Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Hello everyone. It is such a cloudy but semi-cool day outside. It has the look between just cloudy and overcast. I woke up around eight thirty this morning and started the coffee while I allowed my husband to sleep some more. I forgot to write a journal entry yesterday because I got caught up in writing on my book. It is thrilling to see what imagination I have.
Before I sat down to write this journal, I cleaned the cabin up, swept and mopped the floor, and washed a load of laundry by hand placing it on the clothesline my husband made for me. We have been very tight on money and it looks like we will be really struggling to get through this month. They are only giving us forty-nine dollars a month in food stamps which only covers our water consumption for the month, so I had to redo the budget to include some money for groceries which takes away from other things and not allowing us to stay on track. I will have to make it work like I always do.
I am taking the weekend off from clearing the property to spend time writing on my book and my husband is okay with it. He has been outside clearing the area for my gardens and greenhouse which will be built in February and ready for March plantings. Because of all the other things screwing with our finances, it will take a little longer to get our house completed but that is okay too. I am not in a hurry to have it built, but God will provide for us like he always has.
We will still be within out five- year plan and that is what matters. Some of our bills will be paid off in February which will leave more money to get some building done. I will have fun working my gardens and ready for the harvest. I have my list made up of the things that I will plant and whether they will be in the greenhouse or outside in a planting box. My husband thinks that I am crazy, but it will all work out.
We will be on solar power and not the electric company because we are homesteading and trying to stay off grid. The only bills that I want to see other than writing costs are the internet and trash bill. Things are different here in Tennessee and it is difficult for my husband to adjust but homesteading and using an outhouse for now is something that I have had to deal with for most of my life being homeless for twenty-three years.
Anyway, let me get going on my writing and I will post another journal tomorrow and it won’t be until Friday when these go up on the internet because I have to go into town to use the free Wi-Fi at Burger King to post them. So, I want to say “Happy Birthday” to all of you who are turning another year older today and may God bless you with many more to come. Everyone else, have an awesome Saturday and spend it with loved ones. Take care.

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