Sunday, June 9, 2019

Our Journey- The New Property- The New life

5/24/2019            Day 1
                We arrived at our property today with our cabin already delivered and set up. We pulled in with a twenty-foot trailer that was loaded with all our stuff. We got the trailer set up to where we could unload it efficiently. We want to work smart and not hard. I stopped to look over our property which had turned green since we were last up here.
                It looked like we had not touched anything because the grass had grown up over and around everything. We knew we had a job cut out for us. We got everything unloaded off the trailer and into the cabin because we feared it would rain. Then, the cabin became cluttered. We were already exhausted from the five hour drive it took us to get here and then having to unload the trailer. Let’s just say we both didn’t care how hot it was we collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep.

5/25/2019            Day 2
                The night had been chilly, and it felt nice and cool inside the cabin enough to where we didn’t want to get out of bed, but we knew that there was work that needed to be done. We got up and drove into town stopping to get a cup of coffee before going to Walmart to get some things we needed. We loaded up on water and food before buying a five-gallon gas can to have for the lawn mower and weed eater.
                We then headed back out to the property which is about nine miles from any store or gas station and began setting up the lawn mower and weed eater to get started with clearing the property. Our focus was to get the front and back yard done so that when we were ready to build a fence, we knew the boundaries. The dogs have been able to run free except for one because we never know when she will bolt off the property. Once the fence is installed, she will then be able to run free with the others.
                We spent the better part of the day in the sun clearing the yard and hauling branches and tree limbs to a pile where the grass had already been mowed. We worked as a team except for a few tiny arguments because of being in the heat. We took a break and went to cool off sitting on our front porch and then apologized to each other for the outbursts and arguing.
                We worked on the yard until the sun had gone down and it became to dark to see. We are here with no power except for a large generator which we only use at night to run our air conditioner enough to cool it off and a lamp. We have no water except for the gallon jugs we fill at Walmart and a five-gallon bottle. We conserve the water to make sure it lasts long enough to have for the dogs and to bathe with. Once we are done in the evening, we do a wash up from a tub of water and then we lay down to enjoy the coolness from the air conditioner until the generator runs out of gas, then we go to sleep.

5/26/2019            Day 3
                Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and we agreed that we would take the day off, but it didn’t happen. We both ended up outside in the heat clearing more property. We have almost three acres of land to clear and we have managed to get half an acre cleared already. The dogs are enjoying the space and must inspect every area that is cleared and mowed down. We still have a long way to go before reaching the back property line but working on it every day we will finally reach the back.
                My husband loves the fact that there are blackberry bushes everywhere, but we had to agree which had to go and which ones could stay. Where the house is going to be added on, those blackberry bushes had to go to make room for the house.
                We will never be bored here with so much work to do. I get to work in the mornings and evenings outside while spending the hottest part of the day inside working on my books. It is so quiet here and the reason for the move was to get away from all the drama and to give me a place to write quietly.
                It hurt us a bit financially to make this move and today I began looking at the bills and how was I going to catch them up. Some bills will not get paid on time and some will only get partial payments until I can get them caught up. Everyone will just have to wait until we get things back on track which should happen sometime next month.
                Some bills will be paid off in a couple months while others stretch out until the end of the year. When doing the budget, I also have to budget in gas for the generator and car, plus water until we get a water source here on the property. I might have to buy dowsing rods to locate the water, but we do have IBC totes which once we get rain gutters installed, we will have the rainwater catch system for a water source.

5/27/2019            Day 4
                This morning I woke up to my husband wanting intimacy which we both needed some release. After that he made me a cup of coffee and enjoyed watching the sun come up together. Once the sun came up and our coffee cups empty, we went to work cutting and pruning trees while I ran the weed eater. The afternoons are very windy here and it blows through the cabin keeping it cool. It also keeps it from becoming to hot outside which my husband and I have already been burned by the sun.
                We will be taking a trip back to Walmart later to buy ice for our cooler which keeps our drinks and water cold. This evening we will be hauling more trees and branches to the wood pile and cleaning up the yard from our mess. Right now, my husband is taking a nap since he hasn’t been sleeping well for about the last week due to the stress of moving. But things are still moving right along.

5/28/2019            Day 5
                Today was a mediocre day but stress levels began to rise as the day went on. I know that my husband says he doesn’t believe in God, so I have to have enough faith for both of us. He began digging for water today while I used the weed eater to clear more grass and brush.
                He began getting frustrated after digging four feet because he had not found water yet, but I tried to keep him motivated to dig deeper. We had to make an ice run and trips out to the local post office to put in change of address cards and visit the local social security office to change our address with them. He got even more frustrated because I closed our food stamp case for Georgia and applied here in Tennessee. I will not be a part to fraud, and he was just exhausted mentally from the move and having to work so hard on clearing the property.
                We have cleared half an acre so far and found numerous blackberry bushes and fruit trees which we can sell at the local farmers market in town. Anything to help us out financially. It hurts to see him frustrated because we are always broke and behind on bills, but I can only do so much.
                I will keep positive about things and do the best we can. It will take a few months but we will be back on track soon and everything will be

5/29/2019            Day 6
                It was a good morning with the dogs happy and enjoying themselves outside playing while we drank coffee on our porch. After that, we got ourselves together for work and went out into a breezy morning cutting and pruning trees as well as clipping vines that were attached to the trees. I hate those vines and with their thorns it hurt quite a bit moving them.
                My husband did most of the work while I stayed inside the cabin organizing things where they should go. He would take breaks and come in and check on me because he knows that moving around a lot can drop my sugar quickly and we haven’t even looked up where the nearest hospital is located.
                I finally got things organized and put into place and was ready to join him outside working. He was taking down trees while I grabbed the weed eater and went to work. I worked for a few hours and kept regular checks on my sugar levels which have been in the one-hundreds for a while since moving to our property and keeping away from the drama of everyone else’s lives.
                It was a good day and we finally got to meet one of our neighbors who is Mennonite and lives completely off the grid. He has several acres next to us and eats what he grows and hunts. I thought he was a nice man and he gave us some advice about our property quality. I rather enjoyed his visit while my husband thought there was something wrong with him. I had to explain how that culture survives and all I got was a funny look. But it was still a good day.

5/30/2019            Day 7
                Today started out groggy because of my medicine and the fact that I was exhausted from the prior days work. We go to bed early and wake up early here. It is funny how it happens when we were always going to bed late and sleeping late and our prior residence.
                We worked hard all-day clearing land and piling it all up on a clearing next to our driveway. We work good as a team, but he still worries about me and if he sees me struggling with something he will come over and do it for me. I appreciate him so much because of how well he looks after me. Sometimes, he cares more about me than himself.
                Our neighbor on the other side of us a few lots away came over to introduce himself and he seemed like a nice man too. The other neighbor told him how we were digging a well and hadn’t hit water yet. They had two wells and offered to fill our two IBC totes with water for us so that we could have water for bathing or whatever we needed. So, he took my husband and the totes over to his property and they cleaned them out and filled them both with water while I continued to work on the property. We are putting sweat equity into our property because of wanting to live out our dreams of homeownership and a house that we built.

5/31/2019            Day 8
                Today is payday for us and we got up and headed out first thing in the morning after our one cup of coffee. We went out and paid bills and bought stuff that we needed, and this was a whole day adventure. We went to Lowes, which is over the state line in Mississippi, and I wanted to walk around and look while he kept trying to rush me. I finally told him that after riding in the car all day that I wanted a chance to walk around and stretch my legs. He still kept rushing me.
                We got everything we needed and now have a spicket on our totes to get the water in desired amounts. The dogs are happy with the water, but my husband is not used to drinking well water and he needs to get used to it. Our neighbors offered to give us water any time we needed it until we get our well drilled. I thought that was pretty nice of them.
                We are going to bed early tonight to get a fresh start in the morning on clearing more property from brush. We have half an acre already cleared and looking nice for a yard and good curb appeal. My husband is exhausted and so am I so I will cut this post short. Good night.

6/1/2016              Day 9
                I was too drowsy this morning to get up with my husband, so he allowed me to sleep another hour before waking me up to work. By the time I got up, he already had one corner of the property at the road cut down, pruned, and cleaned up. I got out there and helped a little but today I begin working on my books again and for a couple hours everyday I come inside and write.
                My husband has been outside working while I am here writing articles and working on my next book. He was outside when our neighbor came over and I got to meet his wife who is really nice, and they like to stay away from drama which is good. They stay to themselves and have projects around their property that they are working on.
                He came over today to check on us because our truck has a slow leak in one of the back tires. While my husband was outside with him, I had an episode of hypoglycemia where my sugar check read forty-four and I began to get confused and shaky, so I called for him and told him that I needed him. When he came inside, I tried to tell him what was going on but it was hard to speak and move.
                I lost the feeling from the waist down and felt like I was going to pass out and he made me eat a couple of snack cakes we just bought and it wasn’t helping much, so we went to get something to eat and my husband drove like he was panicking. He kept asking if I wanted to go to the hospital and I kept telling him no.
                We got something to eat and right now I am still a little wobbly, but better than I was earlier. Thank God I wasn’t alone, or I would have gone into diabetic shock which is what I think was beginning to happen until he made me eat those snack cakes. He just came in to check on me and I told him I am better. I love him so much. Well, I need to get working on my other writing tasks and he wants me to check my sugar again, so I will leave you until tomorrow. Take care.

6/2/2019              Day 10
                This morning I got up to go to church for the first time in years and it felt good. I know that I have to church shop to find the one that best suits me, but I think this church will be my home church. When I got home, my husband was clearing more property around his blackberry bushes. He asked me how church went and then it was back to work for me.
                I picked up the weed eater and went to work clearing the tall grass that filled the pathway to the back of the property. The dogs had a fun time and even helped my husband dig in the new spot that he is going to try and find a water source. The last hole was a bust so it will be our outhouse until we get some more of the house built to include indoor plumbing.
                We then both took a nap and he tried to wake me, and I had wanted to go to Sunday night service but clearing the property had been a priority since we moved here and I know that I should put God first. I will go back to church Wednesday night for bible study and go from there.
                All in all, it was a good day and we got plenty of area cleared. We finally sat on the front porch and watched the dogs play while drinking a cold beverage. Today was a good day.

6/3/2019              Day 11
                Today we got up and had our coffee before going back to work on clearing more of the property. It was hot with the sun beating down enough to give us both a little sun burn. We got most of the front yard done with a small corner left to do.
                The dogs were having fun running around free and playing. They just don’t know that they will have a fenced in yard with no escape yet. With what little money we had left, we bought a few can goods to eat, but haven’t had much of an appetite because it being so hot. We had a good day.

6/4/2019              Day 12
                This morning when we got up and had our coffee, it was an overcast day and looked like rain was coming but it never showed up. We spent the day cleaning up our mess and raking all the mulch we did with the lawn mower and getting it ready for grass seed. There is some grass, but I want to give the dogs a nice thick lawn to lay and play in.
                After several hours of moving branches and small trees that were cut down, we got most of the front yard cleaned up and most of the mulch put into piles for pick up. By the end of the day, we were exhausted and looked forward to sleeping. We have nothing but time to clean up the property and found more blackberry patches as we cleaned up. The yard was looking good and we could see the hard work we put into it. We are putting sweat equity into our property.

6/5/2019              Day 13
                This morning we thought we would take a day off which in the end we still got out into the yard and cleaned up some more. We are not punching a time clock but feel the need to work everyday to get the property cleared and cleaned up.
                We did, in fact, work only half a day today because it started to rain a little bit. It felt good because the rain here is cold and being in the heat so much it feels replenishes our body temperatures. Sometimes we sit on the porch and talk about the plans for the property. I am glad my husband has some input now that he has found his blackberries.

6/6/2019              Day 14
                We woke up to cloudy skies and lots of wind. We watched as the clouds rolled in and saw the lightning strikes in the distance. We knew that we weren’t going to get any work done today. About an hour later, it began thundering overhead and the rain poured from the heavens. It had been dry so long that it made me happy to see everything getting water.
                Halfway through the day I began to not feel well. I had a migraine starting and tried laying down. A couple hours later, I felt nausea and did not want to eat anything. My head hurt all day while it poured rain outside. The smaller puppies were not used to thunder and lightning and it freaked them out enough to snuggle up to me trembling.
                We laid in bed most of the day while my migraine got worse. I took a pain pill with hopes that it would help, but it kept me up most of the night and I blacked out and fell twice. Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep.

6/7/2019              Day 15
                Today was another rainy day with flash flood warnings in the forecast. We sit on top of a mountain and not too worried about flash flooding here. I felt a little better this morning after my morning cup of coffee and telling my husband how I blacked out twice and my hip was hurting from falling.
                He got upset because I didn’t wake him up to let him know I was having issues. My head wasn’t hurting anymore, and I still had no appetite but forced myself to eat a peanut butter sandwich. It rained all day with no chance of letting up and just as the migraine went away, it returned with me feeling like I was freezing. I felt so cold that my body hurt.
                I snuggled up to my husband on the bed with socks on my feet and a thick blanket wrapped around me. After I warmed up a little, I tried rolling over to sleep but my head just kept hurting. I knew I needed to go to the hospital but we found out that the nearest hospital is thirty minutes from our house and we are on limited gas since we have a big trip coming up to return the trailer we borrowed to move. So, I took another pain pill and laid down to sleep, but before I did, my husband made me eat a can of Spaghetti and meatballs to have something in my stomach. I finally fell asleep.

6/8/2019            Day 16
                This morning was okay. Our food is now becoming scarce and we don't get food stamps for another few days. My husband is getting a little frustrated because of our situation but I keep the faith alive for both of us. We worked a little today but it was getting too humid which made working a bit hard. He did most of it because he let me sleep longer while he pruned and finished off the corner of the front yard.
               Once I got up, I began dragging brush and branches to the pile laying next to our driveway until I couldn't do it anymore. We took the rest of the day off and he made a makeshift shower on the back side of the cabin with some old plywood we had laying around so that we could take a somewhat normal shower.
                After that, we ate some ramen soup and had a cup of coffee while enjoying the forty-five minutes of air conditioning we get every evening off the generator. That is how we are living right now until we get our finances in order. I had to make the decision to send my car back because we need to save money to have our well drilled, but it means more gas money by a hundred dollars for the two trips to Dalton, Georgia that we take every month to see our doctors. I will leave it in God's hands now.

6/9/2019           Day 17
                 I went to church this morning after having coffee with my husband and found it to be revealing in some ways. I want a closer walk with God and asked for prayer while I was there. It made sense to me now about the car and that I need to allow God to handle it. If it is meant to be it will be.
                 I came home from church and my husband is out lighting ant mounds with gas and fire to kill them off because I have way too many bites all over my body and two may be infected. So, he is killing the ants today. I will be going back to church tonight and continually praying for my husband and for our finances. I know it will be okay and have faith in God.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Hello everyone. Well, we are six days away from moving to our property and the excitement grows. I have been packing stuff up for the past few days and we have begun loading the trailer with our stuff. It will be nice once we get up there and begin clearing more property and then putting the fence up for the dogs to run free, but until then they will be on runners.

I imagine it will take a few days to unload the trailer and organize where everything will be going. Our cabin will have a front porch and twenty-eight feet of living space with a loft at each end which will be used for storage.

I need to get on the ball with my writing and publishing more books as well as writing grants for our nonprofit to get funding in for our big project. It will take some money to get it set up, but I am willing to use some of my own money to help get it going.

My husband has been a big help with loading everything while I pack it up. I think he is worried about being knocked back into the stone age since we won't have electric except for a generator and no running water for a minute. We will get there eventually a little at a time. I am staying positive.

It is time for the dogs quiet time where they come inside and take a nap for a couple of hours so that we can have peace and quiet to either get things done or take a nap ourselves. Right now they are playing on the bed behind me.

Well, I will end this here and get them to calm down so that I can get some writing done while it is quiet. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and a very "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today. May you be blessed with many more. Please also keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers because they need it to overcome their trials of addiction and homelessness.

If you would like to support our cause to end homelessness please click a link below and make your donation.

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Monday, May 13, 2019


Good morning everyone. How are you? I am good this morning now that I got to shower. It is difficult sometimes to get a shower in this house because every time I want to get in someone else is getting in there. Well, I feel human again and today will be a good day because the sun is shining and we will be able to start packing up the trailer for next weeks move.

It is almost here and I am getting excited by the minute thinking about what things I will get to do up there on the property. The only power we will have will be a generator for now until we get the kitchen built and put in the breaker box. That will be a minute thought because we first have to get the yard fenced in to get the dogs taken care of.

The next step would be to search for water and dig the well and then go from there. It will be a slow moving process but we have plenty of time to get it done and at our leisure. I will be getting in shape while working the property and preparing it for a large greenhouse and small farm.

As for my writing, I will probably be a few days over into the next book's term because I could not get my file explorer to work to open anything, so I had to reset my computer back to factory settings. Now, everything works and I can get back to my writing. I have missed it and stress out when I don't get to write.

Well, time to get my husband motivated to packing the trailer up and get things done around here. I hope everyone has an awesome Monday and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers and if you would like to make a contribution, please click a link at the bottom. Take care.

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Sunday, May 12, 2019


Good morning to all. It is seven forty-one in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and still very wet outside. We are supposed to have rain up until Tuesday. I am sitting here with my first cup of coffee while the dogs are outside. My husband is still asleep and I am trying to be as quiet as a mouse to allow him to sleep.

I went to bed late and I have been up and down several times, but I don't feel so tired. I have been monitoring my blood pressure since taking new medicine yesterday and it still varies. I got a few things done yesterday but not a whole lot because my blood pressure was so high that I thought I was going to the hospital, but I rested instead.

Today I will be posting another article and writing on my next book. I have some author pages to work on and revamp plus some stuff for my nonprofit organization as well. I have to research some foundations to begin grant writing for our new project. Everything will get done today because I have the motivation now to do them.

I am excited about the last two books that I just published and enjoy writing them. Being on our property where it is pretty quiet, I will have the chance to write in a better atmosphere and uninterrupted. It is the book writer's dream to have a place so serene and quiet.

Well, I will have to end this post here today because there are so many things to get done and I want to be able to get them finished without rushing. I wish everyone a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date. May you be blessed with many more to come. Please keep the homeless in your prayers and that we can get our project off the ground.

Take care and if you would like to help us out in our endeavors, please click on one of the links below and make your contribution to assist us in helping the homeless regain their self-sufficiency.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019


Hello everyone and how are you? It is eleven thirty-one in the morning and very wet outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been up since about ten o'clock and I am almost finished with my first cup of coffee. Everyone is awake in the house after a night of drinking and arguing to which I stayed in my room and away from it all.

I have had my fill of drunk people in my life and can't stand it anymore. I used to drink and stopped drinking ten years ago when I grew up and realized that I had responsibilities to take care of. So, I guess I have to clean up their mess again today, but in two weeks, I will not be here to pick up after them.

I am counting down the days now. Wednesday or Thursday we go up and pick out our cabin and pay for it which is very exciting for me. It is getting to the point where it seems so surreal now. We will have a rough month of June as far as finances go, but July will get easier.

My husband keeps making jokes because it seems we are going back in the stone age with no power or video games, but we will have a generator for lights and everything we need. The first thing we need to get done would be putting up a fence for the dogs to run loose without runners.

Once we have that, then we can set things up one thing at a time. We will have to get the outhouse put up until we get the soil mapped and a septic system put in. It will be weird at first, but things will happen and God will bless us in His own time.

When it comes to my book writing, I have four days to finish this other book to stay on the schedule before having to start the next one. I have figured out how to do that and will work it to the best of my ability.

Now, once we move, we will not have internet for a bit so I will be still writing my daily journal just saving them until we go to Walmart or McDonalds where they have wifi where I will post them all at once. I want everyone to keep up with what's happening with me and my family plus my book writing.

Well, it is time to get going and working on my daily stuff. I wish everyone a blessed Saturday and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today. Yesterday was my husband's birthday and he turned forty-six. Please also keep the homeless in your prayers. If you would like to make a contribution please click one of the links below. Thank you.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019


Good morning to everyone, it is eight thirteen in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it has been raining throughout the night. The countdown has begun for our move and the closer it gets, the more excited I get. I have approximately half of our stuff packed in boxes and totes and hopefully tomorrow we will begin loading the trailer up with what is packed so that I can make more room to move around and pack the rest of our stuff.

I have had a weird night with waking up several times and just sitting here. I sit for about thirty minutes and then go right back to bed. It is crazy. I have been looking over our bills and things are going to be tight for next month, but they will get straightened out and we will be back on track financially.

For some good news, I just published those two manuscripts that I had been sitting on and now I have seven books published. Yay Me! I just had to share that with everyone. Now I can finish the one I have been working on and hopefully, after the editing process it will be ready for publishing. I know that while we are living on our property I will be able to get more writing done.

I have informed my husband that while up there, I will work half a day on clearing the property and then the other half goes to writing my books to which he agreed. We both know that this will be a good thing for both of us and really for me with my mental illness. He hates to see me stress so much and go through changes, so being up there by ourselves and with peace and quiet, I will be better.

I just fed my dogs and gave them their water and now it is time for me to get other things done before my doctor's appointment this morning. I get to go see my diabetes doctor today and show her how crazy my sugar has been since getting my epidural. It will be okay because I am getting it back under control again.

Well, time to get off of here and do some other things. I wish everyone a blessed Thursday and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today. Take care and keep the homeless in your prayers.

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Sunday, May 5, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is eight-thirty-seven in the morning with cool temperatures and the sun is trying to poke it's head out. The dogs have just been let out to go potty and I am sitting here with my husband drinking our first cup of coffee together. I am still a little tired and can go back to sleep, but I won't. I am going to stay up because I have things to do today.

We finished my roommate's bedroom and got it switched around. Both of us were hurting by the time we were done. He has a four poster bed that weighs more than my husband and I together and it is a monster. We went to get something to eat after we finished the room and then I showered getting the dust off me.

We took our medications and then went to bed with the babies and I slept most of the night with only a few bathroom breaks but slept pretty good. I got up this morning with things to do. I have to do my daily house chores, make a store run, and then I will be editing one of my finished manuscripts to get it up and published.

I am slowly waking up and trying to get myself motivated to get things done. I have an article to write which is simple enough in itself and then working on my newest manuscript. I fell behind a few days on it but I will be trying to do my best at catching it up to where it should be. My coffee isn't helping right now and I need to get a refreshment so I will be right back.

Okay, I have my drink and just checked my sugar and took my insulin. I know that when I finish here I will have to go clean up the kitchen since no one in this house likes to clean. I feel like I am being used because no one will clean except my husband or me. So, I will end this here and go take care of it so that I can sit and get my stuff done.

I wish everyone a blessed Sunday and a "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date. May each and every one of you be blessed with many more. Take care and keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is nine forty-seven in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been up and down just a few times during the night, but I was able to go right back to sleep. I got word yesterday from my dad that he mailed out some money to me to help with the permits needed for building on our property. I checked today and it isn't here, so we should it on Monday which will be good because we need to go back up and burn our brush piles.

We need to get them done so that we can make plans for the fence to begin being installed for the dogs. I am excited that our move will be in four weeks and then we can live a normal happy life without all of the stress. It will be a very quiet and serene living for us. I will be able to write my books and work on the land at the same time.

I will be doing a final edit on one of my books that has been sitting here shelved and getting it published either today or tomorrow. It is a fantasy about elves and ogres and more of a young adult book. I enjoy reading the story and maybe every other adult will too.

Today I will be busy cleaning and rearranging his room to make it better for him to get around in. His ex-wife came and got her things last night that were still left here and now today is the day to clean it up.

I will also be catching up on some writing from the last couple of days that I have missed and it will get me close enough to publishing it. Granted it will still have to go through the editing process, but I look forward to having it published next month.

I am slowly getting things for me done as well as taking care of the house. It has been such a stressful time since buying the new property and getting things ready for the move. I will have to get shots for all my dogs before we move and get them up to date so that we have no problems with them up there.
I know they will enjoy it because they will have their own big back yard to run around in off chains and runners. I can't wait to see their reactions.

Well, I need to get off of here and get to cleaning my roommate's room before I can shower because of the filth. I wish a blessing over everyone today and please keep the homeless in your prayers. "Happy Birthday" to those of you celebrating one today and may you be blessed with many more. Take care.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Good morning to all. How are you this fine morning? I wish that I could say that I am fine but, seriously, my shoulder is hurting really bad and has been for the last several days. I have tried everything like IcyHot, my TENS unit, and a hot shower and I am getting no relief at all. My husband swears that I have slept on it wrong, but it would normally be fine by now. It grows weak and hurts to rotate it.

I have my epidural for my lower back today and I will be asking him if he could put a shot in my shoulder to help with the pain as well. It has been causing me to lose sleep because I cannot get into a comfortable position. I had my TENS unit on for almost four hours yesterday and it hardly touched the pain. Now my arm is going weak and there is no sign of relief anywhere or anytime soon.

I slept with Prince Valium last night for my procedure today and slept like crap. I was up every couple of hours with pain in my shoulder. I am hoping that it will go away soon because I can't take too much more.

I have asked my husband if he could take my household chores today while I am sleeping off the medication from my procedure and then I can get up and begin finishing the packing of our stuff in the back room and getting the room cleaned up. I guess he will because I got no answer from him.

Today is a day for me to do very little with an epidural being placed in my lower back, but I will sleep some of it off and then be able to get up and get some writing done today. Tomorrow is the first day of May and the months seem to go by fast. Soon Christmas will be here and a new year. This year I plan to clear up a lot of debt and make it stress-free for both of us.

I will be making small payments to everyone to clear up some credit report debt and help raise our scores. I want our credit cards back down to zero balances by the new year. Everything will be good from that point on as long as it is God's will.

I will probably work on editing one of my books today if I am unable to sit here and write and have it ready to get published. I still have to pick out the cover for both of them before publishing them on Amazon. That will make seven books published and lots more to come.

I WILL be back on my schedule tomorrow with everything including my writing and get manuscripts completed as scheduled. When we move up to our property, we will hopefully be on generator power so that I can keep my laptop charged for writing, but until we get internet, I will have to drive to the nearest McDonalds for internet access to publish them.

Well, I am about to get ready to get going for my procedure and wish everyone a blessed day. "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating their birthday today and may you be blessed with many more. Keep the homeless in your thought and prayers as you go about your day. Take care.

Monday, April 29, 2019


Good afternoon everyone. It is bright and sunny with a temperature of seventy-two degrees here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been up for a couple of hours now and ready for the day to start. I have already made some calls this morning to set up payments on bills and have had one cup of coffee. I realized last night how short our time is before we move to our property for good and begin the life we want and deserve.

My husband and I are both ready for this move, but I seem to be the one packing everything, but I know he will be the one loading everything. There are many people here today helping to get the pool cleaned up and open for swimming. I can't do a whole lot because I slept on my arm wrong the other night and I pulled something in my shoulder. So, I am incapacitated with my left arm and can't do much except write books and I am happy with that.

I plan on packing some more stuff in the back room today and getting it ready for the move, plus work on some writing. I submitted an article yesterday for publishing on a site that I am working with and plan on writing another article today for submission. It is a great day for writing.

Well, I am going to get started and wish every a "Happy Monday". I want to wish everyone celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you be blessed with many more to come. Please keep the homeless in your prayers as they spend every waking moment trying to survive. Take care.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019


Good Sunday morning to everyone. How are you? I am finally awake before nine o'clock in the morning and having my first cup of coffee. My eyes are still a little blurry but adjusting. I just let the dogs out and got their food down, but I guess they are still trying to wake up because they are on the bed with me doing their morning grooming. I guess they have to look good before going outside, lol.

Today's goal is to finish my schedule for today.  I am trying to get back in the habit of doing my schedule so that I can make sure everything gets done that needs to. My husband is still asleep and I am trying to get the dogs to go outside so that he can sleep undisturbed.

It is a little hazy outside this morning because the sun has not fully come up over the mountain range yet, but it promises to be a good day for anyone who wants to go do some work outside. My husband is trying to get a generator that he worked for working so that we will have power when we move to our property.

I am getting excited about the move in four weeks and I have been packing things up so that we are prepared when the time comes. We have even discussed getting a small storage unit up there and moving the little things with the car up there so that when we need to move everything left will fit on my husbands truck for the move.

I have already acquired two four-hundred gallon IBC totes for our rainwater collection system. I have been pricing portable solar kits to run the water pump which is affordable for us to have. I will be collecting more for the property so that water can be supplied to my garden and greenhouse as well. Our electric will come from the generator until we can get the whole house built and then, a whole solar system will be put in place. Our goal is to be completely off-grid except for having the internet and cable.

Everything has finally calmed down since the blow-up yesterday between everyone and I have calmed down some. I felt and still feel like a meltdown is coming on my part and I am trying to hold on until we move which will put me in a happy place mentally. This is another major reason why we are moving up into the mountains and away from everyone because of the drama and headaches.

I am trying to be a writer and live a writer's life, but with so many interruptions it becomes very hard. I am also an introvert who loves being left alone so writing is the occupation for me. My husband is somewhat of an introvert, but he still has to get out every now and then.

I am going to be setting up fundraising tables this week and will still continue to make the travels to feed the hungry and bring in an income for Hope Station USA. Things look good so far and I will keep the momentum up and fight to end homelessness. A part of any book royalties go to Hope Station USA as a residual income for her to keep services going until some major grants come through, but I look at it as my way of making a donation, even though I donate a lot of my time and effort without a salary. So, if you want to show your support, please click a link below and make a donation. They greatly appreciate it.

Well, my husband is getting up and having coffee with me so I will end this post here with a "Have a great day" and for those celebrating birthdays today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more to celebrate. Take care and keep the homeless in your prayers.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019


Hello everyone. It is four thirty in the afternoon with a bright sunny day here in Dalton, Georgia. My morning was to start out nice this morning, but everyday life gets in the way every time. I could not make it to noon without a blow-up between my roommates and I and it just makes it that much easier to move away from them. Everyone here is about drama and it drives me crazy. I told my husband that if I need to get away I will check myself into the hospital.

Other than that, I just finished reorganizing my binder which holds my day's activities in it like my to-do list. I live by this binder and it gets difficult to keep to it on days when there is drama. I am waiting for the day when we get to go back up to the property where I can be calm and less stressed out. I am going to love living up there where it is peaceful and I will be able to write.

As far as my writing goes now, I changed my writing schedule again to start me back to writing on the first of May. I have a plan to write at least three-thousand words per day to stay on my schedule. I still have two books waiting to be edited and halfway through writing the next one. I am hoping that I can finish it within the time frame that I set out for it.

My motivation for writing is there, it is just trying to keep my sanity that is the problem. I have new stories popping into my head as I work on the ones that I have. I probably have enough material to write another forty to fifty books. It is okay though because I love writing and it will become my passion for the rest of my life.

Well, it is time to start dinner and feed people that are unappreciative. I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday afternoon and to those celebrating a birthday, may you have a blessed day and many more to come. Take care.

Friday, April 26, 2019


Good morning to all. I just got out of bed and it is eleven-seventeen this morning. I had a bad day yesterday and almost a breakdown because everyone thinks that I am their slave or another word that I will not use because I don't like it. I have to do everything in this house now that our roommate's woman moved out which left everything on me and I felt so overwhelmed.

I was doing so much running yesterday trying to cook dinner, having to take our elderly roommate to his doctor's appointment, plus I have stuff of my own to get done and I became overwhelmed quickly. I decided to take the weekend off from doing extra things for anyone in the house so that I can get some of my stuff done.

I have to take a shower, finish packing some of our stuff, and clean the back room. There is a lot of things to do and I cannot get them finished with having to clean up behind everyone and doing all this running around. So, I am taking the weekend off from extra stuff to allow myself time to get our stuff done, plus I want to get some writing done which I have not really done any in about two weeks.

I have to wait until Monday now to begin making calls to set up donation tables at local merchants because the managers are not there on Fridays. My husband tells me to put the Georgia walk off until next year because we will only be living on our property for a couple months by that time and there will be a lot to do. So, I need to set up tables and get grant writing done for our new program.

I have my faith that God will bless Hope Station USA because she is a blessing to everyone who is without. I go out to feed his children and to give them comfort in their time of need. My passion to help them has become stronger and that I feel they need our help and prayers. I ask that everyone keep the homeless in their prayers because one day it could be you out there trying to survive.

Well, I need to go and get stuff done, but I wish everyone a happy Friday because the weekend is here. "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today and may you be blessed with many more to come. Should you want to show your support of our organization in assisting the homeless regain their self-sufficiency, please just click a link below and make your donation.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Good morning to everyone and "Happy Humpday"! It is seven twenty-five in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and fifty-two degrees outside. I just got up out of bed with my alarm at seven so that I can begin my schedule and be able to get everything completed. I just let the dogs outside and will be feeding them here shortly.

I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday and instantly fell into a mode of energy. I had so much energy that I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I had a hard time sitting in the waiting room waiting to see the doctor and then when I went with her back to her office, I felt like I was speeding while talking with her. She was impressed with my energy because it was a positive attitude and I was clearly focused on life.

Today, I will be getting some writing done on my manuscript and also editing one of my finished manuscripts so that it can be published. I have two waiting for editing and will be getting those edited by the end of the weekend and ready for publishing. The one I am working on, I am going to try and get another twenty-five hundred words typed into it which will put it around twenty-three thousand words. I am very excited to get it published because it will be my first crime thriller and I hope that everyone enjoys it.

I had to lay back down for a minute because the antibiotics are making me a little nauseous. I have some work to do and need to get started so I will wish everyone a blessed day. For those born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Good morning everyone. How are you today? It is nice and sunny here in Dalton, Georgia. I am getting up a little late this morning due to a hospital visit last night where I had strained the muscles in my abdomen around a hernia that I have. It was very painful and I cried like a baby when I had to use them when getting up until they gave me a Demerol shot. It eased the pain off for a while and allowed me to sleep last night when I got home.

Today will be a sore day but a good day in all because I refuse to let anyone take my joy and peace today. I have things to do and things to get done and they will be completed if it takes every ounce of my being. I have a therapy appointment today which will allow me to get some venting done, but when I leave, I will feel so much better than going in.

I have put off some writing that will be caught up on today as well as some more planning for our move. I have phone calls to make this afternoon to set up some donation tables for our nonprofit to bring in some funding. I feel that God has a plan for Hope Station USA and that her season is about to come.

I have to readjust my writing schedule again because of the lapse in writing so that I remain on a schedule. There are so many things to do that I have to figure things out to get them done. First, I have t shower and wash myself clean before sitting down to do anything so I will end this post here. Take care everyone and have a great Tuesday. "Happy Birthday" to those of you who were born on this date. May you be blessed with many more.

Show your support of Hope Station USA by making a donation below and assisting us in helping the homeless regain their self-sufficiency. Have a blessed day.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

4/21/2019 & 4/22/2019

Good morning everyone. It is eleven seventeen in the morning and fifty-eight degrees outside with a beautiful sun shining. We just woke up because we were up late last night watching "The Passion of the Christ". It is one of my favorite movies along with "Risen". I want to say "Happy Easter" to all and may you find many Easter eggs on your hunt.

Yesterday was a crazy day for me with all the cleaning that I was doing. Our roommate's ex-wife left him again and like every other female who moves in, they leave a huge mess that I have to clean up. Then, his own son came over and got violent with his crippled father and caused him to obtain three breaks in his tail bone from hitting him and knocking him to the ground.


Hello everyone. I apologize for not finishing my post from yesterday. I got caught up in doing other things and then I wasn't feeling good. My stomach is sour and making me have gas and an upset stomach. I got up this morning feeling like I weigh one-hundred pounds more than I currently do because of how my stomach feels.

I have an agenda today to get some writing done. I watched a few of my Sunday sermons and teachings last night that gave me a sense of peace knowing that every step I take has been ordained by God. It makes me feel joy and calms my being to know that I have been redeemed and that my walk with God will be a closer one. He has a purpose for my life and with the helper in my life, I will have understanding.

Today is going to be a good day no matter our roommate trying to cause issues stating we owe him money for a month we were not here. I am not going to allow him to take my joy from me today. I have a psychiatrist appointment in about an hour and she is going to love me. I slept okay last night and actually do remember one of my dreams which was a good one.

Well, before I get to venting on here about our roommate, I need to get ready for my doctor appointment which I have to leave here in about thirty minutes. I wish everyone well today and a blessed birthday to everyone born on this date. Take care.

Friday, April 19, 2019


Hello everyone. It is a rainy Friday afternoon and the wind is howling. I have been up since around six-thirty and found out we finally got our food stamps after fighting with these people for a week over a stupid interview. So, I went shopping first thing this morning before everyone got up and the days' drama begins. Every day there is nothing but drama around here and it is no wonder that I stay to myself in my room because I want no part of it.

This is why we are moving up in the mountains away from all the drama and to keep my sanity. People feed off drama and I don't see how? I put drama into stories and books for others to read and enjoy. It is all gossip around here and in order for me to stay out of it, I have to hide away in my room.

Today will be a good day to write with the weather being gloomy and rainy. I plan on getting another article short story done, some writing done on my book, and my diabetic menu and journal need to be set up to start tomorrow. I was finally able to buy food today so that I could start the diet the doctor placed me on for my diabetes.

I have so many things to work on that my head spins for a minute, but then gets back to where it should be. I can only keep my mind on the future and that is living on our property and being healthy and happy.

Well, it is that time again to get going before I fall into fatigue and want a nap. I hope everyone has a blessed Friday and gets ready for their weekend. "Happy Birthday" to those of you who were born on this date and may you be blessed with many more. Take care.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Good morning to all. It is six-thirty in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and the sun has not come up yet. it is fifty-eight degrees outside and feels very good. I just woke up and I am having my first cup of coffee while the dogs are outside doing their business. My husband has left already to go take a friend to work.

Yesterday we got to talk to my dad and see how he is doing and it is nice to have a relationship with my dad and I have not heard from my mother in years. I guess she wrote me off and wants nothing to do with me and that is okay with me. I am getting my life together and I wish that she could be a part of it.

I did manage to get some writing done yesterday after the drama of my roommate's wife leaving him again and now everything falls on to me as far as the cleaning and cooking goes. It is a bit much to take on, but I will manage. I did it for the eight months that she was gone the last time. I honestly don't think that she knows what she wants in life.

My husband and I have so much fun when away from the house that when we get back home, the depression sets in and so do the blahs. This has become a depressing place for me to be and it has been affecting my husband as well. We seem to argue a little when at home, but when we leave he becomes silly and makes me laugh.

The same thing happens when we go up to our property. It is peaceful and we seem to have fun together even though it is a lot of work while we are there. I can't wait until we are up there for good. I am almost fifty years old and this will be the first time that I have somewhere that I can call home. It is beautiful and peaceful there and waking up every morning and watching the sun come up will be magnificent and glorious.

Well, today is a new day and there isn't that much house cleaning to do since the dinner dishes were mostly done last night. I have to dust, sweep and mop, on top of cleaning the back room and packing some more stuff up for our move. I am a person who doesn't wait until the last minute to pack everything to move. I make it a planned move and not a rush where some things get left behind.

Well, time to get to work. I wish everyone a blessed day and for those who were born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you all have many more. Take care.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is sixty-seven degrees and very sunny outside today. I just woke up and had my first cup of coffee and let my dogs out. I have to leave in about an hour to go to my back doctor and to pay some bills. I am a little sore today but it is manageable. The bruise over my left kidney is finally starting to go away from my fall in the bathroom but it is still a sore spot to the touch.

I ran both of my finished manuscripts through a spell check and grammar yesterday and made a few corrections and now they are ready for me to read to check for the flow of the story. So, you can say I am beginning the editing phase of those two manuscripts before publishing. That will make seven books published while I am halfway through the next manuscript.

I WILL get some writing done today and get that manuscript closer to being finished. I have fallen behind on my writing schedule due to mental health issues that have been affecting me lately. I spent quite a bit of time with my husband yesterday because I felt depressed and had no reason for it. I love how he cares for me.

I have started another article for another site and should have it submitted today as well. I feel like writing today and through my books, I can release a lot of emotions which make me feel better. Most of my stories are created because of things that I am feeling which helps me therapeutically. I always feel tied to my stories because of my mental illness and my past.

Today, I feel is going to be a good productive day for me and I like the way I feel upon waking up. My medication really has helped me sleep since being prescribed it. As far as my mental health medication go, they can't guarantee that depression or anxiety won't slip through every now and then, but I do have a lot more good days than bad since being put on new medications.

Well, my husband just made and brought me my second cup of coffee and I am enjoying it because it tastes so good this morning for some reason. Last night we sat and discussed the plans for our homestead and came up with some ideas that I have to research and get more information for. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation last night because he mostly leaves everything up to me to take care of but this time he actually put his opinions into the conversation.

Well, I must end this post now so that I can get ready to leave and I wish everyone a blessed day. For those who were born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts and do something nice for someone less fortunate today and you will be rewarded for your good deed. Take care.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Good afternoon everyone. It is two o'clock in the afternoon here on a beautifully sunny day outside. I just finished cleaning the house and I am now ready to get some things done. I have been procrastinating the last couple of days thinking I could get some writing done but have not managed to stay focused or motivated.

My mind has been cluttered with thoughts of our property and the things that need to be done there along with things around the house that need to get done. It almost seems like I am worn out by the time I sit down at my computer. Then, food stamps have been keeping me stressed because the worker messed up and forgot our phone appointment interview and now trying to get her to call us back after numerous calls to her voicemail, we still get no answer and we are out fo food which the diet my doctor has put me on is in jeopardy along with my sugar skyrocketing enough that they can hospitalize me again.

It just seems like everything needs my attention and there is only one of me to get everything done. I still have to set up tables for Hope Station USA to get some funding to come in so that our services can continue helping the homeless. It has been hard getting anyone to donate a few dollars, but I donate my time, effort, and money every day to keep her going. I have to start working on grants here shortly to see if funding is possible there.

I have a few places to send grant proposals that might help but it will take a lot of money to get one location set up when we need several locations in each state to help end homelessness. I feel deep down in my being that God has a purpose for me and that he will provide for the needs that we have to make this all come true. We need just one location up and running for a year to see our progress and when others see what good we are doing, maybe it will change a lot of minds about the work we are really doing and seeing what a good thing it is.

Well enough of my thoughts, for now, I need to get working on some things and force myself to get motivated. I hope everyone enjoys the day they have been blessed with. Do something nice for someone less fortunate today and pay it forward. For those born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you be blessed with many more. Keep the homeless in your daily prayers and pray that Hope Station USA will receive the funding we need to get our project, "Pathway to Self-Sufficiency" up and running. Take care.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019


Hello everyone. How are you today? I am feeling pretty good today. The weather is awesome outside and a bit breezy with the clouds moving fast across the sky. I got up and had my coffee around nine this morning and did my house cleaning. I have taken my shower and ready to sit down and write. I have to change up my tweets today to new ones to keep positive and remain that way.

My husband just returned from a visit to his sister's house and is now hanging out with me and the dogs. He has been showing them attention since I got up this morning. Things are looking good for the day and I feel good about it since my emotional break the other night.

Today's writing will include adding another two-thousand to twenty-five-thousand words to the one book I am working on, possibly doing some editing on one of my finished books, and I have been looking into submitting some short stories to magazines for a little extra cash. I know that I have to write another article for the one site that I submit to, but things are looking up.

Later in the week of the twenty-second, we will be taking another trip back up to our property to clear some more and to meet with the consultant to get our soil mapping done. We will have to get our septic permit after that, but the goal is to be able to move up there July first. Which we look forward to and while living on the property we will be able to clear more of it and start the building process of our house.

I know the first year will be the hardest, but after that, we should be able to live a little easier. Our house will be built during the first year and my giant greenhouse and outdoor garden. After that, it will be building the chicken coop, pig pen, and turkey pen. I see my little farm taking shape.

Our cabin and the new car will be paid off around the same time, which means that we can purchase the lots next to ours and expand the farm to add beef cattle and a milking cow for fresh milk. So you see, we have everything planned out. Then it will be time for the solar panels to be installed which will make our homestead fully self-sufficient.

I just spoke with my husband and I am going to draw up a five-year plan which will put in full description every stage of our becoming self-sufficient and homesteading. I look forward to everything and living a solitary life with my husband and family of animals.

Well, time to get to work and make things happen. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday afternoon and that it be blessed with love and family. "Happy Birthday" to those born on this date and may you be blessed with many more. Take care.

P.S-  If you want to show your support in assisting the homeless regain their self-sufficiency, please click on one of the links below and make a small donation. Remember that buying one of my books will help support the organization as well. Thank you in advance.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is sixty-two degrees here in Dalton, Georgia with rain showers this morning. The roommates are leaving for an overnight trip this morning so it will be just my husband and me here. My husband is still asleep and I just got up a few minutes ago and let the dogs out and fed them. I am now sitting here with my first cup of coffee trying to wake myself up all the way to get motivated.

I have plenty of things to do this morning and writing being the major part of my day next to exercising. I am going to try and get back on the treadmill today because I haven't been since the swelling of my ankles. I have a goal of forty pounds to lose by August thirty-first so that I may be able to go on my charity walk in September.

I have not worked on it for a minute because we have been working on our property stuff to get ready to move there in July. We have plenty of things to do to get it ready for the move and plus I have to get tables set up for Hope Station to collect donations and writing grant proposals for our project funding. So, there is plenty to do.

I am going to be working on my diabetes menu today and going through the cabinets to see what food we do have and what needs to be bought when our food stamps do come in. The caseworker has been playing around and she missed our phone interview so we didn't get our food stamps on the eleventh like we were supposed to. So, now I have to make do with what we do have in the house if anything at all that I can eat.

Today's writing goal is to have another twenty-five hundred to five thousand words written in one book and begin the editing process of another already finished one. I know that I can do it since it will be nice and quiet around here.

Well, it is time to get going on things and my husband needs his coffee. I hope that everyone has an awesome and blessed day. "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date and may you be blessed with many more. Let's also show our support for Hope Station USA by making a donation which is clicking one of the links below. Take care.

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Friday, April 12, 2019


Hello everyone, it is me again. I know that I have not been posting anything in the last few days because we have been over at a friends house helping out and making a few dollars. I also fell the other night in the bathroom and now I have a nice big bruise on my back about where my kidneys are that hurts plus it did something to both my ankles because they were swollen as big as softballs and I had to use my cane for a few days just to walk because it was painful.

I am now home today and not going anywhere except to the dollar store to buy items that we need, but other than that, I am homebound for the rest of the weekend. I have a couple doctor appointments next week and then we travel up to the property the week after to have the soil mapping done. Once that is done we can make arrangements to move there and get our cabin. We will need $500 to pay for the construction permit for the septic tank but it is good for three years, so it gives us time to build the kitchen and bathroom to be able to hook up too. I can't wait.

I already have an idea where my garden is going to go for the later in the year vegetables and pumpkins for Halloween. I will also have a giant greenhouse constructed for growing all year eventually. Many plans have been made and we can only do what our finances will allow us to do each month but we will get everything going soon.

I want you all to excuse me, but I must vent about something I witnessed the other night and it sickens me not to mention makes me mad. We pulled into a convenience store and the man was there changing out the donuts and there on his cart sat a bag with about twenty-five donuts. when I asked him what they do with them, he stated that he must take them back to the plant for waste and thrown in the garbage.

We have people here and across the world starving, but we throw away so much food that could help feed them. After some research and a few phone calls to merchants, no one donates their extra food to help feed people and it all goes into the trash and recorded as waste. Why could they not donate the food to help feed people and get a tax write off instead of taking a loss as waste. It makes no sense to me. All the food being thrown out could feed so many people. How do you feel about it? People should stand up and fight for those who are starving and hungry. Thank you for allowing me to vent for a minute.

Well, it is time to get things going around here and I have already cleaned the house so now I can catch up on my writing. I would have done some last night but I had a mood swing in which my husband had to sit and hold me while I cried. It was a bad night and being in pain because of not having my medications correctly did a number on me. I am okay now and ready to get myself motivated again.

So, I wish everyone a wonderful Friday and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to those that were born on this date and may you have many more to come. Take care everyone and please show your support for the homeless by clicking one of the links below and making a contribution. Take care.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

4/8/2019 & 4/9/2019

Hello everyone. How are you? I am doing pretty good today and I just got back from a doctor's appointment with a diabetes diet that I have to follow. It shouldn't be hard because I already eat the right food except for splurging every now and then which I have to cut out. My husband cleaned our room while I was gone which I love him for. He is such a big help to me more so when I'm sick.

Now that I am home, I get to start my list and get things done but just a few hours late. I am feeling positive so far today and will be seeing my therapist tomorrow with another letter that I have to write in order to begin processing my trauma. Writing my books help very much, but to write a letter to someone who has hurt me is somewhat difficult and takes time for me to write.

Besides writing my letter, I have to do some more writing on my book in order to finish it. I have written over twenty-thousand words so far and hopefully will make twenty-five-thousand today. I have to clean the house and get my tweets out before doing my writing. I try to stay on my schedule, but when people or appointments pull me away it becomes difficult to stay on track.


My apologies for not publishing this post yesterday, but I became overwhelmed with the blahs which sucked every bit of my energy after my doctor's appointment. I found myself to be bed bound and not wanting to do anything. I have these days every so often and it makes it hard to catch up on things the next day.

Today, I am just waking up and having my first cup of coffee while the dogs are outside. Every one of them just wants to give me lovin'. So, I have to take a few minutes and give each one some attention so they will calm down. I love them and I know they love me.

Well, time to get things done around here while I have the energy to do them. I will post more tomorrow, so have an awesome day everyone and "Happy Birthday" to those born on this date. Take care.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


Good morning everyone. I apologize for not posting these last couple of days. We left early Friday morning to go up to our property to do some more clearing before our soil mapping is done. We are going to homestead but still have to go by the legal way to put in a septic tank and get the permits for it.

We got approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of an acre cleared and it is so beautiful up there and very quiet so book writing will be so easy for me. We may have a natural spring on our property which will be a good water source for us. The people are very friendly there and I think we will be so happy there.

Onto everything else, we just got back yesterday, so I have some catching up to do on writing and cleaning. I still have to go over the budget and see where all our money is allotted to so we can keep our books straight. My babies sure did miss us too and mauled us as soon as we walked into the room which I could never get rid of any of them because there is a bond there with all eleven of them.

We go back to our property around the twenty-fourth of this month to have the soil mapped and burn the brush piles we have accumulated. We have kept some trees and got rid of some trees because it will be the yard for the dogs and I want them to have grass to run around and play in and not a yard full of trees.

Well, I'm sorry this post will be short because I have other things that I need to get done and then get started on other things. I wish for everyone to have a blessed day and a very "Happy Birthday" to those born on this date. May you have many more to come. Take care.

P.S Show your support to assist the homeless in regaining their self- sufficiency through our program by clicking one of the links below. They need our help.

Paypal Fundraising

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Good morning to all. It is seven forty-seven in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia. It is a bit chilly in the thirties but we have a forecast of upper sixties and seventies today which is nice weather. I have been up since five-thirty and took my friend to work for seven. I am feeling okay but still feel a little stressed about things because of it being close to us moving even though it is two months away.

Today, I will be working on my schedule but my husband and I need to take a trip to the Social Security Administration to update our direct deposit first. Everything is a work in progress it seems and everyone's stress levels are moderate.

My apologies, we just got back from social security and the bank so everything is straightened out. I also just finished the housework and now I can get some writing stuff done. Did everyone see yesterday's post about the FREE copy of my latest book? Until Friday you can get the ebook for FREE and I know everyone likes free things, I know I do.

Well, it feels good today knowing my mind is a little clearer and I am in control of my day now. I have a book to work on still, some editing of a finished book, and some marketing strategies to go over and this is all within my writing day, but as far as everything else is concerned, I have some nonprofit stuff to do too.

Well, we are getting into the afternoon and I need to get stuff going. I hope everyone has an awesome day and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date and may you have many more. Take care.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

4/1/2019 & 4/2/2019

"April Fools Day!" Good morning everyone. Wake up sleepy heads, it's Monday and time to get up and start that work week all over again. I have been up since about six o'clock with my husband and had a cup of coffee with him before he had to leave for a doctor's appointment. We are under a freeze warning this morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it is downright cold outside.

Yesterday was a busy day for me because the pool is being set up and I had to move my desk so everyone can come through to get to it. I sorted and organized my files first before moving it so that everything would be all set to go. I just finished my tweets for the day and I am happy to announce that everyone can get a FREE copy of my latest book from now until Friday. So, get your copy of "Immortal Passion" before time runs out.

I feel pretty good so far this morning and ready to get to work on everything. I just finished scheduling all my tweets for the day and now I am here with you. We will be going back up to the property this weekend again to clear out some more brush and pay the monthly note on the property. We are excited that we will be moving up there June and seriously look forward to it.


Hello everyone. I do apologize for not posting this yesterday, but yesterday was a bad day in all. Besides our roommates having their crisis, my husband got stranded when his truck broke down and I had to leave the house and go help him just to come home after being stranded roadside with my husband for hours to have our roommate state that since we bought this property, we haven't helped them around the house anymore which is entirely untrue.

I just chose to clean our room first and make sure we are taken care of before cleaning the front part of the house which most times they are gone when I do clean up. Then, we didn't get up to take our friend to work and she almost lost her job behind it but she knows that if we disappear and she doesn't hear from us that something is wrong.

It was just a bad day all together and ruined it for me today hoping that it would be better. Then, the puppies ate my phone charging cord so I had to go buy another one. There are just so many things going on this month and will get worse come next month because we will be moving June first to our property, so things will get a little crazy getting ready for the move.

well, it is time for me to get some things done for me especially my writing which has lapsed a little because of other things. I want to wish everyone a happy Tuesday and to all of those who were born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

Saturday, March 30, 2019


Good morning all you early risers on this Saturday morning. It is four fifty-four in the morning and I am sitting here with my husband having coffee. I got quite a bit of writing done yesterday and will get more done today. It looks promising that I will have this next book done by Monday morning and be right on schedule. It is coming done to the next scene of the book which to me is exciting.

I am working on my schedule right now to get a lot done for the day, but because I am up so early I will need a nap this afternoon and that will be getting my dogs back on their schedule too because they have a quiet time nap time with me during the afternoon for a couple of hours. Then, they go back outside to play and be dogs.

I have plenty of things to do and one is posting about my new promotion that begins on Monday and runs through until Friday where my latest book will be free on Amazon. I will be pushing that today on Twitter and Facebook so that everyone can get their copy of it. It is a four book series about a woman becoming a vampire to be with her true love and queen of his country to rule on the throne.

This will be a busy week for me to come because I need to set up tables for my nonprofit to raise funds so that we may be able to keep services going while raising money for our new project that will help end hunger and homelessness and for them to regain their self-sufficiency. We need funding and I have to get it in gear to research foundations that will help fund the project.

Yes, I will be very busy writing books which a percentage of royalties will go to the nonprofit, raising money for the services of the nonprofit, and setting up donation tables, plus searching out funding for the new project that will greatly benefit the community and the homeless. We have had a good response from many of the homeless that will benefit from the project which will be a program that they will graduate from.

So many things to work on with very little time to get it all done, but I am strong enough to handle it all. I have a total of three books in the editing phase that will be ready for publishing soon. I have a lot of books to write and look forward to each one's story. I find bits of myself in the story and it makes it worth writing. Such good therapy for an individual with mental illness.

Well, I will end this post here and get started on other things. I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday and that you will be blessed. Everyone born on this date I want to wish a "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

P.S- Please show your support for our organization on ending hunger and homelessness by clicking a link below and making a donation. We need for all our communities to pull together to get this project up and going to assist the homeless in regaining their self-sufficiency.

Paypal Fundraising