Monday, September 2, 2019


Good day to everyone! Are we doing the best we can today? You know living without power is not all that bad. It is like camping but instead of a tent we have a bare cabin that needs to be finished on the inside. We are what you would call homesteading. We have a generator, I wash our clothes by hand, and we are working our land ourselves.
We are doing things together which is fun and can be hard sometimes. It gives us time together until we go off and do different tasks which gives us time away from each other. I love my husband to death and appreciate everything he does for me or for our future.
Today we burned some brush and then he spent the time out by the fire cooking us a pot of pork and pinto beans over an open fire while I did two clothes lines worth of laundry. The dogs love it here too because they get to run around, meet new wildlife, and just be dogs.
I was it with other ideas for new book and couldn’t get them wrote down fast enough. The first one was a five-book series for children about the Bible. It is things that they should know in order to walk the way God wants them too. It is the parables, the miracles, Bible stories, as well as others. It weighed heavily on my heart to write these books so I will begin today with the first parable of Jesus Christ.
Then, as we were laying down, an idea that hit me a while back about opening a diner and ice cream shoppe pushed on me as well. We sat and talked about it and thought that it might be fun to start with some basics of setting up a stand where we could cook some good food at reasonable prices while I worked on the business plan before submitting it to the SBA for funding, but we will see.
Well, I have little battery left and so many things that must get typed up or written, so I will end this post now. I hope that everyone has a safe and blessed day. “Happy Birthday” to everyone who is another year older today and may you have many more to come. Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts because they need our support in one fashion or another. Take care.

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