Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Good morning to all. It is nine twenty in the morning here in Dalton, Georgia and a bit chilly outside. I have only been up long enough to drink a cup of coffee. My husband has been up since about four-thirty and has laid back down for a bit. I am going to get back into my writing this morning. I have twenty-nine more regular addictions to get through before even touching the drugs. It is going to be a beast of a book full of information plus my story with addictions.
I also have to work on some more illustrations for the next children's book that is already written and ready to go. I have given away several of the last ones as a free book promotion. I am enjoying the time spent in writing the children's books because it gives me a break away from the real books that are long and full of a story.
Thanksgiving is close and I am not doing the cooking this year which is a change because I have done all the cooking since two thousand and eleven. Even when it is just me and the dogs I cook a lot of food that gives me leftovers for days. I enjoy cooking and that is why I want to open a restaurant and share my cooking with others.
Well, I need to get started on my book and I hope that everyone has an awesome day. "Happy Birthday" to you if you are another year older today. Please keep the homeless in your prayers. Many are sleeping outdoors because most shelters are at maximum capacity. Take care.

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