Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Hello everyone. It is one thirteen in the afternoon here in Dalton, Georgia. It is cloudy but not bad weather at all. I am sitting here in the dining room looking out the window as I take care of business with the computer. I worked a little late last night trying to get one of my children's books done about the miracles of Jesus Christ. I just need to do the formatting today and it will be done and up on Amazon for sale.
I have to go do some grocery shopping today and then it will be back to writing. I am going to work on another short child's book about the stories of the Bible. It is mostly a lot of the stories that aren't in original children Bible storybooks. I feel that they are all worthy to be noted and read about. I think it will take me about four or five days to get all of the old testament stories done and then that book will be finished.
I still have some pictures to do for another child's book that I have been working on. There is a ten-year-old girl who I am helping to do her first book. She is very excited about it and wanting to hold it in her hand. Her teacher agreed to let her read it to the first graders. Her book is already written, we just have to get her to finish the pictures for it.
Well, today is a new day and there is plenty for me to do. I need to wrap this post up and get busy. "Happy Birthday" to everyone who has one today. May you all have many more to come. I hope that everyone enjoys their "hump" day today and may it be filled with happiness. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Hello everyone. It is three o'clock in the afternoon and everything is quiet around the house right now. I got up with body aches and a headache which coffee took care of. I have been editing my children's book about the miracles of Jesus Christ and I should be publishing it today, hopefully. I just have to fix my edits and then format the book and put it up on Amazon. That will be an awesome moment for me to have another book up on Amazon.
Then, I have another Bible story to write up from the Bible that is going in a book of Bible stories of the old testament and stories of the new testament. I am excited about that too. I have a few short books that I need to get done and then I can go back to working on the larger books. My first goal is to get all the shorter books done and published before writing anymore larger books. I have my list ready for things to get written and I will be working on them today.
I have a full day of writing and it makes me very happy to see my books physically in my hands. I have to order copies of my books that I don't have in order to redo the cover page of my website. I am also going to take my time and get some other things done today like my shopping list for tomorrow. I have to check the sales pages and coupons for my shopping trip and list so once I am done with my doctor's appointments tomorrow I can go shopping.
Other than that, I will be writing today and making myself happy. I feel the motivation to get things done and look forward to seeing the finished products of my works. I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far and that your works have prospered. I feel blessed today to be alive and writing to all of you.
I want to wish a happy day to everyone and a "Happy Birthday" to all those who are turning another year older today. may you all have many more to come. Please keep the homeless and Hope Station USA in your thoughts and prayers. We need everyone's support in order to get things done for the mission. They need us and we need them. Take care.

Sunday, March 8, 2020


Good morning to all. It is eleven thirty-five in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia. Another sunny day is what we have today and it is so beautiful outside. I haven't been up for long but I feel that I am going to get a lot done today. Call it intuition if you will.
My husband is making another pot of coffee because he does drink a lot of coffee. I am still on my first cup which I guess would measure up to two cups given its size. I am feeling pretty good this morning so far now that I have taken some medicine for a headache that I woke up with.
We are still sitting here drinking coffee and having a good conversation. He is making me laugh by acting so silly. I love him so much and I try to make it show. The dogs are playing in the room and having a good time. When it gets quiet is when we begin wondering about their character. The one thing that I do love in the whole world is seeing the older ones playing with the younger ones. It is so cute even though sometimes we have to tell them to be easy with the younger ones because they are tiny babies.
This might be a short post today because I am starting to have the feeling of racing and speeding up. I hate these feelings but they do happen, so guess what, I am a normal human being. I am on medication to help with these things, but one panic attack or depressive mood will always slip by them and make my day hell, but today I am feeling good feelings and happy thoughts.
So, let me tell everyone to have a blessed day and share their love. "Happy Birthday" to those with one today. Please keep the homeless and Hope Station USA in your thoughts and prayers. Take care and love someone today.

Saturday, March 7, 2020


Hello everyone. It is currently twelve o'clock here in Dalton, Georgia and nice and sunny outside. It is supposed to be in the sixties today which will be nice considering all the rain we have had. I got up a few times last night but I feel pretty good today. I got the kitchen cleaned up already and now I just have to get some laundry caught up and the front room picked up and smelling good.
I got everything done last night as far as the legal actions and paperwork for those who are considered patients. There are two gentlemen here that need assistance with daily routines and care and my roommate's wife is helping out with one and I take on the other. There isn't much to them but getting them started on routines is going to be the trick.
Anyway, I will be going to work on one of my started books and hopefully getting it done today if not tomorrow. It is a young reader book about the miracles of Jesus Christ. I am about halfway through it already and just need to fill in some more of the verses. It is taken directly from the Bible and it teaches on the miracles that Jesus performed. Then, I will be working on the next couple of books together.
I need to get going because I have a few things to go get and then I will be right back here taking care of things. I hope that everyone has a blessed day and enjoys time with loved ones. "Happy Birthday" to those who are celebrating one today and may you have many more to come. Please keep the homeless and Hope Station USA in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Friday, March 6, 2020


Good morning everyone. How are you today? I am still waking up but I have been up for a couple hours now. I have finished one cup of coffee and now I will be drinking one of my diet sodas. I have everything set up for my daily routine to get started and will be getting them done as soon as I finish this post. My husband is sitting here with me and he has been up since early this morning and should be going to nap here in a few minutes.
I have to go let the dogs out for their morning potty and then I will be finishing up the backroom clean up. It is a mess back there because of the water damage due to the fire. I had bags of clothing stored back there for the homeless which got soaking wet from the fire. Now, I have to get them thrown out and start over collecting clothing for the homeless and needy. I also have to clean up all the trash and do the floors so that it will be clean and have more room for the dogs to go out there and play.
It is time to take care of business and get things started. I do apologize for the short post today but things need to get done so that I could have a little free time for myself and my husband. I hope that everyone has an awesome Friday and "Happy Birthday" to those who turn another year older today. May you have many more to come. Please keep the homeless and Hope Station USA in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Thursday, March 5, 2020


Good evening to all. I am finally done cleaning the house up after having three doctor's appointments today. It has been a full day. I had an IV sedation neck procedure done with a diabetes check-in followed by my wound care appointment then coming home to clean up the house. Our roommates are traveling to pick up his stepfather who was placed into a rehab hospital without him unaware of it. he remembers going to sleep and then waking up two days later in this facility and no one coming to see him. So, our roommate went to go pick him up in Mississippi and bring him home here.
I was stumbling through some old files and came across my menu flyer for my restaurant and remembered how much it meant to me also. I made a comment to my husband that I still wanted my little restaurant to serve homestyle food at affordable prices to everyone. It would be another way to bring in some income and give us some different adventures to go through. One, it would get us out of the house and away from the property, two, it would help us make new friends, and three, it would be something different every day. I still look forward to it.
I have been doing some thinking about my books as to what book should be next to be published. I have gone in different directions and made different choices and I think I have come up with a solution which will be to finish off the shorter books and then work my way up through the longer books and get back on schedule with all the other books. I have a few shorter books that I have started and it wouldn't take long to finish them, so I think that they will be easier to get done first.
Anyway, I had my neck procedure done today and I will still feel pain a little bit for a few days before the medicine actually kicks in. This is the second procedure on my neck in a couple months. In a few weeks, I will be having another one done on my lower back to help with the pain. I want my health back in shape to be able to work on our property and get ready to build our house. I need my eating habits to be regular and my activity needs to be more in gear so that I can withstand the heavy days of labor to make the property ready for the house, the greenhouse and gardens, and the livestock. It will all come together soon enough and then we will be happy up there.
Well, I need to get some other things written and finished to keep up the good work. I want to wish everyone a great night and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone turning another year older today. May you have many more to come. Please pray for Hope Station USA and the homeless as we wind up this cold winter season. Take care.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Good afternoon to everyone. It has been a pleasant day so far with me working here on my writing and my husband out working on our roommates' truck. Yesterday was a long day because we went up to our property and bought the next lot over to us which gives us almost six acres. These six acres will be for our house, my greenhouse and gardens, and our livestock enclosures. We will be very busy this summer and will hopefully have the land ready for everything for the beginning of next year.
This year is mainly paying off all the vehicles we own and getting them registered and up to the property. Once we are up there it will be getting the RV set up with a fenced in yard for the dogs and the gas and plumbing fixtures set up. We will be using gas to cook and electricity for everything else until July when we will be setting up our first solar panel on the RV. We will be using water totes until we get our well drilled which will happen around the first of the year. I still need to find out prices for that because we will have a solar pump for the well. We have even decided to have solar power running to all the livestock enclosures for lighting since we have coyotes and other predators around. My husband had the idea to have one main switch at the house to turn on which will light up all the pens so that we can check on our animals.
I am excited and will be drawing up our house and getting the measurements to begin totaling up how much everything will cost us. The plan is for us to have our house built next year, plus all the livestock enclosures. Things are looking good so far. The yard that will be with the RV won't be as big as the house yard and I am excited to have them in their forever yard which is almost an acre by itself. That is the area we cleared this last year and the area for the house is ready to go.
Today I have gotten the house here cleaned up and our room, now it is time to get to writing and get things caught up and moving forward. I just finished looking up and taking notes on the next old testament bible story. Now, I am here writing this post and then it will be back to working on the other books that I have started. I should have a couple of books ready to be published by the end of this month. I am happy to be back writing and seeing my books go live out to the world.
We also have something to share with everyone and that is that we finally have the van for Hope Station USA. That is something I am very excited about because now we will have the transportation that we will need to go out and service the homeless with supplies and food. Once we begin getting the funding for our new program, we will be able to take the homeless back and forth to work so that they can become self-sufficient. We have many things going on this year and it is all exciting. We hope that you all will show your enthusiasm with us.
It is now time to get things moving for the day and I hope everyone is having a great day. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today and may you all have many more. Take care.