Thursday, November 14, 2019


Good morning everyone.   It is five minutes after nine in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia. I have been keeping a journal but there are many posts which I will post at a later time because right now we are in another chapter of our lives again.
We have moved back to Dalton, Georgia for the winter because we were not equipped to deal with below-freezing temperatures just yet. my husband thought it best to buy an RV instead of a wood-burning stove to keep us warm which he had good intentions because the RV was better insulated. So we are here until March when we will be going back to Tennessee to begin building my greenhouse and planting beds and getting ready for spring planting. We will be permanently moving back in May when we will be able to begin building our house.
At least being here I have access to the internet daily to keep everyone informed of what is going on in my life. I finally finished my psychological crime thriller book which took me a year to write and it is published now up on Amazon, so check it out.
The dogs are not happy about being here because now they are behind a fence again and not allowed to roam free like they were on the property. It is only for a short while and then they will be able to again. I published a few books last week which I am proud of being that two of them were children's books.
I am now working on my addictions book which will be a large book because it describes all the things a person can become addicted too and of course all the drugs. It will include my own story of addiction as well. Plus, there will be a companion book with worksheets and quizzes along with it. I am happy to be back writing again and it makes me happy.
Well, it is time to get to work and I hope everyone has a blessed day. Check out my Amazon page for my latest books at "Happy Birthday" to everyone celebrating today and may you have many more. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers and I will be uploading all of my previous posts soon. Take care.

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