Sunday, February 10, 2019


Hello everyone! It is two twenty-three in the afternoon and thirty- five degrees outside. It is a light rain but you can feel the moisture in the air. I have been up since about ten o'clock and have gotten my coffee and house cleaning done for the day. Now it is time to get some of my writing stuff done.

I took the afternoon off yesterday to take a nap and could not recoup from it until around dinner time because my husband and I were talking about something that woke the beast within me. I did a walk for the homeless back in two-thousand and ten and I think it is needed again to raise awareness and to show my passion for helping them regain their self- sufficiency.

We are currently registered in the state of Florida and Georgia and by the end of the year, we are hoping for Tennessee to be included. We were talking about doing a shorter walk which would be a state walk at a time. I began looking at a map last night to show me routes and mileage for Georgia. My husband would go along as my support team.

I also began looking up solicitor permits last night for door to door donations which we could collect money, blankets, food, and clothing. I get amped up every time we talk or discuss things relating to helping the homeless. I want to do whatever we could to help them.

A percentage of all my book sales go to the organization to give her a residual income to help out. Right now all supplies needed are coming out of my own personal money to help. It is something that is very important to me. Hope Station USA has been incorporated for ten years now and it has been slow due to health and medical issues, but I feel a comeback is coming shortly.

So we would do one state walk during this year which we made a deal that I needed to lose a little bit of weight and get my health back into gear before allowing me to do the walk. I agreed that I need to get I shape for it and have set a goal date to have my weight down and my diabetes under control again and that date is August thirty- first.

I have already started back on the treadmill again to build up my endurance and with that, I also have to have my weight down to two-thirty or less and my sugar has to be under control before that date to do the walk in September. I will make these goals and will make this walk to bring about awareness for the homeless situation going on in our country.

I have a book that is scheduled to be written and published in November on homelessness and while I am on my walk, I want to get some of these individuals stories and pictures to put into this book to allow society to get to know these people and see that they are just human beings and what be homeless has done for and to them.

I am also working on the financial and plan for the new program of Hope Station USA that will help them immensely. I am working on the paperwork to set it up for grant proposals to send out. I have thought about this program in my sleep and have seen it work in my mind. This program could take off and then become a national thing to help end our homeless issues. I will be posting this same post on Hope Station USA's website for those who miss it here.

Other than everything going on there, I am still working on my next book and I have one in editing still, but hopefully, it will be published by the end of this month. I have changed my writing schedule around so that it gives me two weeks per book to write them and then work on the editing stage.

I am very excited right now to get things moving and I wanted to share all my thoughts with you and hopefully, I will get some feedback. Please do something nice for a homeless person today and show them you care. It is all I am asking unless you want to purchase one of my books and that can be your way of contributing to our cause.

I want to wish everyone a blessed day and my thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone sleeping outside in the cold. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date. Take care.

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