his way across the yard, he stumbled over one of his toys which made a loud noise. He quickly looked up and noticed the funny lights were not going off in the garage anymore.
He slowly made his way over to the garage door that was opened and peeked inside. He looked around while hiding behind the door and saw nothing. He quietly made his way inside being very cautious and walked over to his table where he left his tiny robot. It was still standing right where he left it and then turned to look around the garage for where those funny lights could have come from.
He searched around and around with no luck, but then heard a strange noise coming from behind him. When he turned around, he noticed that his tiny robot’s eyes were lit up. He walked over towards his robot and it stepped back away from Daniel. This made him stop in his tracks that his robot moved on its own. He finally walked up to it and began talking to it. He watched as it stepped towards him with its little eyes blinking.
Daniel reached for the remote- control and saw that it wasn’t turned on, but thought to himself how could his robot be alive? He sat in a chair next to his table and the tiny robot walked over to him with its tiny hand out. Daniel reached out and shook his little hand and started to have a conversation with his new friend. The robot did not talk but made whistles and other noises as its way of communicating.
Since the tiny robot was alive, Daniel saw no need for the remote control so he chucked it in a nearby box of gadgets. Then, he sat with his tiny robot and began asking questions like where he came from and how did he get here? He spent a good part of the night sitting with his new friend but soon had to go back to bed before his parents got up.
He explained to his tiny friend that he had to stay in the garage hidden from everyone. The tiny robot shook his head up and down to let Daniel know he understood. He then put some stuff away and turned to walk out of the garage. He looked back at his tiny friend and said he would see him in the morning. He reached up turning off the light and closed the garage door back locking it so no one could get in and find his friend. Daniel went back to bed feeling happy because he now has a friend who he could hang out with.
The next morning, he woke up and got dressed quickly grabbing his backpack and running out into the kitchen. His parents were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee when he stated he had to run out to the garage for something real fast. He left his backpack on the table and made his way to the back door. He walked out and headed for the garage. When he unlocked the garage door and went inside, his tiny friend was glad to see him.
He walked up to him and told the tiny robot how he had to go to school but would come to visit him when he got back home. The tiny robot shook his head making whistles and that made Daniel smile. He turned to walk out of the garage to go to school and turned off the light and locked the door behind him. He stopped for a minute thinking about his new friend and it brought a smile to his face.
When he left for school, it was another long day but it was also Friday so it was the weekend and that gave him two whole days to spend with the tiny robot. He reached school and headed for his classroom. He whizzed through his work and even got his homework done during class. He was feeling anxious about spending the weekend with his new friend and wanted the day at school to end.
Finally, the bell rang and everyone shuffled out of the classroom to make their way to their buses. As Daniel got on the bus, One of the older children began making fun of him because he was such a geek but it didn’t bother Daniel because he knew he had a friend waiting for him at home.
Daniel finally reached home and got off the bus happily and headed straight for the garage. When he unlocked the door and went inside, he noticed that the tiny robot had cleaned the entire garage and organized everything. He told the tiny friend thank you and put him in his backpack telling him to be still and quiet.
Daniel then turned to the garage door and began walking to it. He opened the door and turned off the light closing the door behind him. He walked up into the house and said hello to his parents before walking quickly to his room shutting the door behind him. He opened his backpack allowing the tiny robot to come out. His plan was to keep his new friend in the house with him where he would be safe.
Now that Daniel had a new friend he spent most of his days playing and getting to learn from him. They became the best of friends and the tiny robot remained with Daniel up until he was off to college and that’s when they parted ways and the tiny robot began exploring his new world and looking for his next new friend.

The Genetic Mixture

 While sitting at home one morning drinking his coffee and skimming through his morning newspaper, Dr. Kimble had an idea hit him. He was a brilliant scientist who had been working in genetics and experimenting with ways to cure most earthly diseases. He has not had much success lately but keeps trying harder each time after a failure.
If you can imagine this five-foot-ten, thin man with curly dark brown hair who wore eyeglasses that were virtually invisible on his face, that would be Dr. Kimble. He graduated from MIT with honors in the field of genetics and has been a respected scientist among his peers.
This one particular morning when an idea hit him, he sat really seeing it in his mind. He had been trying to find a cure through genetics for most common diseases, but what if the cure wasn’t going to be in the genes of one animal itself? What if the cure would be found by incorporating the components from two different genes together to make a cure?
This pondered in his mind all morning until he got to his laboratory. After situating himself and getting into his lab gear which consisted of his lab coat, safety goggles, and rubber gloves, he did a walkthrough of his lab investigating all of his experimental subjects. He had little white mice, black and gray rats, a few gray pigeons, and two chimpanzees named Tiberius and Sally. They were a cute couple who were mostly for companionship to the Dr. He also had a few rather large lizards, a couple of bullfrogs, and a cat named Genesis.
Most of the Dr.’s experiments were on his mice, rats, and lizards. They seemed to be easier to experiment with although the pigeons and bullfrogs held their own with the serums given to them. Each trial to find a cure almost always failed or showed a little response in his specimens. It was a rather disappointing time after time, but the good Dr. would not give up. With every failure, he would try harder on the next one.
Sitting in his laboratory, he began drawing out diagrams of how he would go about splicing genes from two different specimens. At first, he tried drawing out the incorporation of mice and rats but soon figured that they were too close to a family to make a difference. Then, he began looking at his favorite bullfrog, Oliver and drew out the incorporation of his genetic material with one of his mice and it looked to be interesting.
So, the doctor began his genetic manipulating and once he figured out exactly how to splice the two genes together he proceeded with his testing. Of course, this did not happen overnight but he spent every waking moment studying the components of each specimen to the point of taking his work home with him to continue working on until he went to bed.
He did this almost every night until he figured out how to put the components from each gene into each other combining it into one gene. It sounds confusing but he was able to splice them together and the only thing left was to run testing on different disease specimens. He started with the most common diseases which were cancers and began those trials.
He tried a few test samples and nothing worked. He ran the tests several times and came up with the same results, nothing. He tried rearranging the gene material to see if it would work and still no change. As many times as he tried testing, he changed the sequences as well that many times. Fifty trials and still no or little change so it was back to the drawing board.
He figured it was time to try another species of animal and with a process of elimination he kept the mice and mixed them with pigeon genes. Hours beyond hours the Dr. kept his hopes alive that he would soon find a cure for at least one disease. Specimen after specimen, still nothing, but his gut was telling him that he was close.
One night, the good Dr. took ill and found that his breathing was becoming irregular so he called for his friend to take him to the hospital. After a thorough examination and many tests and labs, the doctors at the hospital came to the conclusion that Dr. Kimble, himself, had small cell lung cancer. The news was detrimental to the Dr. and it gave him a sense of urgency in completing his trials and obtaining a cure.
Once he was released from the hospital, the Dr. found himself back in front of his drawing board. He stood there looking at all his calculations for many hours. Something struck him awkwardly as he stood as still as possible mesmerized by the numbers on the board. Then, it stuck its face out of the board and stared directly back at him.
There was a calculation in front of him that he had not tried nor considered. It was the mixing of the chimpanzee and the lizard gene that shined upon him. With that, he turned and looked at Tiberius who reluctantly stared back at him as if he knew.
He went to his board and began compiling all his data and redoing calculations before coming up with an experiment. He thought it strange at first to combine a chimpanzee with a lizard gene but it was worth a shot. When he finished with his calculations, he went ahead and drew his samples from his specimens and put them under the microscope to examine the architecture of both.
They seemed to be almost close in structure but he took and broke down the compounds to get the gene from each. Once he had the gene from each sample, he then proceeded to break the genetic material down into components. He stood there when he finished and was amazed by what he was looking at. This could be his cure for cancer.
Before he began rearranging things, he took a small break for something to eat and drink. His favorite lunch was a peanut butter sandwich and a mellow yellow. He thoroughly enjoyed them and it was always satisfying. He would sit and eat in his rose-colored armchair staring at his black chalkboard where he wrote all of his calculations as if it were a lunch and a movie. His obsession was his search for a cure and he felt that he was not good enough of a scientist if he could not find it.
After eating his lunch, back to his experiments he went. He began switching genetic material between the genes of these two particular specimens. Once he was satisfied with his mixture, he started experimenting with his samples by injecting it into Petrie dishes that contained a few minute cancer cells. He gave it some time to work before looking at them through his microscope.
It had been about two hours when the Dr. decided to look at his samples to check their status. When he focused his eyes on looking through his microscope he noticed that his concoction was, in fact, attacking and killing the cancer cells. Feeling overjoyed, the Dr. added some of his creation to a few dishes with live human cells to be sure that the mixture would not kill human cells as well.
A few hours later, he looked through the microscope again to see that none of the live cells were killed. He had accomplished the first stage in his experiments and was very pleased. He then started testing his concoction with other cancer and disease cells. He was finding that his concoction was actually killing most of his disease samples. Could he have found the cure he had been searching for all these years?
It was several hours of looking and noting his results before he decided to go to bed for the night. He was happy about his findings and felt that he deserved a good night’s rest. He put everything away and took great care in putting away his test samples. Then he said his goodnights to all of his animal friends and companions before turning off the lights to his lab.
The next morning, the doctor got up and headed for his kitchen where he made himself a quick cup of instant coffee while the real coffee was brewing. He took his coffee to the kitchen table where he placed it before heading to his front door to grab his morning paper. He had such a pep in his step as he has never slept better. He accomplished greatness the night before and was excited to get back to work, but not before he had his morning coffee and newspaper.
He took his paper back into the kitchen and sat at the kitchen table where his coffee was waiting and began skimming through pages of the paper while he sipped his coffee. There was such a huge smile on his face this morning. It seems as if nothing could get him down today. He very much looked forward to getting back to work on his experiments, so he drank his first cup of coffee while reading his paper before grabbing a second cup for the ride to the laboratory.
Dr. Kimble grabbed his keys and headed out the door to his car. He unlocked the door and got inside setting his cup of coffee in the cup holder. He reached back and grabbed the seatbelt pulling it across him and buckling it in. Then, he put his keys in the ignition to start the car. When he was ready and situated to go, he backed up out of his driveway and drove down the street still smiling.
All the way to the laboratory he hummed, smiled at other drivers and even sang a few tunes while driving. Once he got to the laboratory, he went inside and said good morning to all of his animals and companions. He put his research files on his desk and made his way to the closet to pull out food for his friends.
All of his animals got very excited to see him go to the closet because they knew he was getting their food. As he dug around in the closet, you could hear the chimpanzees yelling at him to hurry. The doctor came out from the closet with handfuls of food for his animals. He went around placing a food dish in each cage smiling as he watched his friends eat their food.
Once everyone was fed, the doctor made his way back to his desk where his research files lay. He took off his jacket and exchanged it for his laboratory gear before sitting down. He opened his files and began going over his notes taking notice to his experiments from the day before. He was so proud of his accomplishment yesterday that he was ready to return to his experiments today.
He went over to his small refrigerator to pull his samples from the day before. He took them over to the lab table and began rechecking everything to confirm his findings from yesterday. He viewed under the microscope of the genes attacking the disease cells and everything was looking pretty good. The genetic mixture had eradicated all of the diseased cells on one dish, and when he looked at the live human cells, they were untouched by the genes.
He now knew that he was on to something big. He pulled out more dishes and began checking all of them before he went into an asthmatic spell because of cancer in his lungs. It took him a minute to gain his composure and after the attack, he felt like he had been beaten up. Then, the idea hit him. Instead of injecting his genes into his animals, he would use himself as a test subject.
He took a syringe full of his genetic mixture and went over to his table where he sat down. He laid the syringe on the table and reached for a tourniquet. He took off his lab coat and began rolling up the sleeve on his left arm. He took the tourniquet and wrapped it tightly around his upper arm and then started thumping on the veins in his arm.
Dr. Kimble then took the syringe and stuck it inside his arm releasing the genetic mixture inside his vein. He pulled out the syringe just in time before his arm clenched up from pain and the mixture making its way through his bloodstream. He quickly grabbed his arm waiting for the effects to subside. After a few minutes, the pain went away but he began feeling nausea.
He sat there in that chair for quite a few minutes to wait for the results to kick in. Before he knew it, the doctor woke up and raised his head off of the table. He had no knowledge of what happened but soon he was able to move around and then reached for another syringe to draw a blood sample with. He stuck the syringe into his vein and pulled the stopper drawing some blood from his arm.
He quickly took the syringe and placed a sample of his blood onto a microscope slide and placed it under the microscope. When he focused his eyes on looking through the microscope he noticed that the genetic material was replicating at a faster than normal speed and it was attacking the cancer cells in his blood and leaving his healthy cells alone. He watched in amazement as every cancer cell in his blood was being destroyed.
He made notes on the progress but soon felt the effects of a nonhuman gene in his body. He began feeling weird and having unusual and strange thoughts. At that point, he didn’t care about the effects he was feeling because he now had a cure for cancer and if everything went well he could not wait to share it with the world.
He dabbled a few for a few hours while checking his blood samples every couple of hours. Everything still progressed nicely and he was pleased with his results. Eventually, he made it to the point where he began feeling not like himself. He began picking at his skin and head like he had bugs on him and the occasional craving for flies.
After the twenty-four-hour mark came and he checked to see the results, the cancer cells were gone from his blood. There were only healthy living cells inside him. With this information, he made an appointment with his doctor to get a second opinion. His only fear was hiding his bug cravings from his doctor or they would lock him away in a mental asylum.
The next day he went to see his doctor for that second opinion, and after waiting a few hours for the results of his lab work, the doctor informed him that miraculously his body was rid of cancer. He jumped for joy and began thinking about who he could take his cure to.
He went home to rest and found himself under the weather. He could not figure out why he felt so ill. He took a shower, put on his pajamas and climbed into bed for a healthy night’s sleep. Little did he know that his body was changing and that was the reason for his feeling ill.
Dr. Kimble slept through the night and when he woke up he found it difficult to focus his eyes. The sunlight beaming in through his bedroom window made it hard to open his eyes fully. When he got up from the bed and made it to the bathroom, he looked into the mirror and what he saw staring back at him was frightening.
Standing there staring into the mirror he saw what look to be lizard eyes. The genetic material he injected himself with was changing the structure of his physical body. He also noticed that he was growing more hair all over his body. He was growing hair in places he never had hair before. He was now at his wit’s end as to what was happening to him but he knew that he could not allow the public to see him this way.
Dr. Kimble was now having to isolate himself from the world because of his obsession with finding a cure for terminal diseases. He soon invented a pair of glasses that would cover and shield his eyes from the public and sunlight. He ordered razors through the mail which came on a regular basis as he had to shave his hair almost on an every other day schedule.
After a few weeks of his transformation, his skin became reptilian with hair. His whole body was changing on a daily basis. He still found time for his work which was moved to his home in a spare bedroom. He continued his work for many years after that trying to correct the abnormal effects of the genetic mixture and eventually corrected it and had a solid cure with minor side effects which was secretly mailed to certain large pharmaceutical companies.
Dr. Kimble knew it was too late for him but he could still finish his work and save many lives. His cure was successful all across the world and it was about four years after its mailing that Dr. Kimble died from severe side effects of his mixture. No one will ever know where the cure came from or who found it, but he went to his grave with the satisfaction of his accomplishments.

Keepers of the Great Forest

     There in the distance stood the great forest of Irwin. This forest looked like any other forest with its tall thick trees, its ground blooming with Spring flowers and the many forest creatures that live and thrive inside of it. A man has never been inside this great forest due to myths and tales of the mysterious creatures that protect it. Some say it is giant owls or hawks that will peck out your eyes for entering, while others say there are mystical creatures that are the keepers of the great forest. These tales are what keep men from exploring within its realm.
There have been sightings of strange things and creatures from men who stand at its edge. The forest is so dense with tree life that every now and then you might spot a forest animal romping through it. No man dares to enter for fear of being hexed by unknown creatures. Who can blame them? A forest is a scary place at night when one can hear all of the creepy noises that creatures make. It is enough to frighten most away. Some have seen evil sets of eyes staring from within the great forest. Watchers who protect all that live within.
One day a man named Thrombus made his way into the nearby village for food and drink. He was a husky built man with a long brownish beard that was braided and hung down to his chest. He was a brute of a man, a hunter if you will in search of mythical creatures to obtain. He was dressed in burlap clothing with a belly that hung over his animal hide belt. Thrombus made his way to the village tavern to satisfy his hunger craving. He ordered food which consisted of a large quantity of meat and bread, and a tall stein of ale.
While feasting on his meal he overheard locals whispering and talking of the great forest and how men have been devoured by mystical creatures. It peaked his curiosity for the hunt and turned to make his way over to their table. Thrombus sat down with his plate of food and ale and began questioning these men of the great forest. They were hesitant at first to speak of its tales but began telling him the stories that have circulated for centuries and of the last man who entered the forest that never returned.
Thrombus sat stuffing food into his mouth as he looked on with interest. His only thought at that moment was the hunt for these creatures. He replied with the stories of his great battles with creatures taller than huts and homes they lived in. His stories made him look to be a great warrior but the locals thought he was no match for what lies in the forest. They watched as he devoured carelessly the food from his plate. His demeanor becoming intoxicated as he put away stein after stein of ale until drunk.
Once drunk, his stories became unheard of and intolerant as his ego became bigger. The locals started to disbelieve what fell from his lips as his words became slurred. It was time for him to sleep now that his belly was engorged with food. He asked the barmaid if there was an inn or place of rest within the village. She sold him a room for the night for him to rest. He made his way to this old uninhabited room where there wasn’t much inside but a cot and a wash basin. Thrombus fell onto the cot as it creaked from the brute weight of his body where he fell into a drunken sleep.
The night seemed to linger as he tossed and turned with visions of mythical battles and the creatures he defeated. His mind was full of thoughts of what lies inside this great forest the locals speak of. He finally fell into a deep sleep and arose the next morning feeling fresh and ready for his next battle. He stumbled over to the wash basin and flooding his face with water before searching answers to his questions. He wanted to search out this great forest everyone spoke of the previous night so that he might find a good hunt for sport.
The locals were a bit confused as to why he would go somewhere that everyone was in fear of. but his questions were answered and he stocked up on food and had one more stein of ale before leaving their presence for the hunt. After gulping down his ale, Thrombus grabbed his gear and began the journey to the great forest.
He followed their directions along the path that would lead him to this forbidden forest. His journey led him along a dirt path until he could see the great trees in the skyline. He saw the tall green thick trees while walking towards them. He could see the dense forest in his approach. Everything looked clear of any mythical beasts the closer his walk had gotten nearer to the forest. Once he arrives at its outer edge, Thrombus looked around and down the edge of the forest hoping to find some creature to battle. None was found to exist.
He entered the forest by way of a dirt path that led into its dark brush. He began walking along the path with his ax in hand ready to be pounced on by a fearless beast. He so longed for a good hunt and to win a battle against any beast. He walked deeper in and the light of day seemed to grow dimmer. The height of the trees hid the light of the sun as he searched out beasts for sport.
Along the path, he would catch glimpses of butterflies, squirrels, and the occasional frog. He had not seen any creatures that would be good for the hunt while he walked, but he continues until it was almost impossible to see anything before he started hearing strange noises in the distance. Once he stopped to listen, they were noises he had never heard before. His hands gripped the ax handle more tightly as he continued to walk slowly. The noises were getting louder as if he was walking up on some huge beast.
Up ahead, he could barely see through the trees that there was a clearing in front of him. He approached it slowly ready for the attack. Once he pushed past some large dark green leafed shrubs he found himself in the clearing. To him it was beautiful. It was as if he stepped into another world. There was a beautiful pond with brightly colored flowers surrounding it and he could see a few birds in flight and also some perched on nearby branches.
Thrombus rubbed his eyes in disbelief as he saw standing right in front of him drinking from the pond a huge but glorious looking creature that stood as high as a house with claws that could rip a man’s throat out with one swipe. He was careful to not spook the animal as he approached closer. It was covered in fur like a bear with stripes like that of a tiger, and a tail of a scorpion. It was a magnificent looking creature and it brought excitement to Thrombus’ mind of a very good battle.
Before he could take a step closer, out of the corner of his eye he saw something fly by him. Once he got a good view of what flew by, he again rubbed his eyes in disbelief. What he thought to be a flying bug was actually that of a tiny person. It looked like a human, was about three inches tall, and had wings like a butterfly. He could not believe what he was seeing. Before he realized it, there were many of them flying around and some even sitting on tree limbs. It was like a magical realm he stepped into.
When he looked towards the beast, it had looked up and in his direction. He began to worry that the beast was going to charge him and his hand nervously gripped harder on the ax handle. One of the wee little flying people came close to him and looked on as if in amazement at how big Thrombus was. Thrombus could see its tiny little face as it smiled back at him. It almost warmed his heart to see such a tiny creature other than the pesky mosquitos and flies he is used to. Before he knew it there were many of these tiny creatures coming close to him and they spanned the whole clearing where the beast was.
Thrombus was starting to see things with different eyes. Where did all of these tiny creatures come from? Then, he saw that they wanted him to follow them. He walked behind them through the clearing coming closer to the beast he was about to battle. It didn’t even seem to pay him any mind. He walked closer to it as it made strange noises as it was content being in that clearing. He watched with amazement as it drank from the pond. The tiny creatures took him right up to the creature and he was able to look directly into its eyes. He saw that it was a gentle giant. One of the tiny creatures took his hand and placed it on the head of the humongous creature and began petting it like it was a family pet.
Thrombus saw how the giant creature enjoyed his touch and acknowledged him. This was something new to him and that beasts like this could be so gentle. He rather enjoyed feeling its soft fur and the way it nudged him wanting more attention. Once he spent a few minutes with the beast it was time to follow the tiny creatures somewhere else. They made their way through the thick brush and he could hear the tiny voices speaking to him. They took him to where the forest was very thick and hidden from the world.
It was there that he saw the tiny little community these little people lived in. Their leader came forward and begin speaking to Thrombus. It was hard to hear this tiny creature so he had the leader perch on his shoulder and speak directly into his ear. He told Thrombus of their community and how they came to be. They were the keepers of the great forest. They did not want mankind to come in and destroy something so beautiful and wonderful. They frighten those who enter the forest just so humans would stay out. The leader also stated how Thrombus was not supposed to get in as far as he did and those who slipped up will be reprimanded accordingly.
Thrombus was told that he must not tell anyone of what he has seen in this forest to which Thrombus agreed. He was told that there are many creatures here that man has never laid eyes on and that is what makes this forest so special. If man were to find out, they would come in and destroy all that is within the forest starting with cutting down the trees which have been here for centuries. Thrombus was intrigued so much that he dropped his ax and offered his services of protecting the great forest. This made the tiny leader so pleased that he announced to his people that Thrombus would be another protector of the great forest. Everyone shouted good tidings and jumped for joy. After speaking with the leader, Thrombus was shown around the forest and wondered at the sights of the new beasts he saw. There were many and it seemed as if the forest went on forever.
When it was time for him to rest, the tiny people helped him make a tree hut for him to sleep and be sheltered from the rain. He was pleased with his new friends and vowed to protect this forest with his life. Every morning the tiny humans would wake him with nuts and fruits for him to eat. After having his fill of food, he would walk around the forest looking for intruders to which he would scare off with his ax. Thrombus now found a place for him to live and be happy and now he too was a keeper of the great forest.


     It was a hot and humid summer night out in the desert of New Mexico for a young woman named Jesse. She lived in a run-down trailer on about two acres of desert. There was nothing but miles and miles of desolation in each direction. Her nearest neighbors were six miles down the road. The only plant life around were cacti and tumbleweeds. She had a sheepdog named Lucky for a companion but did enjoy some of the wildlife around such as the snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions. July and August were some of the hottest months out where she lived and the air got to be too humid to go outdoors during the day. Thank God for air conditioners.
The nights were freezing cold even during the summer, but it didn’t matter for the coyotes who were still out prowling. Life in the desert was okay. Jesse worked from home being a dispatcher for a roadside service which paid pretty good especially when she put in long hours. She was a young woman with no children and no significant other. Lucky was all the company she needed. When she wasn’t working, her and Lucky were cuddled up on the couch watching television together or laying in the bed taking a nap.
Jesse stood about five foot eight with an athletic build. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. There were a few freckles on her face and she had suntanned skin. She was raised on her father’s cattle ranch so she grew up working fields and rounding up cattle. The outdoors was no stranger to Jesse. She was an independent woman who loved her life and everything about it. She had an old nineteen eighty-seven GMC truck for transportation which was used to pick up supplies in town about fifteen miles away.
On her trips to town, she would take Lucky with her. They would stop at the corner store to pick up food, the hardware store for any household or repair supplies, and the local meat locker for meat. Jesse loved to cook out in the evenings when the temperature was in between humid and freezing which was about seven o’clock. Whenever she was working the grill, Lucky was right there to catch any scraps that might have fallen off. She also picked up large meat bones for Lucky to chew on so he would stop chewing on her furniture.
The night sky was so beautiful that you could see several layers of stars and on good clear nights, you could even see certain galaxies. Jesse was a stargazer and also had a telescope which she looked through most nights when she wondered what was out there. Living in the desert at night you can get good views of galaxies, comets, and the occasional meteor shower. Jesse and Lucky would sit out at night while drinking a cold soda and watch the night sky light up with its brilliance. Sometimes she could see a glowing in the distance which was the lights of the nearest town or city depending on which way you were looking.
It was a solitary life that she was happy to have and every now and then her father would stop by to check on her and see if she needed anything knowing that she could handle herself and any repairs. Jesse’s trailer was an older model which she kept up pretty good and only called her father when there was a major issue she couldn’t handle. Other than that life was good for Jesse. She had a deep freezer full of meat, her cupboards were stocked full, she has a full tank of gas in her truck, and an air conditioner that blew out ice cold air during the day.
This one particular night, Jesse was inside cuddled up with Lucky on the couch watching television, when she noticed a very bright light that flashed only for a few minutes before going dark outside again. She had gotten up off the couch and looked out the window to see if someone was there. When she opened up the trailer door and looked outside she didn’t see anything strange at all. So she closed the door back and headed into the kitchen for a snack. Ruffling around some plastic packaging, Jesse looked down and there was Lucky waiting for his snack. She grabbed him a couple of dog treats and some popcorn for herself and went back to the couch.
After a few hours of snacks and television, Jesse and Lucky headed for bed. She went through the trailer and made sure everything was locked up and secured before heading to bed. While laying in bed staring at the ceiling, Jesse kept hearing strange noises. It kept her up for a couple of hours before she was able to fall asleep.
Early the next morning, Jesse had gotten out of bed to make coffee when there was a knock at the door. She wasn’t ready for any company seeing that she had just gotten up. Then she wondered who could be at her door so early in the morning. When she walked over to her door and looked out the window, she saw what appeared to be a man who in her mind was very good looking to be out in the desert.
Jesse asked him through the window what he needed and he just looked at her smiling. She hesitated a minute before opening her door slightly to see what the gentleman wanted. Once her door was opened, the man began speaking to her. Jesse was taken by how well the man spoke. His English was almost perfect and Jesse wondered if he was lost and from the city the way he spoke.
The man before her was tall, almost six feet,  well built, and had the most amazing sky blue eyes. His smile was perfect and he was cleanly shaven. Jesse couldn’t help but look him up and down and even sideways. She was taken by his whole appearance and his mannerism. She stepped outside her door to speak with him. The gentleman introduced himself as Torren and stuck out his hand as a gesture to shake hands. Jesse looked down at his hands and noticed how soft they looked and well groomed.
Jesse reached out and shook his hand telling him her name. They both exchanged smiles before walking over to her brown wooden patio chairs. That sat for a spell and exchanged conversation before Torren began asking personal questions about Jesse. She thought it was strange that a man she just met would be asking her very personal questions like, was there another in her life, or did she have any young ones? Jesse just looked at him being enthralled by his looks almost to the point of being in a trance. She kept staring at his eyes while unknowingly answering his questions.
Once Torren had his answers, Jesse snapped out of her trance as he was standing up to leave. He again stretched out his hand to shake hers and informed her he had to leave. Jesse had no memory or knowledge as to their conversation but shook his hand before he walked away out into the desert. At that point, she noticed he had no vehicle and that he was just walking on into the abyss of sand and cacti. She noticed that the temperature was getting warmer so she headed back into the trailer. Lucky was inside the door waiting for her and was trying to look past her at the stranger. He began acting strangely and all Jesse could do was to shoosh him and make him go lay down.
The rest of her day went pretty well. She got the trailer cleaned and did some laundry before going out to her greenhouse to check on some of her vegetables. Jesse had a large greenhouse that was about as long as her trailer that she grew vegetables and some fruits in. Being out in the desert made for good growing since it was so hot and humid her plants thrived with heat and moisture. Her strawberries were so red and the lettuce was a gorgeous green and very leafy. One could say that Jesse had a large green thumb when it came to growing things.
After harvesting some of her plants, Jesse went back inside to clean them in the air conditioning. She washed up her vegetables and fruits and then placed them in the refrigerator. Then she went to get cleaned up because she had gotten a little dirty harvesting. Once she was cleaned up she laid on the couch for a bit with Lucky and watched some television.
As the sun started to set and the temperature continued to drop, Jesse and Lucky went outside to admire the evening sky. It was a magnificent night for stargazing, so she pulled out her telescope and began looking to the night sky. It was amazing to see the brilliance in the stars and the arrangement was spectacular. Then she noticed something strange about one section of the night sky. She noticed a patch of sky that had no stars. It was as if something was blocking them but she could not see anything there. It was so black and lifeless. Jesse began looking at the constellations and noticed a few meteors fall from the sky, or at least she thought they were meteors.
Once she was done with her telescope she put it away and called Lucky into the house. She was ready to retire for the evening and went into her bedroom to change into her nightgown for bed. Lucky followed her into the bedroom and climbed up onto the bed waiting for her to join him. Once she climbed into bed, she and Lucky got nice and comfortable before falling off into a deep sleep.
During the night while they both slept, they received a visitor into her bedroom. Lucky woke up and started to growl at the dark figure standing in the doorway. Torren walked from out of the shadows and somehow managed to quiet Lucky down without waking up Jesse. Lucky jumped down off of the bed and ran into the living room. Torren stood there staring down at Jesse who seemed to be sleeping so calmly and peacefully. Torren was stricken with Jesse and found her to be very intriguing.
He reached down and caressed the side of her face until she started to move a little in which he stopped. Torren then disrobed himself and climbed into the bed with Jesse. He began caressing her body and kissing her lips. She started to wake and noticed she wasn’t alone in her bed. Jesse looked into Torren’s eyes and again became entranced with his gaze. He then began making love to her and inserting his appendage inside her. She was so engaged by Torren that she in no way tried to stop him. They became engrossed in each other for most of the night. Jesse had not been with any man in years, so it was a night she would never forget.
Upon waking up the next morning, Jesse had been consumed with the feeling of euphoria. She really had no recollection of the night. She was unaware of Torren’s visit. So after laying in bed for what seemed like forever, Jesse finally got up and got dressed. She had to go into town for some supplies and then to visit with her father. Lucky made his way into the room and met her with enthusiasm.
She headed for the kitchen to get coffee and noticed that she had a strange feeling inside her stomach. She just thought it might be upset or that she had a sour stomach, but she could not let it affect her day. Jesse sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee while talking to Lucky. He was very excited this morning and Jesse could not figure out why but she loved his affection that he was showing her.
Once she was finished with her coffee, she got up and headed back to the bedroom to change clothes before heading out to town. Lucky met her at the front door and was looking forward to the trip to town. They went outside and both of them climbed into the truck. Jesse still had this crazy feeling in her gut that she couldn’t shake, but she left anyway headed south into town.
She made it to the town store and gathered supplies before running into Torren just outside. He startled her at first until she recognized who it was. She quickly smiled at him and asked him how he was doing? He replied that he was doing fine and asked her how she felt this morning? She quickly stated that she was feeling pretty good except for the sour feeling in her stomach. Torren then walked closer to her and placed his hand over her stomach. Jesse was a little confused as to why he would be doing that but he finally took his hand away and made the comment that everything was as it should be.
Jesse had no idea what he was talking about but excused herself to finish her errands before going to her father’s ranch. Torren wished her well as he watched her walk off with Lucky in tow. She had finished her errands and climbed back into her truck and drove out to her father’s place. While driving she had to deal with the sour stomach feeling which didn’t seem to be getting any better. She was just looking forward to visiting with her father and mother and that made her feel more comfortable.
Upon arriving at the ranch, her father met her in the driveway. Lucky jumped out of the truck and went straight to her father for attention. He opened the door for Jesse and then escorted her inside. Her mother was inside making lunch and asked Jesse if she was hungry, which she replied “no”. She could not shake the funny feeling inside her stomach and tried to make the best of her visit. She spent quite a few hours with her parents chatting and gossiping with her mother about her mother’s friends and their life situations. It was a happy and enjoyable visit for Jesse but it was getting late and she needed to head home. Her parents escorted her outside and into her truck. She found it hard to leave but she knew she had too. Once she was inside the truck, Lucky jumped inside as well. She bid farewell to her parents and began her journey home.
Over the course of a few weeks, Jesse noticed her stomach was a little bigger and that her appetite had increased. She thought maybe she had some kind of stomach virus and began taking medicine to treat her cold. She realized every time she took medicine, it made her stomach feel worse and more upset. It seemed like every day her stomach was getting a little more bigger and she thought she was just gaining weight. Jesse changed her lifestyle by dieting to lose the weight but it seemed like it wasn’t helping. Her stomach remained to get larger and then nausea kicked in.
She and Lucky would sit on the couch together and Lucky would rest his head against her stomach until he would start growling and barking at it. Jesse thought that Lucky was going crazy or something the way he reacted to her stomach and its largeness. As her stomach grew she found herself mostly in the bathroom hugging the toilet throwing up everything she ate. She did this each and every day until she finally said “no more” and went to see the town doctor.
Upon her examination, the doctor had some news for her as to why she was gaining weight and having nausea. When he entered the exam room where Jesse was waiting for news, he began to tell her that she was, in fact, pregnant. Jesse could not accept this diagnosis as she tried to explain to the doctor that she has had no relations with a man in years. After debating it with the doctor, she had no reason to argue about it anymore and got her things before leaving the doctor’s office.
Once she was standing beside the truck, she looked down at her swollen stomach giving it a few rubs and then talking to it like it would answer her back. She had to accept that this tiny baby was growing inside her and it stumped her more as to who the father could be. She reluctantly got into the truck and headed back home with Lucky by her side.
When she arrived home, she felt nausea again and ran to the bathroom leaving Lucky to find his way from the truck to the house. When he was standing at the front door, he turned his head to see Torren walking towards him. Lucky was not at all offended by Torren and made no aggressive gesture towards him. Torren had reached out and patted his head before opening the door for him to go inside. Torren followed behind him and sat on the couch in the living room until Jesse came out fo the bathroom.
When she came out of the bathroom seeing Torren inside her house startled her and she asked why he was inside her house. Torren just looked at her and she could see how he was admiring her large stomach. Jesse asked him politely to stop staring at her stomach for which he could not. He looked up at her and said she looked beautiful. Jesse couldn’t do anything but smile. That was the first real compliment she has had in years.
She grabbed a glass of water before walking into the living room to sit with Torren. As they sat there, Torren politely asked if he could feel her stomach which she agreed to let him as she rambled on about how she could be pregnant but haven’t been with any men. That’s when Torren looked up at her and told her that it was his child. Jesse quickly took his hand from her stomach and told him that he should not lie like that, it was bad manners.
Torren had explained how he could not have a child with anyone back home where he was from. He explained how he wanted a child so much that he had been searching for so long for a companion to have his child. At this point, Jesse was confused and even asked Torren when had they conceived a child. He explained to her about that night he had paid her a visit while she slept. Jesse started to get very emotional and didn’t know if she was angry, sad, or even a bit happy.
Torren reached over and held her for a minute while she came to terms with what was happening. She tried to assume he raped her but Torren had no knowledge of what that term meant. He did, in fact, apologize for his intrusion into her life. She began sobbing and trying to not too but the waterworks just flowed down her cheeks.
Jesse began asking him about where he lived or what his hometown was like. Torren could not answer those questions because he knew not what they meant. He began telling her of a beautiful planet that was many light years away from Earth. At that point, Jesse glanced up at him quickly wiping the tears from her eyes and stating, “planet? What do you mean planet?” She began asking him other questions about the offspring she was carrying.
Now Jesse not only knows she is pregnant but now she knows that she is carrying an alien child. This drove her into more of a tizzy not knowing what this child will look like being that it is only half human. Torren tried to give her more explanations but it took a while for Jesse to come to terms with this new information. Torren had explained to her about the night they first met and upon their conversation, Torren knew she would make a good mother for his offspring. Jesse had reservations about that but finally started to calm down due to her condition.
Jesse felt that her being upset was making the child move about inside her like it was getting upset too until Torren placed his hand upon her stomach and it seemed like the child knew who he was and began to calm down. Jesse found it calming to know that the child she was carrying could sense its father’s presence. Unfortunately, Torren had to explain that he must go back to his planet and that he would stay just until she gave birth so that he may see his offspring. This began to upset Jesse more knowing that he was just like any other man who knocks up a woman. Torren explained that he would always be a part of her life in one form or another which caused Jesse to calm down and regroup herself.
Torren then sat with her for the better part of the rest of the day comforting her and just talking with her. It seemed to keep Jesse calm knowing that he was spending some time with her and his child. She did question what the child would look like and Torren assured her upon touching her stomach that the child would, in fact, look human. He explained all the special things that the child would have or know and that it would be okay for Jesse to love it unconditionally.
Jesse allowed Torren to stay in her home until the birth of their child. Torren kept her and the child calm and looked after until about four days later when Jesse started having sharp pains. He knew it was time and helped Jesse to the bed where she could be comfortable until the child was born. He kept her calm and nourished and even made a special tea to help with the pain. He then sat beside her rubbing and caressing her stomach while talking to his child. He assured the child that it would be okay for it to meet his mother and began coaching the whole birthing process. Jesse took note that the child seemed to be doing exactly what Torren was telling it.
Jesse began spreading her legs open as if it would be coming out anytime. Torren caressed her thighs to relax her legs before moving down below her to catch their child. Once Torren saw the head he smiled and told Jesse about the whole head of hair it had just like a human. Jesse smiled and tried looking down but could not see anything. All she knew at that moment was that she wanted to push their child out into the world. It only took a few pushes before the child slipped right outside of her womb. Torren had cleaned it up and wrapped it in a clean towel before handing it to its mother.
Once Jesse was holding her child, she noticed that it had special eyes just like its father. They were sky blue with diamond shaped pupils and her skin was soft and human colored. Jesse began crying while holding her child because she was so happy to have it. She had always wanted a child just never found anyone worth becoming a father. She handed the child back to Torren who gazed upon its beauty and human characteristics. He commented how human it looked but could feel the special senses that it obtained from him. Jesse thought that Torren would begin crying but he showed his emotions in a different way. He kissed the child’s forehead and looked up to Jesse for a name for her daughter.
It wasn’t difficult for Jesse to name her. She quickly called her “Celestial”. After calling out the child’s name, Torren looked up at her and smiled and said that her name would be perfect for the situation. He carefully sat there holding their child and softly speaking to her of his homeworld. He told her of the stars and galaxies that he had to come through to find her mother and that she would be special to this planet. The child just gazed upon her father with those sky blue eyes and smiled.
Torren spent a couple of weeks with Jesse and their child until Jesse was healed enough to care for her alone. It was about two and a half weeks before Jesse could get around better, but Torren and Lucky were there to help out. Lucky would sit and watch the child as if he were guarding her. Torren knew his time was coming to an end and Jesse knew this as well. He spent his last day holding his child and loving her until he finally had to go.
Jesse hated to see him have to go but knew he had too. She watched as he kissed Celestial’s forehead before handing her over to her mother who he passionately kissed goodbye. A tear had rolled down her cheek as she walked him outside. He turned to her and said that he will always be with her and Celestial before turning back around and walking off into the desert. Jesse stood there watching as he disappeared into the desert and then seeing a glimmer of light shoot up from the sand into the sky.
Jesse now had a child to take care of and she knew that when Celestial was old enough, she would tell her of her father and how she is half human. Gazing into the night sky now had more meaning that just looking at stars but Jesse knew that things were going to be okay. The only issue that she could foresee was that of telling her parents about their granddaughter. They wouldn’t understand about Celestial being only half human.

The Island

     It was a glorious sunny day and a light breeze blowing as we packed up the boat for a day trip on the mighty blue ocean. It was Helen, Peter, Dr. Wesley, and myself who were going for a trip out to a designated location by the doctor to do some research. Once we were all packed up and set to go, we untied the ropes and were off on our adventure. No one knew where we were going except the good doctor. We sailed out of the harbor and onto the deep blue ocean. Helen sat by the boat side watching the dolphins trail along the side of us and I watched as land disappeared from sight. Peter was navigating the boat and following the directions of the doctor.
It was so nice out on the water and the color of the ocean such a magnificent deep blue. Once we were past the white crests of the breaking water, the ocean became so serene and quiet. It was as if we traveled into another realm with all of its mysteries to be discovered. By Peters recollection, we were about eight miles off of the coast and still heading Southeast. When I asked Doctor Wesley how much further, he said about another two hours to go before we reach our point. With that in mind, I sat with Helen watching over the water and admiring the beautiful day at sea.
Doctor Wesley was a well-known Marine Biologist who discovered new species and labeled them for taxonomy purposes. I was a student of his all throughout my college years and learned quite a bit from him. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist on my own as well and just needed to finish my dissertation to get my Masters Degree and this trip would assist me with that. I wanted to be a part of this expedition with the chance of learning the doctor’s techniques and more. It would be a good learning experience for everyone here. Helen is a Biology major working on her Bachelor’s degree and Peter is Doctor Wesley’s assistant. This trip is expected to be a day trip as long as we stay on schedule with nothing hindering us.
We finally stopped out in the middle of nowhere on the deep blue ocean and all the doctor did was look around and then keep glancing down at his compass. When I asked if there was a problem, he ignored me the first time, but then finally responded to my question with “no problem at all”. We sat there quietly while listening to the mumblings of the doctor while he kept frantically looking around. We had no idea what he was doing nor did we know why he was doing it.
Then out of nowhere, the doctor loudly whispered out “there it is” and pointed his finger straight out over the bow of the boat. When we looked, there appeared to be a small island sitting in the distance that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. Doctor Wesley was so excited to see this little island that he almost fell out of the boat with his jumping up and down. Helen and I looked at each other in confusion as to where this island came from. Peter looked the map over and couldn’t find this little island anywhere on it. We were all baffled by this discovery, but the doctor was hiding something that we were not aware of.
Doctor Wesley called out to Peter to sail towards the island for a closer look. Peter started the boat up and gently propelled it forward towards the island. As we got closer, you could see the island’s detail clearer. You could see the lush green landscape of trees and bushes falling over rich brown cliffs. You could see the few tropical blue waterfalls that are in the distance. This place was a beautiful paradise. The closer we got to it we could hear the waves breaking on the light brown sugar colored sandy beach. This place looked amazing.
We asked the doctor, “what is this place?”, and his response was that is was a discovery he made several years ago. He was out on a charter boat doing some research when he happened across this mysterious uncharted island. He described it exactly the way it looks right now, it hasn’t changed since he saw it last. Doctor Wesley said that the island would only be there for a short period of time and then it would disappear again. We were all in awe of this discovery but a little excited on the inside too. We were fascinated by it and very much wanted to go ashore, but the doctor advised us that it would not be safe to do so. When we asked him “why?”, he informed us of its disappearance and that it was not known as to where it disappeared to or for how long it would be gone.
I turned to Doctor Wesley and stated that this would be a unique discovery and that it wouldn’t hurt to go ashore just for a few hours and then return to the boat before the island disappears. The doctor thought it over for a moment, and then decided it would be alright to go ashore just for a couple of hours to take specimens and samples. So, we pulled the boat ashore and grabbed our gear and stepped out of the boat onto the gritty yet smooth silica sand. We paused for a minute to listen to the calls and noises of several different birds and creatures of this unknown island. It did indeed seem like a natural paradise. I took in the aroma of the salt air and flowers that were found right off the beach which acted as a barrier to the lush, full, green jungle that was behind it.
We walked a short way down the beach until we came across a dirt path leading into the jungle. We were hesitant to follow it but it seemed to be a guide for us to get back to the beach. Doctor Wesley led the way as we followed him down the dirt path. Helen was busy taking pictures, as I was grabbing soil samples and other biologic items to study back in the lab. We walked for what seemed like an hour before coming to a clearing in the jungle. Once reaching the clearing we noticed large stones circling the edge of the clearing. We split up and began taking samples and making notes. Peter came across a creature that resembled a hairy centipede. It looked like a centipede, but also a cross of a caterpillar. One would say that it is a one-hundred legged caterpillar also. Peter grabbed the creature and put it inside a specimen container and then into his bag. We all walked around the great clearing and noticed in the distance a loud rumbling. We looked at the direction of the rumbling and saw that of a great volcano spewing smoke into the bright blue sky.
As we wondered about the jungle we lost track of time. There were so many amazing things to see that when we finally did notice the time, it had been several hours since coming ashore. Doctor Wesley nervously called to us to head back to the beach. It was hard to pull away from such beauty and awesomeness.  We so desired to explore more but the doctor hurried us along. As we walked back on the dirt path which brought us from the beach we felt the ground rumbling beneath our feet. We were in fear that the mighty volcano would be erupting at any time which made our feet walk faster. All the rumbling was causing branches to fall that we were dodging onto the dirt path. Helen was tripped up by one of the branches, falling and twisting her ankle. I went back for her while the others kept going.
I got to Helen and leaned down wrapping her arm around my neck and lifting her up becoming her crutch. We walked with her limping to try and catch up with the others but they were nowhere in sight. Once we had gotten to the beach, we looked over the sandy shore and couldn’t locate our boat. I saw the others in the distance down the beach and headed their way. Once we arrived at their location, Doctor Wesley was distraught and mumbling incoherent words. I assisted Helen in sitting down on a nearby stone before heading over to the doctor.
I walked up and put my hand on the doctor’s shoulder and asked him what was wrong, and if he knew what happened to the boat? He kept mumbling for a minute before answering me. He stated, “we were too late”. His response puzzled me and again I asked him what he meant by that. Doctor Wesley turned to me and with a distraught look on his face, he stated again “that we were too late getting back to the boat”. I looked around and asked where the boat was and the doctor said it was gone. I asked him “gone, gone where”?
The only answer I could get from him was that we were stuck on this island and that it had disappeared from what we knew as home. He said the boat is exactly where we left it but we have disappeared along with the island. Helen overheard the conversation and became very hysterical about our situation. Peter just stood there looking around scratching his head and began mumbling to himself.
I looked back at the doctor and asked him how long before we reappear and can go home? The doctor scratched his head and did some calculations in his mind before telling me it could be about eight months by his calculations. I stepped back and put my hand on my head repeating what the doctor just said to me. “It couldn’t be possible.” “We can’t survive here for eight months, this is ridiculous.” Everyone sat for a moment trying to gather their thoughts and comprising an action plan of how to survive until the next reappearance of the island.
The only thing we could possibly do is set up camp and make shelter against the weather. We need to make weapons and items to use for hunting and a nice fire for warmth and cooking. We split up into teams, one team scrounged up wood and branches to make a fire and shelter, while the other team started looking for items to make weapons and gathering any berries and fruits to eat. We were here and we were going to have to make the best of it. We were unsure of any animals that might be on this island so we had to prepare.
Once we gathered all the items, we quickly started making camp and lighting a fire. Most of our supplies were still on our boat but we did manage to bring a few things to eat with us. We settled down for the evening listening to all the strange noises before going to sleep and hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.
     Well, we lasted the night with no issues and it is such a pretty morning. I stepped out of our shelter and looked at the beautiful blue ocean with white caps. There were a few black and white seagulls flying overhead and the sandy beach felt so good to my feet. I was the first one up and about and thought it would be nice to take a morning swim. I took off my shirt and headed for the water. I noticed how warm the water was for being so early in the morning when it should have been a little colder. Anyway, I walked out so far and dove into an oncoming wave and swam a little way out. The water felt so good and refreshing. I looked back at the shore and saw that everyone else was getting up and called out to them. I told them the water was great and for them to come on out. Helen stripped down to her bra and panties and came into the water, Peter was taking his time getting his shirt off before running into the water and making a big splash as he dove into the water.
The professor wasn’t budging. He wanted nothing to do with the water at that moment, so he just sat and watched us frolick in the water like children. We were splashing around and dunking each other and having so much fun despite our situation. However, it was difficult to not notice the dolphins swimming nearby. I had never seen a dolphin up close and they seem to not be bothered by us either because they were coming closer. One swam right up to Helen as she reached her hand out and slid it along its side. She said it felt so smooth and before we knew it we were surrounded by playful gray dolphins. We watched as they jumped out of the water and back in again. It was fun to hear their clicks and whistles as if children playing and talking to one another. We managed to swim around in the warm blue water for a little while before heading back to shore where Doctor Wesley was sitting there running calculations through his head.
He was so upset about us being stranded on this island until it reappears back to where we started. I fell down on the sand next to him and listened to his ramblings before asking if there was anything I could do. He just rambled some more and was drawing things in the sand. I couldn’t make heads or tales of any of it, so I got up and checked our supplies. We definitely needed some food and more firewood. I got together with Peter and Helen and we devised a game plan to hunt for food while collecting firewood. I did not know how much Helen was frightened of hunting, so we sent her on firewood patrol while Peter and I looked for food. We got some stones together and sharpened them on some stones in the water and tore strips from my shirt to tie the sharpened stones to long branches we found. “These would make good spears,” I told Peter who was struggling with his.      Once we were ready, Peter and I headed out down the dirt path deep into the jungle to hunt. We weren’t sure what animals we would come across so we were very cautious. As we got deeper into the jungle we noticed a spotted rabbit sitting on a dark brown log eating some nuts. Peter and I split up and came at it from two different angles as to not spook it. Once we were in place and close enough, I threw my spear stabbing the rabbit in its side and killing it. Peter walked up to it, removed my spear from its side and grabbed it by its long ears. He picked it up showing it to me and said, “well, we have dinner”. But we knew that one rabbit was not going to feed us for a few days so we continued to hunt for more food picking berries and nuts as we went along.
Once we made it back to the camp, we had three rabbits, two squirrels, and a very large snake. We placed everything down by the fire and as Peter began cleaning the animals for their meat, I went with my spear into a nearby tidepool and speared a few fish as well. I couldn’t believe how plentiful the animals were here, but I knew we should have enough to sustain us for a while. Helen made it back from a third trip gathering firewood and had a nice stack of it that should last a couple days and so we were setting up to brave the long months ahead. The doctor sat writing in his journal and taking notes before coming near the fire with us. We used our spears to hold the meat over the fire to cook while we chatted about our adventure.
After eating and getting full bellies, Helen and Peter decided to go for a walk down the beach to get some exercise and to look around the island. I, myself, was headed to our shelter for a nap. After swimming, hunting, and then eating, I was quite tired. I removed one of the side panels of our shelter to feel the breeze blowing while I slept. Doctor Wesley was still journaling before coming over to the shelter to chat with me. He informed me of his calculations of being stuck here for months and that we needed to make sure we are prepared for anything, the weather, animal attacks, whatever. I told him I would get right on it after taking my nap. The doctor then got up and went and sat under a shade tree and relaxed watching the waves roll in and break on the beach.
Helen and Peter continued to walk around and noticed a swimming hole off of the beach and decided to investigate. As they got closer, they noticed the huge fish swimming around it. They had beautiful colors and all of them were over a foot long and fat. They would make a perfect meal with just two of them. They continued to walk and as they did, Helen was noticing the beautiful flowers they walked by. Some of them actually looked like they could take a bite out of someone. Peter stated that he had never seen any flowers like this in any books or pictures. Helen felt drawn to some of them and picked a few to take back to camp.
As they got deeper into the jungle on the dirt path they could hear the sounds of a waterfall and headed in that direction. They walked through shrubs and hanging branches, Helen slapping the bugs that were landing on her before they came to an opening in the jungle where there was a gorgeous crystal clear waterfall. It had to be about thirty feet high but the sound it made hitting the water below made a soothing sound. Helen and Peter sat on some nearby rocks overlooking the pool beneath the waterfall and sat gazing at it. They noticed quite a few different species of birds hanging around in the trees and Helen just happened to bring her camera and got some great photos.
After spending a couple of hours there, they decided to head back for camp. They found their way back to the path and followed it towards the beach. When they returned to camp, the doctor was snoozing under his shade tree and I was napping in our shelter. I could hear Helen and Peter walk up and sit by the fire watching the waves. They must have sat there for hours talking because when I got up they were still sitting where they were when they returned from their walk. I walked out and headed for a seat next to Helen and they told me of their excursion and all the sights they encountered. She showed me some of the flowers she picked which she was making a wreath out of. She already had one on her head and was making one for Peter. I couldn’t believe that we were stuck on this amazing island with no hopes of seeing home for several months. The things were are going to miss at home, but look at what we have discovered here. I think this place outweighs home for now.
Day after day, we will survive on this exotic island. We keep track of the days and months before we would see home again. This was to be our home for the next eight months and will definitely be worth writing about based on everything this tiny island has to offer. All we can do is wait for the next reappearance of this island and our home.

A Parent So Far Away

     It’s the year twenty fifty-five when the space transport Eros was making it’s routine trip to a nearby planet Cliffordius deep within the Siberian Galaxy. It is approximately forty-seven billion light years from what was known as Earth. Eros was carrying a cargo of needed supplies to the planet Cliffordius where humans have set up a base camp with a diplomatic agreement with the Cliffordians. They are a native species with no knowledge of basic survival from a human’s perspective. We have been sharing our knowledge with them in exchange for being able to erect a space dock for travelers. We have agreed on specific rules of diplomacy and basically what each species can and cannot do. One of the major rules were no interplanetary relationships between species. It has been enforced since our agreement back in twenty forty-seven and the penalty for breaking this rule was exiled to an isolated planet two galaxies away from each other, and that any offspring would be destroyed at the moment of birth.
Let me back up some and catch you up to speed. Earth was going downhill fast with humans depleting its natural resources daily. No one could come up with a plan to sustain the Earth or its natural resources, so a plan was to find another planet that would sustain human life where we could begin over again with the knowledge of how not to deplete its resources and new ways of using solar power. The Siberian Galaxy has one of the hottest suns, even incinerates hotter than that of Earth’s sun. Humans have traveled around galaxies looking for new places to colonize before the demise of Earth. We have been able to establish colonies on Mars, Jupiter, Ceres, and a few planets in nearby galaxies to Earth.
When we discovered Cliffordius, it had an atmosphere quite like that of the Earth but was much richer in Nitrogen than Oxygen. We landed our shuttle and began exploring while wearing suits to make up the difference in Nitrogen-Oxygen ratio. The planet was in no way barren, on the contrary, it was lush with green scenery, mountainous areas, and very exotic plants and flowers we had never seen before. We don’t know what it was, but maybe these trees and foliage flourished more off of Nitrogen and less on Oxygen. We continued our exploration of the planet until we came upon its inhabitants which were very welcoming to strangers.
They were humanoid in shape but had no body hair and were very easy to the eyes. Instead of having natural skin tones like humans, their skin tone stayed in the ranges of lavenders and bubblegum colors of pink. Their eyes were a bit larger and more apart than our own. They did not have a nose but instead, it was two nostril holes planted in the middle of their faces. They had no lips but had a mouth. We have four fingers and a thumb, whereas they have only three fingers and what seems to be a thumb. We were not aware of any genitalia and found it to be difficult to determine which was female from male. It did take some time to remember how to tell them apart, but eventually, we did.
They showed us around and took us back to where they lived. Communication was difficult at first, but our scientists invented a language translator just like we use on other planets. The Cliffordians were a gracious host and we traveled back and forth discovering more area and resources that this new planet had developed. Everywhere we explored and ran tests, the soil was rich with nitrogen and we found alien creatures which would be added to our collection of bugs. As far as I was concerned this planet flourished with life. Granted it didn’t have the same animals you would find on earth but these creatures were similar to our own.
Our department heads met with the ruler of Cliffordius and everyone came to an agreement which was put in place. Being that their natural resources were rich, we showed them how to plow the ground and plant seeds that would harvest their own type of food to sustain life. We built condensers to create water and moisture from their own atmosphere to also assist with their gardening. We weren’t sure if they bathed or what their grooming habits were, so we didn’t touch that subject. In exchange for helping them, they gave us free access to their planet and some of its resources.
We found these inhabitants to be very kind and forth giving in nature and saw no threat of confrontation or brutality. We seemed to coexist well together and humans also became their defenders against other harmful alien species. We learned their language and they learned to speak ours so communication was becoming very profitable for both of us. We set up base camps and colonies that were supplied with oxygen regenerators so that we could move about without suits. All of our housing or pods were interconnected so we could freely move around.
The Eros was bringing more supplies and parts that were needed to expand our colony so that more research could be done. We were learning much from these inhabitants and it was an honor to provide them with new skills. A few of their so-called science people followed our guys around and stood over them while they worked. It was more of being curious as they watched for long hours as our scientists ran test after test. They showed so much enthusiasm when projects blew up or didn’t react the way they should have.
We have transported approximately four hundred and twenty-three people to Cliffordius to colonize the planet. The Cliffordians were great in number and were perceived to not be a threat in any manner. We have lived amongst each other for approximately eight Earth years and seemed to be doing well. Everyone has been obeying the few rules that were set in place until one of our female scientists, Rebecca, had grown fond of one Cliffordian inhabitant. They were being noticed around each other quite a bit and acted a bit strange when approached by another scientist. It was common to see both of our species intermingling with each other, but these two were acting like they were doing more than mingling. When you saw one there was the other and vice versa. As long as there were no complaints or anyone speaking of their actions being more intimate, I say leave them alone. We were learning from each other and promoting a good coexisting life with one another.
One day, as a group of us were heading to one of the science labs, we noticed these two being a little more comfortable with each other. As we walked into the room, the Cliffordian was rubbing Rebecca’s shoulders and she was grinning from ear to ear until she noticed us there and sort of sprinted away from him as if they weren’t doing anything wrong. I had my concerns but kept them to myself for now. A little shoulder rubbing wasn’t anything to run to command about. I let it go, until one day Rebecca came running to me and wanting to speak to me privately. I was the one everyone trusted with confidentiality and their dirty little secrets.
We headed for my quarters where we could speak informally with each other. When I asked her what the problem was, all Rebecca said was that she needed to be transferred off of this planet to somewhere else. It took a bit of prying for her to tell me what was going on and of course she was my friend. Rebecca finally broke down and told me she had broken one of the major rules and when I asked which one, the look on her face was enough to tell me which of the rules she had broken.
She broke down crying collapsing in my arms as she started blubbering about her relationship with her Cliffordian counterpart. I knew something was up between them but they never let on it was this serious. Rebecca told me in confidence that she had been in relations with the Cliffordian for about seven months and now she is trapped because she ran a test on herself and she is now pregnant with a Cliffordian child. My jaw dropped to the floor as she told me how it happened and I even panicked a bit at first before getting grips on things and informing her not to worry I would handle things.
I left Rebecca in the hallway after telling her to go back to work and let me see what I could do. I began looking at all the travel vouchers and logs seeing where I could possibly send her where there would be no repercussions of her actions. Rebecca was carrying a new life inside her and who knows what will be birthed from her womb. I finally found a transport that was heading back to what used to be Earth which is now just a lifeless planet with a few basic essentials for survival. Most of the Earth’s inhabitants have already been transported to other planets for colonization and only a small number refused to leave their home. I got Rebecca a seat on the transport and thought everyone would be okay until the commanding officer asked me why she was heading back to Earth without his approval? I tried to come up with a good excuse which didn’t go over so well and the commander took her name off of the list and sent me back to my duties.
I was at a loss of ideas and quickly reported back to Rebecca with what news I had of an Earth transport leaving in the morning. I informed her that I had put her name on the list but the commander had taken it off due to non-approval. She decided to break down again crying and becoming hysterical because she was in fear of her child being destroyed. She also didn’t want to be sent into exile for her rule-breaking, so I told her the only thing she could and that was to sneak onto the transport right after they do cargo check. Rebecca stopped and looked at me with some hope in her eyes and agreed that would be best for both of them.
The next morning, in Earth time, Rebecca was nonchalantly walking around the transport dock acting like she was checking things and when she saw it clear to sneak aboard the Earth transport, she did. Rebecca hid behind a couple of large cargo crates and remained there until the transport made a safe landing on Earth. During the trip, she noticed her belly was getting a little bigger and sat there talking to her unborn child while rubbing her belly bump. It was a long trip so her unborn child kept her company.
Once Rebecca felt the transport landing at the space dock on Earth she was very careful as to not be seen while exiting the cargo area. She grabbed her things and headed out of the space dock area and wandered around while feeling her child kicking and moving about inside her. She needed to find somewhere to settle until her child’s birth which wasn’t too far off. Every day her belly seemed to get bigger so labor was imminent. She found an abandoned house on the outskirts of town that looked promising and secluded.
Rebecca went inside and found the place to be kept well cleaned and there were still pieces of furniture and household items left in good condition. This was a good place to have her child so she made it a home for her and this alien child she was carrying. Later, after setting things up she needed to go out and find food and water to sustain the two of them. She wandered about and ventured into a couple different stores finding and gathering food and bottles of water. She used an old shopping cart to push everything back to the house she made her home. She stocked the cabinets with dry goods and placed the water inside the refrigerator, which at this point there was no power but keeping it safe inside and out of view.
Tired from her shopping, Rebecca went over to the old sofa and laid back to relax when out of nowhere she had this very sharp pain in her stomach. The longer she sat there the more intense they became until she knew for a fact she was in labor. She managed to get up off the sofa and headed for the bedroom where she had prepared everything for the delivery of her child. She had scissors, water, towels, and everything she needed to make the delivery as easy as possible.
Once she laid back on the bed and got comfortable the pains grew until Rebecca had the notion to push. She pushed what seemed to be several times until she heard the strong cry of her child resting on the bed below her. She sat up, reached for her child, and nestled it close to her chest wrapped in a towel. Rebecca held it for a few minutes while she rested before laying the child back on the bed and cutting the umbilical cord. She took the water and cleaned her newborn child and then began looking the child over for any deformities.
Rebecca noticed her child’s skin color was a little on the pink side and that she had no hair. When checking her hands she noticed that the child had three fingers and a thumb. Her feet and toes were that of a human and that her eyes were like her fathers. The child took most of her characteristics from her father and Rebecca named her Siberia for the galaxy her father lives in and where they fell in love.
She would not forget her lost love and had dreams of him almost every night since she left Cliffordius. Looking into her child’s face Rebecca could see her long-lost love. She still felt his closeness even though they were billions of light years away from each other. She only wished that he could see his child and hold her in his arms. How was she supposed to tell her child who her father was and that she would never see him? It was just Rebecca and her child alone in the world.
As the years went by and Siberia grew in age she still asked her mother about her father and it tore Rebecca apart having to hide him from her. One day Rebecca finally broke down and told her daughter about her father and where he lived and explained why Siberia would never see him. It broke both of their hearts and every night since then Siberia would go outside to a starlit sky looking upwards and speaking to her father as if he could hear her. Siberia hoped her voice would reach her father light years away.

Alien Invasion on Mars

     “Have you ever wondered why a visitor to our planet scares the hell out of us and the first thing we want to do is butcher them up?” My name is Bryan Stratton, Dr. Bryan Stratton senior biologist for the One World Space Frontier Program. It is a program designated to assist our planet in studying other worlds. It consists of organizations from all over the world united to collaborate and seek out evidence of other existing worlds or colonies. We have had evidence of other species visiting planet Earth before but at that time our government was so infatuated with studying them that they became the world’s biggest biology dissection. We still don’t know any more than we do now. That is where I come in. I am a world renowned biologist who leads a team of others to explore new worlds. We have scientists from all other departments like genetics, geology, marine biology, and scientists who work with relativity and nuclear fission. I stand by my team and feel we are the best.
We have been working on a plan to travel to other worlds in search of inhabitants to study and build relationships with. Our main goal is to have a planetary alliance to defeat our enemies whoever they may be. We are set to leave planet Earth and our first stop is to the neighboring red planet of Mars. We have equipped our ship with everything we could possibly need for our month long trip there and back. Yes, we have come far in our research to be able to build a ship that travels in less time than our predecessors. Well, everything is ready and we are suited up for our mission so let’s take your seat’s people. We get buckled in as the countdown begins and do all of our take-off checks before lifting off. Everything seems to be checking out with the ship and we are ready for lift off.
We sit back as the engines fire up shaking the whole ship until we can actually feel it lifting from the platform. It slowly moves into the air and we can literally feel the G-force picking up. It feels almost like your skin is going to be ripped from your body, but it will ease up once we get out of Earth’s atmosphere. My teammates admire out their windows as the sky goes from blue to a dark gray and then to black. It is always such a sight to see outer space surrounding you and encompassing you in almost total blackness except for the shimmering of nearby stars. We are situated now and on autopilot where we can unbuckle and move about the ship. We do not use thrusters anymore to push us into outer space like times of old. Our new technology has really advanced to make it possible to leave Earth with engines that remain intact instead of being discarded once we reach the outer atmosphere. We have access to engines the whole trip if need be.
Our ship consists of an engine room, control room, sleeping quarters, a small kitchenette, and a restroom to relieve ourselves with its own gravity to make it easier to go. We do not use diapers like the older astronauts used and have entirely more advancements than that era. It only takes one person to operate the ship at a time while the other passengers can use the facilities, eat, or just catch a nap. Our ship is powered by lithium which is the new power of our time. It has been mutated to become more like nuclear power which propels us through space at faster speeds to meet our destination in a shorter time. We also have an observatory where one can go sit and study the stars or gaze at nearby comets. It is very nice up here with plenty of quiet places to relax or study.
With all of our technology it now only takes two weeks to reach our neighboring planets and then two weeks back to planet Earth. I am so anxious to visit Mars and take plenty of samples. Look it is there in the distance out of the front window. It looks so tiny from here but as we get closer it will get bigger. After thorough study, I believe that its inhabitants dwell under the surface to hide from the gasses that their planet omits. It has a harsh environment but with technology being created every day we will soon be able to change that. My team and I are looking forward to this expedition and finding what so many humans have tried in the past and that is to learn about the inhabitants of Mars. My colleagues and I have come to believe that we can make peace with other worlds and continue to make progress building alliances.
It has now been two weeks and we see the red planet of Mars in front of us. Some of us have slept most of the ride to be fresh for exploration. I have been sleeping here and there but making sure to journal the events of every day in space. I can feel my heart beating with anxiety to land on this unexplored planet. Earth has never set foot on Mars but we will be the first. Everyone has come to the control room to make preparations for landing. All eyes are on us from Earth by way of remote satellites. We have been waiting a long time for this moment and it is here at last. We are taking the ship off of autopilot and resuming with landing coordinates. We want a safe touchdown people. You can feel the shutter of the ship as we land down upon the red sand and finally shutting the engines down.
My team and I are preparing to step out on the red planet and its barrenness. It almost looks like a wasteland from back home on Earth. Nuclear wars have devastated the Earth for a long time and made many places barren and dead. Our first goal is to explore regions where there can be caves or entrances that lead down into the planet under its surface. We broke up into teams of four so that we may be able to explore a broader range of surface. We will have radio communication with each other and hope to make the best of it.
Our teams have separated and have gone into two different directions while maintaining radio contact while some of our scientists stop to take samples to bring home to Earth for analysis. It seems to be humid on the surface as we walk for what seems to be miles until we came upon what seemed to be a tunnel that led down into the ground. We switched our head lights on and contacted the other team to let them know where we are and what we found. We proceeded to walk down this unknown tunnel and not sure what we’ll find but the excitement is mounting.
Deeper and deeper it seemed to descend until we can tell we were in utter darkness. You can almost sense a change in temperature the further down we went. Then, there were some strange lights ahead of us. We couldn’t make them out yet but were sort of a greenish color and very fluorescent. We have probably traveled about a mile down and found it to be strange to see these lights from an unknown source. The closer we got, the more fluorescent the color became. We knew that we would probably come across a new civilization of beings and were not prepared so much as to what we would say or what our reactions would be, we only hoped for the best outcome.
As we came down a shaft, we encountered a large chamber with the fluorescent green lighting. It almost looked like a wall of rooms similar to how the Mayans or Incas lived in walls of clay. It was astonishing to see something so magnificent but where were the inhabitants? We carefully walked around in the chamber looking for signs of life when we stumbled up a room full of its inhabitants which were small in stature and were not green as Earth portrayed them to be. They were more of our skin tone with tiny little hairlike strands protruding through their skin. Their eyes were like that of drawings from children, big and round, and full of life. They were everything we thought they were and more. Although communication was in its primal stage they seemed to be friendly.
We introduced ourselves to them and reassured them we meant no harm but came in peace. One who seemed to be one of the leaders walked up and grabbed my hand and studied it for a minute. They were more like us than we imagined except they only had four appendages that we call fingers and thin short little legs with the first appendage being the biggest one. I think they were more frightened of us than we were of them. This was such a delightful discovery that I had to note it in my journal. All of this encounter was being recorded and sent back to Earth by remote satellites so they can see our mission progress. The longer we were there the more of them decided to come out and investigate. We were among several hundred inhabitants of Mars and not once did we feel threatened in any way.
We spent what seemed to be hours with these strange little creatures and took plenty of pictures. They were allowing us to explore their chamber and see how they lived. They were not much different than us and it came to be quite astonishing to me. I sat writing in my journal while two of them came over to me and fumbled around with my pen and journal. They were very curious little buggers but with pleasant demeanors. We were enjoying our time with our new friends and looked forward to spending more time studying them. It was getting late and we needed to head back to our ship for the night because our analysis of the planet was that it dropped below freezing overnight. We said our goodbyes and that we would return in the morning. A few of the small creatures escorted us back up to the surface and we headed back for the ship.
Once arriving back at the ship, the other team was waiting for us and we sat and told them of our discovery. We even showed them pictures of these strange little creatures that seemed to be harmless. While we sat and chatted and made notes we received a warning signal that another ship was coming into the atmosphere. We all gathered to our posts to see what our new visitor was going to be. Once we found it on the radar, it was one of our own but slightly larger than this ship. We tried to contact Earth to see what was going on but no one would respond. We weren’t sure what was going on and had no idea how to find out either.
We watched as this new ship landed not far from us and then it came. We were contacted by the ship to stand down and that it was in their hands now. We tried to question what was going on but did not receive an answer. We then suited back up and went to pay the new ship a visit. By the time we reached their ship, they were deploying troops with guns. They used us to find life so that they could annihilate them and take the planet as our own. We could not let them do this. The inhabitants were no threat to us but they were going to be slaughtered by humans. We were the aliens that were going to invade their planet. We sat by and watched as our troops entered the tunnel and killed each and every one of its inhabitants that they came across. We watched as they were being burned alive and their children slaughtered. I had no faith in our race anymore. We were space butchers and the bad thing is we knew it. We were locked inside a cell as they terrorized this planet and killed every living thing. There was nothing we could do to stop them. We were at the mercy of our own cruel humanity. It is no wonder that our planet’s defenses are being watched so closely waiting for the right time to seek revenge.

The Planet Transporter

     Doctor Hershey is a very successful scientist who is renown throughout the planet Earth. Oh, I am Trevor Hollingsworth his most faithful assistant. I have studied at the most prestigious colleges and Doctor Hershey took me under his wing about four years ago. I have learned a lot from the doctor and have been very impressed with his recent work. After the economy failed and the whole planet went into turmoil, the good doctor has since made some very impressive inventions. With me his faithful assistant running around gathering whatever is needed, I sit back and watch for hours as Doctor Hershey constructs and then demolishes everything he invents several times before getting it to perfection.
Now I will briefly describe Doctor Hershey but never judge a doctor by his looks. Most of the inventors were also not much to look at either but who cares what they look like, it’s their mind that we should admire. Now Doctor Hershey is somewhat of a short dumpy looking man with salt and pepper hair which is very receded, green eyes with black framed glasses, and always wearing a white lab coat. His shoes are always polished and his hands are riddled with arthritis and wrinkles. He has this mad scientist like laugh which I have to snicker every time I hear him. His wife died many years ago and since then he has been hiding in his work to cope with the pain.
To give you a brief description of myself, I am a lot taller than Doctor Hershey by about a foot. I always wear khaki’s with my rainbow suspenders, black dress shoes, and my white lab coat is entirely too small for me. I have short, clean cut but well parted brown hair, my eyes are brown, I am thin like a twig, and I have freckles on my face and other certain parts of my body I will not name. An assistant has to have some dignity about himself. Anyway, back to the story.
Doctor Hershey has a brilliant mind with an ego to go along with it. I have seen him go days and even weeks without food or sleep depending on the invention he is working on. There is this one invention he is almost finished with and looks to be promising but hasn’t been tested yet. There are two oval-shaped discs that light up when turned on. I’m not quite sure what they do as of yet but I know the doctor has been working on this project for months now. He has separated the two disc-shaped objects and I hear him mumbling while he works on them. His chalkboard is full of formula’s and he is constantly checking the board for any mistakes or recalculating. I am very interested to know what he is working on and can hardly wait to see the rials go forward.
Well, I came in this morning to work and Doctor Hershey met me at the door grabbing me with a huge bear hug swinging me around and laughing like the mad scientist. When I asked him what was going on, he said that he has perfected it and his invention is ready for its first trial run. I immediately became very happy for him and went to put my non- fitting lab coat on. Once I walked into his lab there were the disc-shaped objects across the room from each other. I was ready to see what exactly they did being that it took him months to get it to trials.
The doctor handed me a pair of black goggles that he said would shield my eyes from the lights that were going to flash. I hurriedly put them on and sat in a nearby chair with anticipation. Doctor Hershey put on his goggles and proceeded to get a white rat from its cage. I watched as he injected a tranquilizer into the rat so it would remain still and calm during the experiment. Once the rat was asleep, the doctor carefully picked it up and carried it over to one of the disc-shaped objects. He placed it gently down on it and moved away. The rat just laid there sleeping while the doctor went over to his computer and punched in some codes.
Once the codes were in the disc-shaped object began lighting up and making this whirling noise. It seemed to be picking up speed as the whirling noise began changing tones. That’s when it happened. The rat seemed to lift off of the object and started spinning around before disappearing into thin air. I sat with amazement wondering what happened to the rat. About fifteen minutes later, that little white rat showed back up on the other disc-shaped object at the other end of the room still fast asleep. I didn’t know what to think about a disappearing rat and once I took off the goggles, I looked at Doctor Hershey a little dumbfounded.
He walked over to the rat and gently picked it up and placing it back into its cage before coming over to me and shaking my hand. I could tell how happy and accomplished he was and then he began telling me of his invention. I was astounded by his invention of teleportation, but that has already been invented I told him. He shook his head and laughed like that mad scientist before explaining to me that yes teleportation has been invented but not on a scale that he has taken it too. I was then again dumbfounded by his explanation. He informed me that he would need to do a few more trials before using human trials.
I had just about fallen out of my chair when he noted that he will be doing human trials soon. When I asked him what the invention was called, he just said that if everything goes right he will inform me of its name. Okay, I was now more interested in what this invention was to do or how it would be great among a world that has fallen to turmoil. I sat there quietly while the doctor went back to his board and looked at some more formula’s making some corrections and doing some recalculating. He hollered over to me to take some notes for him where I reached into my lab coat and brought out my pen and pad. I let him know I was ready and then he began calling off items that he wanted me to acquire. It looked like a grocery list but were usable items and not food.
I noticed one of the items on the list was a space suit and began scratching my head as I pondered about it. After the doctor gave me his list I proceeded to walk out the door in hopes to find everything he needed. I was gone for about three hours before arriving back at the doctor’s lab with his items in tow. He was again performing another trial run but this time with a cat. I watched as it went from one disc to the other unharmed. I was still pretty much in awe at this invention and knew the doctor was up to something so amazing. After giving him his list items I informed him of an appointment I had to get too so he released me for the day and told me to be back first thing in the morning sharp. I bid him a farewell and left to get to my appointment.
The very next morning, I arrived at the lab with the anticipation of another trial run. When I walked into the room the doctor was nowhere to be found. I looked around the room and noticed that one of the disc-shaped objects were gone as well. I started to worry that someone or something has taken the doctor. I hastened around the lab looking for any signs of a struggle when I heard this whirling noise coming from the only disc-shaped object left. As I turned around something was happening above the object. I felt my insides start to shake thinking something went terribly wrong with the doctor.
All of a sudden, there he was standing on the disc-shaped object wearing the space outfit I gathered for him yesterday. He reappeared and stepped off of it like some moon man before taking his headgear off. I was so pleased to see him and he met me with excitement. I asked him what happened and he told me that he had been performing trials all night and that he was ready for human trials. I hesitated before asking him why did he become the human trial. He informed me he had been planning to be the first human trial in his experiment. I did look at him with skepticism when he answered.
Then Doctor Hershey began telling me of the results of his human trial. He was so excited to tell me the name of his invention which was “the planet transporter”.  I hesitated to ask but did so anyway, questioning him of why such a name. He responded with the events that took place during his human trial. This whole time he was constructing an invention that would allow people to teleport to another planet. Yes, with the world being in shambles we did, in fact, have spaceships that took people to other planets which were very expensive as well as time-consuming. The doctor wanted to make it much more realistic to travel with it being more cost efficient and with less travel time.
When I asked him where he went or visited, he replied with to Mars since it was the closest planet for a trial run in the event something should have gone wrong. He noted that he encoded the specs for the location and took the other disc-shaped object with him to leave as a doorway for space travel. Now that he proved it to be a success he wanted me to step onto the object with the space suit and go visit the colonized planet of Mars. I really hesitated at the thought of disappearing and reappearing on another planet. Doctor Hershey started putting the suit on me while I kept stating why I shouldn’t go, but that made no difference to him.
Once suited up, he assisted me with stepping onto the transporter. Before he went over to the computer to engage the machine he gave me the instructions on how to get back. Worried that something might go wrong I grasped a hold of reality while Doctor Hershey got the transporter initiated. Before I could get a word out of my mouth he hit the transport button to which I started feeling dizzy but was still standing still, so I thought. I felt like air floating around and I knew I wasn’t on Earth anymore by the wonderful sights of stars and satellites that lined the Earth. I saw myself being shot through space as if from a slingshot. Things moved very quickly and the urge to throw up was gone. I saw the red planet as I drew closer to it. The only thought in my mind was how was I going to land when flying so fast. I began to feel nervous and scared that I wouldn’t make it. All of a sudden I was on the planet and standing on the disc-shaped transporter. I was amazed that Doctor Hershey’s invention worked. There I was standing on this transporter and overlooking the colonies of the inhabitants of Mars. It was a thrilling moment and I felt like I wanted to jump out of that suit and my skin too.
I stepped off of the transporter and viewed with wonder the desolate red sanded planet. I marveled at the colonies who were producing food and tapping into the planets natural resources as a way to survive. It was such a spectacular scene almost unreal. I remembered the instructions from the doctor on how to get back, so I got back onto the transporter and headed for home. On the way back shooting through space I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face and I even became a spectator of a nearby comet shooting by before seeing the colorful planet of Earth. She looked so amazing from the view I had and before I knew it, I was standing there in front of Doctor Hershey.
I removed the headgear to listen to the mad scientist laugh before asking me of what I saw or felt. I explained to him the effects of traveling and what I saw on Mars, and even of the shooting comet. He ran over to his lab table and started making notes. I listened to the rumblings of a scientist who soon went back over to his chalkboard and started making plans to create more planet transporters. He looked over at me and told me how he plans to have a transporter on every single planet to use for his experimenting with other worlds. I acknowledged how enthralled I was by his invention and that he was a success. I look forward to exploring these other worlds with him and hopeful that through his experimenting we will be able to colonize other worlds.

Star Jumper

Two galaxies away is a tiny star with one single inhabitant known as the star jumper. He is a somewhat gentle creature that has a skin that adapts to the chemistry of the star which makes him able to live on stars and not planets. He goes by the name of Alamir and is a lonely creature. He has no knowledge of where he came from or who his parents were. He found himself one day waking up on this tiny star. Alamir doesn’t even know how old he is.
His food consists of the energy he draws from the star which is enough to sustain him without draining the star of its brilliance. He lives day by day roaming around this star and is also a very curious creature. When he finds something new he is almost as a young toddler and will not leave it alone until he finds out everything about it.
Alamir’s appearance is very unique to this species in a way that it has never been seen before by a human. He has very large eyes that are close together, skin that is tough as leather and purplish in color, and a pair of extremely large feet for his body size. I guess that is what makes it easy to travel around the star.
As he roamed around the star, he caught something out of the corner of his eye in the distance. When he turned to look in its direction, it was gone but Alamir’s curiosity took hold and he roamed in the direction of the object. As he got closer to the location of where it should have been, he could not find anything. This was very disappointing to him but it would not stop him from looking for it.
Alamir searched and searched until he came across another creature half of his size but resembled him very much. The same big eyes and big feet. When they met each other it was shocking at first until they began investigating each other as dogs would. They took a whiff of each others body smell which was very different from one another.
The little creature was hyper as a child and just as curious as Alamir. He introduced himself as Zoltar and then Alamir informed him of his name and they became a little more acquainted with each other. One could say they became friends instantly and that’s when Alamir had questions. He began asking Zoltar if he knew where he came from and how old he was?
Zoltar had answers which were surprising to Alamir because he had no memory of his own past or beginning. Zoltar told him of a very large star that was several galaxies away and had many of their kind living there. This gave hope to Alamir that he might be able to find out more about himself. He asked Zoltar if he could take him there so that he could see it for himself? He agreed to take him but it would be a long journey and they would need to stop at a star along the way to feed themselves.
They both agreed and began their journey. They fed themselves to fill up and then made their way to the edge of the star. Alamir was afraid because he wasn’t sure of his abilities and then began questioning Zoltar on how to jump from star to star. Zoltar started giving him instructions on how to jump which sounded easy but getting the courage to jump was more of an issue.
Zoltar told him to get a running start and when he reached the edge of the star to jump with all of his might and concentrate on the star he wants to jump to and his ability will kick in. This was assuring to Alamir but there was still some apprehension in his star jumping but he listened to what Zoltar told him and then he watched as Zoltar backed up to get a running start.
Before Zoltar went to jump, he informed and pointed out which star to jump to so that Alamir would know which one to concentrate on. Then, Zoltar took off running and when he reached the edge he made a giant leap and Alamir watched as he left the star and what seemed like a bolt of light zooming through space. To the human eye, star jumpers would look like shooting stars through the sky.
Alamir watched as Zoltar zoomed through space until he disappeared and then suddenly saw a burst of light from the very same star that Zoltar told him to concentrate on. Alamir gathered his courage and backed up several feet to get a nice running start for the edge of the star. He counted to himself before taking off running with his big feet and then jumping from the edge and kept his eyes on the star Zoltar jumped to.
As Alamir jumped he felt this tingling throughout his body as his abilities kicked in and instead of falling his body took off towards the star where Zoltar would be waiting. It only took a few minutes before reaching the other star and as Alamir tried to land he found himself rolling and tumbling on the surface of the star. He finally stopped about two feet in front of Zoltar who applauded his efforts in star jumping but apologized for not giving him instructions on landing.
He assisted Alamir in getting up and asked if he was okay? Alamir felt drained from his journey like something has just zapped him of all his energy. Zoltar informed him of it being the reason the need to feed on each star they jump to. Alamir was excited to learn about this new star he landed on but Zoltar kept him focused on his goal of seeing their home star where their kind lived.
Alamir was like a child in a sense of pouting because he wanted to explore this new star but understood that they didn’t have time for that right now. He kept his attention on seeing more of his species and meeting everyone. Were they all like him?
They both began feeding on the star and regaining their energy for the next jump. Once they were full, they traveled to the star’s edge again and found the next star to jump to. This time it looked a little further away than the last. Alamir watched as Zoltar jumped and then he made himself ready for his jump. He backed up and sucked in some air before running to the edge and jumping for his life.
Again his body flew through space and he was amazed at all the sights while traveling. He noticed all the different planets with their pretty colors and then began to wonder if they could jump to the planets? Once they reached the next star, Alamir began questioning Zoltar about the planets that surround them. He asked if it were possible to be able to jump to them and that’s when Zoltar quickly cut off his question and just gave him a polite “no”.
Zoltar told him that if he ever jumped to a planet he would be stuck there forever because there would be no way to feed himself for another jump. He also stated about other species that inhabited the planets and that some were not so nice. Alamir again became very disappointed by Zoltar’s answer but took his word for it as they fed and then made their way to their next jump.
They jumped to many stars and Alamir was just so excited to see all that was around him as he jumped from star to star. He took mental notes of the location of a beautiful planet that was mostly covered in blue and green. It really peaked his curiosity and he wanted to learn more about planets. That one planet, in particular, made him curious to know what inhabitants it held and was always enthusiastic to meet new creatures but instead he just kept jumping in hopes to see his home star where there were creatures just like him.
They finally reached their galaxy where the home star of his species was. They fed on each star as they jumped to another and finally one more jump would put them on the home star. Alamir remained very excited to meet others of his kind but was hesitant because he was afraid they would not accept him.
Zoltar reassured him that everything would be fine and they made their last jump to the very large star and upon arriving, they were happily greeted by the inhabitants. Alamir could not believe there were others like him. There were some that were large and old and some that were very small and as infants. Alamir walked around getting acquainted with his species and became happy.
As he stayed on his home star and felt like family, he still remembered that little planet of green and blue. He began dreaming and envisioning himself on this beautiful planet and meeting the species that inhabited it. He did not know what species it was but being such a beautiful planet it had to have a friendly species.
Alamir lived on his home star for many months in earth time and as he lived every day and enjoyed being with his kind, he was plotting and planning how he can visit this blue and green planet and be able to jump from it. He did come up with an idea like overfeeding himself and keeping some as a reserve for jumping. He was not sure if it would work but he wanted to try.
So Alamir filled up on food and energy and said goodbye to some of his new friends that he made and told them he would return. He went to the edge of the home star and began his jump to the nearest star in the direction of the blue and green planet. It took many jumps from star to star but he finally reached the nearest star to the blue and green planet. He fed on the star until he was so full that he began to feel speedy and made his jump to the planet and from earth, he looked like a falling star.
Alamir landed on the planet out in the desert where he could be cautious until he found out what species inhabit this planet. He did not want to find an unfriendly species and started his journey towards what looked like structures in the distance. As he got closer, he began hearing strange noises from a distance. It was almost frightening but he remained positive and continued walking towards these structures.
Once he arrived on the outskirts of these structures, he cautiously made his way in and not able to be seen as of yet. He wanted to investigate this species before just barging in and saying hello. He made it to a container that was green and fairly large where he hid and watched the species from a distance.
What he found were a species of creatures that walked on two legs and different sizes like his own. He watched as he saw male and female and how they were busybodies constantly moving. As he watched from a hidden place, he wasn’t aware that one of the creatures were walking up behind him. He turned around once hearing a noise and saw one of the creatures who appeared to be a young creature.
It startled him at first, but as the creature got closer, he found it to be friendly as he saw that the creature was approaching slowly. Alamir smiled at the creature who returned the smile back. Then, the creature began to speak and it seemed comical because Alamir spoke a language similar to these creatures. So, a conversation began.
The two of them sat behind the big green container and talked introducing themselves to one another. Before long, other young creatures appeared and sat with them. Alamir was relaxing a little more because he was making new friends on this strange planet. After a few hours of hanging out with the creatures, he noticed that it was becoming a little darker.
One of the creatures stood up and offered out his hand as to help Alamir up from the ground and led him down the alley towards other structures away from the busybodies. The creature brought Alamir to a structure that looked friendly and took him inside one where he could be safe from harm and attention.
They sat and talked for a bit longer until Alamir heard another creature who sounded older calling for the creature he was sitting with. The young creature got up and went to leave the structure but turned and told Alamir to stay there until he comes back to get him, which Alamir did. He found a comfortable place to lay down and rest until the young creature came back for him. He began noticing his surroundings and found items to be quite interesting but soon fell asleep because of his energy depleting.
The next morning he noticed it was becoming light outside the structure and was anxious for the young creature to come back and get him. It wasn’t long before the young creature showed back up and began telling Alamir of this planet. With Alamir’s energy depleting, he knew he had to leave the planet to feed.
He explained this to the young creature and then he took him back out to the desert where Alamir first landed hoping there would some energy left there that he could use to jump back out to the stars. When they got to the location, Alamir felt nothing left behind but attempted to jump anyway. The only problem he foresaw was that there was no edge of the planet to jump from.
He knew he needed a running start so as the young creature watched, Alamir backed up, spotted the closest star, and made a running start. He tried to jump, but there was no use. He could not even get two feet off the ground. The young creature saw how disappointed Alamir was and offered to help by asking Alamir what he needed to jump?
Alamir explained how his species feed on the energy of stars. The young creature asked what type of energy did the stars have and Alamir replied back with solar power. The young creature thought for a minute and then remembered that many of the structures close to his used solar power for electricity. When he told Alamir this information, he was pleased and anxious at the same time.
The young creature took him to a nearby structure to his own and showed Alamir the panels on top of it. Alamir tried climbing to the top of the structure to feed off the energy. There was no way for Alamir to absorb the energy and this posed a problem. The young creature took Alamir around to the back of the structure where the panels plugged into the structure.
Alamir removed the plug from the structure and stuck it against his body. Within a few minutes, Alamir felt the energy being absorbed into his body. He was feeling stronger and more energized until he was full. Once he was fully charged, he plugged the wires back into the structure where he saw the lights in the house come on.
Alamir told the young creature that he felt better and should be able to jump off the planet. The young creature smiled and was enthusiastic about the situation. They began the journey back out to the desert for one more try to jump. The young creature became sad that Alamir was leaving and expressed his feelings to him.
Alamir was saddened but explained to the young creature that he had to leave because he could not survive on the planet. So they continued walking until they reached their destination. The young creature stood by as Alamir backed up and then began running with all his might. He made it to where the young creature was standing and leaped up in the air making a jump which looked like a lightning strike to the young creature.
He watched as Alamir jumped high in the sky and finally disappeared into space. As he stood there he watched as Alamir jumped from one star to the next as a shooting star and then began waving as Alamir disappeared into the distance where he could not be seen again.
Once Alamir reached his home star, he spoke of the creatures from the blue and green planet to his friends who were amazed that he actually was able to jump from the planet. Alamir joined his species and became a citizen of the big star, but never forgot the young creature he met and helped him. This was a lesson learned for Alamir and that was that he would always be a star jumper.

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