Monday, September 2, 2019


Happy September everyone! It is a cool morning here this morning which is nice compared to waking up and sitting here sweating. The sun is just up over the horizon but hasn’t broken the tree line yet. How is everyone else doing this morning? I am almost finished with my cup of coffee and the dogs are running back and forth playing. My husband is trying to wake up.
I am going to church this morning and then I will be coming back and posting my tweets and journal postings for the past week. I keep them in a word document until Sunday when I go to town to use the free Wi-Fi until we can get power here and the internet.
After church and my postings, I will be back on the weed eater taking care of the property with my husband. I can’t wait until we have it all done and the animals providing for us. I will be setting up my large greenhouse around February for the March plantings. Then, there will be plenty of work around here for us to do because I will need to build three sheds, one for garden tools and stuff, one for animal feeds, and one regular tool shed with all other tools. We will be busy.
We have downsized the house for building, so I know it will be done by the goal of May and then I will begin canning fruit, making our own bread and butter. We are going to be real homesteaders except for the internet part. We will be building a platform for solar panels and one for our rainwater collection system. Everything is working out correctly.
I just have to get it in gear for our nonprofit and get things done for it. I will be building a building here for her to store up donations and food in. I have several different ideas to put into play to get her an income coming in and things back out in the streets serving the homeless. I have placed a GoFundMe account for here for the new project of “Pathways to Self-Sufficiency” which needs a pilot to show everyone it will work to help end homelessness. I was out there and know how it will all work because I wish someone would have had a program like this when I was out there.
Well, time to get ready for church, so I wish everyone a blessed Sunday and “Happy Birthday” to everyone having one today. Remember to keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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