Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Well, turkey day is finally here and families are getting together. I just feel empathy because the homeless are alone and outside in the cold. Where are their families? I got up this morning feeling okay and everyone was hustling around getting the food and everything set up. It is my day off from cleaning and cooking, so I am going to take advantage of it.
With my mental illness affecting how I adjust to groups of people, everyone here knows that I will eat with them, but then I will adjourn to my room and write. I cannot be around groups of people without having a panic or anxiety attack, so it is best that I refrain from being around everyone.
I miss my family on the holidays but maybe next year will be better when we will be in our own house and I am the cook. We will be able to have people over to share the holidays with. I haven't seen my dad since September of last year and my mom in over twenty years. I finally called her ad we spoke for about an hour and it was good.
I will keep this short because I have some book writing to do while waiting for dinner to get done. our roommate has gone to pick up some of their kids so, I will stay back here in my room with my dogs and spend Thanksgiving with them. They are apart of my family and usually every year they get to eat turkey with me, but being that we are living with another person, they will have to get scraps that I bring back here.
Well, time to get things done and begin my writing. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoys the love of the holidays. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers and be good to one another. Take care.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Good morning to all. It is nine twenty in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and a bit chilly outside. I have only been up long enough to drink a cup of coffee. My husband has been up since about four-thirty and has laid back down for a bit. I am going to get back into my writing this morning. I have twenty-nine more regular addictions to get through before even touching the drugs. It is going to be a beast of a book full of information plus my story with addictions.
I also have to work on some more illustrations for the next children's book that is already written and ready to go. I have given away several of the last ones as a free book promotion. I am enjoying the time spent in writing the children's books because it gives me a break away from the real books that are long and full of a story.
Thanksgiving is close and I am not doing the cooking this year which is a change because I have done all the cooking since two thousand and eleven. Even when it is just me and the dogs I cook a lot of food that gives me leftovers for days. I enjoy cooking and that is why I want to open a restaurant and share my cooking with others.
Well, I need to get started on my book and I hope that everyone has an awesome day. "Happy Birthday" to you if you are another year older today. Please keep the homeless in your prayers. Many are sleeping outdoors because most shelters are at maximum capacity. Take care.

Monday, November 25, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is six twenty-four in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and a bit chilly outside. I just woke up and I am drinking my first cup of coffee. I don't know what made me get up so early for, but I am glad to be sitting with you readers first thing this morning. My husband just walked in the door from taking our roommate's daughter to work.
Most of everyone who is in the house is awake already and it is nice and quiet in the house while everyone wakes up. I am anxious to get started this morning with my writing and I am still working on one book which will be a nice size book that will have a companion book to go along with it.
The dishes were done last night by my husband so I won't have much to clean this morning and that is a good thing. He helps me out so much and supports my writing as well. I have phone calls to make this morning because we still have not received any mail here and we put in the change of address cards the day after we moved here. I have to find out if our Medicaid has kicked in yet so that I can begin making doctor's appointments. We both have enough medicine for about a month and I need to get our doctor appointments scheduled before we run out of them. the withdrawals are nothing to play with.
My sugars have been running a little high since we have been here because I forgot one of my insulins and it was a good thing I had a new prescription waiting to be filled at the pharmacy. I couldn't get my sugar out of the three hundred range and when I took the other insulin, my sugar is now under two hundred.
Everything seems to be going good here and I am not stressed that much. I get the house cleaned in the mornings which takes me about an hour and then I get into my writing. That is how I like it. I need to be able to get things done for me as well as the house. I don't mind cleaning the house or doing the laundry but respect my right to sit down and have time for me.
Well, I guess this is all for now. I have some things to tend to in the house and with my writing, plus get the dogs out to potty. I want to wish everyone a "Happy Monday" and a blessed day to everyone. "Happy Birthday" to those who are celebrating today and may you have many more to come. Please remember the homeless during this cold winter season. Take care.

Sunday, November 24, 2019


Hello everyone. How are you today? I feel blessed. I just woke up from naptime with the dogs and my husband is still asleep. I am sorry for not posting in a few days but I have been busy getting this house cleaned up and taken care of a few things. I will try to stay on track with my posting except for Friday we will be heading back up to the property to gather the rest of our stuff that was left behind by mistake.
I have been anxious lately because of building our house. I can't wait to get started on it and especially building it with my husband. It will be an exciting experience. Then, we can say we built it with our own two hands and a friend of ours who is an electrician is going to help out with the wiring it up and then we will add a couple of solar panels to it.
While we are here, where our RV is close by, we are going to be working on it and fixing it up to live in while we build the house. We will be going back up in March to build my greenhouse and planting beds for the garden. We will be moving back home with our RV in May to begin the building.
I love my husband so much and how he cares for me. I do believe he is my soulmate. We have only had about three arguments in the six years we have been married. He supports me and my writing and any other project that I might have going on. We have fallen a little bit back in life and struggling for a moment, but we will have everything back to normal when we leave here and go home.
Since we have been here, I have managed to get a couple books published up on Amazon and currently working on another book in the "How I Survived" series. I have sold and have given away quite a few. If you have not gotten your copy go check out my author page and see the books I have up here and find a book that you don't have.
Well, it is time to get back to my book writing. I hope everyone is enjoying their day and ready for the new work week. "Happy Birthday" to those of you who are celebrating one today and may you be blessed with many more. Please keep the homeless and Hope Station USA in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


Good morning everyone. How are we doing this morning? I have been up since eight o'clock this morning and went right into cleaning the house up before the guys got back with the newest car purchase. Now, my husband is going to lay down and get some sleep while I sit and do some writing. The dogs are eating their breakfast and then I will take them outside for some outdoor time.
My husband has to finish fixing the fence so that I can just let them run free in the backyard with no supervision, but until that gets done, I have to stand out there with them to make sure that they don't get out. Other than that, they have to remain locked inside this room until I take them outside.
Today I will be working on my next children's book and getting the illustrations done for it. I have sold a few books since their publishing and will make it more worthwhile when I get everything set up. I am still setting things up for me to work and get things done. It is a process and I am working hard at it.
This will be a short post today because I have things to get done and my husband is going to sleep. I have already cleaned the house and had my coffee this morning when I got up and just ate a sausage sandwich so I am ready to go. I wish everyone a happy Saturday and a blessed one with love of your family.
Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts during this winter season and that they stay safe and warm. Take care.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


Good morning everyone.   It is five minutes after nine in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been keeping a journal but there are many posts which I will post at a later time because right now we are in another chapter of our lives again.
We have moved back to Dalton, Georgia for the winter because we were not equipped to deal with below-freezing temperatures just yet. my husband thought it best to buy an RV instead of a wood-burning stove to keep us warm which he had good intentions because the RV was better insulated. So we are here until March when we will be going back to Tennessee to begin building my greenhouse and planting beds and getting ready for spring planting. We will be permanently moving back in May when we will be able to begin building our house.
At least being here I have access to the internet daily to keep everyone informed of what is going on in my life. I finally finished my psychological crime thriller book which took me a year to write and it is published now up on Amazon, so check it out.
The dogs are not happy about being here because now they are behind a fence again and not allowed to roam free like they were on the property. It is only for a short while and then they will be able to again. I published a few books last week which I am proud of being that two of them were children's books.
I am now working on my addictions book which will be a large book because it describes all the things a person can become addicted too and of course all the drugs. It will include my own story of addiction as well. Plus, there will be a companion book with worksheets and quizzes along with it. I am happy to be back writing again and it makes me happy.
Well, it is time to get to work and I hope everyone has a blessed day. Check out my Amazon page for my latest books at "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today and may you have many more. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers and I will be uploading all of my previous posts soon. Take care.