Monday, December 31, 2018


"Happy New Years Eve!!" I hope everyone had a great year? Ours was okay, a bit of a struggle but okay. We look forward to the new year and all it brings with it. It is twelve forty-eight here in Dalton, Georgia and I just got up from the bed. Both of us were up until late because we couldn't sleep and I finally laid down to sleep about seven thirty this morning.

I am sitting here trying to wake myself up so that I can get my day started, but it is becoming a bit difficult. My body is fatigued and thrown off its schedule, but I am slowly trying to get it back. I sat with my husband last night and watched some television together which we haven't done in a long time. I am usually at my computer writing.

Today I am going to finish off the one fantasy book so that I can begin the editing process on it while finishing up my next book which has already been started. I was working on four books at one time and decided to finish one at a time so that I can finish them quickly and then begin editing.

Today is all about writing to finish one up and keep working on the other. The other book is about a cannibal serial killer that leaves dinners for the detectives to find. I am having such a great time writing it and I usually get lost in the story while working on it.

I want to wish everyone an awesome day today and don't party too hard tonight. "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date and may you have many more. I need to get to work now so I hope everyone enjoys their day and see you next year.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Hello everyone. It is noon here in Dalton, Georgia and forty-seven degrees outside with the sun shining. I just got up a few minutes ago due to a rough night of sleep. I have been battling this cold and it just doesn't want to give up. I just fed the dogs and said my good mornings to them like I do every day. Each one of them gets a few minutes of my time one on one.

I am drinking my first cup of coffee which tastes so good right night and it warms me up too. I did some writing last night on a short story for an erotica book I am working on and also on my other book about elves and ogres. I am hoping to have it finished today or tomorrow.

Then, I begin working on my next book which is already ten-thousand words and hopefully have it done in about a week. I am getting my motivation back for writing and soon I will be pumping my stories out in a good rhythm. This will be nice for me because I want to see my books in physical form and then I can say, "Hey, I wrote that book."

Well, it is time to get to work if I want to finish this book today or tomorrow. I also have some things around the house to do first. I wish everyone a happy Saturday and spend time with your loved ones because you don't know how long you will have them here. "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on this date and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Friday, December 28, 2018


Hello everyone. How are you today? I am doing pretty good so far today. I am still battling with a cold but because I am diabetic it takes me a little longer to get over things. I am taking medicine and doing my breathing treatments which are helping. The coughing has been keeping me up at night so I went and got some night time medicine to help suppress the coughing at night.

It is rainy and wet here in Dalton, Georgia and I am waiting for our first snow to happen so that I can watch all our dogs go out and play in it. My neck and shoulder are hurting again today and I need to make an appointment with the doctor to get medication for pain.

I am getting closer to finishing my next fantasy novella which is at approximately seventeen thousand words and still two days worth of writing to go. I am having fun with it and the conflict is just about to begin in the story. It is elves and ogres against each other. It would be considered a young reader story but also for everyone else.

I am doing some writing after posting this and I have a few other things around the house to get done as well. I have a couple short stories that I have to write as well, one for a book and one article for a site that I publish on. I love writing and it is truly my passion.

I am anxious for the new year to get here which is in a couple more days and hopefully everything will be new coming with it. I have all of my lists and schedules ready and can't wait. So, let me get off here and get to writing my stories. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Friday. "Happy Birthday" to everyone that was born on this date and may you have many more. Take care.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is nine o'clock in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and forty-six degrees outside. When I let the dogs outside, the sky looks like it wants to snow but temperature wise it feels very nice. My husband and I just got up and we are working on our first cup of coffee. I'm not sure if I will go for the second one yet because my shoulder and neck are hurting and I am still working on waking up.

I got a few things done last night and some more book writing. Today I will have a few hours alone so I will be getting some more done today. I feel my motivation building and I should be able to stay on top of my writing schedule. I look forward to writing more books and some of them will be free ebooks. My freebie promotion on my latest book has begun and it is doing awesome. Readers are getting their copies.

Today I feel it will be a good day and I will remain positive. I have many things to do but since I have made a schedule for everything, it makes it easier for things to get done. My husband is going to go take care of some things with our roommates so I will be here alone which will be great because I will get some peace and quiet.

I know this will be short, but I want to jump on everything and get them done. I hope everyone has an awesome day and be blessed. I want to say "Happy Birthday" to those who were born on today's date and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Hello everyone. Christmas has come and gone and now it is time to get ready for the new year approaching. Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? I am just blessed to have my husband and family. They are the gifts that keep giving. It is beautiful outside and all the dogs are outside playing while my husband is sitting here playing his video games.

I am still recovering from my implant surgery but managed to clean up around the house a little. I will be working on some writing today and should be done writing my next book by Sunday. The next book is a fantasy book about elves and ogres in a beautiful magic forest. It is just a simple book of fantasy for everyone's enjoyment.

My latest book began its FREE promotion today so I hope everyone gets a copy before the promotion ends on the thirtieth of the month. I am doing the giveaway so that everyone can get a glimpse into my writing and to build the anticipation of the next book in its series. So, get your copy before it ends.

I have begun the process of getting things ready for the new year and making the plans needed and everything looks good so far. I will be busy with writing, assisting the homeless, and building our house. Lots of things to do this next year and many goals that need to be met. I have already completed most of my year-end cleaning and I still have to sort paperwork and get them in order.

Well, it is time to get moving with things so I will wish everyone an awesome day and be blessed in your endeavors. "Happy Birthday" to everyone with a birthday today and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I just woke up not too long ago and still getting my motivation together. I hope everyone is enjoying opening their gifts this morning from Santa? I wish we could have had a Christmas this year, but I will be saving all year next year for it so that we have a very nice Christmas.

I began working on getting all my lists and sheets ready for the new year last night so that I will be ready for January first. I am a list person and that is what keeps me going. I would not know what to do if it weren't for lists. I guess you could say that I would be stuck in a rut not knowing what to do or what had to be done.

Well, I can hear one of my roommates in the kitchen cooking and she will be doing the cooking for today's dinner. I hope everyone else will have a nice Christmas dinner to eat. Get nice and full and then think on what today means to you. To me, it is a day to remember family and how lucky we are to have them and that it was a day that my Lord and Savior was born in a manger so many years ago.

Well, today I will begin getting back into my routine and starting my writing again for the site and putting short stories together for a freebie book. I now have the time to get things done and while working my routine, everything will get done. I am excited about having one of my books published last week and look forward to publishing another one soon.

Well, it is time to get some other things done while I still have time. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating one today. May you all have many more to come. Take care.

Monday, December 24, 2018


"Merry Christmas!" I hope everyone is having a very merry Christmas and being safe and happy. We didn't get Christmas again this year which saddens me because I love to decorate and wrap gifts but our finances wouldn't even allow me to buy a twenty dollar tree. I know next year everything will be different because I will have my tree and decorations with plenty of gifts under the tree.

As for new news, I published my first vampire book the other evening just in time for my birthday. It is the first book in a four book series and I had waited so long to get it finished and published. I am very happy with it. All my books are easy reads because I don't believe in fluffing a story. I also began writing on one of my other books that need to be finished. I now have the time to write again and I am going to take advantage of it and get more of my books out there.

I want to give everyone a medical update on one of my health issues. Some of you know that I had an incontinence issue that became severe. I went to a urologist to find out what was going on and causing it. After several tests, they determined that I had a very nervous bladder. I wore a temporary pacemaker for about a week to see if that would help and it did.

Tuesday of last week, I went in for surgery to have a permanent pacemaker for my bladder implanted and the results of it are awesome. I have had no accidents, bedwetting, and I have felt the urge to go which I have not felt in almost a year. So, I am very ecstatic about the results and our decision to have the implant. I am still healing and a bit sore, but I am doing a lot better. I just can't do any lifting, bending, or twisting for a month so that the lead wire anchors will get set in place with scar tissue.

On to other matters, we are ready for the new year and my expectations for being an author look promising. I will have quite a few books out and my passion for writing will keep me going. I am slowly getting motivated again since having surgery has kept me down for a minute, but improvements are always a good thing.

Well, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I hope everyone stays safe and is blessed with love. There are those who are not so fortunate and sleeping out in the cold alone, so keep them in your prayers. "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating one today and may you have many more. Take care.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Good morning to all. How are you? I am okay I guess. I have slept about an hour all night due to hurting and being sore. I had my surgery yesterday and now I have a pacemaker implant for my bladder in my lower back. It has been very sore and painful all night. It is hard getting comfortable without it pulling my lower back.

I have been put on limitations of no bending, lifting, or twisting for a month instead of just a couple weeks. The brain to the pacemaker is implanted in the lower part of my back. There are two different incisions which belong to the brain and lead wire going to my bladder nerve behind my spine.

I was supposed to rest yesterday which I did for the most part, but I will be down in bed today to make sure I don't rip stitches out and to give it a chance to begin healing. I have taken some pain medication and it is beginning to kick in and at that point, I will be laying back down and hopefully getting some sleep.

I am on my last chapter to edit before getting it done and published which will make my day. To see it go up on Amazon will make me very happy. Once it is published, I can work on getting my other books that have been started done, edited, and then published as well.

Well, I need to go lay down now and I will be up later today working on my books. Have a blessed day and take care. "Happy Birthday" to all that is turning another year older today

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Good morning everyone. Today is the day for my surgery and I am patiently sitting here waiting to leave in about fifteen minutes. Please keep me in your prayers. My surgery is scheduled for noon today and I have been waiting for this day to get here. I am sitting here dressed and ready to go with my husband who is ready to run out the door like he is in a hurry to sit and wait in the hospital.

This will be a short post because of having to leave in a few minutes. My husband and I got up at seven and got the house cleaned and had coffee so everything would be taken care of before we leave. I will probably be down for the rest of the day due to anesthesia and pain medication, but I will try to post something in the morning if I can.

Everyone is ready for my surgery as well because there are others who are going to be here to help my husband out while I am in recovery. God bless them all. I needed a break but not like this, lol. So, it is time to get going and I wish you all a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today. Take care.

Monday, December 17, 2018


Hello to all, it is twelve forty-three and sunny here in Dalton, Georgia. I am doing okay today and slept in a little. My surgery is tomorrow morning at noon but I have to be at the hospital at ten. I am a little nervous but excited at the same time to have my medical issue resolved even if it is just fifty percent better it is a start.

My husband and roommate's ex-wife has been taking care of the house chores and cooking for me and she will be here for the rest of the week since I will be down for a few days after surgery. I will be able to go back into my routine a little at a time as the soreness and pain allow me to. At least I will have help from my husband after she leaves.

I know I still won't be able to bend over, lift, or twist for a while but to stand and cook I can do. I already see a big difference with just the temporary pacemaker and it is allowing me to have a happier life with not so many accidents which I have had for a few years now. It is a great relief.

Today I will be finishing up one round of editing on my book and moving onto the next round before publishing. I will be making it the best it can be for my readers. I hope everyone enjoys my first vampire book and looks forward to the next one in the series. Once the book is published, I can move on to finishing up another one of my books in progress. I had been working on multiple books at one time until it came time to edit the first one.

I also have a few nonfiction books to finish up as well. I look forward to having many more books published soon and continuing my list of books to write. I have a list total of forty books to write all with outlines already completed and ready to write. I spend about six and a half hours a day writing on them to get them done and ready for a good reading.

Well, it is time for me to wash my hair and get a sponge bath done so I will post again tomorrow morning before I leave for the hospital. I hope everyone has an awesome Monday and a blessed week. I want to wish everyone turning another year older today a very "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is seven o'clock in the morning and forty-six degrees here in Dalton, Georgia. It is still dark outside and a bit chilly. The puppies are running around playing and eating while being looked after by our pit/lab mix. It is almost cute to see her watch them and keep them in check.

Today I am going to try and get back on my schedule so that everything can get done. I hate falling behind on things and I still have to limit my actions and movements due to still having this temporary pacemaker connected to me. I have the surgery for permanent placement on Tuesday and that will take me down for a few days more before going back to my regular routine.

I am doing pretty good with the pacemaker and things have improved drastically. I am noticing my mood is getting better and I don't have to worry so much about having accidents. My husband has been a real help around here while I have limited movement. He has been helping with house chores and I love him for that.

I have been up since six o'clock and having my second cup of coffee with my husband. I feel a bit rested compared to how much sleep I was getting without the pacemaker. I am going to stay positive about my future and look for days to improve as they go by.

"Happy Birthday" to everyone who turns another year older today and to everyone else, I wish you a blessed Sunday and may you all have many more. Take care.

Saturday, December 15, 2018


Good evening everyone and how are you this evening? I am doing okay today. We had the memorial service for our roommate's dad this afternoon and it was pretty good. He will be missed. Other than that, we came home from the memorial and I got a chance to clean my room up and change the linen. The puppies pen has been taken down and now that they are paper trained, they have access to both rooms and the other dogs. My big baby who is lab/pit mix, but looks like a black lab, has taken it upon herself to play a mother.

She takes care of them and looks after them even though she has never had pups herself and is just over a year old. She has been through two heat cycles with no pregnancies but treats these little ones like her own. They are all laying together on the puppies bed and sleeping. It is just so cute to see her laying with them being a mommy.

I am doing a couple of loads of laundry and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever which I will get some more of my book edited. I have a plan to get it published Monday as long as all goes well. We are finally getting things together financially to where we can get out of debt, but it will take time to be back on top.

I have several books partly written and need to get in gear to finish writing them, but it is taking my time to get the one edited so it can get published. I am a bit frustrated behind it, but not enough to throw my hands up at it yet. I have made posts venting my frustration and about stopping my writing, but then I will be miserable because it is my passion and I can not just throw it away.

Well, time to get the laundry changed over and I wish everyone a blessed evening. I want to wish everyone celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many blessings to come. Take care.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Good evening everyone and Happy Friday! I know a lot of you are probably already partying a bit welcoming in the weekend. It is ten twenty-six in the evening here and my roommates are drinking a bit while my husband and I are in our bedroom. We have taken our medication and ready for bed. We are not the party type anymore.

Tomorrow is the memorial for my roommate's dad who passed away at the beginning of the month and it will be a sad day for us because I miss him. He was a pain in the ass every now and then but we still had some good times and laughter. It will be me saying goodbye to him one last time tomorrow and then it will become final. I am glad that he is no longer in any pain and suffering and in a better place.

I am still wearing the temporary pacemaker for my bladder and visited the doctor yesterday to inform them how I was doing with it. It has made a tremendous change in everything. I have not felt the urge to urinate in almost a year and now I do and it is wonderful. I am not having as many accidents and the urgency to go has decreased quite a bit. So, it was a good decision to try this. I am so happy to urinate the correct way, lol.

I just talked to the person in charge of surgery scheduling and my surgery for the permanent pacemaker implant will be Tuesday and I ask for everyone's prayers that all goes well. I am waiting with anxiety to have it done. It will be life changing to a point and I expect that, but it will be a welcomed change.

As far as my writing is concerned, it has been difficult to find the motivation to finish editing one book because of the whole pacemaker ordeal, it has been very uncomfortable and even times of pain. I have not been able to do a lot because of it and that is difficult also because I am so independent and feel stressed because of having to rely on others to do things for me.

So, tomorrow I will be spending quite a bit of the day finishing the editing and then having the final editing done so that it can be published hopefully Monday. I am looking forward to it with enthusiasm. I need to get my motivation's butt kicked into gear and keep moving. I have now found my passion and it has taken me all my life to find it and now I need to keep hold of it.

I hope everyone is enjoying their evening and wish everyone a blessed and safe evening. "Happy Birthday" to those who are a year older today and may you have many more. Take care.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Hello everyone. How are you today? I guess I am doing pretty good. I am still adjusting to the temporary bladder pacemaker that I am wearing and a bit sore but doing better. It is a bit chilly outside but still a beautiful day. It has been hectic for the past few weeks and I just realized what I have been lacking on as far as my writing goes.

I just made a list of what I need to have done to get caught up and I am going to work on it today as soon as I get done with this post. Everyone has been very supportive of my condition of not being able to do much around the house and tomorrow I go back to the doctor to schedule my permanent implantation surgery which I am excited about because this device has been making things better for me with my medical condition of incontinence.

It will still put me down for a few more weeks, but I will be able to do a little more than I can now because the permanent one has anchors and no chance of coming out, where these temporary ones can move and come out. I am just glad that there has been a major improvement in my condition and symptoms.

Today was the first day that I released the puppies from their pen and allowed them to roam around the back room with the other dogs and it was fun to watch because they got along with all the dogs just fine and even ate food with them. Now, they are laying down napping after getting very full bellies of food and water and lots of playtime. It is quiet back here in my room and the perfect environment for writing.

I am feeling positive and good today. I went to the doctor and got refills on my medication and my attitude is much better today. Things are looking up. I should have my first vampire book published this evening which excites me even more. I hope everyone gets a copy and enjoys it.

Well, I need to get going because of so many things to do and I wish everyone a wonderfully blessed day. I want to wish everyone turning another year older today a very "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

Monday, December 10, 2018


Hello everyone. I do apologize for not posting in a minute because of things getting back to normal around here. I am doing okay today just had to deal with some anxiety today because of a procedure. I had a temporary pacemaker put in for my bladder to help with an incontinence issue. The doctor said that I have a very nervous bladder, lol.

I had the procedure done and I am not supposed to do anything but take it easy for the next couple of days. I am sore in my lower back and it feels like a probe pushed up my rectum but it is easing up. I go back on Thursday to give my test results and then I will be scheduled for a permanent implantation of a pacemaker. At least this time, my hospital stay will be putting something in instead of taking something out of me, lol.

Everything is good here, so I guess it is just writing and editing for me the next couple of days and no housework. I am not supposed to bend, lift, or twist which they call a BLT. It was painful when they put the needles in my lower back to numb the area and now I am just sore.

My next book, "Immortal Passion" will be published tomorrow evening and I hope everyone gets a copy. It is the first book in a series about vampires. I have enjoyed writing it because I would love to be the main female character. You should really read it and give me some feedback. If you get a copy, feel free to leave me a review with your thoughts.

I will probably have the next book ready for publishing next week because as you know I have been working on several books at once. I have nothing better to do than write and get my stories out to the world. I find it very relaxing and enjoyable when I drift off into one of my stories.

Well, it is time to lay down and watch some television with my husband and try to get used to this pacemaker and I also have another doctor's appointment in the morning for my mental illness medications. I wish everyone a wonderful evening and "Happy Birthday" to all those who turned another year older today. Take care.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Hello everyone. Today is not a good day and I feel like shit. I wanted to post to let everyone know that because of my mental health illness that I am putting things away and I don't know if I will pick them back up ever. I am canceling almost all of my doctor's appointments except the urologist because I am due to get a pacemaker in about a week from now.

The only reason for that is because I am tired of peeing the bed and all over myself. It is affecting me mentally which does not help the situation. I am tired of going through things and now that I think about it, it makes sense why I stayed homeless for so long because I had nothing for anyone to take away.

I don't know at this point what to do and all I can do is sit here and cry because I am worn down and my mind is going everywhere. If I am here tomorrow posting, it will be considered a miracle. So for now, I just have to play it by ear what will happen next. Take care everyone.

Monday, December 3, 2018


Hello everyone. It is five forty-two in the evening here in Dalton, Georgia and fifty-three degrees outside which brings a beautiful day to a close. I, first, want to ask for prayers for the Dailey Family who lost their father early this morning. I was with him all day yesterday and up until his passing this morning. He was a man who lived a full life and passed at the age of seventy-two to go be with his wife who passed away three years ago yesterday. Please forward your thoughts and prayers their way. It has been a blessing to know this man and his family and he will always be in my thoughts and prayers as he journey's to be with the Lord.

After his passing this morning, I was able to go to bed and get some sleep since I had been up with him for twenty-four hours. Now, after a time of remembrance, I can begin a new day with achieving my goals and aspirations. He has been an inspiration to me even though we shared some disagreements, but I still had a love for him in my heart.

Tomorrow is a new day, and with it comes new hopes and dreams for a better future. I plan on getting back on schedule with everything in the morning and you will be seeing my writing pop up everywhere and I have plans to make a podcast and a Youtube video every week reading some of my works and giving updates on what is going on with me so that my readers can put a face with a name.

I want people to know that I am a real person with real problems but love to share my stories with the world. I also have a nonprofit assisting the homeless to become self-sufficient that I will be doing some stuff for and creating a new program to help out more. Everything has been a cluster f*** lately and my world has been tossed upside down with health issues and conditions, but I am slowly getting things back on track so that my family can move forward.

Right now, my husband is taking a nap and the dogs are snuggled with him while I sit here writing this post. The only light on is my desk lamp which makes it calmer for me to concentrate on things and my writing. I have fallen behind by a couple of weeks on my writing and will be playing some major catch up in the next few weeks to keep things moving forward.

Our finances are straightened out for right now and I am working to keep them that way. Somehow, I got thrown off with bills this month and thought that I would have some money to publish my next book, but again, bills took precedence and I cannot afford it right now. We are not even going to be able to afford Christmas this year again.

I almost want to just give up on the holidays because we have not had a Christmas in a couple of years, but come hell or high water my babies will get some things this year. I have not been able to buy any new clothes in a couple of years and anything different that I get to wear is a hand me down from someone else. Last month, I was able to buy us a package of socks each.

Times have been hard and I try to stay optimistic and positive, just like I have been trying to get books sold just to add to our income with no luck because I don't have money for marketing expenses and push out free advertising where I can. I hope that this new year will be different. I have tried posting on some crowdfunding sites which never gives me any return even after offering any funders a copy of the book published.

Well, enough venting for now. I wish everyone a happy and blessed week and evening. "Happy Birthday" to all those celebrating one today and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


"Happy First Day of December Everyone!" What a wonderfully mild day here in Dalton, Georgia with it lightly raining outside. I just got finished with the house chores and the reason I am running late today is that we were up until about one o'clock this morning checking on my roommate's dad because he had been asleep most of the day and his blood pressure was running dangerously low so we kept monitoring it.

I got up at my regular time and went to check on him and his blood pressure was back up a little bit, but I was tired so I laid back down and slept for a few hours more. I got up and checked it about nine this morning and he was back up safe enough to give him his medication and we have been tending to him, a house full of kids and adults, and trying to get the cleaning done. I am still doing laundry and should hopefully have it all done by tomorrow.

Later today we will be putting him in his lift while we change his bed sheets before dinner, but he is being well taken care of. Now, I can sit and get some of my stuff done while his daughter and son are in there, but I will still have to go check on him and administer his pain medication as long as his blood pressure is safe enough.

I will be getting an article written and a short story for a "freebie book" to give out, but I am swamped with book writing also. Well, I need to get started before it gets too late. I hope everyone has a blessed Saturday and "Happy Birthday" to all of you with a birthday today. May you all be blessed. Take care.

Friday, November 30, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is eight thirty-nine here in Dalton, Georgia and fifty degrees outside. How are you readers doing today? I am feeling pretty good today and looking forward to the day. I can now get back on my routine and schedule now that my roommates' dad is home now with Hospice care which will be a great help to me.

I have to take my husband to the doctor this morning for his back procedure and then it is home to start the cleaning process before getting on my computer and beginning my writing schedule. I have a lot of things to do today and the fact that I am on here a little late is okay too.

While I am waiting at the doctor's office for my husband, I will be taking my computer so that I can work on some of my books. He usually takes about an hour so that will give me about sixteen hundred words towards my book word count.

I have several manuscripts started and just need to get them done so they can go to the editor for final proofing before publishing. Two of them are over twenty thousand words. I can't wait. Well, I need to make this a quick getaway because I have things to do and a lot of them.

I wish everyone a sweet day and happy Friday. "Happy Birthday" to everyone with a birthday today. Take care.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is thirty-two degrees here in Dalton, Georgia and gloomy looking outside. Brrr! We are all awake in the house and our roommate has company over already this morning. My husband and I are having our first cup of coffee and trying to wake up. There are no plans today of going anywhere which is good because then I can concentrate on my writing.

I have spent a few minutes with each of my dogs so that they can get their loving time this morning. I make it a point every morning to make sure they get some attention one on one with me. Now everyone is loved on and comfortable and laying around except my husband just got up and got dressed for the day.

My goals for the day are to get things cleaned up around here now that I have some help and then get to my writing. I have some writing goals that need to be met today and I have to get ready for my next book publishing which should be within the next couple of weeks. I will be sending my manuscript to the editor this weekend and hopefully, it is good enough for publishing.

Other than that, things look good for today and we just got word that his dad is coming home shortly. I have gotten his paperwork done for his care and I am now ready for everything. I should be finishing these other two books that I have been working on over the course of the next week and have them ready for the editor. Things look good on my end.

I will be getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and getting it decorated then back to writing my books. Well, I hope everyone has an awesome day the weekend is almost here. I want to wish everyone with a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Brrr! Good morning everyone. It is almost six o'clock in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and also seventeen degrees outside, but I feel the same temperature here in my back room while typing this so you can imagine how winterized I am posting this. I kept my dogs in the bedroom where it is warm while I come to get some work done out here.

I feel wide awake this morning and should be snuggled up in bed with my husband and dogs but I have slacked off a few days because of holidays. This morning my husband has a back procedure so I need to be able to drive him home and then it will be right back to my routine and schedule. My roommates' dad comes home from the hospital tomorrow and that will be awesome because he missed Thanksgiving but we made a plate to take to him.

I have a nice hot cup of coffee here with me to keep me a little warmer on the inside so the cold is tolerable. This goes to show my passion and dedication for writing to be sitting in a room that is seventeen degrees cold. I will survive because my motivation keeps me warm.

After posting this for today, I will be working on an article for another site and then on to writing in my books. I look forward to finishing the ones I have started and I already have one ready for the editor to do the final editing and then it is off to publishing it. It is the first book in a series of four books and I think everyone will like them.

I am excited about publishing them and I make them easy reads without all those big words and fluff. I love telling stories just how they come out of my mind. I also live in the story while writing it. Which means I tell the story as I see it going on around me.

Well, it is time for me to get busy and get some other stuff done and I need a refill on my coffee. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to those whose birthday is today as well. Take care until tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Good evening everyone. How are you? I am good since going to the doctor and finding out that I don't have bladder cancer or tumors. I have a very nervous bladder which causes all the accidents that I have. I have been busy all day cleaning rooms after I got back from another appointment today to do a paperwork update and schedule an appointment with my psychiatrist for medication.

I am getting ready for bed now because I am exhausted but wanted to post something to let everyone know that I am still here with you all. Have a good night.

Monday, November 26, 2018


Good morning everyone. "Happy Monday!" It is five o'clock in the morning here and it is forty-seven degrees with the wind blowing hard and howling. I woke up and feel awake and can't go back to sleep. I know today starts my schedule and routine again now that Thanksgiving is gone and look forward to it. I hate being thrown off my schedule because it feels like chaos and that I have no control.

My husband is still asleep and the dogs have been outside and are back in the bed with him comfy and warm. It is not so cold here in the backroom so I am okay to sit here and write. I have my first cup of coffee and it tastes so good. I am typing this post and thinking about my day and what it entails.

I began writing on one of my books again last night and I am hopeful to have it finished by the first of the month. I will still be one book behind, but I will find time to write on it and keep up with my current book writing schedule. I am happy to be back writing and getting my books up on Amazon. I feel a sense of accomplishment and it feels good.

I have seen some book sales but I know that the more books I get published, the better the income will get. I do have some physical copies here to send to people who purchase my books from this website that are signed by my own hand. My audiobooks are doing pretty good as well.

I have done the budget for next month and it seems we will be back on track and not be in debt. We will actually be able to start paying some bills off which will lower our monthly bills going out. I can finally breathe again and not stress out so much from our finances.

I have begun working on our nonprofit and getting things going with it again and that makes me happy. I love helping people who need it and the nonprofit is the baby that I gave birth to. Going out and feeding the homeless and giving them the things they need to survive and helping them get jobs is a passion for me because I was once out there where they are and no one would help me.

Anyway, I need to get going on working my schedule early today because I have a doctor's appointment later today and I don't want to get behind on my schedule. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a blessed one. To those having a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


Good morning everyone. How are we doing today? I got up earlier but went back to bed for a few hours to sleep off medication. I am up now with my list of to do items for the day and I am motivated to get things done. It has been crazy with the holidays approaching but things will go back to normal today and our roommates' dad is coming home from the hospital tomorrow so I will be back on duty tomorrow.

I've had two cups of coffee this morning and now I am ready for some flavored water to start my day. I have fed all the dogs in the house and they are now playing outside and one is sitting behind me in the chair which is my spoiled brat. I look forward to getting things done today plus clipping my coupons. I need to look out for deals again since our finances are getting back on track and we will be paying a few bills off before the end of the year so we will be starting the new year off with smaller debt.

I have collected our containers for our home savings with all of our change that will be accumulated throughout the next year and will be in better shape to do things together. I am working hard to get rid of our debt and make things better for us, plus I will have money to get books published and out to the world. It is going to be a fun year.

Plus, we will begin building our house come warmer weather in March and I really look forward to having my little farm and taking care of the animals. I am an animal person and having a farm has been a dream of mine for a while now and it will be a reality this next year. I will write books and take care of my farm.

My husband has been up for a while now and is out in the front room with our roommate while giving me some privacy to get some of my writing done. We had a cup of coffee together and now he knows I have things to get done, so he goes out into the front room to leave me to my writing but comes back here to check on me every so often.

Well, it is time to get things started and finished so I will end this post here and wish everyone a blessed day. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more. Take care everyone and see you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Good morning everyone. The weekend is here again and I know most of you have probably exhausted yourselves with Black Friday shopping. I cannot do Black Friday shopping due to my severe social anxiety disorder, but I love hearing the stories from others who do go out and shop. I hope everyone got everything on their wishlists?

It is four fourteen in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it is mildly cool outside. I am sitting here in my jacket because it is cool enough in this back room to wear one. My husband has been up all night because his medication never kicked in and I did manage to get about five or six hours of sleep. This is a usual night of sleep for me. I cannot sleep that long without my body hurting unless I am not feeling well.

I figured since I am up having coffee with my husband, I might as well say good morning to my friends and family out there who read this. I consider all my readers family and friends. I am up early enough to get a jump start on a few things that I haven't gotten done due to Thanksgiving. I did all the cooking so I had no time to write, but now I can play catch up and get them done.

Did everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving? Did your stomachs get full and then you needed a nap? I ate, but there was no nap in my future that day because of having to help with the cleanup. My roommate's sister who came for dinner helped with the cleanup and took some food home with her. It was nice to have family come over and put their differences aside to enjoy the holidays.

I am hoping that this coming Thursday or Friday I will be going out to get our Christmas tree and decorating it and the front porch. I have not been able to have a good Christmas the past couple of years, but my four-legged babies have always gotten something for Christmas whether we have a tree or not.

My roommate's father went back into the hospital about a week ago because he went septic and underwent surgery yesterday for a bed ulcer that went to the bone. We are still waiting for an update on how that went.

Today will be a good day and I am going to keep positive. My husband has jokes this morning and making me laugh so I apologize if I have a few mistakes in my writing. I love it when he is in a good mood which is the majority of the time and he always tries to make me laugh and feel good.

I can be having the worst day of my life and he will do his best to make me feel better and I love him for that. He is my rock in bad situations and cares about me so much and tries his best to take care of me. I would never trade him in for anything. When the day comes that I lose him, it will probably kill me because I love him so much.

Well, it is time to get writing stuff done before beginning my house chores. Everyone is still asleep in the house so it will be a minute before they begin waking up and I don't like making noise while they sleep. So, I wish everyone an awesome Saturday and a "Happy Birthday" to those having one today. God bless and take care.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


"Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!" It is that time of year now where everyone gains a few extra pounds but celebrates with family. I am doing the cooking this year and will have family all together whether there is separation or not, it is time to be thankful for what you have and the loved ones we have in our lives.

Today is going to be a busy day for me with all the cooking I have to do and I did all the baked goods yesterday so that it will be just the dinner items that have to be cooked. My husband is helping me which is awesome. I am very thankful for him because he is the love of my life, my soulmate, and my best friend. We have been married for five years now and it still seems like we just got married.

I have slacked on my writing due to major cleaning around the house but it is okay because once dinner is done today, I am going to disappear into my back room and get some writing caught up. I have been doing some paperwork updating and also getting ready for the new year because this year and the months have just flown by, so the new year will be here in the blink of an eye and I have goals, resolutions, and plans for the new year.

Our finances are getting better and we should be out of the red come the first of the month and things will get better for us. I will be checking the finance today to make sure that we are going to be okay come December first. We want to start the new year off in the black and having extra little money to play with. I have set up a balance sheet and buckets for saving change.

All change will be split between a few buckets which have specific plans like vacation savings, Christmas next year, and debt consolidation. We are going to be saving for the whole year without dipping into them and pennies will be kept separate from silver change and go into their own bucket.

Anyway, I need to get some things done now while waiting for food to cook before the house becomes full of people. It is quiet now but won't be for long. I hope everyone has an awesome day celebrating with their families and making amends with others and enjoy your bounty of food. Take care and be blessed.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Good morning everyone. I need prayers for my roommate's father who is back in the hospital again as of yesterday. He is a seventy-two-year-old man who now has a bad case of pneumonia along with a stage four bed ulcer that has gone to his spine. He is in pretty bad shape and needs everyone's prayers for a speedy recovery.

It is nine twenty-one this morning and thirty-seven degrees outside. Brrr! My babies are nice and warm in our bedroom cuddled up in their blankets and the puppies are snuggled up in a furry black blanket I found for them to use. They are a handful and seem to be feisty in the middle of the night when everyone else is trying to sleep.

I have finally finished the kitchen painting and now today I will be putting stuff back in the kitchen and sorting the million and one bottles of spices to place back in the cabinets. I am still trying to figure out how to do my book writing to get caught up on my book writing. I have been a mess the last couple of days with everything going on.

I am still a bit frustrated because my book writing has been moving very slow if at all and I know I am trying to get it motivated but with it being so cold in my back room, I am forced to sit in the living room with some heat to write which there are too many distractions for me to keep my mind focused on the story.

Something has to give before I blow a gasket and my meds have been sporadic again running here there and everywhere. I barely get a quiet moment with myself anymore. I need to get myself together again and motivate myself back into walking on the treadmill again too. I have almost completely stopped everything and now I am stuck at finding a way to get it back together.

I am at a standstill and I really don't know where to start anymore. Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to get myself back in gear and back on track? I don't have a clue except maybe going back to the drawing board and rethinking everything and trial and error, but I don't have anymore trial and error in me to do it all again.

I guess I have no choice because things need to get done and I hate sitting still in limbo. I am going to break out the pen and paper and start over since a new year is getting close and I want to be on the right track when it happens. So, let me get off of here and go get it and start rethinking everything until I can get a better way of doing things.

I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday and "Happy Birthday" to everyone with a birthday today. I will post again tomorrow hopefully with a game plan. Take care everyone and have a blessed day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Good morning everyone. I do apologize for not posting yesterday, but I had nerve blocks put in one side of my neck yesterday morning and was too loopy to post or even stay awake. The medication is beginning to wear off and it feels like there is a brick in that side of my neck and it is stiff. I have been up since six-thirty this morning. It is forty degrees outside but feels like thirty-four. Brrr!

My friend's dad came home from the hospital yesterday as well and now I am back on the job, lol. I am going back on routine this morning with house chores and writing. I am feeling very positive about everything right now, but the day has just begun.

It is now nine o'clock this evening. Sorry I had to leave this from this morning. I had some important things to do and my neck has been hurting a little all day and feels like I have a brick inside my neck. Everything has gone pretty good today. We got most of the painting done and I was able to finish the pantry and put the food back and tomorrow I will be scrubbing and stripping the kitchen floor of forty years of dirt.

I am trying to get back to my routine and everything, but having to get this kitchen done and some other things kind of puts a damper on everything. Tomorrow should be the last day of getting things done and then back to writing. I miss writing but it has also been too cold to sit in my back room without distractions.

Having to sit in the living room makes it hard to get passionately back into my writing because of the television being on or people coming over. I have to get back into my room somehow whether I have to winterize or something. I need the quiet room back. I am falling behind in my book writing and it is starting to send me back into a depressive state.

I am finding it hard to think about my stories because I am feeling distracted. I have to find my motivation again quickly before I go into a slump of depression. Well, let me get this published and move onto something else to get done.

I hope everyone is having an awesome evening and I want to send out "Happy Birthday" wishes to everyone who turned a year older today. Take care.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Good morning everyone. How are you on this blessed Sunday morning? It is five-thirty in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it is twenty-seven degrees outside. Brrr! We are in a freeze warning until ten o'clock this morning. Please, I hope everyone has their animals inside a warm place. All of the dogs just went outside to potty and are now snuggled back inside our bedroom on the bed with my husband sleeping comfortably.

I got everything moved out of the kitchen yesterday and all the walls and cabinets have been washed down and are now ready for painting which I will be doing after I finish this post. I have to get out the paint from the middle room and I will be painting the walls first and while they are drying I will be going to the grocery store and doing our food shopping for the house and for our Thanksgiving dinner.

I am doing the cooking this year as long as I don't get hurt in between now and then. It seems like every year that I have to cook, I either throw my back out or having a sprang somewhere on my body that makes it hard for me to move or function. One year, I sprung my tailbone and I was supposed to do the cooking. That was very painful and miserable for me because I couldn't sit or lay down without pain.

This year I have a new family to cook for which I am honored to share my Thanksgiving with. I have my list of dishes to make and have made my grocery list by that menu plus the household list for our regular food. I will probably be spending about an hour inside the store alone checking prices and using my coupons where I can.

This morning, I will be finishing this post, then painting the kitchen walls, then doing my morning coupons today, then going shopping. I will be going shopping alone since everyone hates being in the grocery store with me, and taking my time to make sure I get everything needed. I do hate being rushed because that seems to be when I forget stuff the most.

It will be considered my "me" time away from everyone and giving me time to concentrate on what I need to get. Once I get back and get all the cold stuff put away in the refrigerator and freezer, then I will go back to painting and doing the cabinets and then scrubbing the forty-year-old dirt off the floor and making the kitchen look new again.

After all this is done and the kitchen is back together, I plan on sitting down and writing another article for the paid site I write for. My article seems to get good readings on them which I am happy about. I see my erotica articles get a lot of reads and I am considering if I need to be writing an erotica book for everyone to enjoy?

Once my article is written and posted to the site, I will be working on my books in progress because I still have to meet those goals. There are some people who think that my writing is silly and that I should put it off and do it as a hobby, but it is serious to me and I hope to make it a supplemental income for my husband and I to live a little more comfortably than we do now struggling from check to check.

I only have four books published right now, but by the first of the year, I would like to have triple that amount to bring in the new year with. Right now, I am sitting on one book almost done with my personal final edit before sending it to the editor and three works in progress to finish writing. I am keeping positive about having these books done and published around the first of the month, but it depends on how quick my editor can get them done.

Well, it is time to get to work on painting before the newspapers get here and then it will be clipping my coupons and then heading out the door. So, I wish everyone a blessed day and to those celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many blessed birthdays to come. Take care.

P.S- Remember that a percentage of my royalties go into my nonprofit that assists the homeless in becoming self-sufficient, so check out my books and get your copy or two. Thanks and God Bless

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Brrrr! Good morning everyone. It is thirty degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia and the wind is howling which makes it even colder outside. We let the dogs out to potty and immediately brought them back inside our bedroom where it stays warm. They are nestled in their blanket on top of the bed and all going back to sleep.

Today, I am sitting in the living room because it is freezing in my back room and working up here, plus I will be painting the small kitchen and cabinets. I will still be taking breaks to get some writing done and it will not take long to paint it will just be time-consuming to do the cabinets and then put everything back.

My writing goals have not changed, nor am I going to change them. I just have some writing to catch up on and will be doing some serious writing here shortly once the kitchen is done and I will be spending most of my time writing. I should have had at least seven books ready for the editor, but life has stepped in and took over for a minute, so now I have to play catch up.

It will be a busy day, but a fun day. I love painting and making things look better and cleaner, it is part of my OCD and sometimes it will even drive me crazy. I will hopefully have a lot to post about tomorrow, but I want to get off here to get my day started.

I hope everyone has a great day and a blessed one. I want to wish everyone a "Happy Birthday" to those who are celebrating one today. It is a beautiful day and time to have a birthday. Take care everyone.

Friday, November 9, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is me again. :) It is seven thirty in the morning and very rainy here. Today my husband has a doctor's appointment and will be going alone since he now has a driver's license which means I get to stay home and get things done. It frees up more time for my writing as well. While he is gone, I will get the house chores done and then be able to sit and write.

I still have several articles to write for this one website to catch up on it, then there is work that needs to be done for my nonprofit, then there is my actual book writing for which I have taken a couple of days off from to get my notes and other things done. Yesterday I spent a little bit organizing my desk drawers so that things are easier to find.

Sorry, my husband and I laid back down to rest for a bit, but now I am up and ready to get to work. It is nine thirty in the morning and still rainy and gloomy outside. I just got our room straightened up and this back room cleaned and smelling good. Now, I can get busy with the rest of today's stuff and hopefully have a full sheet of check off's.

My first order of business is to get the house chores done first so that the house is cleaned and then I can disappear back here to my room and get my work done. I look forward to working my list and getting things completed because it makes me feel accomplished.

Well, time is being spent and I need to get going since I have a full day worth of work to get done. I hope everyone has a very productive day and a blessed one. "Happy Birthday" to everyone who has one today and may you be blessed with many more. Take care.

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is now eleven sixteen in the morning, but I have been up since eight this morning. We had to go run an errand first thing this morning and now I am home taking care of some business things. I am trying to get my nonprofit back up and running and have things to do to set it all back up again. It has been slow with medical conditions stepping in and throwing things off, but I am motivated and ready to get it back in gear.

I have many things to do this morning and hopefully will be able to get it all done today. I published some articles last night on one website but I am taking this morning to revamp things to include my nonprofit work as well. I hope to kick off the new year with a bang. There is much that I need to do to set things back up plus get my writing done.

Now that my husband has his drivers license, it takes a lot off of me to do things so I can be home much more to work on things. I now have time that is freed up for writing and preparing my files and paperwork for my nonprofit. I am excited about it and I have faith that things will work out and that it will thrive.

A portion of my book royalties will go into the operation of my nonprofit, so I hope that a lot of you will support our efforts in fighting homelessness by buying one of my books. It will go to a good cause and our plans to help those afflicted help themselves in regaining their self-sufficiency.

Should you just want to make a donation, you can through Hope Station's website:

Well, it's time to get to work because I have plenty of it to do. I want to wish everyone a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today. Take care.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Hello, everyone! Today has been an awesome day. My first half of the day has been the best part because my husband passed his road test today and is now a licensed driver once again. Now he can share the driving, lol. We went out and paid some bills afterward and then came home. I just got all my house chores done and now I can sit and get some of my stuff done again.

Now everyone is on my time, lol. I feel pretty good considering the sleepless night that I had. I could only sleep about an hour here and an hour there. I got up to use the bathroom at least eleven times last night, but no accidents, I guess because I was awake most of the night.

There are no appointments for tomorrow, only picking up medication and paying one more bill and that is it. I would then come home, do my house chores and then the rest of the day is mine to do what I please, which everyone knows that I will be writing, lol.

It has been sunny most of the morning, now it is gloomy and raining. This makes for good sleeping weather, but I have things to do that are important. Besides writing, I also have to make plans for the new year which will be here soon enough.

I have to plan out my writing, our budget, and for Hope Station USA which is a nonprofit that I founded back in two-thousand and nine. Here is the link to its website:
She is my baby because I feel just as passionate about helping the homeless as I do telling the world my stories.

Well, daylight is wasting and I promise to make my post longer tomorrow so I hope everyone has a safe and blessed day. "Happy Birthday" to everyone whose birthday is today and may you have many more. Take care.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Good morning everyone and how are we doing today? I feel better rested today since I am taking medication like I am supposed to be and getting enough sleep now. I still get up several times a night but I got to sleep in this morning which was a big help. It is sixty degrees here in Dalton, Georgia and rainy. The wind blew really hard all night but everything was okay this morning when I looked outside.

My husband and I are drinking our first cups of coffee and the dogs are asleep thank God, lol. They are usually pretty obnoxious first thing in the morning and wanting their attention. I get a break this morning, woohoo! Things are moving right along this morning, we have to take our roommate to go get his identification this morning.

I will be working on some articles when we return home. I wrote one last night and have some more to do to catch up on them. I also will be writing some more on my books today. I have taken a few days off of book writing to catch up on some other things but will resume book writing today to keep them moving forward.

I am looking towards having several books done by the end of the month and sending them to the editor for a final edit before publishing them. I am happy about getting back into book writing. I had a lapse in my mental health issues but I am back to feeling like myself today.

It is time to go to the driver services appointment for his identification, so I will end this post here and wish everyone a great day and a "Happy Birthday" to all those celebrating one today. Take care.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is fifty-one degrees here in Dalton, Georgia this morning and it has been raining all night. Everyone is up this morning and my husband and I are taking a roommate to get his new identification card and social security card. He lost them in the move up here and his identification card is expired, so we are getting him caught up on everything.

Hello everyone, Sorry this is a two-part post because we had to leave for a bit before I could finish this post. We got back from taking our roommate to the social security off and the DMV was closed today, so we are taking him tomorrow morning to get his new identification card. It is no problem for us to help him. He has been through a lot with moving up here, thieves breaking into their storage unit and taking a lot of stuff, and then his wife died soon after.

I came home and got my household chores done right away so that I could work on the back room with cleaning the carpet and moving some things. It wasn't much, but it had to be done as well. Now it smells so good in here and right now my husband and the dogs are taking a nap while I sit here typing up this post.

It is not so cold today and I can sit back here and work on my writing. I got behind on some articles which I will be getting them done here in a minute. I can feel my body destressing as I sit here in the peace and quiet. My mind is a little clearer even though my body is hurting a little. My medication has made me a little loopy today but it is tolerable enough for me to write my books.

Well, allow me to end this post here and get to work, daylight is a wasting. I hope everyone has had an awesome Monday and to everyone celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" to you and may you have many more to come. Take care.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is now eight minutes after six in the morning and a chilly forty-one degrees outside here in Dalton, Georgia. Did everyone remember to turn their clocks back an hour last night? I have been up and down all night so it was easy for me to turn them back. I am just getting up this morning and sitting here with my first cup of coffee which I should dump over me to warm me up, lol.

I got my house chores done yesterday and a little writing but not as much as I wanted to, but today is a new day and I am finally getting set in my schedule to take care of the house and get my writing done all in the same day. I need it to be able to move forward with my book writing. I cannot stop now when everything is finally falling together.

The guys will be getting up soon to go to the flea market and that will make it easier for me to get up and get the cleaning done swiftly since I have to clean all the bedrooms today which doesn't take much. As soon as they are gone, I can start my cleaning and hopefully be done around noon and that's when I can sit down and do some writing and things for me.

I have to clean this back room up and clean the rug on the floor, but that can happen anytime today while I work on my stuff. It is more of a take a break kind of thing to break up any writer's block that might come my way. I don't understand why I can come up with stories while cleaning the house, but I have quite a bit of books to write as it is now.

I am actually enjoying these quiet mornings while everyone is still in bed because I can hear that little voice in my head telling me a story or what to write. Yes, I am mental health, lol, but some of our greatest writers in history had mental health issues. I think everyone walking on this wonderful planet has a bit of mental health issues inside them and that's what makes each of us tick.

Well, it is time to get going on house chores, the guys are getting ready to leave and that means I can get things done while no one is here. I hope everyone has a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating today. Take care.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is almost a quarter after eight in the morning and the temperature is thirty-seven degrees outside with a gray gloomy sky. I am not sure that I want to get out of bed this morning because I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately and running around that I have become a bit fatigued and the cold weather doesn't help much. I know a lot of people who love to just lay in bed when it is cold when they have nothing really to do that day. I have a lot of things to do today and need to get them done.

So far the bills are getting paid and we have almost everything we need for the house and things are looking good so far. I am feeling positive about our finances and the hopes of publishing a few books next month right in time for Christmas sales. I have come up with a checklist that will help me get things done and stay on track for everything else.

I will be working as quickly and efficiently as possible to get everything done today and see what progress I have made. If all works out the way I think they will, then I will have a final schedule that I can adhere to. It is just so frustrating when I have a schedule that keeps getting monkey wrenches thrown into the mix that keeps me from moving forward and not getting things done.

I have printed up a list of books that I should have done before December 1st and posted them on my wall above my desk so that I know where I stand with catching everything up to where I need to be. I already know that having every one of these books done might seem impossible but I will try my hardest to get most of them done.

Some of them will be easy ones to do like the children's books and some that are true life events and stories. All these books will be quick and easy to write with most being novellas. The fictional ones being from my imagination will be longer and full novels because when I let loose my imagination, it almost scares me where my mind can go. :)

Well, it is time to get to work if I am going to catch up on things and I have plenty of housework to do before sitting back down to take care of writing things. Everyone is still asleep, but they will just have to excuse me while working around them because they cannot stop my progress of meeting my goals today. I have important things to do and the effort I put into them will benefit my family.

So, to everyone celebrating a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. To everyone else, be blessed in your endeavors today and have a safe and happy weekend. Take care.

Friday, November 2, 2018


"Happy November everyone!" It is fifty-five degrees here this morning in Dalton, Georgia and pretty nice even though it is cool outside. I have been up since right around eight this morning with a rough night of broken sleep. I got in the shower this morning to help wake me up and now I am sitting here with you great people having my first cup of coffee.

We have moved the new puppies who will be three weeks old this Sunday to a pen on the floor which they are loving because now momma can stretch out and feed them instead of being cooped up in that laundry basket. They are happy and so are the other dogs who have taken turns getting inside the pen and helping momma clean and make them poop.

They all seem to take on a momma role which is pretty cool to see even from another puppy who is just going to be a year old herself. I am working on getting all of the rest of the dogs fixed because we are not wanting any more puppies. We have been puppied out now and just want to enjoy the ones we have now.

It will be great when we can get our property because the babies will have a huge yard to run and play in and can be dogs. I had my mind racing yesterday with all the designing of our house and what the yard will look like and I know that it is part of my anxiety, but I can't help it.

I am sitting here right now and listening to the hoot owl outside who is close this morning and I have not heard any of our squirrel friends who come around and taunt the dogs on a daily basis. I guess they are busy stacking up for the winter.

Our finances have fallen through again the month on my being able to send my books to the editor but with some careful juggling of money I will have us good for next month and should be able to start sending the completed books that are ready to the editor and publishing one behind the other next month.

It is just so frustrating when my plans fall through with getting my books published and crowdfunding has proven wrong for me because no one cares about an author nowadays. They want to fund the future in AI. It's okay though, my season will come when all of my books are published and people are enjoying them.

Well, time to get my daily chores done so that I may sit and get some things done today. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone who has a birthday today. I hope everyone is blessed and prosperous today. Take care.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is thirty-eight degrees outside and I am feeling every bit of it in this back room with the door open to allow the dogs to go outside to potty. I have only been up a few minutes and sitting here with my first cup of coffee. My husband is joining me since he wants to drive me to my doctor's appointment this morning.

We are so happy he has his learner's permit to drive since his driver's license expired while he was locked up back in two- thousand and two. He goes for his road test in November to get his actual license to drive, but he is enjoying the fact that he gets to drive. I am happy because now long trips aren't so hard because he can share the driving time.

Anyway, I will get a lot of things done today once we are out of my doctor's appointment. Before I go while I am drinking my coffee, I am going to work on our bills so that everything is ready for Thursday and I know what bills are going to have to be paid. We got in debt for a few months due to some prescriptions that my insurance wouldn't cover and we had to pay cash for, but we should be back in the black this month and out of debt and back on track.

How is everyone out there doing? I feel okay, but still a little sleepy because of medication. My neck has been hurting and is quite stiff this morning. I have my next procedure for my neck on the thirteenth and my husband's next procedure will be on Thursday. We both have bad backs and my neck as well. The doctor is also treating my pain management for my neuropathy which seems to have gotten worse in my feet.

I am going to stay positive and keep pushing forward. I have four chapters left in my one book to edit and then it will be ready to send to the editor for final editing. It is still on track with the goals of having some books ready for editing on the eighth of November. It will be quiet enough for me today to get some more writing done and having more books to publish.

I hope everyone has a glorious day and a blessed one. I will be sitting here hard at work writing and getting chapters done. For everyone celebrating a birthday today, I wish a very "Happy Birthday" to you as well. I still have seven weeks before mine. Take care everyone.

Monday, October 29, 2018


Morning to all my friends and family old and new. It is eight forty-two this morning here in Dalton, Georgia and a cool forty-four degrees outside. I woke up around eight this morning and just woke my husband up with his hot cup of coffee. We have a recall inspection for our car this morning and then I have to take a friend to the doctor's to get his medication.

Well after picking up the pace a little yesterday I completed most of my check-off list except for three hours of writing. I did manage to get one hour of writing on one book done and after timing myself for an hour, I wrote sixteen hundred and seventy-five words in that hour.

I am still playing with this to figure out what the best way of doing this check-off list in order to complete everything I have listed. There really isn't much on there it is just that some are quick to do and some take time as the writing for instance. It is just playing around with it while still getting writing done.

I am starting to get my head woke up and need to get things together before I leave for the appointment, I wish everyone well this morning and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today. Take care.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Brrr! It is a cold one this morning. Good morning to everyone out there in reader land. It is forty-three degrees here this morning and gloomy outside. I have not been up long and on my first cup of coffee which with it being so cold in this room, it doesn't stay hot for long. My husband is at the flea market again this morning with our roommate and I am here with the four-legged babies. Sorry for any typos because I am typing with gloves on my hands to keep them warm.

How is everyone doing on this Sunday morning? I am okay so far but the day is just getting started for me. I want to give an update on my checklist progress that I started yesterday. I got three-quarters of my list done, but I was not able to get to any writing last night. I need to either move quicker through my list or move some writing around to where I get an hour here and there to write to keep things moving forward.

I will have at least four books ready for the editor on the eighth of the November and that makes me happy, but I need to get in gear with my writing to keep my goals up to date. I will need to get at least four to seven books ready in November which shouldn't be a problem if I get in gear with writing them. I can do it if I set my mind to it and my hands, lol.

Today I will be going through my list as quickly as possible to see how much more I can get done in a day. I will need to make this post a little short to get started so I want to wish everyone a blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to those celebrating one today. Take care.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Good Saturday morning to everyone. It is fifty-one degrees here in Dalton, Georgia and rainy with a side of gloomy. The dogs have been fed and are bundled up on the bed because it is cold back here. They are now quiet and I am allowed to get some work done. My babies are spoiled and always have to have momma's attention.

My husband went with our roommate to the flea market this morning and it gave me some quiet time. I am now on my second cup of coffee and thinking about how my day is going to go. I have ditched my schedule and went to a check-off list in return because it is almost impossible to get things done on a fixed time schedule when I could just get things done and check it off the list.

Today I will get back into writing but I am going to try an experiment with a timer. I will write for an hour on one book and see how many words I can type in an hour and that will give me a better time frame on how many words a book can be. Some of my books will be the length of a novella, and then I will have those that will be novel length.

My sales have not been great but they have been steady and constant which is okay. I am hoping that my sales will pick up during the holidays while I publish more books. I am not trying to get rich, I just want to supplement my income a little enough to live a little more relaxed.

I have two books that already have ten thousand words in them and they are not even close to being in the middle of the book yet. So, I know they will be long enough. I have a book that I am editing which is fifty-one thousand words and when I am done editing it before it goes to the editor it should still be about fifty thousand words.

I am happy writing and love when I can sit down and explore my imagination and be able to put it down on paper. It brings a part of me to life and I can live in my story where I control the outcomes and drama. It is a safe place for me to be when I am allowed to be there.

Well, it is time to get to work on something else and I wish for everyone to have a happy and safe Saturday. To those celebrating a birthday, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more to come. Have a great day everyone and take care.

Friday, October 26, 2018


"Happy Friday!!!" The weekend is here again. How is everyone doing today? I am feeling okay today. I just got some house chores done and now I am ready to sit down and get some things done for me. I have some things, just a couple, to get caught up on and then I will be back on track with my goals.

I went and saw my therapist the other day and my anxiety level was moderately high and she gave me some things to do to bring it back down. She is really pushing the fact that I need to start telling people "No" because it seems to make people want to walk all over me or take advantage of my kindness. I am going to try, but it will be hard.

I made up some lists last night almost like a daily check-off list like I used before which seemed to work instead of setting exact times to do things and I will see how well that works for my situation now. It was good for me in the past and I changed it because I had a husband and needed to make time in my hectic schedule for him.

Now I need to fit everything into my day to keep on track and to make myself accountable for my writing goals. I need to have so many published before the holidays really kick in so that my supplemental income will pick up and we can afford to have a Christmas this year. My sales are not that big right now but they are constant.

I have begun working on my second nonfictional book that is the second book in the "How I Survived" series. I am considering making a companion book to it as well which will have quizzes and worksheets in it. What do you think? I am looking forward to seeing how that book will come out. I know that it will be full of information that everyone can learn from.

My other books are moving right along and I am finding happiness while writing them. One of them is my absolute favorite because I get lost in the story. Most of my books are like that, but this one, in particular, catches my attention.

Well, it is time for me to get things going if I want to catch some things up and stay on target with my goals. I hope everyone is having a glorious Friday and a very "Happy Birthday" to everyone who is turning another year older today. Take care.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Good morning world! How are you? I am okay this morning and finally waking up while still drinking my first cup of coffee. I even got up before my alarm went off this morning. I went to bed last night right after dinner because everything from the waist down was hurting so bad that I couldn't sit still. I took my medication and a pain pill and laid down in bed with my dogs and fell asleep. I think I only woke up once during the night for the bathroom.

Everyone left late last night heading for Florida to take care of some things since my friend's mother passed. They are going to finalize some things down there and should be home tonight. His father is here with us to look after. I just took care of him this morning and got his set up with whatever he needed before coming back here to write this post.

Once I am finished here, I will be cleaning the house up and taking care of all the dogs before doing some more writing and going along with my schedule. I have some cleaning of my bedroom but it is simple to make the bed and sweep and mop. I look forward to today and writing my stories. My husband is laying in the bed still but has had a cup of coffee with me while watching the little dogs act stupid this morning.

I have a little more editing to do on one book and then it will be ready to send to the editor before publishing. I will be picking out the next five book covers around the seventh of the month and having them ready for this set of books to publish. It is exciting to know that I will have more book published and up on Amazon.

I still have plenty of books to write which should keep me busy all the way up until May of next year. I anticipate having approximately forty books published by Summer of next year and being in our new home. My husband and I have been talking about what plans we want for the future and how we are going to go about getting them accomplished.

I am not trying to get rich with my writing, but it would be nice to have it supplement our income since we live on so little money every month. The majority of our money goes on bills and leaves us hardly any free money for us, but I am okay with that as long as the bills are paid.

Well, I need to get going on today's work and keeping up with my schedule. I hope everyone has a prosperous and blessed day and a "Happy Birthday" to everyone with a birthday today. Take care.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Good morning everyone. "Happy Monday!" It is very cold this morning with it being thirty-five degrees outside. I know it is colder in other places but for me down here in the south, it is downright cold. I'm still a bit sick and feeling like a mucus factory since last night. We had all the dogs in bed with us last night to keep them warm and they made me sweat all night.

I am sitting here in this cold room alone after allowing the dogs to go out to potty and then putting them back in the bedroom where it is warmer. I came in here long enough to write this post and drink a cup of coffee to warm the bones a little. My hands are getting stiff because of the cold so this might be a short post so that I can get back into the warmer room.

I did manage to get some things done yesterday and reached ten-thousand words in y second book which I know will be a long book because I am only dealing with the first murder for now. My other book has hit fifteen-thousand words and I am excited to be possibly finishing them both by the end of this week because they are going to be long and I missed a few days with being sick.

I am also working on a special project for my non-profit to assist the homeless and I just began working on this idea and playing with the idea for now, but it will be a special one I think because it has been running through my mind for a few days nonstop.

I am finally managing to get the bills caught up and getting our finances in place. So, hopefully, I will be sending two books to the editor around the seventh of the month and getting my book covers done. It will be another accomplishment for me and I am very happy about that.

Well, the cold is getting to my hands so I will end this post here, but when the sun comes up and it warms up a little, I will be back out here working on my books. So I want to wish everyone a wonderful day and a "Happy Birthday" to those having one today. Take care.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Check Out These!!


Good morning everyone! It is nine thirty-eight here in Dalton, Georgia and a cold morning. It is forty-one degrees outside but feels like thirty-five. Brrr! I am sitting here wrapped in my blanket at my computer because this room is normally the screened in porch that leads out to the pool and it is not insulated and just closed in with cheap plywood that has cracks everywhere. So, it is cold in here while the door that leads into our bedroom is closed to keep the heat in there.

What makes it so bad outside is that the wind is blowing and causing our windchill to drop lower in temperature. It is time for me to buy gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Or, I could just snuggle up to my husband with my freezing cold hands against his warm skin and stay in bed until it warms up. Bears have the right idea to hibernate in the winter, I just wish humans would catch on, lol.

I published another article last night- and it has already had many views on it which makes me feel good to know that people like my writing. I will be posting another one today under their horror category. It will be a short story and will be published around two o'clock this afternoon.

Sorry for any typos this post might have. My fingers are frozen and kind of stiff. But, today is going to be a good day. I am getting writing done which I did some last night and also got some editing done on the finished manuscript. Another two or three days of editing and I will have another book ready for the editor.

I am still working on multiple books at a time and find it to be fun and it breaks up any monotony because the stories are still fresh in my head. "The Battle for Joshua" sat in my head for a year before it was put on to paper. I live in my stories and that is what makes them coping mechanisms for my mental illness.

Well, time to get to work. I wish everyone a blessed Sunday and to those who have a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Good morning everyone. How are you? I wish I could say that I am good this morning, but I have been sick for the past few days and to the point where my body hurts all over. I am doing good this morning to sit here writing to you all, but I can only lay down for so long and then my body will hurt worse. I have been sneezing, coughing, body aches, stuffed up head, and all in all just don't feel good.

I have stayed away from writing the past few days except I was able to write an article last night for a website and that was it. I could not stand sitting up and feeling achy, so I went back to bed. It has been this crazy weather with it being hot one day and cold the next. Everyone in the house is getting sick. Today, I feel like a mucus factory with my sinuses draining and nose running.

I am going to try and get some things done today to play catch up again because with me being sick I have not been doing any writing the last few days which has put me behind on my goals by a few days. I should have had two of my books completed by the end of this weekend but it seems it will be a few days late, but the two children's books won't take me too long to write either.

I have to force myself to stay up today and get some writing done so that I can play catch up and to update everyone, my free giveaway on one of my books was a success being that I gave away a good number of them and now I need to see what my $0.99 Fetish book will do in sales. I have sold quite a few of them and look forward to the time it comes to writing it's other book the hardcore side. I hope that many of you check out my Amazon page and get your copies of any of my books.

Well, it is that time again where I need to get started with my day being that it will be a long one while I am sick. I hope everyone has an awesome Saturday and for everyone having a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and I want to wish you many more to come. Take care.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is now seven o'clock in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and it is still dark outside. I got up just a few minutes before my alarm went off at six thirty. I am now drinking my first cup of coffee while listening to the crickets outside. The dogs are still sleeping in the bed with my husband who had three teeth taken out yesterday.

I have some goals to accomplish today like finishing the editing of my book that is done and it will be shelved until the first of the month when finances will allow me to send it to the editor. I will also be working on the other books that are in progress and hopefully will have two of them ready for editing by the end of the weekend.

This will leave room for me to get the two children's books done the following week. I have a lot of writing to get done since I have so many outlines done for at least another twenty books. I look forward to getting them out for the world to see.

The doctor raised the dosage of one of my nerve pain medications and it really seems to be helping. My feet are not burning like they were, but they still have shooting pains every so often. We will have to see if it really works with time.

I hear the school buses going done the road already and picking up the children around our neighborhood. Sometimes I miss being in school but every day is a learning experience for me. I enjoy every day when I am not depressed or stressed out. Then, it becomes a whole different ball game.

How are you doing this morning? Is everyone up and getting ready for another day at work? I hope that you have a blessed day at work and for you to not have so much stress or chaos. It is "hump day" which means that the weekend is fast approaching and it is all downhill from here.

Well, time for me to get woke up good so that I can begin my day of writing and editing. I hope that everyone has a good day and is prosperous and a "Happy Birthday" to all those celebrating one today. Take care.