Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Well, turkey day is finally here and families are getting together. I just feel empathy because the homeless are alone and outside in the cold. Where are their families? I got up this morning feeling okay and everyone was hustling around getting the food and everything set up. It is my day off from cleaning and cooking, so I am going to take advantage of it.
With my mental illness affecting how I adjust to groups of people, everyone here knows that I will eat with them, but then I will adjourn to my room and write. I cannot be around groups of people without having a panic or anxiety attack, so it is best that I refrain from being around everyone.
I miss my family on the holidays but maybe next year will be better when we will be in our own house and I am the cook. We will be able to have people over to share the holidays with. I haven't seen my dad since September of last year and my mom in over twenty years. I finally called her ad we spoke for about an hour and it was good.
I will keep this short because I have some book writing to do while waiting for dinner to get done. our roommate has gone to pick up some of their kids so, I will stay back here in my room with my dogs and spend Thanksgiving with them. They are apart of my family and usually every year they get to eat turkey with me, but being that we are living with another person, they will have to get scraps that I bring back here.
Well, time to get things done and begin my writing. I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoys the love of the holidays. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers and be good to one another. Take care.

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