Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Morning everyone, it is four twenty in the morning and I am up this early due to taking a late nap yesterday evening. It is okay though because everyone else is asleep and it is nice and quiet. I am hurting a little this morning in my neck and shoulder area but I can function a little. Mentally I am doing better than yesterday. I was a little unstable yesterday and did not feel safe enough to make it to my therapy appointment so I rescheduled.

I was not able to complete my daily goal sheet for the day but I did manage to get a lot of other important things done. I will complete my goal sheet today since I am up so early. I am looking forward to the day and getting some more things done to help increase books sales as well as my nonprofit stuff.

I have fed the dogs and it is hard to keep them from chasing and barking after ghosts outside, lol. They are very good guard dogs but sometimes they can take it overboard, but I love them anyway. I am on my first cup of coffee this morning and see this as a two or three cup morning since it being early and still dark outside.

I will be getting a chapter if not more done on my books today and two short stories done for my other two books. One will be a freebie for signing up for my weekly newsletter and the other will go up on Amazon.

I sat down the other day and started throwing together a design for our house and hopefully will soon begin the building process. I look forward to having our own house will a lot of room for the dogs to run. We will be having a mini farm with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. We will have our own meat, a garden for fruits and vegetables, a well for water, and solar panels for electricity. That is the plan for our future and if everything goes right, we will complete that goal as well.

Well, it is time to publish this post and begin my day with writing. I hope everyone enjoys their "Hump Day" because it means the weekend is close, so take care and remember to love everyone. Take care until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Unknown Killer

He felt the coldness of the blade as it touches his throat slowly
slicing away at it. His hands tied tightly behind his back as he
could see each burst of dark red blood from his throat with
every heartbeat. He is being held by his hair as he feels his
body grow cold. He knows he will die and the last thing he will
hear is the creepy high-pitched laugh from behind him.

His eyes begin to droop as he is slowly losing consciousness.
His body going limp as his attacker releases him from his grip.
He looks down as he falls forward into a pool of his own blood on
the cold concrete floor. His face covered with blood as he takes
his last breath. He is now dead and gone to a better place.

A few weeks later, neighbors have called the police to report a
horrific odor coming from an abandoned building. When they
arrive, they too can smell the aroma of death that fills the
neighborhood air. They begin their search of the old creepy
building. Several officers are on scene and do a sweep of the
house one room at a time.

Clearing each room as they go, two officers find a hidden door
that leads down to the basement. Upon opening the door, the
foul odor slaps them in the face as they cover their noses to
visit the dismal dark room under the house. Walking slowly
down the creaking old steps taking care not to fall through
them. This house is so old that anything can be assumed and

Once in the basement, they shine their flashlights to each
corner of the concrete-walled room seeing mold and spiders
everywhere. As they walk through the darkness, the vulgar
smell gets stronger until one of them happens to kick into
something soft and flimsy. When shining his flashlight down in
front of him, he sees the deteriorating body in a thick pool of
drying blood.

He looks upon it in horror because this is the first dead body he
has ever seen. He calls his partner over who just happens to
slide into the pool of blood which was not seen. His shoes
covered in the deceased body’s blood he too looks upon it with
the feeling of nausea in the pit of his gut. After viewing it, they
finally call to everyone else on their findings and the location.

A few minutes later, several other officers cautiously make
their way down the creaky stairs. Once standing with their
fellow officers, they peer down with flashlights at the gruesome
sight of a cold-blooded murder victim. An officer calls over his
radio to send the coroner for a pickup and gives the address
and location in the house. Several officers feeling faint and full
of nausea make their way back up the stairs and outside to get
a breath of fresh air.

As they spoke among themselves, two detectives pull up in a
gray Ford Crown Victoria. Getting out of the car, they make
their way past the crime scene tape and into the abandoned
house. Hearing the call over the radio for the coroner, the
detectives know the location inside the house where the victim
is located. Following the directions, they find the doorway
down to the basement and begin their descent. Not standing
the vulgar odor, they stop to apply a cream under their noses
to prevent from smelling it.

They continue their way down feeling the decrepit steps
beneath their feet. Feeling them give and wondering if they
were going to make it down into the basement. After stepping
from the last step, the two detectives walk over to where the
victim lies. Officers have placed several flood lights around
giving light to the dark damp room.

The coroner has already arrived and is looking over the
deceased body taking samples while the officers walk the
perimeter searching for any clues or evidence of who could
have done this. The detectives begin asking questions of the
coroner of what happened and how the man died.

After taking a sample from the victim’s hair, he looked up to
the detectives and informed them that his throat was slit, and
he suffocated on his own blood not to mention the mass blood
loss which lay on the floor. The time of death was approximately
two to three weeks ago and that the body has laid here for
some time. He suffered his ordeal greatly.

The detectives looked at each other and one made the
statement that this is the third murder in five weeks and all
with the same modus operandi. The victims’ throats slit,
and they were left in old abandoned houses. They now know
that they had a serial killer on the loose and needed to find him
before another person is killed.

They watched as the victim was sealed in the coroner’s black
bag and hauled up the stairs to be loaded in the van and taken
to the morgue where the other bodies are. The detectives
questioned all the officers to see if any clues were found in that
damp basement? No one found anything because of the
decomposition of the body and no murder weapon was found.

When ready to leave the room and head back upstairs, the
basement door had partially closed, and something was seen
on the back of the door. One of the detectives closed the door
to expose the number three written in blood on it. They had
verification now that it is a serial killer who left the number of
victims he has killed.

The manhunt was now on. Everyone convened back at the
police station after sealing up the house as a crime scene. They
sat and everyone including the detectives went back over all
three case files of the murders to see if anything could be
construed as a clue to who this madman was. Nothing made
sense and they could not put all the pieces together to identify
the killer. So far, he was labeled the unknown killer.

Everyone did all they could and scrambled around trying to find
him. Meanwhile, the killer now kidnapped two young women.
He picked them up at a college campus each walking alone back
to their dorms. Both chloroformed and rendered unconscious
to be taken to a farmhouse that had not been lived in years.
Both girls, in their twenties, were tied both wrists and ankles
with steer rope that was inescapable.

His interest was not in sexually harming them but to see them
die slowly and gasping for their last breath. Now he had moved
up to having another victim watch as he slices the young tender
throat of her companion. Something that would terrify the
other victim into fighting and struggling for her life. They could
not see the face of their abductor which was hidden partly in
the shadows but could hear that creepy spine-chilling laugh as
he took a very sharp blade to the throat of the young college

Her companion in all this could see the glimmering light of the
steel blade that became covered in blood as he held the girls
head back by her hair while almost decapitating her from his
arousal. Her eyes and mouth wide open screaming as every
inch of her skin was being sliced like melted butter. She looked
down at her blood pouring from her body onto the floor.

The other victim having to turn her head to keep from seeing
the gruesome event knew she was next. While he lavished in
his deed of killing the one college student, the other was trying
to work at loosening the rope from her fragile wrists. Once he
was done and slowly letting her hair slip from his fingers into
the pool of blood, looked over at the other seeing her struggle
to get loose.

Not a sound came from him except that gory laugh which made
the hair on her arms and neck stand on end. He walked over to
his other victim grabbing her by her hair and dragging her over
to the dead body on the floor and pushing her into the pool of
blood. She screamed out louder thinking that she would be
heard but the sounds of crows muffled her noise.

He lifted her to her knees in front of him while standing behind
her. He took the blood-soaked blade and waved it in her face
drawing more fear from his young victim. He pulled her head
back stretching her neck to show off those beautiful arteries
which he was about to filet. She could hardly breathe in that
position which made it harder to scream out.

Then she felt the cold steel slide across her neck not knowing
that her throat had been cut yet until she felt the warm fluid
soak her blouse and making it even harder to breathe. All she
could do was gurgle on her own blood as she felt the cool air
lightly blow into her exposed flesh.

The last thing she heard before taking her last breath was that
gory high-pitched laugh of her captor. She felt herself go cold
as her blood ran from her body. The last few images in her mind
flashed as she drifted away in her captor’s hand. He then
dropped her limp body to the floor in her own pool of blood. He
took his knife and used her dry clothing to clean that cold steel

After his fun was over and he cleaned his knife, he felt the
satisfaction of killing his victims and it was time to search out
new ones. So, he grabbed his things and went back to the van
to leave that farmhouse where his last victims lay on a
blood-soaked floor. He did wonder for a moment how long it
would be before they were discovered being that this house
had not been lived in for many years. It only lasted a moment
before his van pulled away driving down the dirt path to the
nearby road.

It had days before anyone at the college noticed that the girls
were missing before calling the police. When they showed up at
the college, they noticed that the girls hadn’t been to their
dorm lately and the search was on. They put out a bulletin to
find these girls and when the detectives got word they knew
in their minds that they were the next victims they would find.

Since the last victim was found in an abandoned house, they put
out the word to check all abandoned houses and buildings for
the missing girls. As the search went on, the detectives and
officers searching for the girls were becoming exhausted, but
they had to find them.

It had been a month of searching before the call came in that
two decomposed bodies were found in an old farmhouse at the
edge of the city. The detectives grabbed their jackets and things
hurrying out of the police station to their car. After getting in,
the detective driving fumbled to get his keys due to the
thought of finding these two girls deceased.

They headed out to the farmhouse and pulled up the dirt path
which was the entrance to the farmhouse. They pulled up to
the front yard and turned off the ignition while staring at this
old decrepit house. The reporting officer was there and walked
up to their car informing them that the girls were inside. He
informed them that it was a gruesome sight and to cover their
noses due to the smell of decaying flesh.

The detectives got out of the car and walked up to the house
walking towards the front door. Before getting to the door, they
could smell the stench of decay. Covering their noses, they
walked in the front door and headed for the room where they
were found.

As they got closer to the room, the stench got worse. As they
entered the room, they saw two decaying bodies almost
unrecognizable. They could tell it was two females and
automatically they knew it was the two college girls that were

As they began working the crime scene, the coroner arrived. He
looked at the bodies and informed the detectives that it was,
in fact, two young females. He said it looked like they had
been there a while. The detectives already knew the timeline
of when the girls went missing. It was the killers second and
third victims, so they automatically knew they had a serial killer
making his way through the city.

They watched as the coroner bagged up the bodies to carry
them away. It was a sad day for the parents of the victims who
showed up at the scene as they watched the bodies of their
daughters being carried from the house. One arm of the victims
fell from the bag that was partially zipped and the bracelet on
the wrist told the parents which bag their daughter was.

The parents broke down crying as their daughters were being
put in the coroner’s van and taken off. The detectives walked up
to the parents and informed them they will catch their
daughters’ killer. One of the officers came from the house and
told the detectives that no trace of the killer was found. There
were no clues as to who he was.

One of the officers outside called the detectives over to show
them the tire tracks that he had found and then they called a
specialist with tire markings to make a cast of the tire track to
use in their evidence. If anything, they could track down what
kind of vehicle he is driving and then move to catch him.

As the detectives got back inside their car to go back to the
station, one made the comment that they had an unknown killer
on their hands. The other agreed and informed him that they
need to work harder at catching him. Most of the officers stayed
behind searching for any more clues as to who it could be.

As the detectives made it back to the station, they were
informed that the specialist had made a cast and was on his way
back to the station with it. When he arrived and walked into the
office of the detectives, he right away told them that it was a
van. They took the cast and asked the specialist if he knew what
kind of van, so they could start searching for it. He stated that it
was some sort of cargo van because of the weight it took to
make that tire track.

With this information, now the detectives had something to go
on. They began their search for all cargo vans in the city, but it
seemed a little troublesome because there were many cargo
vans in the city. They decided to print up the list and hand it out
to everyone so each officer could search for so many of them at
one time.

While the detectives worked the case, the unknown killer was
searching out his next victim. He drove around looking for
someone who is alone and, in some place, less public. He
searched alleys and dead-end roads. No one was around due to
the news coverage of the killer and for everyone to stay inside
if they have no place important to be. They also stated that if
any person had to leave their homes to go with someone else.

The killer was more aroused now that they were searching for
him and that made his search more fun. He drove around and
finally found someone sitting in a park where there was no one
else around. He noticed the man when he got up was blind and
more easily to subdue.

He walked up to the man who was walking with his feeler stick
and asked if he needed any help? The blind man stated that he
was making his way to the store a block down from the park.
The killer offered to take him, but instead of walking him
towards the store, he walked him right up to his van and then
hit him with chloroform knocking the man out and placing him
inside his van.

As he walked around to the driver side he gave out his creepy
laugh with arousal knowing he had another victim. He drove
around heading for the city limit and crossed over into another
county looking for an abandoned house to play with his victim.
He thought going into another county would set the detectives
off his trail.

After driving about five miles into the neighboring county, he
finally found a house that was condemned. He pulled up into
the driveway and then over the grass to hide his van around
back. Once he was parked, he got out of the van and walked
around to the side door to get his victim out. The man was
coming to and began panicking as to who had kidnapped him.

He felt strong hands grab him as he let out a yell for anyone
nearby to help him, but this house was a country house with
acreage and the nearest neighbor was miles away. The killer
took him inside the house through the back door. There he
threw his victim to the floor before tying him up at the ankles
and wrists. The blind man began pleading for his life and all he
heard was that gruesome laugh of the killer.

After laying on the floor for a few minutes, the killer picked him
up and placed him on his knees while the blind man again pled
for his life. The killer laughed as he drew out his shiny steel
blade and rubbed it against the blind man’s face. This frightened
the blind man as he now began to cry for his life and prayed
to God.

It was a few minutes before the blind man felt the cold hand of
the killer placed on his forehead. He pulled his head back as far
as it would go and removed the glasses the blind man was
wearing because the killer wanted to look into his eyes as he
bled over himself and took his last breath.

Seeing the tears trickle down his face made the killer more
aroused with his sadistic homicidal ways. As the man cried and
pled for life, the killer took his blade and very slowly cut the
blind man’s throat from one ear to the next making sure to hit
the carotid arteries.

As the killer slowly sliced away, the man who was pleading for
his life began gurgling on his own blood never finishing his
sentence. The killer began laughing as the blood squirt from
the blind man’s throat. The blind man felt his artery cut and
then felt his own heartbeat as each ounce of blood left his body.
His eyes had the look of surprise as the killer made the knife
end his cut over the other carotid artery.

By now, blood was rushing out and the blind man became
weaker as he slowly fell over towards the ground but still held
up by the killer. The killer watched his face as the blind man’s
eyes began to roll up inside his head.  He was ready to take his
final breath and the killer was there to watch. It was his
pleasurable moment to see how death takes a person because
all deaths are not the same. If they were, it would get boring
and the killer would have to find something else to do
instead of killing.

When the last drop of blood poured from his neck, the killer
dropped his body to the floor. He then covered him up with an
old blanket that he found in the house. While standing over the
blanket-covered body, he took a piece of the man’s clothing
and wiped the blood from his knife. Once it was clean, he put it
away in its sheath attached to his belt and then took one last
look at the covered body on the ground while letting out that
creepy high-pitched laugh that all his victims heard before dying.

He left the man there and walked back out to his van getting in
and pulling away down the driveway. He was very aroused by
this killing because the man was blind and could not see the
terrible things happening to him. It made the killer thrilled and
was back out looking for his next victim.

About a month later, the detectives got a phone call from the
neighboring county who had been keeping tabs on their killer.
He notified them that they just found a body that could be
related. This peaked the detective’s interest, so he agreed to
meet the sheriff at the crime scene.

The detective grabbed his things relating to the case and his
partner and walked out of the police station heading for their
car. They got inside, buckled up, and were on their way to the
next county over. It was going to be about a fifty-mile drive,
so the detectives began reviewing the case as they drove.

Once the detectives arrived on the scene, they met the sheriff
who briefed them on everything before going into the old
country house and seeing the victim. Once inside, they saw
how old and decrepit the house was. The floors creaked, there
were spider webs everywhere and cracked and chipped paint
on the walls. It looked like the house hadn’t been taken care of
in a long time.

When they reached the room where the victim was, they saw
the old blanket that he was covered with and asked for it to be
analyzed for any DNA possibly from the killer. The sheriff
had it sent off immediately while they continued their
investigation. The sheriff informed the detectives that the
victim was a blind man and probably didn’t see this coming.

The detectives noticed the knife wound on his neck and knew
it well to be that from the same killer they were looking for.
Now, they knew that the killer was moving further out and
making the search of a wider area. One of the detectives got on
the radio and called back to the office informing them that the
killer has entered another county and to widen the search area
and put out a curfew.

Meanwhile, the killer was parked in a truck stop taking a nap
when he heard the broadcast come over the radio about the
all-out curfew set in all neighboring counties. He became more
aroused by the fact that now he was a wanted man in several
counties. It wasn’t his main goal, but it was nice to know that
everyone wanted him.

He got himself woke up and dressed and felt like doing another
killing just to satisfy his craving for the day. Everyone knew him
there at the truck stop, so he couldn’t just nab someone there
without being seen and reported. He got behind the wheel and
turned over the van to hear its engine roar which gave him the
spunk to go out searching.

He filled up his gas tank right there at the truck stop before
leaving and headed out in the opposite direction of his last kill.
It made him excited with pleasure to know that it became a cat
and mouse game with law enforcement. He headed out and
once he made it to the next county over, he searched out his
next victim.

He drove for about two hours before finding a young girl
somewhere in her teens walking alone down the sidewalk.
He pulled up beside her and asked where she was headed?
The young girl told him that she was going over to a girlfriend’s
house and that she was late. He offered her a ride stating he
was going in that direction and that she wouldn’t be so late if
he takes her.

The young girl agreed and jumped inside the van. As they drove,
he offered her a soda from his special cooler which contained
knock out drugs. She took the soda and began drinking it and
within a few minutes became very groggy. She started talking
gibberish and not making any sense when he pulled over
along the side of the road.

He got out and walked around to her side of the van opening
her door and began to tie up her feet and wrists. There was
no struggle from her being that she was almost knocked out. He
then pulled her toward him throwing her up over his shoulder
and taking her to the side door where no one would see him
put her in the back of the van.

Once he had her inside the back, he closed the door and got
back inside the driver’s seat and started off to find someplace
private. He drove out of the area of her kidnapping and drove
for the outskirts of town where he was sure to find somewhere
vacant. He looked back and noticed she was sleeping soundly
and continued to drive.

He finally found a construction site where no one was working
because of it being the weekend and decided that this might be
fun. His mind was becoming more sadistic and cruel the longer
he kept killing. There were nice homes already up and covered
and decided to check one of them out.

He parked his van around the back of one of the houses and got
out. He walked from house to house looking for that special
spot for his craving. At last, he found it, a house that was almost
completely ready for interior painting. This is where his victim
will be found.

Now that he had a place, he went back to the van to claim his
victim. She was still unconscious in the back of the van, so he
picked her up and carried her to the house that he found. He
took her inside closing the door behind them and took her to an
upstairs bedroom with no carpet or flooring yet.

He left her tied and placed her on the floor while he searched
out some items that he needed. He found a paint try, a paint
roller, and some plastic to which he was going to do some
decorating. He took these items back to the room where she

The young victim had not moved an inch and he had to make
sure she was still alive by placing his fingers on her carotid
artery to make sure blood was still pumping and that there was
a heartbeat. Sure enough, she was still alive just out cold.

He grabbed his victim and knew that she was not going to wake
up so easily but knew he had a time constraint for the location
he was in, so he got started anyway. He pulled her up to her
knees and while holding her, he kicked the paint try beneath
the front of her. As he held her by her hair, he used his other
hand to stroke the softness of it and ran his hand across her
soft face.

He thought to himself that it was such a shame he had to kill
her, but his mind wanted this craving satisfied. So, he reached
to his side and took out his cold-steeled knife from its sheath
and wiped it across his hand to make sure it was clean from
dust. Then, as he held her head back seeing those veins
pumping her young blood through them, he took his knife and
began slicing her frail skin from one side to the other which
was his signature mark.

Only this time, when her blood began to pour from her throat,
he leaned her forward catching her blood in the paint tray.
Once the tray was filled, he laid her head down on the concrete
floor while he took the tray and paint roller and began painting
the walls with the young vital fluid. It was almost a sick prank.

Once he ran out of blood, he looked over to his victim to see
that she still had a little left oozing from her arteries, so he
walked over and tried to fill the tray up again with her blood.
As he painted the new walls with her blood, he laughed that
creepy laugh as if to enjoy it thoroughly.

Once he was done, he didn’t even bother covering her up but
did cut the ropes free at her ankles and wrists. He placed her
so angelic on the floor as if she was only sleeping. He then left
the paint roller in the blood covered tray and began walking out
of the house. He climbed into his van and began driving out of
the construction site and headed for the freeway.

He drove up onto the freeway never to be seen or heard from
again. Some wonder if it was that young girl that made him
disappear, or he just kept going to places unknown only to be
the unknown killer.


Good morning everyone. it is going on eight thirty here this morning and I am finding it hard to wake up and get motivated this morning. It is cloudy outside and that doesn't help any because I want to sleep when it has been raining. I am hurting a bit in my neck and will be getting my injections next week which I can't wait.

I did manage to get some things done yesterday and will continue to get things done no matter what is thrown at me. I am getting tired of being drawn away from what makes me happy and will now take matters into my own hands. I am always putting my stuff off for others and it has got to stop. It sets me farther and farther back from my goals and sometimes you just can't catch up.

I seem to have to constantly rearrange my writing calendar to make changes so that I can make up for lost time and it wastes a lot of paper so I will be changing it one last time so that my goals are accomplished correctly. I even moved all of my doctor's appointments back to the mornings so that they don't interfere with my writing time.

Last night I got my script done for my video and podcast introductions and will hopefully be putting them up today as well. I have a lot to do and it just seems to not be enough hours in a day to get them done, so I have to prioritize from here on with what is most important and go from there.

Well, I have a lot of things to get done this morning and will need to end this post here, but first I need to make an update with everyone. Blogger seems to be having some issues and will not allow me to republish my Crime Thrillers page so I will be posting my Crime short stories here on this page until it gets corrected. So, the next posting after this will be my current short story that I just finished writing for that genre.

I will be posting a short story every three days for a different page so check them out and please leave some feedback on them. It happens to be that time again for me to stop here and get my day started, so I wish everyone an awesome day and be blessed. Take care.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is such a cloudy day here and I can feel the rain coming but it still makes it a great day for me to stay in front of my computer and work on my books. I feel amped up this morning and I have already run to the bank to make a deposit, stopped by the grocery store to get a few things for dinner, and dropped off some prescriptions for a morning pickup tomorrow. I am moving this morning and it is Monday, what is really going on? :)

Today's goals are going to be met come hell or high water and I feel pretty good about it. I do have to make something later today and write a letter for my therapy session in the morning, but it will get done also. I feel like running right now and I don't understand why. I know a lot of you are dragging out of bed or dreading the day because it is Monday, but I have not felt like this in a long time.

My husband is still lying in bed awake watching television and it is eleven o'clock in the morning, go figure. I spent the weekend watching the "Harry Potter Marathon" and look forward to next week when "Shark Week" comes on. I feel like I will be finishing one book by Wednesday and the other could possibly be done by the same day. I am also working on a "freebie" book as well which already has a few short stories written for it.

Sorry if I seem to be rambling on but that is how much energy I have today to get things done and I will use it in a positive manner. The dogs have just as much energy today with them running all around the room playing with each other. I think I could have a book written a day with as much energy as they have, lol.

I had a new short story ready for posting on the site but using Word threw the whole blog page template off, so I am having to make some adjustments to it, but it will be up today for sure. Well, time to get flying with things. I wish everyone a happy Monday and a prosperous one. We all need a little money in our pockets. So have a great day and take care.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is Sunday and a day of rest for many. I didn't have so much luck yesterday at the flea market but I did hand out plenty of my author brochures and spoke with people. A couple of them were interested in audiobooks, so I sent them to my Amazon page since two of my books are in audiobook format. In all, it was a good day even though I didn't sell anything. Just knowing that I got out there and got my name and books into the hands of people was a good day.

I am not going to the flea market this morning so I will be staying home and working on finishing my books and some crafts I have been working on. I will also be setting up some scripts for my author videos to get them started not to mention some podcasts. I will be looking at doing a podcast every week and maybe a video or two a week. I want everyone to get a chance to read my books and either learn from them or get some pleasure from them.

My husband is in a mood this morning because he is trying to wake up to go with our roommate to the flea market and the dogs are telling him that they are awake by running around the room and back and forth out the back door barking at nothing. The tiniest one is so cute trying to be a big dog and barking at things.

I went out and got my newspapers from the curb and took my coupon inserts out and will be getting those done today as well. I love couponing and saving money and I already have a full six-foot shelf filled with condiments, hygiene, and laundry stuff. I have the whole bottom shelf filled with two-liter bottles of soda for the month. It doesn't look like much but it helps us save for other things.

I will be working on sketching out our house today. We will be soon buying some land and building our own house. So we get to design our house and make it the way we want it. I find this to be fun because I want something unique so I will be designing it today just to get started. Our goal is to have a mini farm and becoming self-sufficient.

Well, a new day has begun and my first cup of coffee down so I will leave you to rest today and get ready for a new work week. Thank you so much for following my webpage and reading my posts. I appreciate all my friends and family, old and new. So, have a great and blessed day. Take care.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Good Morning to all my friends and family, even the new ones. How are we feeling this beautiful Saturday morning? I have been up since four o'clock and showered and packed the car for the flea market. Now I am enjoying my coffee with my wonderful husband before doing my hair and getting there early to get a good table. 

I am feeling very positive this morning about meeting and talking with people and getting my brand out there. I have three different books to sell and next month will have five or six. I have been working diligently on getting the next two books done and can see the light at the end of the tunnel on finishing them for next month.

Getting into a routine can sometimes be hard, but it will soon happen and that's when more books will be written. Granted, a lot of my books will be novellas but that is okay too. I just can't see myself doing anything else but writing. It is good therapy for me and it helps me deal with a lot of things as well as giving people something good to read that is enjoyable.

On my "How I Survived Prostitution" book, the people I gave a copy to for reading stated they liked it and that it was heartfelt. I have been getting good feedback on all my books because I don't fluff them with words and don't beat around the bush about anything. I make them easy to read and not full of long, hard to pronounce words.

Well, it is time to get ready to head out the door. I wish everyone an awesome Saturday and a blessed one. Wish me luck for a good bookselling day. Take care.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Good afternoon friends and family, old and new. How are you today? It is almost the weekend and I know everyone is anxious for it to get here? My apologies for not posting yesterday, after the doctor's appointment and grocery shopping and running some other errands, I was not feeling well mentally and needed to lay down in a quiet, dark room.

On a brighter note, I just got my letter from the diagnostics place that my mammogram was normal and there were no malignancies. That made me feel better to know and now I can wait another year unless things change. Today was a little weird being that when I got up from a restlessness night, I felt the sudden urge to stay near my husband for some reason. I could not put my finger on it, so he is staying close to home today and an eye on me.

I will try more writing today and hopefully get closer to having one done. I was just looking at websites for cover images and pricing and found several that were intriguing. It will be fun when the time comes to format my books and set up the covers. I am really anxious but will take my time writing and editing and should be on schedule to publish two or three books in August. I will have a fourth book which will become a short story freebie or a short story to one of my characters, I haven't decided but would like some feedback in the comments of which you think it should be?

Well, I need to get going to accomplish my daily goals and wish everyone the best day ever. Take care.