Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Good morning to all my friends and family, old and new. Today is going to be a head spin because I have my neck procedure this morning and I will be incoherent probably for the rest of the day. I will be leaving here in a few minutes and wanted to give everyone an update. So far, I am not nervous or anxious except when it comes to the finances.

The thing is if we don't get this loan from a friend, or get as much money as we can into the bank, the bank will be taking almost all of our checks on the first leaving us nothing to pay bills with which will put us further into debt. I am trying my hardest to get us out of this situation since his lawyer told us to expect his settlement right around the first of the year, so I have to do what must be done to fix things.

My dad, whom I haven't seen since nineteen ninety-eight, will be out this way in October and I will get to see him so I don't want to be stressed about bills when I see him. I will be so glad to see him and it will make me happy to see how well he is doing being that he is getting up there in age.

I don't know how I will actually feel when I get home, but I hope that later today I will be able to write some. I will have to see. Well, I need to get dressed for my procedure and wish everyone a great day and to everyone celebrating a birthday, "Happy Birthday". Take care.

Monday, September 17, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is five forty-eight in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and the sun is not up yet. I can hear the crickets outside and everything else in the house is quiet. I just started the coffee and waiting for my first cup. I have been up and down a few times during the night, yet I did go to bed early.

Everyone has to be at the hospital early this morning for a meeting with the doctors about my roommate's mom. We found out she has stage four lung cancer with two spots on her spine and a small spot on her brain. We are going to fight this with her, but she needs prayer from everyone. So, if you could please send prayers her way it would be greatly appreciated.

I finally got the outline set up for my next nonfiction book in the "How I Survived" series and it is going to be a rather large book full of helpful information about addictions. I still have three other books being written while I have three that are in the editing phase. My husband and I talked about the financial situation and my writing last night. His opinion is to keep writing and when the finances are better, he said to publish a couple at a time. I agreed with him.

So, I will keep writing and just holding on to them until the finances allow me to publish them. That means I will probably be publishing two books at a time which is okay with me because I still have many outlines for book ready to be written. It will still be good therapy for me to keep writing them and it will be even better for me when I begin publishing them.

The alarm was going off while I was getting our coffee and now my husband is enjoying coffee with me. I do love him so much even though he can be a real pain in my butt sometimes. But anyway, I will go ahead and finish this post here so that I can get ready to go to the hospital and I wish everyone a very "Happy Monday". "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating one today and be blessed with many more. Take care.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Morning everyone. How are you? Are you having a good weekend? Mine was okay at first, but right now I am numb possibly due to medication, but because financially we are hurting which is going to cause me to have to possibly put off publishing some books which has brought sadness to my heart.

Writing books and publishing them is what makes me very happy and good therapy for me, but we will not have enough money for our bills this coming month which will keep us in the hole unless I come up with some money from somewhere to knock down the debt in the bank account.

We were not equipped enough for the trip down south financially and it caused me to spend some money we didn't have which caused a few bills to overdraft which caused the snowball effect with all of the other bills and every time we put money into the bank account another bill hits and it puts us back where we were at in the hole.

It is just frustrating to be so far in debt and the fear of losing things we worked so hard to get will be gone. I don't know what else to do, I created crowdfunding campaigns to help with book publishing expenses and still have not received any money from that, so it all comes out of my pocket. Book sales have been slow because of summertime and expect them to pick back up during Christmas time, but it doesn't help us now.

Sorry to vent but I write these daily journal posts to allow people to know that just because I'm a published author I am still just like everyone else. I go through the same things that others do and I am normal just like everyone else. This journal also gives me a place to vent as well, knowing that someone will listen and not judge me.

Well, I need to get off of here and run to the store before I clean the house and then find something to do unless I do decide to write today. It feels like it doesn't even make sense to write being that I can't publish anything which makes me happy. I will figure it out and then do what I must do.

Have a great Sunday everyone and "Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating one today. Be blessed and take care.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Good morning to all my friends and family, old and new. It is seven fifteen in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it is just becoming daylight outside. All I hear right now are the crickets outside. I got woke up by my alarm at six thirty and I now have my first cup of coffee with me.

I was so exhausted last night after doing a power cleaning of the living room because we got a new living room set last night and we are preparing for my roommate's father to come home from the nursing home in about five days. So we cleaned the living room because his hospital bed will be in there. There were a few of us helping and working but after it was said and done last night, my husband and I were completely wore out and hurting.

I didn't get any writing done yesterday but I am here today and I will be writing books today. I have three that I am working on and two that need editing, while another two need severe editing and some adding to them. So, there are quite a few that can be done around the same time and that I will have books being published one after the other.

I am hopeful that the first one will be going to the editor around the first week of October and the rest will follow suit after that. I am excited about finishing them and then moving on to the others on my list that I have outlines already made up for.

Well, my dogs are telling me it is time to get them fed and I need to clean up this back room which I call the dogs' room because this is where they spend a lot of their time at and more when I am back here working. So, I want to wish everyone an awesome Saturday and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating one today. Take care and be blessed.

Friday, September 14, 2018


Good morning everyone. Such a glorious and beautiful morning outside. The sun is shining and I can already feel the heat, the birds are talking, and my dogs are acting silly with my biggest and middle baby in heat. We have all females and I am so glad for that and she is kept locked up in the backyard so no threat of an escape or visitors, lol.

So, today is a busy day because not only will I be working my schedule stuff, but they are going to be bringing my roommate's dad home from the nursing home in about a week and we are going to power clean the living room so that his hospital bed can be put in there where he is around everyone and we can look after him better.

His mother has been diagnosed with Cancer throughout her body and they are going to get her into a Cancer treatment facility to fight this. She is being very strong and her attitude is that she is not ready to die and there are plenty of us fighting this fight with her. She is a strong woman who has endured a lot within the past year. Both her brother and sister have died this past year and she is the only sibling left, so I give her props for what she has gone through and is still sane.

My husband will be busy painting the ceilings today while we clean, but I will be hopefully taking breaks to get some of my own things done and it shouldn't take us but a couple of hours to get the living room done and ready.

I am writing into the next chapter in my fantasy book and also working on my thriller book as well. I have to set up the sequence for my next nonfictional book before I can begin writing it. So I have a lot of work to get done but with hope, I can do it. it will be another milestone in my mental health recovery to finish the next nonfiction book because I too had a drug habit for many years and this month, I am ten years clean and sober. (pat on the back) :) My habit was extreme and I know if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Well, got to get started, so everyone have an awesome Friday and be blessed. "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating one today. Take care.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is a beautiful day outside after a few quick downpours yesterday. My husband turned off my alarm this morning and decided to let me sleep in which I just got up about twenty minutes ago. I feel a little sore in my neck but the rest of me is waking up slowly.

I have plenty of things to do today and since I woke up a little late I haven't missed much. I will be working on another short story for the site today and should have it posting the day after tomorrow. I usually take three days per each story because they average around five-thousand words and to fit it in the timeframe of my schedule I can do about fifteen hundred a day. My next short story will be posted under the faith and love page of the site so, be looking out for it on Saturday.

I am almost done with my first cup of coffee and will be getting a second one here in a minute. I just wanted to update everyone this morning on what's going on with me and to let everyone know you are always on my mind and that I do care about everyone.

This is a very short post this morning and I do apologize for that but I am running just a little late and I want to catch up so that I can get a full day worth of goals completed. I wish everyone a happy Thursday and to everyone with a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and many more. Take care.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Good evening everyone. How are you doing tonight? I am okay, just had a stressful day of my husband's doctor's appointment, visiting my roommates mom in the hospital which today they did a biopsy of the mass in her lung and an MRI and they think she has cancer everywhere in her body, so please send your prayers that she can beat this. She needs every bit of help she can get. My roommate is taking her to the Cancer Treatment Center's of America down in Atlanta and well will be supporting her all the way. She states that she is not ready to die, so please send your prayers for her and for her son, my roommate.

I was writing on one of my books last night which will be a crime thriller and I got lost in the story and saw it playing out in my mind as I wrote it. It was pretty creepy to me but it was the opening to my book and it goes right into some action. I will be having fun with it while writing it because I am into these types of books and movies myself.

We are done with doctor's appointments this week so I will have time to get busy writing and hopefully this weekend I will finish editing the next one to be published next month. I have been doing some advertising for my free ebook and my kindle countdown book and have some good response to them. Thank you to everyone who has gotten one and I hope to see some reviews left on Amazon as to how you liked it.

Well, it has been a long day and I have tried to stay up all day and not take a nap just to see if I could do it, but now I am feeling very sleepy so hopefully, I will be able to get a good night sleep since it has been a long time. I will make this one short but I will be back in the morning to give another update so have a good night everyone and a very "Happy Birthday" to those whose birthday was today. Take care.