Monday, February 18, 2019


Good morning to all of my friends, old and new. It is seven thirty-eight in the morning ad thirty-nine degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. It is actually pretty outside as the clouds are breaking up. I am still a little tired due to being up so much last night. Constant bathroom trips all night and two accidents.

I have gotten the dogs fed and outside to potty and my husband is sitting here drinking coffee with me. I am curious as to how my day is going to go. I completed all but one thing on my schedule yesterday but I was running an errand which took some time away, so it was still a productive day.

Today, I have nowhere to go and plan on completing my schedule list today. Today is the day I spend crafting which I need to get the back room organized in order to find half of my crafting stuff. It is buried back there somewhere. I think I am going to make some pillows today. These will be sold at the flea market once I get enough stuff to sell.

My book will be completed today. It was the one thing I didn't get to yesterday, so today is the day I complete it. Everything is moving nicely and I do feel pretty good and positive today. I don't know what my husband has to do today but it would give me some peace and quiet in the house if he leaves with the roommates to go to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It got pretty cold last night and my thoughts were on those sleeping outside. I am still working on my program details to help get some of them off the streets and into a program that will help them get back on their feet and into their own apartment and out of the cold. I spent some time working on the program details to include in the grant proposal.

Well, it is Monday and a new week, so I need to get things working here so that I can complete everything. I wish everyone a prosperous Monday and a "Happy Birthday to those celebrating today. Take care and may you have many more to come.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is seven thirty-eight in the morning and 48 degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been up since about six thirty and I have already finished my coffee and now I am drinking diet soda. I am pretty much awake even though I have been up and down a few times during the night.

My husband got up earlier and is on his third cup of coffee. That is just too much coffee for me. Two cups maybe, but not three. I have looked over my schedule for the day and I am ready to get to work getting things done. I still have to put the dogs out to go potty but they are still asleep on the bed.

Now, that I have received my letter from the state of Georgia announcing that my nonprofit is registered here I can now begin fundraising for Georgia as well as Florida. It is going to be fun and exciting. I love working for the homeless because it gives me peace and joy in my heart to know that I am helping someone who is in need and less fortunate.

Today I will be finishing the book I have been working on which will make two in the editing phase and then I will be working on another work in progress starting tomorrow. I have given myself two weeks to get it finished and ready for editing. It is a crime thriller that I hope everyone will enjoy.

Well, it is time to get the dogs taken care of and start my other stuff so I will end this post here. I wish everyone a blessed day and "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date. Take care and do something good for a homeless person today and pay it forward.

Saturday, February 16, 2019


Good morning to all. it is seven oh seven in the morning and forty-one degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been up and down all night like usual, but I stayed up when it became five o'clock. I made the coffee and woke my husband up with a fresh hot cup of coffee. I only had one cup before I was on to something cold.

Today, he wants to go over to his sister's house because his niece is finally home from foster care and he wants to hang out with her for a few hours. So, I am stuck going because I don't want to be stuck without a car. I understand that it is a good thing that his niece is back home, but it is the drama I don't want to be involved in.

I told him I would go for a couple hours but then I have to come home because I have things of my own to get done like one of my books are scheduled to be done today. I get to work on and finish another work in progress starting tomorrow.

I am excited to have two books in the editing phase and almost ready for publishing. So far, I have five books published and lots more to come this year. My only issue right now is marketing. I don't have any money for paid marketing, and I have been working on free marketing just to get them out there.

Hopefully, I will have some money soon to buy ads, but I am not worried about it too much because I have placed my books here, there, and everywhere that is free to post them. I still have many places to go, but eventually, I will have paid marketing going.

My books are up on Amazon, eBay, and a few other places plus my website. I hope everyone gets a chance to read one of my published books. Twenty-five percent of all book royalties goes to my nonprofit to assist the homeless and needy in regaining their self-sufficiency. Twenty-five percent goes into taxes, another twenty-five percent goes into book expenses, and the last twenty-five percent goes to me.

I just finished writing another article this morning and have a few to write to catch back up to be on schedule for that. I am working my schedule nicely now and it gives me a little free time to enjoy my husband and dogs more.

Well, I need to get on to other things before we leave so I will wish everyone a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to anyone celebrating today. Take care.

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Friday, February 15, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is six twelve in the morning and fifty-two degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia with cloudy skies. I have been awake and up since about three thirty this morning because I went to bed early last night. I feel pretty rested since taking this new medicine, but I could go back to sleep if I chose to.

My husband has been up since about four thirty and is having coffee with me while the dogs are in the other room eating and going potty outside. I began cleaning our room yesterday and just finished organizing my desk to make it more manageable.

It will be pretty busy for me today because I have several articles to write in order to catch up on them. I am almost done writing my current book and pushing it into the editing stage with the other. I am excited to get them published and seeing them in physical form. I haven't decided on a cover yet for either of them and need to get it in gear.

I don't know what my husband has planned for today, but I will be writing and taking care of some writing stuff. I also need to clean the back room and reorganize it because it looks like a cluster f***. The dogs are enjoying chewing things up back there or taking things out the back door and playing with it in the backyard. They are little rascals if you ask me, but they are too cute.

I will be getting on the treadmill today and starting my journey of getting back to health and fit to do my charity walk. I spoke to my primary care doctor about it and she is excited for me. She stated that she would be honored to give me a physical around August thirty- first and sign off allowing me to do the walk unless she feels it will be too much.

So my training begins today and I will have six months to build up my endurance and lose some weight to become fit enough for this walk. Cleaning the house every day will help with the weight loss and keeping my sugar down where it is supposed to be.

My doctor is also putting me on the insulin pump, for now, to help regulate my sugar. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help me reach my goal for this walk. I appreciate anyone who will help me. I have some support here as well in the form of young adult girls. They are my cheerleading squad, lol.

Well, it is time for me to get to writing since it is now seven o'clock and the sun hasn't even come up yet, but I want to wish everyone a safe and blessed Friday. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you be blessed with many more. Don't forget to show your support of the homeless regaining their self-sufficiency by purchasing a book or making a monetary donation to PayPal.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019


"Happy Valentine's Day!" How is everyone this morning? I just got up and I am drinking my first cup of coffee. It is seven forty-six in the morning and thirty-four degrees outside. My husband and I are the only ones awake in the house and I feel pretty rested even though I was up a few times last night. I took the new medication that was prescribed by my doctor last night for bedtime and it kept me asleep most of the night and I feel rested now and not so groggy.

I have my primary care doctor appointment this morning to do a checkup and get refills of my diabetes medications. I am still having an issue with high blood sugars because of the epidural procedure I had, but it is coming down slowly. My first cup of coffee tastes so good this morning and warming me up. I had my husband put the dogs outside to go potty so that I could get a chance to wake up and enjoy my coffee since they are my babies they want momma's attention the minute I wake up.

For my daily stuff today, I will be doing some grant research after I take care of my everyday stuff. The new schedule I came up with works better so that I am not sitting at my computer all day and night. Everything gets done and I still have time to spend with my husband and dogs which is nice.

I have changed my cover pictures on most of my sites to include all published books so far. Hopefully, as long as everything goes right, I should be publishing a new one sometime next week. That is very exciting for me and I love putting my stories out there.

I can't state this enough, but every book that is sold, a quarter of the royalties go to my nonprofit charity to help the homeless regain their self-sufficiency and assist in ending hunger. I feel very passionate about this cause and I hope that everyone would join me in the fight against hunger and poverty.

If you don't want to buy a book, there are PayPal buttons on each site to make a donation to. This is a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed. Here in America, our homeless are being put in jails because of where they sleep or hang out. Our society sees them as an eyesore and Mayors are pushing and forcing them out of cities and into counties so that they won't have to deal with them, which to me is unfair, but who am I to judge our politicians for their work.

Anyway, let's stand together and help the situation instead of pushing it aside. I will end this post here and wish everyone a beautiful day and a very "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today. May you have many more to come. Take care and be blessed.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Hello everyone. It is so beautiful outside today like it didn't even rain for the last two days. I had a doctor's appointment this morning which was the results of my sleep study. The doctor stated that I am not reaching REM sleep and I have acted out behaviors during my sleep, so they put me on a sleep medication that gets me to rest and sleep fully.

I am due to go to my next doctor's appointment here shortly but I wanted to post this for today. I am feeling a bit down today for some reason which I have no clue. It is more of a mental depression which just makes me feel blah and not focused. Sorry, I have to go to an appointment, but I will come back and finish this post.

Sorry, it took me so long getting back on here, I got caught up with multiple doctor appointments and chasing down medications. Plus, I wanted to get some of the cleaning done for today. I have taken one of my new medications for bedtime and waiting for it to kick in with the hopes that it will help me sleep and get plenty of rest.

The dogs are now inside for the night and my husband is asleep with it being ten twenty-four at night. I got my shower and in my pajamas waiting to go to bed. My new schedule will make sure everything gets done in a day which is what I needed to stay sane.

I am still feeling the blahs but I am more relaxed. I am sitting here drinking my diet Pepsi and cheese crackers as my bedtime snack. Well, I need to get this published and I hope everyone has a nice evening and gets enough rest for work tomorrow. "Happy Birthday" to those who were born today and may you have many more. Take care until tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is eight forty-four in the morning and fifty-five degrees here in Dalton, Georgia with misty rain and fog outside. I have been up for several minutes ow having my first cup of coffee and paying some bills at the moment. I just let the dogs go outside and they are in the other room eating their breakfast and my husband just woke up.

I will be busy today working on one of my books to get it finished and ready for editing. That will make two books in the editing phase which is exciting for me. I love to see my books being published. I want to tell my stories to the world.

I sat here last night working on stuff for my nonprofit like the charity walk I want to do in September when the temperatures are milder. It is very exciting for me to be doing something that shows my support of a cause and we have such a big issue with homelessness here in America that it should be addressed.

This will be a short post today because I have rambled on the last few days so I hope everyone has a blessed day and to everyone celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.