Friday, June 8, 2018


Good morning everyone. I finally slept in until eight o'clock this morning and still feel a bit tired but I will wake up more here shortly. I am sitting here looking out my office door and see the sun shining and the baby squirrels making a racket. My dogs love chasing the squirrels and hearing the babies drives them crazy.

I had a talk with my husband last night and we agreed that I put everything aside and get back to writing where I am most happy. He told me that there is nothing stopping me from writing except me. The conversation went into "Who is going to take care of the house?" He said that there were other people in the house that could take care of it also.

He is right to a point that no one is stopping me from doing my goals every day except me and that I shouldn't put the whole burden of taking care of the house on myself because it will burn me out and I will never get anything done. There is a reason why I put daily goals on myself and there are quite a few sad faces on each page because I am never able to complete everything.

My new goal is to complete my tasks each day and make sure I come first. If I am not happy then everyone around me will sense it and then my day goes to crap. I even had a goal to post a short story every three days and that hasn't even happened so I have to update that schedule so that I can get them done too.

Today is a new day and new things will happen. I just have to have faith in myself that I can get everything done and be happy again. So, I wish everyone an awesome Friday and that everyone has a good day at work. Take care.

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