Thursday, June 14, 2018


Good morning everyone. What a nice gloomy day outside and a little on the cool humid side. My garden is loving the rain but I am not happy due to arthritis and the pain I feel during a storm. I woke up about an hour ago and just finishing my first big cup of coffee and have taken all of my medications for this morning. Sorry for not publishing my post from yesterday until this morning. That is what happens when you get pulled away on I need a ride here, that turns out to be a four-hour sit in the car and wait, which I will never do again.

People take my kindness for a weakness and they will find out real soon that it is definitely not a weakness. I have a heart and compassion but it will not be taken advantage of. My experience with homeless people has made me realize that I get more respect from them than I do some people around me. Not including the two roommates I have.

I have realized that I do have too much on my plate and will be making some corrections. One of my roommates has taken care of one lump of it, but I will only be cleaning the house twice a week with laundry. My husband will help out on the other days because it takes too much of my attention and then I am working with my other roommate to fix the issues we have but it is getting better.

Yesterday's joy ride for four hours kept me from completing yesterday's goals, so today I will be getting all of my goals accomplished today and every day from here on out. I cannot take care of other people when I cannot even take care of myself in the daily sense of things.

My writing makes me happy and my husband has noticed that when I am not writing, I am miserable because it is the one place I can go to get away from everyday stressors. I feel like I am dying a slow death when I cannot write and be creative. My doctor thinks the same things as well. Everyone sees a difference that are close to me and knows that writing is what keeps me alive.

So, I will end and publish this post now and get to work, I have paper mache to do to get them done for next weekend since this week was a complete washout to have them for this weekend. I wish everyone a great day and be blessed.

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