Thursday, August 2, 2018


Good early morning everyone. It is almost four thirty in the morning here in Georgia. I am awake so early because I pretty much slept since the afternoon yesterday and all through the night. There were a few times where I tried to get up and stay awake, but it was just impossible. I was so tired and exhausted from stressing over bills.

Everyone here is still asleep and it is a good time for me to relax, drink my coffee, and get some things done like talking to everyone else here who is awake right now. Sometimes I really hate being up this early, but your body can only take so much laying down. I hurt all over if I have laid down for so long, but I guess I needed the much-needed sleep and rest for my body.

My sugar has been doing really good and I haven't had to take hardly any insulin which is good. I have started to eat again which is also hard for me because of my past with not knowing where my next meal was going to be. You get used to hardly eating and because it was for so many years that my body had been programmed that way.

I am sitting here looking at my to-do list for the day and pretty much most of it looks simple enough with a few things being arts and crafts and the rest mostly writing. I have some things to catch up on with writing, but because I am up so early I can start this morning and get an early start on it. Most of what I have to do is write a couple short stories and then finish my second book off to which I am writing the last chapter already.

I took a shower last night at one of the many times I tried to get up and be productive and put on some comfy pajamas and slipper socks to make sure I was comfortable. We have no other doctor appointments this week which is good because it gives me a chance to do more writing and marketing.

Well, I just woke my husband up and gave him a cup of coffee, but I don't know if he is going to stay up or go back to sleep. If he goes back to sleep, he will sleep for a few more hours which gives me more quiet time. I just went out to the car and grabbed the new bag of dog food because the brats wouldn't leave me alone until they knew there was food in their bowl.

Once I put food in their bowl, they are all laying around nice and calm and quiet. We go through this every morning like the brats they are. Sometimes I wonder if I should make a trough and just pour a fifty-pound bag in it and let them go at it and maybe they will leave me alone for a few days, NOT. They keep me up on everything so that I don't forget.

The first thing we do in the morning, is I give each one a few minutes of my attention loving on them and with six dogs, it takes about an hour to go through all of them. Most of them are so spoiled and they do act like brats and children that do throw temper tantrums.

So, for today, I have some writing to do and hopefully will be done with another book and be working on the third before the end of the day. I will also be doing my first podcast today which will be an introduction podcast and then they will be me reading short stories that I have written to give everyone something enjoyable to listen to.

It is now after five o'clock in the morning and I will end this post here. I want to wish everyone with a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and everyone else to have an awesome Thursday. Be blessed and take care.

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