Monday, September 2, 2019


Hello everyone. How are you this fine rainy day here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee? Yesterday I tried a new church that I had been looking at and found that the Holy Spirit moved through the congregation like a mighty force. It felt so good to be where I feel like I belong. I came home with tingling sensations all over my body and plenty of energy.
I have been reading this book about the end times and it compares biblical scripture to things that are happening now and found it to be very interesting. My husband stated that I must like this book because he has never seen me sit down and read chapter after chapter. I ever read some of it to him.
This morning I woke up to a hot cup of coffee that my husband made and then went back to bed because I was hurting in my back. I laid there as long as I could before remembering that I had phone calls to make and decided to get up. It was a daunting task to make these phone calls to doctors, but I got them done.
After that, I got up and cleaned the house and washed the dishes which I am sitting here cooking while writing this post. I have missed a few days of book writing and will begin catching up as soon as I get this post done. I have an article to write, at least three thousand words to write on my book, and then I need to change all my tweets and get them ready for the month of September.
I go to town once a week to post these journals, submit my articles that have been written, and schedule my tweets for the week. We don’t have power set up yet so no internet here at home. We sat down and changed the way we were going to build the house and make it just big enough for our living room, master bedroom and bath, a large kitchen, and a good-sized pantry for food storage.
Then we will be working on getting a solar system in place for power, a rainwater collection system, and the internet. I am hoping to have it done before winter really sets in because we are going to get our wood-burning stove in place since we have begun collecting firewood for it. Things are moving a little slow right now because I am trying to catch some bills up as well.
Well, dinner is almost done, so let me get to the end of this post and wish everyone an awesome Monday and a “Happy Birthday” to everyone celebrating one today. May God bless you with many more. Remember the homeless individuals sleeping outside in your prayers. They need our support.

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