Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Hello Everyone, how are you doing this evening? I am doing okay as of the moment. I have another cast on my foot but I go get fitted for diabetic shoes next week and will remain in the cast until I have shoes to transition to. My pain management doctor was too busy and behind in patients so I rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

I came home after sitting at a railroad crossing for two hours while a train just sat there. I had no snacks and was starving. I got home and grabbed the two cold cheeseburgers in the fridge. I am now sitting here eating some chocolate cookies and drinking iced tea. I am about ready to get some writing done and relax for the night while engulfing myself in my stories.

My husband is playing his video games trying not to get aggravated by everyone interrupting him. He uses the video games to help with his mood swings but when people keep bothering him it does nothing for him except make his mood swing worse and last longer. I love him even with his mood swings.

Well, there is company in the house and I need to get up from here and do some things to occupy my mind. I wish everyone a great night and I will post again tomorrow. Take care.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Good evening everybody. I am so thrilled to be able to post today. I have had a stomach virus for the past six days. I had to allow it to run its course and today it is not so bad. I got tired of diarrhea and vomiting all day. Oh, and the abdominal cramps were not nice either. Just the smell of food made me want to vomit. My poor husband couldn't figure out how to make me feel better or more comfortable but he tried and I'll give him credit for that.

I seem to have everything in place now and can move forward again as I have been trying to keep things positive and forward as long as I could stay out of the bathroom. I made some forms and tracker sheets to keep me accountable for everything. They are doing a great job. I am a list person. I have to have a to-do list made every morning while drinking coffee so that I know what has to be done so that I can keep track in case of brain farts or memory loss.

I will be finished writing my first book this week and my second book will be done before the middle of next week. Editing is always the fun part as far as I 'm concerned. My red pen is my friend for three trips of reading. I usually go through three personal edits before sending it to the editor. I want my work to be good and easy on the editor.

I missed my wound care appointment today but got it rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon and my foot is finally healing up. I still have mild Charcot foot but the plan is with my diabetic shoes it should slow down the progression. My appointment for shoe fitting is next week and I can't wait.

I have been walking a quarter of a mile every day on the treadmill to lose some weight and make myself healthier. It seems to be working but I have to start out slow because my body is not used to being active. My sugar is getting better and my A1C has come down which everyone at the hospital is happy to see.

I will possibly be doing a sleep study soon because of that Febreeze incident which has every one of my doctors concerned. It even scared me to death that I almost poisoned myself. Well, things are good so far and my mind is trying to reset itself so my creative juices can flow again. For my author table at the flea market, I have made laminated bookmarkers, brochures, and I have a stack of all my books. I am hopefully going to go next weekend providing it doesn't rain everything out.

I hope that everyone had an awesome Memorial Day weekend? I sat here at home sick with the virus and getting things done like organizing my notebook and setting up my book publishing goal. I am very happy mentally, emotionally, and physically right now but it is time to publish this post and move on to something else. Take care everyone and please leave me any comments which I will respond as soon as possible. Good night.

Monday, May 28, 2018


"Happy Memorial Day, everyone!" I, first, want to thank those who sacrificed their lives in order to give us freedom and the choice to live how we choose to. Today is the day to remember all those who never made it back and gave their lives. It is also a day to remember those who did make it back but remember the horror of seeing their buddies die in front of or next to them. If you know or see a person who has been through war, shake their hand, salute them, or just say thank you.

Next, I would like to thank everyone who has been following my posts and leaving their comments of good feedback. I appreciate each and every one of you. I love the fact that you all can relate to some of my postings and I want you to see that just because I'm an author, I am also a real person with real everyday issues. I write these postings not only to vent or help me therapeutically, it helps to make it more personal to everyone and to gain a closer more personal relationship with my readers.

Yesterday I did manage to accomplish a few things like getting all of my bookmarkers done and trimmed, my posting here, my coupons clipped and organized which I am also an extreme couponer, and I finished the one chapter I had been working on. I still have three chapters to go to finish the book and the second book is coming nicely.

I have been keeping up with my postings every day and that also makes me feel accomplished. Sadly, it is time for this post to end so that other things can be done. I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. Take care.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Good morning everyone! I am just here waiting for Alberto to come through and dump all that rain before I transfer my plants to the ground out back. They are growing so nicely. I just got up a few minutes ago after being up most of the night with an upset stomach. Things are good with me so far because I am not hurting as much as I was yesterday so hopefully I can get some more writing done.

I was actually able to finish one chapter in one book and now only have three chapters left to write to finish that book. The other book is pretty much just beginning but it will be simple enough to write and will be a novella. It will be fun to write because I find several of the situations to be quite funny. I have several short stories that will be put into an erotic book.

I am up and sitting in my recliner ready to write but have a few things left to create for the flea market table. I will be posting a list of future titles on the site for everyone to know what books will be coming out next and to tantalize the avid reader.

It is now time to get to work and I will definitely be posting again tomorrow and I hope everyone has a great day and don't party too hard.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Hello everyone. "Happy Saturday!" I'm sorry I am posting this so late in the day but I have been hurting all day with my hands and my lower back down to the bottom of my feet. It is part of my peripheral neuropathy which can become a pain every now and then. I am here now and that is all that matters, right?

I have been trying to write all day but with the excruciating pain in my hands and all over my body it has been a hindrance. After some medication and some rest, I am trying to get things together to write my books. I have the whole weekend with one extra day to work on them and get back on track. The goal for sending to the editor the first week of the month is still in sight as long as I can get a kick in my butt.

My husband has been trying everything to help me feel better and to encourage me to get writing but he understands that I am hurting. I go to pain management on Wednesday and hopefully the doctor can give me some extra relief. I feel debilitated sometimes but what can I do, I am disabled by my conditions both physical and mental.

I did manage to finish cutting my bookmarks and will be working on my author brochures for the flea market this weekend and the goal is to hopefully make the flea market next weekend to start getting my brand out there.

Well, I can only stand so much pain right now in my hands and will be here tomorrow posting again with more updates. I hope everyone had a great day and look forward to the barbeque's this weekend. Take care.

Friday, May 25, 2018


"Happy Friday Everyone!" It is the weekend and a four day one at that. I just woke up about thirty minutes ago and I am on my first big cup of coffee. My husband actually woke up with me and sitting here trying to wake up with his coffee. I have just finished making my to-do list of things that need to get done today including my writing. I have a few days worth of writing to catch up on and short stories to write.

Again, I had broken sleep and there are bags under my eyes this morning. I woke up a couple of times last night. My husband wasn't aware of me sitting up but had all the chemicals locked away and there was nothing on my desk that I could hurt myself with unconsciously. I am up now and ready to start my weekend. We have no plans or grill to cookout with for the holiday.

I love when the weekend comes around because my phone won't hardly ring which is good for me. We really don't have any friends that would visit which is good too. I love the solitary life because it gives me the privacy and quiet to be able to write.

This will be a short post so that I can get started with things around here. I wish everyone an awesome Friday and be safe today because it will be crazy and people traveling plus drinking. Take care.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Good morning to everyone. It is not such a good morning for me. I feel like crap and there are bags under my eyes again. I went to see my psychiatrist yesterday and explained to her what happened yesterday morning. She seems to think that it is because of sleep deprivation which causes my oxygen level to drop which can cause me to blackout.

My husband and I are still concerned with these actions that happened yesterday so much that my husband makes sure all the chemicals are put away before I go to sleep at night. He can also feel when I get out of bed, so if I get up he wakes up to check on me or he sits up with m until I go back to sleep. This is how much he loves and cares about me.

I got up about three this morning and drank a glass of milk before going back to bed. I just woke up when my alarm for seven went off. I know I am tired but I have to force myself to stay up and get my day started to completion. I feel exhausted but I have to finish my goals to make myself feel accomplished even while facing sleep deprivation.

I am happy and self-satisfied when writing and even sat on the bed with my feet propped up writing one of my short stories and I felt good. I am trying to be positive about my health issues and continue working my goals. I am glad that I do have some support here in the household and hope that it continues.

Well, I have to run to the pharmacy for medications and then I will be back to check on my garden and then on to some writing. I need my writing to continue if I want to reach my goals. Well, I wish everyone an awesome and blessed day. Take care.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


     It's a cloudy and cool morning but very beautiful outside. It reminds me of a fall morning. Good morning everyone. I just got up and working on my first cup of coffee. My eyes are still droopy and I am still tired but I need to get my day started.
     I went outside and watered my garden but still have some plants that need to be transferred to the ground. I have a culprit who keeps trying to uncover one particular potato from the ground and I need to find out who it is. I have surrounded my garden with screen and stakes but someone keeps getting into it.
     After publishing this post, I have to write a short story on my site before taking a break. I am working my schedule the way it is written and planned out. The short story will be finished and published on the page A Taste of Romance & Erotica. I began writing it the other day but most of my short stories can be five thousand words and it takes some time to write especially when I get involved in the story.
     I had an incident early this morning that boggles my mind. I was sitting at my computer and after some cleaning last night I had left the Fabreeze on my desk next to my drink that I keep by the bed. I was groggy and then when I had realized it, I had the Fabreeze bottle to my mouth and some in my mouth. When I noticed it I spit it out and flushed my mouth repeatedly with water and then drank some milk in case I did drink some. I can't figure out how it happened and it scared me that I could black out like that.
     Anyway, Today looks good and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist for medication and I will be telling her about the incident this morning. When I come home, I will resume my schedule and get some writing done. I still have a chapter to write in two books and a short story for another book. My goal for this year is to have forty books published this year and it looks like I can reach that goal. I will have six published total in June. I have three published already and these three will make six.
     Well it is time for me to go and I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 👌👋

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


     It is six-thirty in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia, so good morning everyone who is awake now. Good morning goes out to all those who will be getting up in a few hours. The sun is just starting to come up this morning and I look forward to the day. I have been having some mental health issues lately and saw my therapist yesterday who gave me some tips to cope with some of my issues and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow for medication.
      It is quiet here in the house since I am the only one up and the dogs are outside. We went to bed early last night and I got up only a couple times during the night. I am finally catching up on some sleep and getting rid of the bags under my eyes from so much broken sleep.
     I have an appointment with wound care today to check the ulcer healing on my big toe and to put a new cast on my foot. June fifth I will be going to get fit for custom diabetic shoes and inserts to help my feet. The doctor at wound care told me that I will be in a cast until my shoes are ready. I am trying to comply with the doctor's orders but it is hard.
     So far I am working my schedule and it seems to get easier even with having doctor's appointments and errands. I still make time to play catch up. My husband has been very helpful and supportive even with helping around the house. I am very thankful that God sent him to me. I will be working all three books today and every day.
     I am also working on crafts to sell at the flea market which will help with my nonprofit. I will be setting up an author table and selling my books to get my name and brand out there. I have left business cards in doctor's offices and other places for people to pick up and be able to go to my site. I know it will take a few months before my brand is really out there and I see a significant income from royalties but it is okay. I will keep writing which makes me happy and is relaxing.
     Well, it's that time again for me to end this post and get started with today's goals. I wish everyone a blessed and awesome day. I hope everyone checks out my site and reads the short stories on there. Take care.

Monday, May 21, 2018


     Good morning to all of my friends and family. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the last few days. Sometimes I have issues with remembering to take my medication. Things will get so crazy about having to drive here and go there that I will forget. So, the last time I took medication was on Thursday and It was the reason for a mental breakdown over the weekend.
     I was fine one minute and then began feeling bad and then the crying started. I would cry until I couldn't cry anymore and it made my husband feel bad because there wasn't too much he could do for me but hold me. There was a breakdown Friday night which was just crying, then the second one hit Saturday where the bad thoughts tried to creep in and then I needed a babysitter which was my husband.
     He wouldn't let me be alone at all with me feeling like I was. It was almost like being a prisoner at times but I am thankful that he was there. We ended up playing video games almost all night just so he could keep watch. I felt so much rage and anger and that is not like me. I do have a past of suicidal tendencies or self-harm but it was back in my teens. My husband helped me get through the weekend.
     Now that I am back on my medication and that he is helping me to remember I feel better and feel like myself again. I remember me telling him in one of the crying spells that I wanted to be normal but I couldn't and that medication had to control me and make me live the best that I can. I really think that it isn't fair that some people have to take medication just to live a somewhat normal life and perform normal everyday activities.
     On to a better subject. I have finished putting my binder together with procedures, goals, and habits that I want to get done and learn. My goals are simple and will hold me accountable for everything having to do with writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. I am a list person who has to write down everything to remind and tell me what I need to get done.
     Today I will be doing quite a bit of writing to catch up. I will be writing a full chapter of two books and a full short story for the third book. I love writing and even in my sleep the other day, I played out a scene for one of the books that hadn't even been written yet. I woke up and told my husband that I need to write because I was shown a scene while I slept. He just looked at me.
     It gets easier to write when I play out the scenes in my head or live it while writing. I get to find out a review of my first book today when I go see my therapist. She has had a copy of my first book for a month to read and today I will find out what she thinks about it. It is the first book of nonfiction series that if it all receives a good review, I would like to get together a support group and even travel around speaking to people dealing with these issues and even passing out books for them to read and maybe it will help them.
     It is now time for me to finish a short story on the site that I have begun and will finish today and publish on the site. I know it is Monday and some people don't look forward to it, but I wish every one of my family and friends out there a very awesome day to their work week. Take care.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


     Hello Everyone. I am doing pretty good today. I had a doctor's appointment this morning to get things going to get my custom diabetic shoes and inserts. I will also be scheduling for a podiatrist and urologist for some other problems. Today I found out that my A1C has gone down quite a bit since February and that my liver and kidney functions are normal and working pretty good.
     My mental health status is doing okay. I go see my therapist on Monday and then the psychiatrist for medications on Wednesday. I still have issues with anxiety and sometimes my depression slips through but I have been trying to keep myself busy to try and not notice it.
     For the last few days, I have been working on my notebook that holds me accountable for my book writing. I finally finished it today and now I am ready to keep myself on track. My writing has been going good and pretty much on schedule. I am still looking for beta or proofreaders to assist with my book writing and publishing. Anyone want to help out just leave me a comment with your email address or email me at My next three books should be ready around the end of the first week of June.
     Well, I need to continue my schedule and move forward today. I wish everyone a blessed and prosperous day and look forward to posting again tomorrow. Take care.

Monday, May 14, 2018


     Good morning to every one of my friends and family. How are we doing this morning? "Happy Monday!" It is the first day of the work week for most everyone and it will be a prosperous one. It will be in the low nineties today and yesterday was tiring. My husband and I moved our mattress to clean under the bed which we do every week and then we shared mowing the backyard so that I can start my gardens for potatoes, watermelon, and jack o lanterns.
     I have a doctors appointment this morning to do the paperwork for custom diabetic shoes. This should be the last cast on my foot since my doctor appointment last week. The ulcer under my big toe is finally healing and I will be glad to be able to walk normally again. It has been a long time since the ulcer popped un in February.
     Well to give you a writing update, I am finishing chapter six and beginning seven in one book, but the first chapter will be finished on the other book. I have some erotic short stories to write for a compilation book. I am also sending off permission letters for another nonfiction book. I am moving forward in a positive way with my writing. I have marked my writing calendar with the goals I plan to achieve.
     It is time for me to get started, but I wish everyone a great day. I will check in later so take care.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


     Good afternoon everyone. It is beautiful outside and my garden is growing beautifully. The sun is shining and the wood bees are out in full force. Friday was my husbands birthday and I want to wish him a very happy birthday and welcome to forty-five years old. He is still young at heart just like I am. I am forty-seven but still act and feel like I'm still in my twenties.
     I got a lot of stuff done yesterday and still have quite a bit to do today. I am setting up my garden bed to put my potatoes in the ground today and if I have enough time, my watermelons and pumpkins will be planted today as well. I will be growing them by trellis to save space and when harvested I will be taking them to the flea market to sell for my nonprofit for revenue to assist in feeding and helping more people.
     I have placed my currently published books on this site for sale if you would like an autographed copy and it would be helping our cause to help end homelessness. If you would like to make a donation instead to help out that's fine too.
     I have been working on my books in progress and making very good time on them. The goal is to have all three done the first week of June and then the editing phase will begin. I usually do two personal edits before sending it to the editor. Creating my stories are my passion.
     I create my stories from everyday people and things around me. Even situations inspire me to write. I don't think I could be myself if I couldn't write. My husband knows how important writing is to me and fully supports me. I love him to death and would never trade him for anything. Well, it's that time again for me to get other things done. I wish everyone a blessed night. Take care.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


     Good morning my east coast and west coast family and friends. It is a glorious morning here today. The sun is shining and birds chirping. I have the dogs outside playing in the yard while I wake up and enjoy my cup of coffee. I have an appointment this morning to take our car for servicing and a car wash at the dealership. I will be there for a minute so I will be taking my laptop to do some writing while I wait.
     My foot is still in a cast and I have a doctors appointment on Monday to get a referral to have diabetic shoes made for my feet. I also get to see a pulmonologist in June for a strange cough I have had since August of last year. Every doctor I have been too said something different, so I want a lung doctor to find out.
     I have been working on my garden which is starting to grow now and I have five stalks of corn, five lettuce plants, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, and carrots that have already broken ground and the seedlings are about three inches high. I am proud of my little garden and talk to them every morning as I give them something to drink. I will be planting watermelons and pumpkins next month to take to the flea market for charity.
     As far as my writing goes, I will be finishing up the first chapter of nine in one book, the sixth chapter of eleven in another book, and a short story for an erotic book I am working on. I have plenty to do and if everything goes right today those will be completed. I should have all three ready for publishing next month and then I will begin the next book. I have outlines already made for another thirty-nine books to be written and with faith, I will have most if not all of them done this year.
     Well, it is time to get going this morning because I have to stop and vacuum the car out before heading to the dealership. I wish everyone an awesome "Hump Day" and a blessed and prosperous day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


     Good morning, everyone. How are you? I got up a little early but an hour past my alarm. I just finished updating my to-do list for today. I have plenty to do to get everything caught up. I just started laminating my promotional bookmarkers for my author table on Saturday at the local flea market. I will be placing ads and notices everywhere to let everyone locally know that I will be there to come on out and purchase an autographed book. I am so excited.
     I will be making some plaster paper mache masks this week to take also. I look forward to meeting people even though I am an introvert but a percentage of the revenue will go to my charity that assists the homeless in regaining their self-sufficiency. I look forward to helping more people this year than last year. I have to update its website being that due to health problems last year I couldn't get out as much as I would have liked.
     It will be a better year this year and I remain hopeful that everything will work themselves out. I have lots to do and I am even getting ready to do some videos or podcasting about my books as well as possibly one about abuse, trauma, and the recovery to which I am still dealing with certain issues of my past life. I want others to know that you can become a survivor and that they are not alone.
     Well, it is time to get my day started now that the coffee cup is empty and I will attempt to keep you updated every day on what new things this indie author is up too. Have a great day and take care.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Hey everyone! How are we doing today? It is the first day of May and I wonder where the year is going. I just got back from wound care about my diabetic ulcer on under my big toe and I am back in a cast on that foot. The ulcer on the other toe has healed and I can go back to wearing regular shoes, but they are calling about getting me custom inserts or shoes to take the pressure off my feet when I walk.
The ulcer in the cast is not healing like it is supposed too and it is becoming frustrating. I just wish it would heal but now my feet are getting blood to them but the tiny veins are too weak to push the blood out of my toe, so it stays reddish-purple around my big toe. It will heal eventually and I just have to be patient for now.
On to other things, I finished writing thirty-six hundred words last night of chapter six and it is just getting to a really good part. I find it relaxing but exciting when I write and work on my books. I love being a part of the story and living it in my mind as I touch the keyboard.
Today I should be finishing chapter six and beginning chapter seven of my next book the first of a series. I have another book also in progress that the first draft should be done in about two weeks and the editing should begin on both of them about the same time. I have been working very hard lately to get things back to normal and working efficiently and it seems to be working correctly.
It is time for me to finish this post so that I can get to work writing. I wish everyone an awesome and blessed day and don’t forget to check out the site for new short stories and autographed books for purchase. Take care.


“Happy Monday!” It is the beginning of the work week for most everyone and I wish you an awesome day. I was up early this morning trying to keep on my new schedule so that everything will get done. I still have some things that I should have gotten done over the weekend but was unable to. Today will be a good day while I work on my writing and some other things too.
I received my order of the three books I have published yesterday to sell on my site and at the local flea market on the weekends. I will be setting up an author table every weekend to get my name and brand out there. I am very proud to see them in the physical form. The covers look great and now I have the beginning of my personal bookshelf. My husband is having coffee with me this morning and I love spending the time with him.
Well, I just finished making breakfast for everyone and now I am on my own time. My plan is to get a lot of writing done today and hopefully I will be able to start the editing process next Monday. I am looking forward to having the first book in this series done.
I feel pretty good and positive today but the day has only begun and anything can happen. 🙂 My chores are next to be done on my schedule which is just sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. It is pretty easy and I have only scheduled an hour to get it completed before moving on to some more writing.
I will be placing my books on the site today for sale. They will be autographed copies which you can’t get on the Amazon books. I am working on a way to get that done but for now, I will be selling them on this site. I hope that everyone checks them out and gives me feedback on them.
I know this post is kind of short today but I need to get some other things checked and done. I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.


Good morning, everyone. It is “Hump Day” and soon the weekend will be here. I just woke up a few minutes ago which would be seven thirty and I still have a slight sinus headache that started yesterday. Other than that, I feel okay but the day has just started. I hope everyone had a good night and got plenty of rest? I also want to say thank you to everyone who has followed and is following my blog.
This morning I have another doctor’s appointment for a mental health medication renewal. I can’t wait to chat with her and tell her how I have been feeling lately. I have had this full body numbness which can’t be explained. It has not affected my writing but it does make me uneasy.
This morning my left arm is a little sore due to getting a tetanus shot yesterday for stepping on a rusty nail. It is okay and I can deal with it but it is the body aches and pains that are annoying this morning. I am sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee and thinking about my day ahead. It looks good so far.
My husband helped me clean the house last night before bed so it wouldn’t need any real cleaning this morning. That makes it easier for me to get some stuff done today. I am looking forward to getting home from doctor appointment and jumping right into my writing. I have two books in progress and should be done with one and ready for the editor around the first of the month.
I am trying to stay on my goal list and stop procrastinating and get things done. I have finally said that I should come first and what makes me happy. My family comes next which always makes me smile and feel happy.
Today looks good and I anticipate watching the garden that I planted recently grow. It is another source of therapy for me which I love doing any type of landscaping. When we buy our property and begin building our forever home, I have already seen in dreams and thoughts about how it will be landscaped.
Last night I purchased some of my published books from Amazon to sell at a local flea market and to place on my website. I will be selling autographed copies and a percentage of the money will go towards the nonprofit I founded to assist the homeless and needy families.
I told my husband last night while out driving running errands that if I don’t do anything meaningful in my life, I at least want to help people that need a helping hand which will be my good deed for a lifetime. I want to know that I did something to help my fellow man.
Well, it is getting later on in the morning and I need to get ready to go so I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous day. I hope to hear from everyone and some good feedback. If you would like to help out, go check out the links to the left of this posting to purchase your autographed copy of one of my published books. Have a blessed day and take care.


“Happy Weekend Everyone!!” I think I need to change the title of these posts from daily to weekly being that it has been rough trying to get here every day. My husband was down with the flu for about five days and still recovering and now I am dealing with allergies which are miserable. I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend?
It has been windy here all day and I love it because then it is not so hot outside. Doesn’t do any good for my allergies though. I have made my mind up to quit smoking and I have set the date which is Thursday. I have gotten the patches to help and have set aside some things to do to keep my hands and mind busy. I am amped about it because I am starting to dislike the taste and smell of them.
My husband is not ready to quit yet but has agreed to show his support and will not smoke in the house or around me until I can handle it. I love him so much because he cares about me so much. It will be difficult but I know that I can accomplish it.
I have gotten back into my writing and I will be starting a new chapter in one book, finishing a chapter on another book, and working on a third book. I need to disappear into my stories for a bit, lol. They are my stress reliever and hideaway. I am finally beginning to move forward with life and be happy.
For Easter, my husband bought me a 2017 Nissan Versa so now we have reliable transportation when we need to go somewhere. I don’t care to leave the house much except to run to the store or doctor’s appointments so the mileage will stay pretty low. When we first got it, it only had 44 miles on it and we are the first owners. It was a surprise and I love it just like I love my husband and soulmate.
Well, I will get off here to start my writing time and I should be here in the morning to post again before I clip coupons. Take care everyone and I will chat more tomorrow.


Hello everyone. Sorry I missed yesterday posting on here and got a late start today. I just got out of a doctor’s appointment where a cast was put on my foot because of a diabetic ulcer under my big toe. Now, I am sitting out in front of a chiropractor’s office where my husband is getting checked and adjusted because of a car accident he was in. He was the passenger and the driver thought doing sixty in a thirty-five zone would be beneficial to get to where I was dealing with my sister-in-law having a bad seizure. A car suddenly stopped in front of them and they rear-ended it. He is okay but his neck and back hurt and he cannot help me as much because of it.
After we leave here we are stopping by the dealership to have our car washed and then back home where I can get some writing done. I miss my writing but now things are going back to normal and our friend came home from the hospital today which is great because we missed him. I thought that I would have had my next book ready for the editor at the beginning of this month but things got crazy for a minute dealing with family and now that I have washed my hands of them I am free to get back to living my life.
Today, the plan is to get back into working on it and having it ready before the end of the month. The way things look I might be able to have the two books I have been working on ready for the editor. I can write pretty much a whole five-thousand-word chapter a night when left alone which means that both books should be completed. Also, I have in mind of writing an erotic short story book which wouldn’t take long because I have what I need to get started. I just need to find out where to publish it at since Amazon might not appreciate it being on their site. I will have to check into it.
I do have a few things to do when I first get home like starting some laundry, sweeping and mopping the floors, and thinking about what to cook for dinner. Yes, being with a cast on my leg I still have to do things around the house. It is my punishment because I don’t know how to stay off my feet, lol.
Well, we made it home and was happy to see my friend home from the hospital. My husband is now trying to fix one of the lawnmowers so the grass can be cut. I am sitting out here on the porch writing this post so that I can also spend time with him and the dogs out in the yard.
So, let me get started on my writing while I am just sitting here on my butt with this cast on. I should be able to keep posting every day now with everything calming down and my stress level lowering. I feel pretty good today and actually look forward to tomorrow.
Well, let me get off here and get to writing and I wish everyone an awesome evening. Take care.


Today has been such a free feeling for me. I have had nothing but stress and drama for the last few weeks outside of my own household. Today, I have been able to free myself from all that hinders me and my marriage. I am no longer responsible for people who don’t appreciate anything, want to control everything, greed for money and materialistic things, and drama filled lives. It was becoming such a burden on my life and mental health status that lots of bad things were beginning to happen within myself. I have put myself on hold for so long and doing for others, OUTSIDE of where we live, that it now feels like I can shed that old tired skin off and live life the way it was meant for living.
I do not speak for my husband, but I must refrain from associating with his side of the family to keep myself positive and moving forward. They live differently than what I am used to and have different values than my own. It seems that what is pleasing and satisfying to them, makes me feel like I am just stuck in a sphere or frozen state never moving forward and only being content with dullness. It seems that some of them only survive to take what they can get from others, sucking the very essence and life out of everyone around them.
I guess it is true that misery really does love company and they are a perfect example of that. No one can really be happy around them and it is liberating to be free from them and only being able to live and be happy as only I know how. Like I said, I cannot speak for my husband, and I will never keep him from them, but we have a better life ahead of us and God will be leading the way.
Now, on to better notes, I am regaining a piece of me that had hid for a few weeks not knowing when it would be safe to poke it’s head out and enjoy what life has to offer. I am shedding off hinderances and putting back up on the shelves childish things to use what God has given me. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the past few years with lots of family leaving this life and moving on to a better place without pain and sorrow. There are not too many of the elders left and when they are all gone it would be hard because of no one being there to answer my still sought-after questions of life and advice. The world is going to hell in a handbag and I refuse to sit around and let life pass me by.
Today, I begin writing again and exploring fantasy so I can escape from what ails me. Sometimes, it is good to get away and relax on that white sandy beach watching the white-capped waves as they roll in. I have been so distraught over life that I seriously need a break and will find that in my stories. One of my future books will change or be deleted because of family drama. Writing it would bring ill feelings and I don’t want to return to that negative place.
I hope everyone had an awesome Easter with family and friends and I will end this post here and bid everyone a good night. Before I go, I do want to send prayers out to someone I know who is in the hospital right now and for a speedy recovery because he is missed here at home. 🙂


Good morning to all my friends and family. It is about ten minutes to ten in the morning and the day looks beautiful. I started planting my seeds the other day to start our garden and have been tending to them daily. I can’t wait to see my little seedlings just so that I can begin talking to them.
Sorry I had to stop and go back to bed. I saw my back doctor yesterday and he increased my pain medication which took it all out of me this morning since I hadn’t had medication in a couple of days. That is part of the reason why I haven’t posted as much because of the discomfort and pain that I was having to endure.
When they did the neck procedure on me, it relieved about seventy percent of the pain in my neck but opened it up for me to feel everything going on in my lower back. From the lower back all the way to the bottom of my feet I feel pain and discomfort enough to keep me from concentrating on what needs to be done. It was an awful experience for me. I do not tolerate pain very well.
Anyway, I am doing better today and look forward to catching up on everything. I want to get back to writing my books and seeing them published soon. The goal now is to have two books published next month. I have two works in progress and I am having an awesome time writing them. I have missed writing here and keeping you all up to date on my life and events.
Anyone with a birthday today let me wish you a very “Happy Birthday” and I hope everyone else has a very awesome Friday and “Happy Weekend”. I need to go now and get some things done and completed before the day’s end. Have a great Friday night and will post again soon.


Good morning everyone. It is twenty minutes to seven o’clock here and very peaceful. Everyone is pretty much still asleep. My little puppy woke me up a while ago because she had to go out to go potty. I decided to get a cup of coffee and sit down to get some things done or caught up. I have missed writing my posts but things needed to get done or organized around the house.
I am here for the duration now and have my motivation to continue writing back. I also have coupons coming every Sunday that I clip and use to stock up on things. I get ten newspapers every Sunday. It is a joy to save money and shop. Last year I saved over twenty-seven hundred dollars just clipping coupons.
Today I will be getting a short story that I began finished and posted on the site. Then, I have to get some writing on my books did so that I can get them published and start on the next one. I very much enjoy writing and find it good therapy. I will be ending my Free ebook promotion soon and I hope everyone gets their copy before it goes up for sale on Amazon.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far? I have plans to get a lot of writing done this weekend. I have an audiobook to approve so that I can get it up on Amazon as well. I look forward to the rest of my weekend and I got some bad news yesterday. My uncle passed away yesterday. The family assumes that he gave up on life and he will be missed very much.
Well, it is time to publish this post to get started on my other work. Everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday”. I wish for everyone else an awesome Saturday and a great weekend.


Good afternoon all my East Coasters and good morning to all my West Coasters. How is everyone doing today? Happy Hump Day!! Two more days until the weekend and I know everyone is probably waiting with anticipation. I look forward to every morning when I wake up and feel my heart beating and the breath of air in my lungs. Today we go back home and take care of things there and visit with everyone.
I am already feeling the stress of returning and hope we are welcome back with open arms and that the house is not trashed. We have enjoyed our break away and look forward to coming back again. It is very relaxing here and I have been stress-free. We have four of our five dogs here with us and I will be happy to see our other dog who we left at home. It has been a week since we saw her and we have missed her so much.
I am off house cleaning today here because I have kept the house clean while they were gone and now she is doing the house and ordered me to relax while she does the cleaning, so I have time to sit and write. I will be getting some writing done today and yesterday I got some tweets out about my FREE ebook on this site. I have had several people download my book so far and some have enjoyed it very much.
Today, my goal is to get another chapter of one book done and write the first chapter of the second one since I have finished the detailed outline of it. I am happy when I am writing and when I spend time with my loving husband and dogs. That is what makes me truly happy and satisfied.
Since I began writing, I have found that my true passion is writing. It is my real escape from reality and each one of my short stories and books I find that there is a piece of me and my life inside each one even when it is fiction. It is good therapy and very enjoying for me. My husband being a gamer and myself a writer, it gives us space from each other even with us in the same room.
So, it is time for me to end this post and get things ready to go home after I take a shower. I will be here every day posting now that I will be in a stress-free environment and have the time to post and get everything done. So, everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else, have an awesome day. Take care.


Good afternoon everyone. How are we doing today? I am feeling pretty good today and looking forward to the rest of my day with some writing. The house is smelling good and clean and some smooth music is playing while I am posting this. I write better when there is nice music playing. It seems to drown out all the noise around me.
It has been raining off and on all morning and I have sat out on the porch for a bit while getting the dogs out. I love the smell in the air after a good rain. So, did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was very relaxing and I took somewhat of a break from writing to clear my head and feel that there is no stress here like there is at home.
I had to go to my site and change the code for the free ebook so now everyone should have no problem downloading it. I have had some people say that they have enjoyed reading it, but it will only be free for a little while longer before going up on Amazon for sale. Please get your copy now while it is free.
Well, my day is full of getting things done with the two books that I am writing because my deadline is getting close to having them sent to the editor. I am excited about being a published author and look ahead to all the other books that I will write. I have a short story that I have to finish for the site so I will end this post here and wish everyone a “Happy Monday” and will post again soon.
Everyone with a birthday today, “Happy Birthday” and to everyone else have a great and prosperous day. Take care.