Monday, September 2, 2019


 “Happy Saturday!” I do apologize for not writing a post yesterday, but we were out paying bills and gathering the items that we needed like gas and food. We both woke up early this morning with nothing on our minds but coffee and what work we were going to do today.
My husband began burning brush again while I took the weed eater to the tall grass that has been growing since we ran out of gas. It has been a good day so far. I got quite a bit of weed-eating done and he burned up a whole section of the brush in what will be our back yard.
It is now afternoon and time for us to be indoors and rest while the hottest part of the day passes us by and then we can go back to work around here. Yesterday was also a bad day for me with the pain in my hips that it kept me from doing a lot of walking. It is a good thing that I have a walker because I sure needed it yesterday.
WE are both inside right now resting while I write this post. I just got two more things done for two children’s religious books and now I have to write about a Bible story. It is also helpful with my Bible studying.
This will be a short post today because I need to lay down and stretch my back out before it begins to hurt again. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  I will be doing all my posting on Sundays from now on since I will be going to church and making an ice run. I wish glad tidings for everyone and even those special people who have birthdays today. Take care.

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