Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Hey everyone! How are we doing today? It is the first day of May and I wonder where the year is going. I just got back from wound care about my diabetic ulcer on under my big toe and I am back in a cast on that foot. The ulcer on the other toe has healed and I can go back to wearing regular shoes, but they are calling about getting me custom inserts or shoes to take the pressure off my feet when I walk.
The ulcer in the cast is not healing like it is supposed too and it is becoming frustrating. I just wish it would heal but now my feet are getting blood to them but the tiny veins are too weak to push the blood out of my toe, so it stays reddish-purple around my big toe. It will heal eventually and I just have to be patient for now.
On to other things, I finished writing thirty-six hundred words last night of chapter six and it is just getting to a really good part. I find it relaxing but exciting when I write and work on my books. I love being a part of the story and living it in my mind as I touch the keyboard.
Today I should be finishing chapter six and beginning chapter seven of my next book the first of a series. I have another book also in progress that the first draft should be done in about two weeks and the editing should begin on both of them about the same time. I have been working very hard lately to get things back to normal and working efficiently and it seems to be working correctly.
It is time for me to finish this post so that I can get to work writing. I wish everyone an awesome and blessed day and don’t forget to check out the site for new short stories and autographed books for purchase. Take care.