Friday, August 3, 2018


Good morning to all my friends and family old and new. It is seven thirty here in Georgia and a rainy cloudy day. I just woke up not too long ago and I am on my first cup of coffee. The dogs are just waking up too. I am feeling a little foggy this morning but okay. I guess I slept hard because I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in.

Well, I got some writing done last night and I am closer to finishing the one book, but I think I can finish it today. It would make my day. I will be finishing the second chapter of the new book today and possibly be doing a little editing on the book already done. I am just trying to get these books pumped out but making them the best they can be.

I am doing the best I can do with my mental health status and staying on my medication but things are a little stressful at times or I feel mood swings but that is when I sit and write more because it takes me from the mood swing into my story and gives me time to get past it without serious repercussions.

My husband went to a friends house last night to help fix a bathroom and stayed the night because they worked late into the night, so I got the king size bed to myself, with the dogs of course. He should be coming home sometime this morning and I am hoping to have some things done before he gets home.

My dad has been on my mind lately so I am going to sit and write him a letter and mail it out. I have lost some family members in the last couple of years and it is starting to bother me because my dad is in his seventies and I would hate to lose him. He is the one person that keeps me strong because I want him to be proud of me and he is mainly the reason I am a survivor.

It is now time to get things started and my next cup of coffee. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and the weekend is here. Those of you who have a birthday today, "Happy Birthday" and I wish many more birthdays for you. Well, I need to get going, so be blessed and prosperous today. Take care.

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