Monday, August 6, 2018


I have to apologize again for being a no-show the last few days. I have not taken my mental health medication and have not been myself. It was one of those days where you didn't give a damn, but my anxiety and mood swings have been a problem even with the medication. I have not been able to sleep good and I get scatterbrained. The one bad thing about it all is that I can be motivated and ecstatic one minute an then on the drop of a dime, hate everyone or become so depressed or moody that it can be detrimental to my well-being and book writing.

I have not had energy or motivation to write which is not like me because it is therapy for me to write. I cannot even focus on anything right now. I took my husband to his doctor's appointment this morning and kept trying to fall asleep and then my sugar began dropping. When we got home, I tried to get this post and some other things done, but couldn't focus on anything and it was hard to deal with so I laid down and took a nap.

When my husband woke me up this afternoon, I felt a little better but was still a little foggy in the head. This usually comes and goes and that is when you find me locked away in my room so that my mood swings won't affect anyone else. I have taken my medication now and waiting for it to kick in so I can go to sleep which I haven't been able to sleep in a few days again.

I am trying to get my head back together and working on my writing again. I will be sending two books to the editor by the end of this month and begin the editing on the third and writing the next one. I am working on my motivation and hope to see it flourishing again soon.

Wel, it is time to say goodnight and I hope everyone had an awesome and blessed day? I wish everyone that had a birthday today "Happy Birthday" and I will chat more again tomorrow. Sleep well.

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