Friday, August 10, 2018


"Happy Friday!" The weekend is here upon us again. I know a lot of you love to see the weekend come, right? For me, the weekend brings no harassing telemarketing calls. They really annoy me throughout the week. How has your week been? Mine has been full of writing and self-reflection. I have been doing some searching inside myself and making goals and plans to get certain things done.

One of the goals that I set is to lose fifty pounds before Halloween. I know I can do it and yesterday was day one. I also made a writing goal to have another seven books published before Halloween. That goal is obtainable as well, I just have to stick to my daily goals and I will be there. One final goal is to have my diabetes under control and an A1C below seven. 

Tomorrow I begin my diet that the doctors want me on to help control my health conditions and even make them better. I will be shopping tomorrow for the house and also for me. I have been getting back on the treadmill and walking three-quarters of a mile per day to start. I look forward to seeing myself fifty pounds thinner and toned up better.

Well, it is cloudy again outside and we had flash flood rains yesterday. It was a good day to just sleep but I got up and got the house cleaned before sitting down to write. This morning my dogs woke me up at about five and I stayed awake until about six-thirty and went to lay back down. I just got back up about twenty minutes ago and now I am ready to get started with my schedule today.

Well, I need to get going to make up for the lost hour from sleeping. "Happy Birthday" to anyone with a birthday today and may you have many more. To everyone else, have a blessed and prosperous day. Take care.

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