Friday, October 11, 2019


Good afternoon everyone. It is going on six o’clock in the evening here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and it has been a hot one today. Right now, it is ninety- five degrees and a little breezy. This morning we got up a little late and had coffee before going out to our burn pit and burning another two stacks of brush.
Right now, my husband is sleeping due to him having to drive ten hours in the morning to get me to my epidural procedure in Dalton, Georgia. I can’t drive because I have to take a valium and pain medicine in the morning, so I would not be safe to drive.
After burning brush, I came in to begin working on my writing, but got stuck working on another project to which I just finished. We are going to start another adventure to help us with a little extra income to help us get back on track financially. It has its risks, but I feel confident about it and with most things you always want to start out small.
Yesterday, we met with one of the pastors at the church that I attend because my husband had questions that needed to be answered. Well, let’s just say he is going to Bible study with me in a little while and we will see how it goes from there. I pray for him daily that God will open his spiritual eyes to know that He is real. We’ll see.
I will post again in the morning during the drive to Dalton, but I can’t guarantee that I will post anything for Friday, I will try. I will be making this post short because it is time to get ready for Bible Study, so I wish a pleasant evening for everyone and a “Happy Birthday” to all of you who are another year older and you know who you are. Keep the homeless in your prayers and thoughts. Take care.

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