Thursday, January 31, 2019


Good morning everyone near and far. It is nine twenty-four in the morning and twenty-three degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I have not been awake long and the dogs are outside going potty while I drink my first cup of coffee. My husband is also awake and having coffee with me. I am sitting here planning out my day and looking over my schedule to see what needs to be done.

I figured out our finances real quick and now I am ready to move on to the day's events. I have looked over my writing schedule and I am still on track with that and everything looks good. I have my day planned and I will remain positive for this year with the hopes that everything works through to our favor. Book sales have been down, but I know they will bounce back.

I have two books in the middle of editing one and adding more to the word count on the other but I am still on schedule to have them finished soon. I look forward to publishing books and getting my stories out to the world. It is the one true thing that makes me happy, aside from helping the homeless.

My husband just fell back to sleep which makes it quiet again while I post this. My goals are on track with everything and it looks good so far. In a few months, we will begin working on our new house and getting it built which is exciting for me. We get to build it the way we want it to look and I am excited.

Well, since I got up a little late, I need to get going on getting other things done for the day. I still have some candles that need to be finished for the weekend as well. I hope everyone has a special day and be blessed. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care and do something nice for someone else today. Pay it forward.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is six fifty-two in the morning here and nineteen degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I just got up a few minutes ago and just got the dogs back in and enjoying my first cup of coffee with my husband. We have both been up and down all night but I had easier times going back to sleep while my husband hardly got any sleep.

I am going to go back to working my schedule today while my husband goes to his doctor's appointment this afternoon. I have some editing to do on one book to get it ready for publishing and adding some more to the word count on another book to have it done. I have a bit of work to do and I am also watching the news right now and my thoughts and prayers go out to those up north and for them to stay warm.

Sorry, I had to lay back down for a minute, but I am up now trying to get some stuff done while my body hurts a little. I am getting little spasms in my back and my shoulders are sore for some reason. They hurt to lift up and I sit here trying to exercise them to work out the soreness.

Well, I will cut this post short so that I can get things moving since I took a short nap and now time is a wasting. I hope everyone has a blessed day and "Happy Birthday" to all those celebrating one today. Take care.

Monday, January 28, 2019


Well, good morning everyone. It is three forty-eight in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and I have been awake since one thirty. It is a clear starry night and only twenty-nine degrees outside. My husband and I are sitting here drinking coffee together while the babies are still asleep on the bed. In about two hours I will be getting them up to go outside to potty. I try to keep them on a schedule since mine is so messed up, but they work their schedule very well.

This is how my last week has gone with me up half the night because I can't sleep, but then when the sun comes up and I let the dogs out, I get to lay back down for a bit. Most of the time I lay down, but then there are those days that I don't. I figure while I am awake that I would go ahead and post my journal for the day and wish everyone a good morning.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and want to get some things taken care of before leaving. I will be doing some writing today and attempting to get back on my schedule again. I fixed and revamped some of my paperwork yesterday to give me a fresh start since I fell behind about two weeks.

I got everything ready for the next month as far as my check off sheets goes and daily schedules. I am trying to keep my mind occupied because I keep seeing those homeless people under that bridge we fed the other night. It bothers me that people have to live that way when no human being should. Only animals should have to live outside and I will be going back at some point to get their stories as to why they are out there and hopefully have some blankets to give them.

I have my work cut out for me when I go to write grant proposals for funding. I have to work on our new program information to make it ready for submitting to foundations. We feel that it would assist many in getting off the streets and being able to get back to work. I have positive faith about the new program and need to get things in place.

I should be publishing another book in the next couple of weeks which I feel it would be considered a young adult fantasy about elves and ogres. I am waiting on the response of a beta reader for feedback. Hopefully, it meets her approval since she is a young adult.

Well, it is time to get this posted and move on to something else on my list. I wish everyone a "Happy Monday" and may your day be prosperous and blessed. To everyone born on this date I want to wish them a "Happy Birthday" and may they have many more. Take care and don't forget to show your support of our organization to help those living on the streets by making a monetary donation through the PayPal link or buy one of my books where a percentage of the royalties go to the organization. Every little bit helps.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Good morning to all. It is me again, lol. It is a sunny thirty-one degrees here in Dalton, Georgia this morning and I didn't hear my alarm go off to get up for the flea market. I am a bit bummed about it but I have plenty of stuff to do here at home to keep me busy all day.

I sat here last night and got lists printed up that I will need for Hope Station USA and I already have my lists for my writing already done and waiting. I am a list person because I need to be reminded of what needs to be done because there is always so much to do and if I am interrupted to go do something else, I get lost and forget what needs to be done.

My husband has been up for a while and he says that he has been trying to wake me up for the flea market but I have no memory of him telling me to get up. I am sitting here now drinking my first cup of coffee which tastes really good. I need it this morning.

The finances are messed up this morning since our account is six-hundred in the hole and my husband is doing some little odd jobs to help clear it up because the bank will take all of our checks on the first and then we will struggle to get those bills that are due on the first paid which will put us back in the negative again.

I feel stressed but then I don't because I am consumed with things that need to get done and it helps. My blood pressure is normal and I am doing pretty good on my blood sugar. Things are going pretty nicely health wise. I am back on my pain medication which is helping tremendously. I am not hurting as much

Well, I have things to get done and need to get going. I wish every a blessed Sunday and may you enjoy every part of today and with your loved ones. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Cellarium (Rough Draft)

There is an unknown place deep in the forest of Bocka where creatures great and small reside. Tall luscious green trees and aromatic flowers are everywhere. Animals play and forage under the tall green canopy. You can look up and see strange birds perched on high limbs and rabbits on the grass-carpeted ground hopping away. It is so beautiful here that you are mesmerized by its appearance.
It is peaceful and tranquil that it captures any visitor passing through or along its edges. No one knows what lies within and none have traveled so deep inside. What creatures inhabit this wonderful forest? There is a dirt path that leads deep inside this amazing place.
There was a man named Agnacious who was a world traveler and currently on his way home from his latest travels. He had walked and ventured many miles and still had many more to go before reaching his wife and three children who looked forward to him coming home bearing gifts of his travels.
His path to home from where he came led him by this mysterious forest. As much as he did not want to look, he could not help himself because it was something he had not seen in years. The world was desolate and almost extinct, so to see something so green, fresh, and beautiful took every man’s attention.
As he looked down along the edge, it seemed to go on for at least a mile. He tried so hard to just pass it by and think of his family waiting for him. The thoughts were not strong enough when he came across the dirt path that led inside. Upon looking down the path that stretched inside and disappeared into the distance, it seemed to Agnacious how a forest that only stretched about a mile would have a path that led deeper in than a mile.
With all his might and strength, Agnacious tried to repel his thoughts and curiosity about what could be in this blossoming but strange forest. As he stood at the edge of the path that led inside, he noticed that it was getting later in the day and that he needed to get moving on his way home, but it called to him like a siren to a sailor. He could not get past the thought of what he would find inside and convinced himself that he would just arrive a day later than planned to his family.
As he traveled down the dirt path, he finds animals that have never been seen before. Some fat, thin, tall, short, hairy and bald. Some are weird looking and some so cute. It is amazing that this place exists without the hand of humans destroying something so beautiful.
Deeper into its womb Agnacious comes to hear a waterfall so great. Once he arrives at the base of this great waterfall, he sees that it is one-hundred feet tall with a rainbow through its mist. As his eyes look at this awesome sight, he can’t help but see deer and horses drinking from the other side of the river.
They are so gracious and proud. The deer’s horns are magnificent, a twelve point, he thinks. This gracious and kind animal has a body that is strong with a doe’s eyes. The horse is spectacular the way it stands so proud and confident. What amazing beasts they are.
As Agnacious walks along the river’s edge from the great and mighty waterfall with its foams so fluffy and white, he sees how the top of the river is glass-like and calm. He looks over the edge into it and sees rather large golden fish and many other multi-colored as well. It looks as if they stare at him wanting to jump out and give him a kiss with those pursed-up lips.
Farther down the way, Agnacious sees many more different creatures and even ones that fly away. There is something in the distance hidden by the foliage. The river runs under the brush and straight to whatever is on the other side. He begins pushing his way through the bushes and trees taking note of the large roots that stick up from the ground.
Pushing back the few tree limbs, Agnacious’ eyes see an amazing city caressed by a stone mountain. There are people he can see and with curiosity, he travels towards it. He thinks these are humans and that they will welcome him. They take human form but are more than human.
Agnacious arrives at a great wall with gates made from tree trunks and laced with green leaves. He has not been seen yet but knocks on the gate once. Then twice. Before his now swollen hand knocks a third time, the gate is opened. There stands what should be a human, but has tall pointed ears, a thin nose, and large blossoming eyes.
They ask, “what do you want, human”? Agnacious stumbles for words but cannot find any to speak. He has been taken back by his appearance. The gatekeeper catches Agnacious off-guard. He finally utters the words before he closes the gate, “what is this place”? “This is Cellarium, the great city of elves”, he replied. Again, Agnacious is mystified by his answer and wants to know more about this city built in a stone wall. “May I come in and see the city?”, he asked. The elf looked at him and asked, “what for?”
Agnacious could hardly keep his excitement to a minimum and replied, “I want to see this fantastic city”. The elf told him to hold on while he closed the gate to get word to Bertok, the ruler of Cellarium, that they had a visitor. While waiting Agnacious turned around and looked over this magical place. He saw the river flowing freely and the animals that are caravanning by the other edge.

When the gate began to open, it frightened Agnacious and he lost his words again. The elf opening the gate waves for him to come in. Now, he is inside this place of beauty and wonder. He sees elves everywhere and he thinks his eyes can’t get any wider.


Good morning everyone. It is ten twenty-one in the morning and thirty-four degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. It is beautiful outside with the sun shining, but pretty cold. I just woke up from having a bad night last night with sleep. We were supposed to go to the flea market this morning, but after my night, I just couldn't go.

Yesterday was an awesome day because we made up bag lunches and hygiene kits to hand out to the homeless. We were going to hand them out locally but could not find but two individuals and I know that Dalton has lots of homeless people we just couldn't find them and we drove around checking all the spots for about an hour.

Thanks to the Mayor and law enforcement, they have forced the homeless out of the city limits and into the county which makes them widespread. After driving around for about an hour and checking where the tent cities should have been, we decided to go to Atlanta. It is only an hour away and I know that they are all over down there.

We jumped on the interstate and headed South. We got caught in traffic due to road work where they closed off a three-lane interstate to one lane and we were stuck at a slow move for about an hour and a half before it finally cleared up and we were back on our way.

With the Super Bowl a week away, Atlanta does things and events the whole week beforehand leading up to it the main event. This year my Patriots are in the Super Bowl and it is being played right here in Atlanta but I don't have the money to go which is a bummer. It was very active driving through downtown.

We reached our destination at about six o'clock and it was just beginning to get dark and we found a few homeless people but it was dinner time so most of them were at local soup kitchens. We stopped at one because I had to use the bathroom and when I walked inside, this place was packed with homeless individuals and I really got to see just a percentage of the homeless population and it was devastating to me mentally.

There were able-bodied men, who after talking with a few of them stated that there were no jobs that would hire them. It is a shame that a city as big as Atlanta had no jobs for these men. Then, we made our way to our final destination which was the bridge down by the hospital. They lined both sides under the bridge of people laying on the concrete and trying to keep warm.

They were excited to see us coming to hand them a bag lunch and hygiene products. I could not believe how appreciative and polite they were. One of them asked me why we wanted to help them when no one else cares. I almost wanted to cry because these people have been shoved aside like trash to wither and die in the cold.

My husband and I found ourselves in some serious conversations with some of them and it was heartbreaking to see another human being feel like they were worthless and thrown out like trash. One of them asked us to take her home because she didn't want to be out there anymore. Let's just say that our experience was eye-opening to these individuals.

Some were huddled against the wall without a blanket and just covered by a jacket and I felt so bad that we didn't bring any blankets, but I know better now. We need to campaign for blankets and socks. If that is all we can do right now just to help keep them warm during these cold months. So, if anyone wants to make a donation of a package of socks or a blanket, they will be greatly appreciated. These people really need it and we want to spread the warmth as we try to help.

If you decide to make a monetary donation, just click the PayPal button on this site and the money will go towards purchasing food and blankets. We all need to come together to help out our fellow human being. We just hope that everyone has a heart and wants to help.

Well, it is time to get to work finishing off some books of mine because a percentage of all earned royalties goes towards Hope Station USA to assist us in helping the homeless. I want to wish everyone born on this date a "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more to come. To everyone else, have an awesome and blessed Saturday. Take care.

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Good evening everyone. How was your day today? Mine was okay, I got up a little late this morning and went out to pay two bills and then we came home. I am trying to talk my husband into going grocery shopping with me tonight to get the stuff we need for bag lunches to hand out tomorrow. He hasn't answered me yet, but I am still waiting.

Half of the dogs are outside while the little ones are inside playing. It has been a quiet day so far and now I am helping our roommate's wife do some laundry to help her catch up. We have about two large loads of laundry ourselves which if I have to wait until tomorrow to do our laundry it is okay.

It is a bit chilly outside but clear skies which are so pretty. I love looking at the stars when I can because Looking straight up for more than a few minutes standing will cause me to lose my balance. I guess it is just old age since I am now forty-eight and pushing the big fifty in two years. I hope since I am taking care of the medical issues that I have no problem making it to see fifty.

I had a few issues sleeping last night and was actually awake at three o'clock this morning writing on one of my books because I couldn't sleep and then after an hour of writing, I decided to try and go back to sleep which I did fall asleep but this morning I woke up turned halfway in the bed. My husband says that I was fighting in my sleep and actually kicked him out of bed about five o'clock this morning. I couldn't apologize enough to him.

Well, since I have pretty much everything under control now and I did clean up the house today, so now I can spend my time writing. I hope it works like this every day then I would have no problems with catching up on my writing and being where I need to be with my books being published.

My husband is sitting here playing video games while I write this post and he does acknowledge me every now and then checking on me. We don't have any more doctor appointments until the end of next week so I can catch up with things uninterrupted.

It is now that time where I have to get some things done before bed. I hope everyone had a glorious day and may your tomorrow be even better. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is five twenty-six this morning and forty degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia with heavy rain in the forecast for this morning. I am awake and drinking my first cup of coffee with my husband while the dogs are playing and going back and forth outside. It got a little warm in the room during the night to where I had to be uncovered while I slept. I managed to sleep a little better last night but not by much.

Last night I did manage to get an article written and approximately one- thousand words in my book. I felt a bit fatigued last night but I did get something done. I have my pain management doctor appointment this morning which I have been waiting for because hopefully now my pain will get back under control. I have been hurting a lot so that has made me lose motivation for a lot of things. It is hard to function when almost all of your body is hurting and the cold weather doesn't help much either.

Today, after my appointment, I will be getting down to writing again and getting these books done and caught up. I have fallen behind by a week or two because of the pain in my neck and back which makes it difficult to sit here for long periods of time. I manage to get a little done, but I want to get back on my writing schedule and stay on it.

I have been working on my nonprofit stuff as well which does take a little bit of my time from writing even though a percentage of book royalties goes to the nonprofit to assist the needy and homeless in regaining their self-sufficiency. That is my other passion and helping people makes me feel good about myself too.

We will be passing out bag lunches to the homeless on Friday or Saturday along with some warm clothing and hygiene kits. I have been campaigning for warm blankets to hand out and waiting for a response from that. I also need to set up tables for donations and have got to get that started. I am hopeful to have success this year and help as many as we can.

Everyone can help support our cause to end hunger and homelessness by buying one of my books or clicking the button here on the site to make a monetary donation. They need our help and support and just to help one person a day makes a big difference in the long run.

Well, time to get things going. I have dishes to wash before my appointment and a little housework to have done so that I can get right into writing when I come home. I wish everyone a wonderful "hump day" and to everyone born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you be blessed with many more. Take care.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Hello everyone. It is me again, lol. It is now one forty-seven in the afternoon and sunny outside. There is a breeze blowing that it makes it a bit chilly but it is in all a nice day. I just got back from the neurologist and the diagnosis is that I have moderate to severe diabetic neuropathy and they are trying me on Lyrica, for now, to see if it helps with the symptoms. She suggested that I eat a strict diet, keep active, and keep my blood sugar under control. If I don't do these things, she says that I might not be walking in approximately five years. I stumble now losing my balance because I can't feel my feet sometimes and also because of pain in my feet.

Today is looking positive and I am going to get some writing things done today which makes me feel good. I do have some cleaning to do in the back room and some raking outside, if I can find the rake, lol. Other than that, everything is looking good for today and very accomplished.

I have one book in the editing phase and one being written while others wait in line for their turn. I am working on my schedule to see if there is anything else that I can to do make everything work efficiently. If not, I will be back on that schedule in the next day or two because I have let everything go due to household issues which have finally passed and now it is time to get busy doing what I love which is writing.

I am working on some other things that are not related to writing which is helping the homeless and needy families. We are going to be going out by the weekend and passing out bag lunches, hygiene kits, and some warm clothing to those who are staying outside. I am looking forward to writing grant proposals in the near future for a new program that our nonprofit wants to incorporate by the end of this year. Please send prayers for our funding of the new program which will help those that are homeless to have a place to live and the resources to get a job and help themselves.

Anyway, it is time to get started and I hope everyone has a blessed day. I want to wish everyone a "Happy Birthday" that is celebrating one today and may you have many more. Take care and be blessed.

Don't forget to check out my books here:
Also, if you would like to make a donation to help us assist the homeless or fund our program, please feel free to visit either one of these sites: or

Monday, January 21, 2019


Hello, everyone, it is eight o'clock in the evening here in Dalton, Georgia and twenty-three degrees outside with the stars shining so beautifully. I was able to see the lunar eclipse and Blood Wolf Moon last night which was very awesome. I have been in bed most of the day today because of blood sugar issues which cause me to be fatigued and I am trying to stay up now.

I had been making candles all week for the flea market and we were rained out Saturday but were able to make the flea market on Sunday given the freezing temperatures we made some okay money. I did sell two candles for Hope Station USA which was good too. There was too much moisture in the air for me to bring my books out and too windy for our glass stuff but we did pretty good with everything else and now our back room is pretty empty since selling most of our personal stuff because we need money.

It has been a stressful week trying to get the back room done and our things liquidated, but I finally got some rest today which was much needed also because I haven't been sleeping well. I had a nightmare so bad yesterday while sleeping that it scared me to death to leave the room or go back to sleep. My sleep has been very broken lately and it causes me to fatigue and lose motivation for anything.

Now, that all our things are put into the totes for the flea market, I can now finish cleaning the back room tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. We will be going and passing out bag lunches to the homeless this week and some warm clothing. I still need to get some tables set up for candle sales and donations. We need to begin collecting money and donations for the year and getting our services going out to the many who are without the basic essentials for survival.

I keep them in my prayers every night that they will live to see another day and that they will come out of that nightmare soon. Well, I have some time left tonight to get some other thing done that have been put away to get flea market and candles done. I hope everyone has a nice evening and I want to say "Happy Birthday" to everyone who celebrated one today. May you have many more to come. Take care.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Good morning to all. It is six o'clock in the morning and twenty-nine degrees here in Dalton, Georgia. The sun has not come up yet and that is okay. We went to bed early last night and I slept okay, but still not a full nights sleep. My neck is killing me and likes to cause headaches. I am up though because I need to get things done and cannot allow my pain to keep me from completing them.

My husband and the dogs are all still asleep and I just got my first cup of coffee. I cannot wait until my doctor's appointment a week from today so that I can get some help with the excruciating and debilitating pain that I am having. It hurts enough to want to keep me in the bed because there is no comfortable position to be in.

My goals today are to complete the one book that is about a page or two away from the ending, a short story for a writer's group, and I have to finish a started short story for another book. I have quite a bit of writing to do today and plan on getting it done. This is not including the clean-up I still have to finish going through our stuff in the back room to separate the items for sale at the flea market.

It is supposed to rain Saturday so we will be getting under one of the sheds but it will only be cloudy on Sunday. We have quite a bit of items for sale so far and I am still going through stuff. It might even be a three-car trip to get everything there but I am hopeful that we only come home with half of it.

I have some paperwork to get corrected in my binder before the first of the month and to be ready since things will be changing. I need to get my goals ready for next month so that they will be easily reached and accomplishments done and noted.

Well, it is time to get moving with things. My husband just woke up and I gave him his coffee so now I can get a little noisy if I need to cleaning and sorting things. I want to wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday and "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date. Take care.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Good evening everyone. Today was a better day than lately. Once I got up this morning, it was off to a doctors appointment for my husband and then we stopped by the new pain management office I have submitted to for pain meds. It has taken about a week but I finally have an appointment for next week. I have been out of meds since Friday morning and the pain has been bad enough to keep me from sleeping and being able to function during the day.

Once we got home, it was back into the back room to finish going through our personal belongings to see what we are able to keep and what must be sold to pay bills that are owed for this month. It is hard having to give away everything we worked so hard to get, but if it means us being happy, out of debt for good, and on our way to our future, then, we must do what needs to be done.

I watched a sermon this evening that sent chills and the hair on my arms to stand and almost broke me to tears. God is breaking us from the old selves that we have been caught up in and making way for the new us to begin. He is taking and destroying what evil is putting into our lives and holding us and making room for what He has for our lives. I cannot wait.

My faith has been keeping me strong all these years and now when it is being threatened, God is renewing it and making me strong again. We have had to make some decisions, but it is for the better for our future to grow. It is hard for me to bring it to mind that it is happening all over again, but we will be fine because we will be together. It will not be the first time we have had to lose everything, but it will be the last time.

It will take us the rest of this week to finish sorting through everything, plus for me to make the large candles for the flea market. I find it relaxing to do arts and crafts and even writing, but the way things have gone on lately with me mentally, writing has been far from my mind. I want to write and finish these books, but I have a lack of motivation due to the circumstances surrounding us.

My pain has taken a lot out of me and lack of sleep because of it, and I need to get past the pain to move forward. My husband has been there and then not been there because of taking care of other things. He was completely in the dark about things until I finally broke them down to him and made him understand that we will always be in debt and having financial problems if we don't fix and change some things.

I know it will still take a few more days for it to all sink in his head and for him to fully understand, and I can wait for him to understand. It will be a two load trip to the flea market to get all our stuff there and I am hoping to sell most if not at least half of it this weekend. Two of our bills are due to be paid Wednesday and we have nothing to pay them so the flea market money will help.

I have just taken my bed medication and hopefully that will help me sleep tonight, if not, I will be working on my books as well as I can with my pain level being high to keep me awake. This time, I took a muscle relaxer to see if that helps me sleep.

Well, I guess I am going to go lay down and see if I can fall asleep. I haven't had much sleep since Friday and it has taken a toll on my body. So I will bid everyone a good night and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to everyone who celebrated one today. Take care.

Sunday, January 13, 2019


Hello everyone. I wish I could say that I have had a good couple of days. My husband and I have actually had our second fight in five years, but at least this one was over something serious as the finances. We are in debt and have been for months due to our circumstances changing. He now understands why I have been so uneasy and scatterbrained because of everything going on. I was always the one who could fix things but now I can't fix them the way he wants me to.

It has now come down to me selling and liquidating everything we own just to pay some bills that haven't been paid this month yet which were due weeks ago. It is stressful because everything we have accumulated together now has to be sold just to make ends meet. It hurts that things he bought for me have to be sold for pennies on the dollar just to pay some bills.

We don't flaunt money or do a whole lot of frivolous spending, but committing to bills we couldn't afford from the beginning has put a financial burden on us. I love my husband to death but sometimes he can be such a good guy and want to help everyone. So, over the next couple of weeks, we will be going to the local flea market rain or shine and selling off our stuff.

Everything is materialistic and this would not be the first time that I have had to sell my stuff to pay bills. I made the comment to him yesterday during our fight and my mental breakdown that I wish we could go back to when I had nothing and was just surviving because it was so much easier. I had nothing, so to let something go was no big deal because I had nothing to start with.

Between the two of us yesterday, we managed to smash our one smartphone. It got caught up in the breakdown of my mental status. He makes me want to be a better person and want for nice things, but at what cost? I don't care to own fancy televisions, real jewelry, or pricey things because they don't make me who I am.

Well, enough venting for now. I wish for everyone a nice evening and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Hello everyone. I can't say how good this morning is yet because I have been sick the past few days and was not feeling well yesterday. I started the day with a headache and when I decided to try and get up to move around, I felt like throwing up or passing out. I was not well. I finally went and got some orange juice and sherbet last night to help out with how bad I felt.

I am finally sitting back at my desk and trying to get some things taken care of. We are financially in debt again and that is putting some extra stress on me as well. Due to the weather forecast stating rain and snow, plus me being sick, we didn't make the flea market this morning, but will definitely be there next week come hell or high water. I still need to get the big candles made anyway, plus work on getting my flyers printed up to hand out.

It will probably be this next week that I begin making appointments to set up tables to do fundraisers around Georgia and Florida. I need to get his done so that we can begin our services again in February. I look forward to a whole year of assisting the homeless, making new friends, and helping those that want to work get back on their feet.

Besides writing, assisting the homeless and those still out on the streets are my main two passions in life. They both will be my legacy to leave behind to say, "Hey, I was here!" I am going to finish the one book today and begin the editing process on it before moving to the other book in progress and hopefully, I will have it done by midweek.

There are lots of things that need to be done for me, personally, book writing, nonprofit out there assisting those in need. It is all very important to me and to get them done, I need to get it in gear. So, I will end this post here and wish everyone a happy Saturday and to everyone born on this date, "Happy Birthday". Take care and God bless.

Don't forget to either check out one of my books on Amazon or its partners or check out my nonprofit page and help us out by leaving a donation.

Friday, January 11, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is five o'clock in the morning and twenty-one degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I just got up for the second time this morning and let the dogs outside to go potty. They are now resting warmly on the bed and at my feet here at the desk. My husband has been up since about one o'clock because we were both in bed about eight last night.

Yesterday we took me to the emergency room due to some chest pains on my right side and tenderness. We didn't spend long there, but the quack tried to tell me I had gastritis which the only symptom that I had which would result in gastritis was some vomiting. I feel like I have a touch of pneumonia in my lungs but he said my lungs were normal, but I saw the x-ray and one of my lungs did not completely fill with air and looked white at the bottom.

I made sure that the nurse marked in my chart that should something else happen that I would be getting a lawyer because they have misdiagnosed me before and allowed me to leave the hospital with pneumonia and no medicine for it. The nurse began tracking me down by phone over the course of the following week to tell me that I was misdiagnosed and that she had to call in a prescription for me.

Other than that, I had not been feeling well the last couple of days and have hardly had any sleep that is why I have not been posting. I am about one page, maybe two away from finishing my next book and then will have the other book in progress finished hopefully in the next couple days. The new book that I was supposed to be writing this week is a nonfiction book based on my nonprofit which shouldn't take me long to write because I know all of it by heart since I lived it.

I have lots of writing to do today while my husband is away at a doctor's appointment, plus I have some couponing to do before going to the store to pick up some groceries. Well, it is time to get going and I want to wish everyone a warm and safe day. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you be blessed with many more to come.

Check out my latest books on Amazon. Take care.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is six fifty-one in the morning and fifty-one degrees outside. It is a bit chilly but tolerable tot he naked skin. I just went and got my first cup of coffee which tastes so good right now. My husband is asleep after being up until two o'clock this morning. He is finally asleep and I fell asleep early last night due to my neck hurting which was causing a headache so I laid down and fell asleep waking up around the time my husband was going to bed. I tried to go back to sleep and snoozed a few minutes here and there until my alarm went off at six thirty.

I have lots of stuff to do today as far as writing goes. I will be finishing my one book and continuing on with the second, and beginning a third which is nonfiction that will be quite easy to write. I have an article short story to write for another site and possibly working on a short story for this site which I need to get back into.

I sent off my registration application for Georgia yesterday so that my nonprofit will be registered here in Georgia and that gives way to fundraising here. I am slowly getting things back in order for the nonprofit so that we can get moving on it. I have had a few medical conditions that have slowed her progress over the last year and a half and now I am ready to get her going in full force.

Today will be a busy one and I look forward to it. My house chores are light today which I will have done in a couple hours once everyone is awake and moving around and then it is on to my writing. I will be doing the short stories first since they aren't as long. Then, I will be writing on the books for the rest of the day.

I am feeling pretty good this morning considering I just put icy-hot on my neck because it is still hurting. My husband just woke up and I gave him his coffee and that woke the dogs up who are now playing in the back room with soda bottles. The day has finally started now that everyone back here is awake and moving around.

My husband is playing with the little puppies on the bed while I sit here writing this post. I will be getting my things done today so be on the watch for my new short story postings and have a look at my published books on Amazon and have a good read. It is time for me to end here so that I can get started. I wish everyone an awesome and truly blessed day and for those who were born on this date, "Happy Birthday". Take care and God Bless.

Monday, January 7, 2019


Good morning everyone. "Happy Monday!" It is five o'clock in the morning and forty-two degrees outside. My husband has been up since about two because we took a five to seven-hour nap yesterday after working the flea market. We did pretty well and my books got noticed this time by quite a few people. I was proud of my books and my husband let everyone know that I was the author. I think he is proud of me and my books as well.

I came home yesterday, took my nap, and then got up and wrote on one of my books last night. I am just at the point of the conflict but the book ends not long after that when things go back to normal. I would consider it to be a young adult fantasy book. I should have it finished today and then I will be working on my other work in progress which should be finished by the end of this week.

I have a few chores to do today, an article to write, and then I will be working on my books. Every day for me is a full day but I am very productive. I have to call the new doctor today to see if they received my medical records from the other doctor so that I can make an appointment because I will be out of pain medicine this coming weekend. I hurt now even with medicine, so imagine me being completely out of medicine.

Well, today is going to be a good day no matter what. I am going to stay positive and get my work done. I want to see my name on lots of books this year and my nonprofit working its programs and bringing in funding. So, with that being said, I will leave you with a blessing of happiness and prosperity. "Happy Birthday" to everyone who was born on this date. Take care.

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Good morning to all. It is six forty-seven this morning and thirty-five degrees outside right now. The high today will be sixty-five and mostly sunny. My husband and I are up this morning to take some things to the local flea market to sell. I was up late last night making candles and we have some other things as well, but it is time to start bringing in money for Hope Station to assist us in feeding the hungry.

I am on my first cup of coffee and I have been up and down since about four o'clock. The dogs are all still asleep all over the bed and my husband has been up since five-thirty playing video games and drinking coffee. I will be taking my books to the flea market today as well and passing out business cards both as an author and as the President/Founder of Hope Station USA.

I was so motivated yesterday and amped up that you could not tell me anything and I was just flying around here getting things done. I am about another twenty-five hundred words from having my next book done which will get done today and then the editing begins. I have another work in progress that is already fifteen thousand words and I will be working on it next to have it finished this coming week.

I am finding my passion for writing again and I truly love being able to express myself through my writing and telling the world my stories. Sometimes it feels good to have the world see things through my eyes and mind.

Well, it is time to get going so we can make the flea market in time to get a good spot. I hope everyone has a blessed day and "Happy Birthday" to those born on this date. Take care.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is eight o'clock in the morning and thirty-seven degrees outside. I have been up since about four o'clock due to going to bed early last night. I have had my two cups of coffee and fed the dogs a little bit ago. My husband just got up about six-thirty and has had his two cups of coffee and is now playing his new video game that he got yesterday.

I have been writing on one of my books this morning and should have it complete and ready for editing by noon today. I should begin working on another in progress after that and hopefully have it done in a few days. I am back in gear with motivation for writing and yesterday I just got a copy of two of my newest books which everyone likes the covers and my husband thinks that they are awesome.

I am on schedule so far this morning and will be waiting a little while longer before attempting my house chores for the day. I plan on doing a lot of writing today and waiting for another article I wrote yesterday to be approved and published on a site that I write stories for.

I am feeling pretty good this morning and ready to get in gear with my writing but wanted to say good morning to all you wonderful people this morning. "Happy Saturday!" The weekend is finally here and I am ready. If everything goes well this weekend, I could have both books done and ready for editing come Monday. I could only wish. 😀

Today looks bright for my writing today and I hope everyone is enjoying their copies of my latest books. I enjoyed writing the stories and living life through them. I become a part of my stories while writing them and can feel and see the action in my head. Of course, I don't fluff them up with big words because I want every one of every reading level to be able to enjoy them.

Today will be a good day for me. I have a few other non-writing things to get done on my to-do list but they are minor things to everyone else but large important things to me. I have to get them done to help my nonprofit move forward. It is a new year and new things need to be done. This year, I plan on hitting most if not all my goals and making it a better year.

Well, time to get to work. I hope everyone has an awesome day and a prosperous one. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care.

Friday, January 4, 2019


Hello everyone. How are you doing today? It is twelve twenty this afternoon and fifty-six degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. The sun has been showing its face every now and then but it is mild weather outside which is a big difference from all the rain we have been getting. We are in river flooding stage which I'm guessing more rain is on the way.

I have been up for a couple hours now and still working on my second cup of coffee with a few minor aches going on. Today is a day full of writing. I just published another article on the vocal site yesterday and I will be working on another one today to get published. I am ready to do a lot of writing and getting some of my goals met this weekend.

My husband left a little while ago to go and pick up some of my medications and to run a few errands. I stayed home so that I can get some things done in peace and quiet with no interruptions. I have a lot of things to do and my mindset is to get a lot of them done today or started. After my husband comes home if I need to I will put on my headphones so that I can still have the peace and quiet to get my writing done.

I still have a few things that are unrelated to writing to get done and I also need to figure out how to get everything done and my writing too. I have a nonprofit that needs some of my attention too in order to get up and running. I am waiting for the lunch hour to get finished in order to call a doctor to find out if they received my medical records so that I can make an appointment before running out of medication.

I am sorry to be jumbling and rambling on there is just so much that is going on in my head that needs to get organized and ready to get done. I need to get out my to-do list paperwork and start jotting notes down so that I can write and remember everything and get it organized. My mind is actually working overtime right now on important things and pushing the smaller things aside.

I have paperwork that needs to be gone through and organized as well as files need to get straightened out. There is so much to do and it feels like there is not enough time in a day to get everything done. I feel like I am speed typing this post just to get it done and to update everyone on my progress.

My incisions from surgery are healing up nicely and right now there is just a lot of itching because of the healing. I have not had any accidents since surgery and the urgency has quieted down immensely. I now feel the urges to go to the bathroom which I have not felt in a year and the need to go has calmed down. I am happy with my progress and my quality of life has improved.

Well, it is time to get things going so I will leave you with my blessings and wishes for a great Friday and a safe and happy weekend. I want to say "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more to come. Take care and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is seven twenty-four in the morning and forty-five degrees and dense fog outside here in Dalton, Georgia. I am sitting here with my husband drinking our first cup of coffee and I have already let the dogs outside to potty so far this morning.

I am feeling okay this morning because I actually got some decent sleep. I have a busy morning this morning with rescheduling doctor appointments because of my recent surgery and running some quick errands. Then, it will be doing some writing once I have the house cleaned up. I have my schedule and will be sticking to it to the best of my ability.

I had a pretty good response to the free promotion of my latest published book and look forward to seeing more copies go. I love writing and now that everything is pretty much going back to normal, I now have the time to get it done. I am in the process of editing my next book and currently writing and finishing up another book.

My husband and I will be doing some errands today early so that I can spend most of the day with my writing. I have a writing schedule that I plan on sticking to so that I can keep publishing my books. As everyone might know, part of the book royalties goes to a nonprofit that I founded that assists the homeless and needy families, so when you buy my books you are helping a homeless person get something to eat, a hygiene kit, clothing, and much closer to becoming self-sufficient.

There is also a donate button on this site in case you just want to make a donation to help out. So, besides book writing, we will be traveling around the states of Florida, Georgia, and soon Tennessee assisting the homeless and needy families. That is another passion of mine as well.

You can visit that site here and see pictures of the latest things and places we have been doing. We have had a bad or slow couple of years due to my medical conditions, but we are amped and ready for this year to be phenomenal.

Well, it is time to go and get started with my day, so I wish every a blessed day and again a happy new year and "Happy Birthday" to those born on this date. May you have many more. Take care.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

1/1/2019- Happy New Year!!

"Happy New Year!!" Well, we made it through another year everyone. How did you spend your New Year's Eve? My husband and I along with all of the dogs sat and watched television until midnight, had our first kiss of the new year, and then went to bed. Not much celebrating for us because of how and where we are living, and our finances play a major part.

I had a bad night of nightmares which had me not feeling well today but I tried picking myself back up and did some house cleaning and clipping coupons from Sunday's newspapers. I have not been in much of a celebrating mood lately, just thankful to see another year really.

My recovery from surgery is going pretty good so far even though not following doctor's orders too much because there is no way I can depend on everyone else to help me to do simple things like picking something up that I dropped because I am not supposed to be bending over for a month. My incisions are healing good and the soreness is almost gone except for a bit of burning every now and then. Otherwise, I am very happy with the results.

I am hoping to get things back on track financially soon so that we can begin plans for our future. I know we have gone through some tough times together and have made it to the other side, but it has to give somewhere and soon. I want our own things and a big yard for the dogs to run and play. I guess it is just wishful thinking sometimes.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their first day of the year and spent it with family and loved ones. These past few years have gone by so fast that it makes me wonder how fast this year will go by and how fast Christmas will be here again?

Well, it is getting late and I still have some other things to do before the night ends and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy evening. "Happy Birthday" to all of you who were born on this day and may you see many more to come. Be safe and take care.