Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Good morning, everyone. It is “Hump Day” and soon the weekend will be here. I just woke up a few minutes ago which would be seven thirty and I still have a slight sinus headache that started yesterday. Other than that, I feel okay but the day has just started. I hope everyone had a good night and got plenty of rest? I also want to say thank you to everyone who has followed and is following my blog.
This morning I have another doctor’s appointment for a mental health medication renewal. I can’t wait to chat with her and tell her how I have been feeling lately. I have had this full body numbness which can’t be explained. It has not affected my writing but it does make me uneasy.
This morning my left arm is a little sore due to getting a tetanus shot yesterday for stepping on a rusty nail. It is okay and I can deal with it but it is the body aches and pains that are annoying this morning. I am sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee and thinking about my day ahead. It looks good so far.
My husband helped me clean the house last night before bed so it wouldn’t need any real cleaning this morning. That makes it easier for me to get some stuff done today. I am looking forward to getting home from doctor appointment and jumping right into my writing. I have two books in progress and should be done with one and ready for the editor around the first of the month.
I am trying to stay on my goal list and stop procrastinating and get things done. I have finally said that I should come first and what makes me happy. My family comes next which always makes me smile and feel happy.
Today looks good and I anticipate watching the garden that I planted recently grow. It is another source of therapy for me which I love doing any type of landscaping. When we buy our property and begin building our forever home, I have already seen in dreams and thoughts about how it will be landscaped.
Last night I purchased some of my published books from Amazon to sell at a local flea market and to place on my website. I will be selling autographed copies and a percentage of the money will go towards the nonprofit I founded to assist the homeless and needy families.
I told my husband last night while out driving running errands that if I don’t do anything meaningful in my life, I at least want to help people that need a helping hand which will be my good deed for a lifetime. I want to know that I did something to help my fellow man.
Well, it is getting later on in the morning and I need to get ready to go so I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous day. I hope to hear from everyone and some good feedback. If you would like to help out, go check out the links to the left of this posting to purchase your autographed copy of one of my published books. Have a blessed day and take care.