Wednesday, June 6, 2018


"Good morning to everyone!" It is such a beautiful morning here in Georgia. I am sitting here next to an open back door and I can hear the birds chirping, people going to work, and seeing the sunshine through the trees. The dogs have been fed and the house cleaned. I have had my coffee and now I am drinking some ice tea and my meds have been taken also.

Mentally I am doing good so far and feel good knowing that I will accomplish things today and be happy about it. I went yesterday to the doctor and got fitted for my diabetic shoes and don't have to wear a cast anymore. I will have my shoes in about two weeks which I am excited about. I still have a mild deformity in my feet and the shoes will help slow the progression.

My husband has been up with me since I got up about six o'clock and will be helping me with my garden and pruning some trees. I will hopefully be planting my pumpkins and watermelons today or tomorrow. My potato and tomato plants are getting so big, and the onions are sprouting very well also.

I have been getting my coupons organized in their books and already have a stockpile started with hygiene supplies and some shelf stable food. I will be going shopping again on Monday for local sales and using the coupons to save money. I usually on a big shopping trip with a mega sale get about five to six hundred dollars worth of food for about one-hundred to one-hundred and fifty dollars.

Well, it is time to get some things done and accomplished and hopefully my day will be a great one. If your birthday is today, "Happy Birthday" and to the rest of you, have an awesome and blessed day. It is "Hump Day". Take care.

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