Thursday, June 14, 2018

6/13/2018- Forgot to publish yesterday :(

Happy "Hump" Day to everyone! The weekend is almost here and I know I am ready because I am tired of hearing my phone ring from telemarketers. I have been up since seven this morning unexpectedly but I am doing okay. I went to the eye doctor and will have new glasses in about seven to ten days. I have another appointment I have to leave for in about twenty minutes. I had my coffee and now it is time for something cold to drink.

It is a gloomy day outside with a strong chance of rain. The wind is picking up and the sky is gray. Hopefully, I can get to the doctor's office and back before the rain comes. I hate driving in the rain because people here don't know how to drive. The news will call for a severe thunderstorm and the town freaks out by rushing to get water and enough supplies to fill a bomb shelter. It is a bit hilarious.

I have had a few bad days with my mood swings because I again have not been getting enough sleep, even with medication. I just got back from seeing the doctor and again a change in medication which makes me feel like a guinea pig. Some of them have stopped working for me and we are on to higher doses or completely taken off of them and put on something else.

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