Wednesday, May 23, 2018


     It's a cloudy and cool morning but very beautiful outside. It reminds me of a fall morning. Good morning everyone. I just got up and working on my first cup of coffee. My eyes are still droopy and I am still tired but I need to get my day started.
     I went outside and watered my garden but still have some plants that need to be transferred to the ground. I have a culprit who keeps trying to uncover one particular potato from the ground and I need to find out who it is. I have surrounded my garden with screen and stakes but someone keeps getting into it.
     After publishing this post, I have to write a short story on my site before taking a break. I am working my schedule the way it is written and planned out. The short story will be finished and published on the page A Taste of Romance & Erotica. I began writing it the other day but most of my short stories can be five thousand words and it takes some time to write especially when I get involved in the story.
     I had an incident early this morning that boggles my mind. I was sitting at my computer and after some cleaning last night I had left the Fabreeze on my desk next to my drink that I keep by the bed. I was groggy and then when I had realized it, I had the Fabreeze bottle to my mouth and some in my mouth. When I noticed it I spit it out and flushed my mouth repeatedly with water and then drank some milk in case I did drink some. I can't figure out how it happened and it scared me that I could black out like that.
     Anyway, Today looks good and I have an appointment with my psychiatrist for medication and I will be telling her about the incident this morning. When I come home, I will resume my schedule and get some writing done. I still have a chapter to write in two books and a short story for another book. My goal for this year is to have forty books published this year and it looks like I can reach that goal. I will have six published total in June. I have three published already and these three will make six.
     Well it is time for me to go and I wish everyone a great and blessed day. 👌👋

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