Friday, October 11, 2019


Good morning everyone. “Happy Monday!” It is eight o’clock in the morning here in Bethel Springs, Tennessee and very pretty outside. The temperature is seventy-five degrees and feels nice with the sun not being so hot right now. I just finished having coffee with my husband and spending a few minutes with each dog, and yes, we have eight of them that love me so much.
I slept good last night and got up twice during the night to let the dogs out to go potty. I feel good this morning and fresh-minded with a little energy to burn. My husband and I are going to burn some more brush this morning before it gets really hot outside.
Then, I will be coming in to work on some of my writing. I got a children’s book done and I just need the pictures to go along with it before putting it up on Amazon. I will be working on some grant writing today as well. Hope Station USA needs some funding for our new project that we want to get off the ground to help the homeless.
I went grocery shopping last night to get us some more food and bought us a steak to have for dinner. I can’t buy much right now because we are living out of an ice chest. Things are going smoothly as planned with our property development and we only have about fifty feet of brush to clear and my greenhouse and gardens spots will be ready for planting this next season.
I plan on building my greenhouse in February which will be ready for March planting. I am looking forward to watching my garden grow and then selling part of it at the local farmer’s market for a little extra income. I have my mulch and ash ready to put the seeds to bed with and I know they will grow nicely.
Well, time to get to work and get things done around here. I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday and a very “Happy Birthday” to all who were born on this day. May everyone be blessed today and also be a blessing to someone in need. Take care.

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