Thursday, May 24, 2018


Good morning to everyone. It is not such a good morning for me. I feel like crap and there are bags under my eyes again. I went to see my psychiatrist yesterday and explained to her what happened yesterday morning. She seems to think that it is because of sleep deprivation which causes my oxygen level to drop which can cause me to blackout.

My husband and I are still concerned with these actions that happened yesterday so much that my husband makes sure all the chemicals are put away before I go to sleep at night. He can also feel when I get out of bed, so if I get up he wakes up to check on me or he sits up with m until I go back to sleep. This is how much he loves and cares about me.

I got up about three this morning and drank a glass of milk before going back to bed. I just woke up when my alarm for seven went off. I know I am tired but I have to force myself to stay up and get my day started to completion. I feel exhausted but I have to finish my goals to make myself feel accomplished even while facing sleep deprivation.

I am happy and self-satisfied when writing and even sat on the bed with my feet propped up writing one of my short stories and I felt good. I am trying to be positive about my health issues and continue working my goals. I am glad that I do have some support here in the household and hope that it continues.

Well, I have to run to the pharmacy for medications and then I will be back to check on my garden and then on to some writing. I need my writing to continue if I want to reach my goals. Well, I wish everyone an awesome and blessed day. Take care.

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