Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday! I have been up for a little bit and it is nice and beautiful outside. My husband woke me with a fresh cup of coffee and the dogs woke me with kisses. I will be going to church this morning and then to McDonalds to post these journal entries and schedule my tweets for the next week.
I have been working on my book and it is nearly halfway done and it was scheduled to be done and ready for editing tomorrow, but things have gotten in the way again, but it is okay because life happens. I will get it done within the next week and it will only be late by a week. The next book is about addictions which it shouldn’t take me long to write it since I have had my notes for almost a year now and frequently looking them over.
I feel pretty good this morning but there are still issues that I have to work on and here lately I have been having flashbacks from my life both good and bad. I have no clue as to what brought them on or why I am having them, but I see things every day.
My husband and I are enjoying this whole homesteading journey we are on and find it rather satisfying on my part. I see what will be and my husband just sees a lot of work, lol. Things are moving slowly but that is okay because in my mind, I see the end result of our hard work. Knowing that come March I will be planting my gardens and filling my greenhouse with healthy veggies and fruits and tending to them every day.
We still have a long way to go but it is an experience that we get to share together. We have our moments of laughing and then there are our moments where we are frustrated or irritated and have to walk away for a moment. We have cleared enough space on this one side of the property for the gardens and greenhouse and the other side of the property will have our chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs. Eventually, we will be purchasing the next three properties and have cows.
Well, time to go now because I still have laundry to get out before leaving for church. I wish for everyone to have a blessed day and a “Happy Birthday” to those celebrating today. May you all be blessed with many more to come. Take care.

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