Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Good morning everyone. It is six thirty-five this morning and fifty-five degrees here in Dalton, Georgia. The sun is not up yet but it is not that cold outside and it has been nice and warm the last couple of days which has been very welcoming. We have not had any snow this year except for a dusting that didn't last but a couple of hours before the sun began melting it away.

I have a therapist appointment this morning and plus we are going to clean the car out for an appointment at the car dealership to see about trading the car in for a pre-owned truck. I don't think it will happen but I do want to see what our options are. Then it is home to get back into writing since I am behind a day or two with short stories and book writing and need to get them done.

I have one book in the editing phase, two in the writing phase, and a new one will be due to start writing on Saturday. It will be easy to get one done possibly today, but the other one should be done on Saturday and that would make three in the editing phase. I have a positive attitude that it will all get completed on time. My motivation is pretty good today.

I am sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee with my husband while the dogs are outside doing their thing. I got all of our laundry washed yesterday and just need to get them folded and put away. I have another busy day but all will get done as long as I stay positive about it.

I have made a decision to stop doing the flea markets because it is not feasible or efficient to spend the money on the table only to make twenty dollars back. So, it will be put on hold for a bit until I have more things to sell. I would rather build that money up and spend it on book marketing which would be more cost effective in my opinion.

Well, it is time to get things moving, but I wanted to say good morning to everyone and I hope that everyone has a blessed day and to everyone born on this date, "Happy Birthday" and may you have many more. Take care of yourself and do something nice for someone less fortunate today.

Remember to check out my books on Amazon and remember that all book royalties go towards helping the homeless regain their self-sufficiency.

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