Friday, October 11, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is eight thirteen in the morning here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and a beautifully breezy morning. We are just getting up and having our first cup of coffee together and my husband is playing with the dogs which means he woke up in a good mood. Myself, I am trying to wake up and as far as my pain level goes, it is good this morning after my procedure yesterday.
I am a little sore where the needles went in, but my tailbone and hips are not hurting this morning. I am happy with that because they are my biggest problem. When my hips hurt and ache, I can’t stand to do anything and laying down is very hard, so having my epidural will give me at least eight to ten days of no pain in that region.
Since we took the road trip yesterday, it is usually a day off the next day, but my husband does f=get bored and goes out and works on the property. Today it is too breezy to burn any brush so he will find something else to do to keep progress going because for a couple days I cannot bend or lift anything. That is usually my downfall because I hate it when I can’t go out and help work the property, but it will give me a few days to concentrate on just writing.
I have plenty of writing to do, so let me get to it and I want to send wishes for everyone to have a blessed Friday and don’t work too hard because the weekend is here. “Happy Birthday” to those of you celebrating today and may you have many more. Please keep the homeless in your thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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