Friday, October 11, 2019


Hello everyone. I am writing this post as we drive the five hour trip to my doctor’s appointment for my procedure. It is such a beautiful day but there is a lot of wind shear against the car. I woke up late this morning but we are still making good time. We should be getting there about an hour early as long as the traffic remains the same.
`I am hoping that I will not sleep the rest of the day and only for the trip home. There are so many things that I have to do with my writing. I have been working on several different books and have a children’s book done that needs the pictures created which I will do myself. I have drawn all my life and I am pretty good at it and these pictures are pretty simple.
We will be finishing up our brush burning tomorrow and then it is back to finishing the area that is needed for planting which is not a whole lot more. I want to be ready for planting season this next year and that will put us a few months ahead of schedule.
I am still going to finish going over the plans for the new adventure and make sure it is all feasible and can be done. It is a risky adventure because it involves some bill money being spent elsewhere and if we don’t make that money back it could hurt us, but I think we can do it. It is to help supplement our income so that we can get out from under something that is hindering my release to God.
Well, we are almost home and I need to get everything ready to unpack the car and let my dogs outside. I wish a wonderful day for everyone ad many blessings to come. “Happy Birthday” to those of you who are another year older and may you have many more. Please keep the homeless in your prayers ad thoughts. Take care.

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