Friday, August 9, 2019


Was up at five this morning with my husband already making coffee. We headed to bed early last night after a tiring day of doctor appointments. He had an ultrasound done while I endured a mammogram for the year. We got home hungry and made some sandwiches, stayed a while longer and then took medications and went to sleep.
I woke up fresh this morning ready for a day of working outside on the property. I began weed eating the path that goes through the property when the shaft broke. My husband is outside fixing it now while I type up this post. I am ready to get some work done and things like this happen. Oh well, things always happen but what can you do? We have some brush to move, some brush to burn, and some more brush to cut. We began weed-eating what needs to be kept up while clearing new stuff.
Where the house is to be built is cleared and ready and we have already cleared enough back for one greenhouse plus my planting beds for the things that will vine out. What is left is enough space for the corn, another greenhouse, and a small orchard of fruit trees.
The other side of the path which doesn’t need to be ready until the end of next year will be for the livestock pens which include rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and pigs. My husband wants a few goats to clear land for us which might be a good idea too. I have my five-year plan written out and we are working it accordingly.
It sounds like he might have the weed eater fixed, so I need to get going. “Happy Birthday” to those celebrating today and may the rest of you have a blessed day. Take care.

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