Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Hello Everyone, how are you doing this evening? I am doing okay as of the moment. I have another cast on my foot but I go get fitted for diabetic shoes next week and will remain in the cast until I have shoes to transition to. My pain management doctor was too busy and behind in patients so I rescheduled for tomorrow morning.

I came home after sitting at a railroad crossing for two hours while a train just sat there. I had no snacks and was starving. I got home and grabbed the two cold cheeseburgers in the fridge. I am now sitting here eating some chocolate cookies and drinking iced tea. I am about ready to get some writing done and relax for the night while engulfing myself in my stories.

My husband is playing his video games trying not to get aggravated by everyone interrupting him. He uses the video games to help with his mood swings but when people keep bothering him it does nothing for him except make his mood swing worse and last longer. I love him even with his mood swings.

Well, there is company in the house and I need to get up from here and do some things to occupy my mind. I wish everyone a great night and I will post again tomorrow. Take care.

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