Friday, February 1, 2019


Happy February everyone! It is such a nice day outside today and the sun is shining with the temperatures up in the fifties here in Dalton, Georgia. I had a hard time sleeping last night and finally went to bed around six this morning. I am running behind on my daily schedule by a couple of hours but still going strong to get everything done.

I still have to go out and clean the car out to pack it with the stuff for the flea market tomorrow and I still have a few candles to put ribbons on and get them ready. I went to the pharmacy today to pick up medication that I had been waiting a week for and now I have all my medications needed for the next month. My husband, on the other hand, went to sleep last night and forgot to take his medication so today is a rough day for him because of mood swings. I love him though.

I just finished cleaning the house with a house full of people sitting around and not helping but this is an everyday job for me. I cannot function correctly when I know the house is a mess. That is just part of my OCD. I am back on my diet sodas and water again because I have been drinking kool-aid to get off so much soda and my sugar hit the mid five- hundreds the other day which told me why I was having some symptoms of hyperglycemia.

It starts a new month and new goals for me this month and I have all my lists and schedules ready for the month which I am making it a goal to stay on them. I am supposed to be back on the treadmill today but because of my late start there is just too much other stuff that needs to be done but I will be back on it tomorrow faithfully.

On the seventh of this month, I am having an epidural done to my lower back to help with pain and I am fearful of allowing anyone near my spine with a needle, especially after what the last doctor did to my neck which is causing me more pain than I can tolerate because it radiates down into both shoulders. I cannot even sit for a period of time without being in some intense pain.

Other than my aches and pains, I seem to be doing okay except for being sleep deprived because of the inability to sleep which the doctor put me back on one medication because it did help me sleep. I miss sleeping and now the dreams have come back which will make for another problem because I seem to take stuff out on my husband when I sleep and have nightmares.

Tomorrow is the deadline to have another book done and everything was going smoothly until I reread what I wrote and it didn't make sense and it seemed like I just ran through the story, so I trashed it and started over but it will be a novella based on nonfiction and I have the experience with it which means I will and should have it completed by tomorrow night if not the next day. I have faith in myself to keep to my books moving forward positively.

Can you tell I am having a better day since this post is long and I am telling everything but the kitchen sink? I guess there is just a lot to catch up on and a lot of this is informational in case something happens to me which is unlikely at this point. I feel that God is not finished with me yet, so I am still here with you fine people.

I actually passed out a bag lunch to someone today who was sitting on the curb by the grocery store wear torn clothing, dirty, and had a sign that just stated, "I'm hungry" and I could not help but stop and give him a bag lunch, a hygiene kit, and a box of donuts that I had just bought in the store. He looked like he could use it more than me since I am diabetic and don't need the sweets as my husband puts it.

I can't help but eat some sweets every now and then and even keep some handy in case my sugar drops really low which it has done in the past. Right now, I have thrown out my A1C number since the holidays even though I tried to eat in moderation. My A1C in early November was 8.2 and the one before that was over 10.I fought so hard to get my A1C down to normal but I sabotaged myself with the holidays telling myself that it was going to go back up because of the holidays.

With some trial and error, I found that if I get on the treadmill three times a day and drinking water or Powerade that my blood glucose levels stay low and within goal range as opposed to being stationary in this chair and drinking kool-aid to keep fluids going in. I know it isn't right, but I am still learning this whole diabetes thing since being diagnosed back in 2011.

Well, I think that I can stop here and will be writing more tomorrow when we get back from the flea market telling everyone how we did. I hope everyone has an excellent evening and a happy tomorrow. "Happy Birthday" to everyone born on this date and may you have many more to come. Take care and be blessed.

P.S- Don't forget that you can make a donation to the organization from the PayPal link on this site or through the purchase of one of my books. A quarter of all royalties goes into the organization to assist us in helping the homeless. Thanks.

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