Thursday, August 1, 2019


Just waking up to a beautiful morning and my husband is out building a fire to heat up some water for coffee. We ran out of gas for the generator, so he cooked dinner last night by using a fire outside and made us some pasta. Tomorrow is payday and I look forward to a morning full of things to do like going to McDonald's to sit and have coffee while posting all these posts to my page as well as some articles that I wrote.
Today is supposed to be a burn day for brush and weed eating the front yard which has grown tall because it was raw land and mostly brush but since clearing it, it has grown grass and so we keep it looking nice. It will be fenced in for the dogs and I will be treating it for insects which include fleas and ticks.  I wanted them to have a nice big yard and that is what they are getting. We just finished clearing the rest of what will be their yard and working on the rest of the area where I will have my greenhouse and gardens.
I have been keeping the ash from the brush burning to place in the soil for my gardens to give them some added carbon which will help them grow healthier and stronger. We still have quite a bit to burn and about two acres to clear and about eight months to do it in before we start building animal pens. It will put us ahead of my five-year plan, but I need to have everything ready for planting season this next year.
Today is a burn brush day which we will do at the end of every month, so I need to go get started. My husband just brought me some hot coffee and now it is time to spend some time with him before we get started working. I wish everyone an awesome “hump” day and be blessed. “Happy Birthday” to all those celebrating today, and may you have many more. Take care.

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