Saturday, November 16, 2019


Good morning everyone. How are we doing this morning? I have been up since eight o'clock this morning and went right into cleaning the house up before the guys got back with the newest car purchase. Now, my husband is going to lay down and get some sleep while I sit and do some writing. The dogs are eating their breakfast and then I will take them outside for some outdoor time.
My husband has to finish fixing the fence so that I can just let them run free in the backyard with no supervision, but until that gets done, I have to stand out there with them to make sure that they don't get out. Other than that, they have to remain locked inside this room until I take them outside.
Today I will be working on my next children's book and getting the illustrations done for it. I have sold a few books since their publishing and will make it more worthwhile when I get everything set up. I am still setting things up for me to work and get things done. It is a process and I am working hard at it.
This will be a short post today because I have things to get done and my husband is going to sleep. I have already cleaned the house and had my coffee this morning when I got up and just ate a sausage sandwich so I am ready to go. I wish everyone a happy Saturday and a blessed one with love of your family.
Please keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts during this winter season and that they stay safe and warm. Take care.

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