Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Good morning everyone. It is about five o'clock in the morning here and I could not sleep anymore. I went to mow the lawn yesterday and slid enough down a slope that it twisted my back a little and then I quit. My husband finished the rest while I laid down. I ended up falling asleep and waking up approximately ten last night but still went back to sleep after taking my medication.

I had to use the bathroom and that is why I am up now and still a little woozy from medication. My husband just got up to have coffee with me and we are sitting here with the back door open feeling the coolness from outside. It is now just becoming light outside and very pretty to see. I have not been up like this in a very long time.

I am getting my day started early so that most of it can be directed towards writing and finishing some of it up. I have to play catch up a little but it is okay I know I can do it. I have a few short stories to catch up on and will begin making my masks today for the flea market. Some will be 3-D creations and I will have fun making them. It will be paper mache with a plaster of paris finish.

Well, I need to get moving so that everything can get accomplished. I wish everyone an awesome and prosperous day. Take care.

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